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Best WordPress Fashion Themes for Online Shops and Blogs

November 14, 2019
WordPress Fashion Themes

We’re back with another great theme collection, this time focusing on WordPress fashion blog themes.  With these beautiful and highly functional themes, you can create an amazing looking online store that perfectly fits your brand.  You can also create stunning blog posts that help to promote your products or just talk about fashion to your loyal readers.  Some of these themes are great for fashion magazines too. No matter which one you choose, we’ve gathered up only the very best themes and they’re nearly guaranteed to make a great first impression on all your visitors.

Every blogging theme in this collection is packed with features to make your website a success.  They’re easy to use, completely responsive and have a unique and attractive style.  With these themes, you’ll be selling products in style.  Not one of these themes is flimsy or cheaply made, each one is distinct, creating a harmonious experience that treats you and your readers with respect.  The details in these themes are honed to perfection and every one can really be called a premium WordPress theme.

We have been Gathering up all of the absolute best WordPress fashion themes that we could find. These are stylish and appealing themes that are glamorous and glitzy, perfect for fashion blogs and fashion shops as well. If you need a great-looking website in the fashion industry, whether you want a content-rich magazine or a simple and minimal fashion blog template, we have found a wide range of themes that I think could work perfectly for your website. These themes are all packed with features and easy to use, simply customized and well supported by their Developers. Hopefully, in this collection, you can find something that is very useful, delivering a great user experience for your readers and making your life a little bit easier as well. So, here they are, the best fashion WordPress themes on the internet today.


Fortun is a highly versatile, multi-purpose and multi-concept web template for WordPress, it has 18 modern demos and comes equipped with visual composer to allow you to fine tune any layout that you use as a starting point. With the right images, this theme will work perfectly for any sort of fashion blog or shop. And considering how robust the theme options panel is, it should be a breeze to adjust and adapt your the theme to work perfectly for your needs. It’s incredibly important to capture the attention of your readers, that’s why Fortun does such a great job of having bold, elegant and eye-catching images and modern, attractive and sleek typography to go with it.

Fortun is a multi-concept WordPress theme that, not surprisingly, has a very attractive fashion and apparel e-commerce demo site included. There are 18 different than most to choose from and with support for visual composer, building any sort of website is a breeze. This finely crafted WordPress theme has been sold over sixteen hundred times since its release and it still has a perfect 5-star rating. I think that the old imagery and fun, modern layouts are a large part of that, though there’s plenty more that this particular theme offers. The support is great, the flexibility is outstanding and it’s very simple to use as well. Install one of the pre-made demos with just one click or, create your own from the ground up. You’ll have the flexibility to craft a website that fits your needs, not forcing you to adapt your needs to the shortcomings of your theme. That’s just the way it should be.

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Divi is a theme that can do a little bit of everything. It should come as no surprise that the people behind the Divi page builder have created a stylish fashion layout pack to help you achieve a look for your website that you can really get behind. This theme is great for fashion blogs as well as online shops, you have the flexibility to adjust look to fit your needs, even though right out of the box it already looks great. Fortunately, Divi is incredibly simple to customize and that makes it one of the more powerful page builder themes around. There are built-in contact forms, gorgeous image Galleries and multiple different shop designs. Everything is customizable and it’s all incredibly straightforward and user-friendly.

Considering how flexible and feature filled the Divi WordPress theme is, it’s no surprise to find a very attractive and well-designed, flat and beautiful fashion blog style available for Divi. This style can simply be added directly to Divi to produce the look that you see blow. It’s flat, modern and stylish. This theme is ideal for fashion blogs because the typography and images aren’t overshadowed by Design Elements.

With Divi you still get the incredibly powerful page builder that allows you to drag and drop, resize and Shuffle content blocks anywhere you want them. Divi is one of the most popular page builders on the internet and there’s a lot of reasons for that. I think for most is the Fantastic levels of support that you get from elegant themes, the developer.  By the way, this pack is completely free!  You do have to have a copy of Divi builder to make use of it, but that’s totally going to be worth it.  Free is a very good price.

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Look is a fashion and beauty news and magazine website that looks great for blogs as well. With a multitude of different Demo’s, this theme walk the fine line between blog and magazine, perfectly pulling off both styles with ease. Look is a theme that is optimized for Speed, scoring excellent ratings with Google pagespeed insights. The theme is 100% responsive and that helps deliver a great user experience for those visitors who come to your side on all devices. The theme options panel is large and in charge, giving you over a hundred options to customize just about anything on your webpage, all without having to learn how to code to achieve the task. There are infinite loading posts, a built-in reviews system and one click a demo import, just to name a few more awesome features.

This premium quality WordPress fashion blog, eCommerce and magazine theme happens to be the highest rated theme of its kind on the theme forest Marketplace. It’s been rated over 50 times, each one a 5-star rating. That’s a very impressive number and it attests to the high quality and great style of this powerful WordPress theme.  It’s really crazy that not one person has liked this even a little less than the perfect score.  People know what they like, you know?  They like a clean design and a ton of features.

If you’re looking for a well-documented, responsive minimalist magazine theme, or a powerful and well-crafted personal or fashion blog theme or even if you are looking for a stunningly designed and feature filled eCommerce store website, the Look WordPress theme has been the right choice for over a thousand other webmasters. This theme has plenty of powerful options like a built-in reviews system 2 provide a great user experience for all of your readers. For fashion, lifestyle, recipes, travel, Beauty and crafts, this multi-concept WordPress theme is an amazing value.

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Puca is a highly optimized, mobile friendly WordPress WooCommerce theme that I think could do a great job of helping you sell fashion products. This Smart & flexible theme looks great on all devices, it’s responsive and that’s just part of what makes it so SEO friendly. There are over 350 different beautiful, pre-made designs that give you a wide range of starting points to craft a great-looking website. With one click demo installation, you’ll be set up quickly and without having to have any real in-depth knowledge of WordPress to get the job done. There are multiple different Niche specific demos, including quite a few that are aimed at the Fashion industry. So, overall, I think this Puca theme is a fine choice for fashion jobs.

Puca is a well organized, well optimized WordPress fashion shop theme that’s one of the best rated themes I’ve seen.  This Gutenberg ready theme has proven to be awfully popular as well, it’s got over 1,000 sales so far and a perfect rating on ThemeForest.  Offering a smart and flexible mobile menu to ensure a ‘native app’ look for your navigation, it really doesn’t matter how many products you have to offer, your nested menu structure will look fantastic.  It’s a little detail that some eCommerce themes get wrong.  Considering how large some fashion stores are, you shouldn’t overlook this little addition.  Puca has over 300 different pages and the flexibility of this theme ensures you’re going to have the ability to create a custom look for your site that will deliver a great first impression on your potential customers.

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Boxshop is a responsive WooCommerce theme with fashionable look count responsive design and it’s built for online shopping stores. There are multiple different home page layouts, giving you quite a number of selections to customize your website, meaning the end look and feel of the website is completely up to you. No matter which style you choose, the result is a clean and easy to navigate, user-friendly and feature-rich website, perfect for promoting all sorts of products. There are multiple different header layouts as well, each one providing a slightly different way to create your navigation setup and highlight your most important Pages, posts and products. With high levels of support and documentation, this theme is a very easy one to get started with, even if you are a beginner.

BoxShop is a WordPress WooCommerce theme that was designed to deliver the ultimate online shopping experience. If you want to put your customers at ease, no matter what type of product you’re selling, a great-looking e-commerce template is a must-have. BoxShop has been used for selling all sorts of products, it looks great as a supermarket website, selling furniture, glasses or sunglasses, shoes and Footwear, Electronics, housewares or anything else you could possibly imagine. With a responsive layout, multiple different clean and attractive demo Styles, this simple use and Powerful WordPress theme delivers a great-looking and responsive website every time out. Choose one of the pre-designed templates or create your own, the choice is yours. No matter what, I think that you will really enjoy this flat, highly rated and popular e-commerce theme.

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5th Avenue

Fifth Avenue is everything that you could possibly need to create a stylish and desirable Marketplace to sell fashion products. This theme has an elegant, simple design, it’s minimal in style and really delivers looks and features in equal measure. The product pages have plenty of white space to allow your products and their descriptions to breathe, studies show that designs that take advantage of more white space r more eye-catching and do a better job of engaging with readers. When the content is too cramped on one page, it can be a bit confusing and that can make people leave before they even bother to read what you have to say or what you have to offer.

This theme is called Fifth Avenue. This attractive fashion blog and eCommerce template uses a minimal and modern style, a powerful page builder and responsive layout 2 create a visually impactful and highly professional website. With the Fifth Avenue WordPress theme you get custom filters, color swatches, quick product reviews, infinite scrolling, product videos, sticky descriptions, wish lists and plenty more features to help you sell your products and stop.

There are multiple shop layouts, multiple product layout styles and so much more. I really like the attractive, modern and elegant blog option with the Fifth Avenue WordPress theme. This theme is meant to be just as fancy as its namesake, Fifth Avenue in New York City. There are plenty of options that you can change to fit this theme into your sights brand. With a perfect five star rating on ThemeForest, this is really one of the better fashion themes to come along in 2018.

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Ayvo is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is perfectly responsive and offers over a dozen demo styles to choose from. While each and every one of these themed dinners is clean and stylish, I think that this template itself is over all quite good for fashion products. There are a wide range of features included, Ajax wish list, add to cart and compare features, there’s a product slider and product tabs slider, among other features. This theme even offers a cool daily deals module to highlight  particular products on a day-to-day basis. This themes developer offers 24 / 7 support, online documentation and more.

This Ayvo wordPress theme is a clean and creative WordPress template that seems perfectly suited for online fashion stores. If you want a modern and minimal web design and you’d like to integrate a wonderful shopping experience for your customers, this WooCommerce powered WordPress theme is a great start. There are a dozen different pre-made homepage styles to choose from, each one a clean and creative way to prevent your products. This theme is responsive, it supports Mega menu, there are unlimited better options and multiple awesome looking shop elements. Ajax Powers the shopping cart, there are wish lists and product comparison features included. I think that overall, this template is a really great choice for a fashion line, and Ayvo’s lookbook shopping feature is one thing that I think really commands attention. While this is a relatively new theme, it’s already proven to be quite popular and that’s why I have chosen to put it into this collection.

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Flaky is a responsive WooCommerce theme that’s great for online shopping sites that want to promote stylish products in a modern and straightforward way. You can list your products dynamically with carousels, add Parallax backgrounds and more. There are multiple different footer Styles and hairstyles, a built-in login and signup pop-up feature, allowing your visitors to create and log into their account through over 30 different social media sites. With over 100 short codes, you’ll never run short of features to add to your website. There is a coming soon page, make a menu is fully supported and multiple Different Page styles, from blogs and portfolios to product detail pages and, of course, over a dozen different home page designs.

Despite the name, Flaky is a beautiful and responsive WooCommerce theme for online fashion stores. No matter what kind of fashionable products you’re selling, Flaky is the WordPress theme that is designed for a user-friendly and positive experience for both buyer and seller. This theme offers eight home page layouts, each one Niche based with powerful flexibility and personalization options. There are multiple product category listing styles that can was products dynamically with carousels. There are changing Parallax backgrounds and even discount tokens. With visual composer and slider Revolution, along with WooCommerce, you get plenty of tools to help run your business. No matter what kind of products are selling from clothing to shoes, handbags to home decor items, Flaky is a theme that you certainly might want to consider. I love the user experience of this theme.

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Looking for a stylish, flat style WordPress theme for old fashioned products? Have a look at sleek. This WordPress theme supports the latest versions of WooCommerce, it works hand-in-hand with wpbakery page builder to allow you to construct pages of any sort, perfectly fitting your website needs. This Sleek theme includes a full featured lookbook, ideal for highlighting fashion trends and your newest offerings, the Ecommerce setup is clean, user-friendly and designed for performance. It says every single feature needed to create your own fashion shop and make it a smashing success.

With plenty of homepage styles, built for both men’s and women’s fashion, the Slikk WordPress theme is a flat, bold and badass WordPress clothing boutique theme. There are a lot of features with the Slikk WordPress theme that can help you make a stylish online store, showcase whatever products you have to sell. The blog and built-in lookbook are great additions, really helping your store stand out.

Blogging is incredibly important for building your brand and driving traffic to your website, so a functional and feature filled blog is a must-have. There are pre-built inner Pages offered with the Slikk WordPress theme. There’s an about us page, a frequently asked questions page, a contact us page, pricing plans, a 404 page and a team page. This fully responsive theme allows you to build stylish and lovely online shop no matter what your experience level is with WordPress.

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Turan is a multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress theme with a masculine style and over a dozen different demo versions to choose from. No matter what your taste is, I think you’ll find something that you really like. Highlighting just a single product or image up top, splitting things up a bit and promoting multiple products at once, something in between, there’s a home page here for you. Turan has multiple different hairstyles, footer Styles and it’s 100% responsive design means that it looks great on all devices. With a powerful admin panel, adjusting and customizing features is a breeze. This theme uses Ajax for all the bells and whistles that you might want in your WooCommerce page.

Turan is a great looking men’s fashion theme with a very modern and bold style. This WordPress theme has a perfect rating on themeforest at the time of this writing, 5 out of 5 stars. This clean and flat eCommerce theme has over 10 homepage styles to choose from. They keep adding more and more all the time, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on this theme even if there’s not something that you immediately love.

There are plenty of different header and footer options, each one can be customized to provide exactly the look and features you want. Turan is purely responsive so that your mobile visitors don’t get shortchanged with their visit to your website. There’s a powerful admin panel, Mega menu and vertical menus as well as tons of different layout features for your shop. Turan is highly optimized for SEO, supports multi vendors and multiple languages too. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with Turan and WooCommerce.

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Hannah is a beautiful lifestyle and fashion blog WordPress seen with a Simple and Clean style that works perfectly with Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0. This is a premium theme ideal for bloggers who want their content to come first. You can also use Hannah as a magazine, there’s even a one-page virgin and a landing page. Or, use it as intended as a full website with every fashionable feature you could possibly imagine at your fingertips. Hannah helps you embed a custom post Carousel in the header, promoting your most recent or most popular posts, there are post list or grid layouts available on the homepage or your blog page, this theme uses multiple of different widgets to help give you a custom look and feel to your website at a fraction of the cost of paying for a custom-built site.

If you want to create a luxurious, hospitable and fancy feminine fashion blog, I think the Hanna theme is a dashing and respectful theme that can help you achieve your goals. This theme is like a kiss from a rose on the grey, I think that’s how Seal would describe the Hannah WordPress theme. It’s deeply gifted with features, the style is carefully made and beautiful, this theme has had lavish praise heaped upon it since its release, and it still has a perfect rating on ThemeForest. Hannah is certainly one of the better fashion minded feminine blog themes around and I think you’ll find that using this theme is never cumbersome but always bright and Airy. It’s a fabulous theme for anyone who wants to capture the attention of readers and keep that attention focused on what’s important, your content.  Here are some additional WordPress personal blogging themes that might strike your fancy.

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This theme is called Reddot, I think that it is an ideal template for setting up an online fashion store. That’s exactly what it was built to do and I think that it really pulls things off with aplomb. There are five different high-quality demo Pages included, this theme supports Elementor and other popular page Builders and there are multiple shop layouts included.

Here’s a look at what the themes developer has to say about the Reddot WordPress theme

Reddot is a creative drag & drop theme created and designed with love for passionate web lovers. The key features of Reddot are the front-end builders, so you have the Elementor as page builder and live Customizer as the theme options, both of them are flawless and work in an amazing way. Unique design and powerful options offers hundred of creative elements to choose from. The goal was to design something that offers all the possible features you need to create your amazing website without having to add extra customization, the demo can be imported easily in only one click, it won’t take more than two minutes to be ready for use. The theme is a very user-friendly platform and is suitable for eCommerce Stores, Fashion Store, Furniture Store, Mega Store, Creative Professionals, Photographers, Designers, Freelancers, Architects, Bloggers and much more on in fewer words it’s Multipurpose WordPress Theme.

I think it’s always a great idea to have a look at what the developer things about their thing, to be honest, some Developers do a better job of describing their templates than even I do and I am quite good. So, that’s pretty much it for this team, it’s simple and attractive, easy to use and stylish.  Check out some more minimal themes here.

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Venoma, Fashion eCommerce WooCommerce Theme

My my my my Venoma. That’s all I can think of when I see the title of this particular theme. But unlike the racy Sharona, this is a WordPress theme that’s clean, well designed and full of features.

It’s a very clean, simple and attractive theme that’s perfect for eCommerce sites, fashion blogs and selling clothing, and probably a whole bunch of other stuff I haven’t even considered.  What would you use Venoma as?  Blog?  Portfolio?  eCommerce site?  Some combination?

That seems to be the most likely outcome, in my opinion.

This is what the themes developer has to say about Vanoma.

Venoma is a minimal & modern Fashion WooCommerce WordPress theme you should own for your fashion eCommerce website. It will be a great choice for fashion retailers to sell trending collections of clothes, shoes, glasses, accessories, etc in minimal fashion shop & clothing online store. This fashion theme is creatively designed with catchy appearance and rich built-in features in mind. It comes with 04+ ready homepage layouts that can be imported by 1 click, various elements & inner pages and lots of powerful theme plugins & options. With Venoma, it’s easy to customize the website with ultimate effects & animations and create your own amazing fashion online store in no time without coding.

Here’s a look at the visual style of the front page. I think that this theme is clean and simple, perfect for fashion and clothing websites. What do you think?

Venoma WordPress Fahsion Store Theme

So, I think that this theme could be perfect for a lot of you who are looking for a ready-to-use fashion home page with attractive blogs and professional layouts for your products. This theme is really flexible enough to adapt itself to almost any purpose. You can learn more about it below and see the demo or, stay tuned below the links for a special treat.

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If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly WordPress template, have a look at our free WordPress theme, Oregon. It offers many of the same features and functionality, it’s a WooCommerce ready theme that is simple to use and has a clean, attractive style. I think that for websites that don’t have a need for a huge e-commerce presence, Oregon could be a great compromise. For smaller shops, fashion stores or places with just a few objects to sell, I think that it can look great. That’s just me being honest about the value and limitations of this free WordPress theme. We will continue to update it and keep it on the Cutting Edge of features and functionality, so check back often to see what we have done to update it.

These days, fashion is bigger than ever. You’ve got so many style choices out there and so many influencers, lots of folks are paying attention to fashion. Maybe even more than any time in history.

So, the best platform for creating a strong, attractive website for any fashionable website is WordPress. It’s all about the flexibility. You can create an amazing blog that lets readers know about the latest trends, you can create a portfolio of lookbook to showcase what you’ve created our curated, you can even make an awesome online shop to sell fain lines, clothing and other stuff.

Amy of these themes is a great choice for any sort of site that’s all about fashion. Hopefully, you can build a new business that is professional and inspiring for everyone who visits your website.

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