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November 14, 2019

We’ve found all of the very best political WordPress themes around, right here in this collection.  A professional website is crucial if you’re running for office and you don’t want to spend hours laboring over creating your site.  That’s what makes a WordPress theme such a great idea.  I think these themes represent the absolute best political templates around and we’re going to keep adding to this collection as often as we can, making sure each theme is reviewed for quality, so you don’t have to.


With this Nominee theme, you got an attractive and far-reaching political WordPress theme with the option for single page or multi page layouts. No matter which one you choose, you’ll get a great-looking website to really get your point across. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you are on, one thing we can all agree on, a great-looking website is critical to making the right first impression. Nominee is WordPress theme with over 1000 sales so far on theme forest and a nearly perfect 4.93 rating. This theme is optimized for Gutenberg, it’s ready for the most recent versions of WordPress and WooCommerce as well, allowing you to accept donations to your political campaign online and electronically.

There’s no debating, this political campaign website is one of the best out there. It includes slider Revolution and visual composer to allow you the flexibility to make a website that looks just like you want it to look on it each and every device your readers might visit your website on. This 100% responsive WordPress theme supports wpml, as one click demo data import and an events management system, a nice touch for political campaigns. Considering how much time and energy goes into running a successful campaign, your website should be a trusted member of your team, allowing you to spend more time out on the campaign Trail.

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For political bloggers or political candidates, the election WordPress team gives you a gorgeous web design that is mobile-friendly, SEO optimized and robust in terms of functionality. Not to mention the fact that it is incredibly simple to use. This theme has powerful content management system functionality and a laundry list of Premium features that can help make your website stand out. The election is a completely responsive WordPress theme, that means it will look great on all devices, no matter what size. This theme is simple to customize, offers white screen and boxed layouts and there’s even WooCommerce compatibility included. That allow you to accept donations to your campaign online, using the paint with mint Gateway of your choice. Revolution slider is included as are several custom shortcuts. There’s an advanced gallery to help you really connect with your audience and this theme is translation ready as well. Advanced blog allows for multiple different layouts and styles. Overall I think this is one of the better political themes around.

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Protege is a WordPress theme with six different demo Styles, one of them perfectly built for political campaigns. That is a really interesting Niche, there are not that many political themes out there, so it can be a bit difficult to find a really great one. This theme has a perfect rating on themeforest, 5 out of 5 Stars. It Blends the power of wpbakery page builder with woocommerce to help create a really Dynamic and successful site for politics. It’s also solid for law firms, photographers and general portfolios, but highlighting what is possible in the world of politics is what this review is all about. This theme is simple to customize and simple to manage, you will find tons of different ways that you can customize the look and feel of your sight, giving all of the pages and posts on your site a great look with a fantastic user experience.

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Commotion is a WordPress theme that was built for political campaigns and activists.  This theme has everything needed to build a successful political website.  Commotion is a political campaign and political activism theme that can be add some ‘wow factor’ to your website. If you’re not an expert in coding, that’s absolutely no problem. You can always manage your new website with a drag-and-drop page builder to get a look that is exactly like you want it to be. The theme was built on the underscores framework, it supports WooCommerce and even includes a layered PSD file for maximum customization possibilities.

This well-documented responsive theme is great for political campaigns, activists, drives for democracy, election and election results, environmentalism, fundraisers, petitions and all sorts of politics. No matter which side of the political Spectrum you come from, this mobile-friendly and tablet for her friendly WordPress theme is translation ready, super simple to customize and provides a dynamite user experience. This theme has top-notch support and I think it can be trusted to help you build an amazing political campaign website.

There really aren’t that many political WordPress themes out of there, so it’s always exciting to find a really high quality one.  I think this theme has all the features, the flair and the style needed to win the hearts and minds of your voters and constituents.

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There aren’t a lot of themes around that are made for political or nationalistic purposes–but Coup is one of those few. Especially made for politicians, members of the government, or people with groups that support certain causes such as mental health, animal rights, education, history, and the like, this theme will be able to provide your blog with this distinctly serious yet readable vibe. Robust and flexible, Coup is a theme which you can easily customize, and can even provide you with means to request donations that can help make your website better–particularly if you take advantage of the slider revolution plugin! It also has this fantastic video and parallax background, and also a multi-pin Google map that allows you to help readers learn about where they ought to go if you’re referring to events, or charity work, also.

Apart from that, Coup also has amazing typography features which may help you improve the way you’re styling the website. It is SEO friendly, making sure that in the event that you’ve got an important cause to talk about, there would be greater chances of your site gaining higher search rank on Google or other search engines. With the assistance of Coup, there’s also added support for additional WordPress plugins so you can be sure that they’d also be compatible with your site–and is even translation prepared, making certain that more people would realize what you are talking about. You can choose from full screen or boxed designs; utilize Instagram and Twitter feed integration; choose more advanced options for the theme to be improved, and make use of the brilliant visual composer plugin! The theme is also kid friendly, and has been tried and tested for the latest version of WordPress. Therefore, if you need to find a theme that could help you get the word out about politics or charities you are involved with, Coup is the absolute perfect choice for you!

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It’s getting to be that time of year, elections are ramping up and that means a new crop of candidates vying for your vote. In this case, it’s candidates for the best political campaign website. PolitPress is one of the first that I have seen recently that seems to have everything it takes to become a breakout star in the political WordPress theme stage. This theme features a dynamic accent color scheme, slider Revolution, Unison framework support and it is fully responsive. This theme is simple to customize, easy to integrate your social network and it’s easy enough to use even for a beginner. Here is what the themes developer says about PolitPress .

Politpress is our new WordPress theme is created for websites, like governmental social program websites. You can create for Political Company, Political Candidate, Organization, Political Party and etc. This theme is built for politicians and activists to develop their personal and party/group professional websites. Using the title, politicians can create their profiles, campaign posts, news posts etc. We introduced all of the newest features and presented modern design. Therefore we added the Revolution Slider, powerful Unyson Page Builder that will help you to build a really good website. Do not miss this unusual WordPress theme. It will help you bring to life all our ideas and project.

Clean, simple, easy-to-use and Powerful. That’s all you can really ask for in a WordPress theme and that is exactly what this template delivers.

So, check out the demo below and find out more information, if that’s something that you are interested in. There’s also a link below to find some new hosting if you should happen to need it. BlueHost is always a solid option and that’s why we recommend it.

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Astute observers will note that this WordPress theme is all about politics. In a day when politics is just about more divided than ever, I think that we can all agree on at least that small statement. Astute is certainly a political Campaign theme. It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you come from, conservative or Progressive, Republican or Democrat. Even other countries, where you might have a Labour Party candidate or, I don’t know, maybe the Bull Moose Party is coming back. No matter what your flavor of politics, this theme is a solid choice for building a campaign website.

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to run a successful political campaign. Any little thing that you do to save time and effort could be incredibly helpful. A WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for political campaigns, I think that’s a great starting spot.

Here’s a look at the front page of this wonderful looking at template. Astute clearly has the professional design style that is necessary to build an amazing website for your political campaign, no matter what your stance on the issues is.

Well, I think that’s a great place to end it for today reviewing this particular political themed. Will be back shortly with more great templates and we’re currently working on building an entire collection of political themes for you to choose from. Same as all of our collections, it will be filled with the absolute best WordPress themes at there, I quality and easy to use, no matter what.

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This Baklon theme is a perfect choice for political campaign websites.  Politics are as important as ever, maybe even moreso considering the nutjob currently inhabiting the White House. These days, there are plenty of new people running for office and if you’re a newcomer to the world of politics, perhaps you don’t know what it takes to create a great website that really glaze out your policy positions and introduces you to the electorate. If that’s the case, a great-looking and responsive WordPress theme for your political campaign could be a great way to get started. For political organizations and events, this template has every feature and design touch needed to create an amazing website. I think that this template gets all the information across that you could possibly want. It’s a great introduction a sort of resume that really helps to connect with voters.

It’s incredibly difficult to run for office and any amount of time and effort you can save, not to mention money, is a great thing. This template can help you save all of those things and with it, you’ll have your website up and running very quickly. There are political organizations and campaigns going all of the time, so I think that this theme is a timeless one that can really help make to your website professional and attractive, it shows you in the best light and I think that’s what’s really important these days.

That and taking money from SuperPacs.

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