Claue, Lookbook WordPress Fashion Store Theme

There are a whole lot of aspects to lookbook WordPress themes that we don’t always think about, sort of behind-the-scenes aspects that aren’t visible on the page, but Claue thinks of everything.  It’s a little creepy, actually.  Well, maybe not creepy.  Uncanny, how about that? It’s easy to see a well-thought-out design, but looking into … Read more

GentShop, WordPress Men’s Fashion Shop and Lookbook

GentShop is a high-quality WordPress WooCommerce theme for fashion blogs and shops. This theme has a business first attitude, there are three different home page layout options to present your content and slightly different ways. This theme supports Mega menu, offers quick product review and wish lists and product comparison features as well. The customizer … Read more

Coffee Luck, WordPress Coffee Shop Theme

This is coffee luck, a nicely designed theme for coffee shops, restaurants and more.  Bakeries, bars and wine shops…you get the idea.  Any business in the food and  beverage industry could benefit from a great looking theme like Coffee Luck. The Coffee Luck WordPress theme has bright interactive design with a pleasing, clean look. The … Read more

Mezmerize, Fashionable WordPress Theme for Lookbooks

According to the online dictionary I just looked at, Mesmerize is defined as – to hold the attention of someone to the exclusion of everything else, or to completely and utterly transfix them. Some of the synonyms of mesmerize include to hypnotize, to fascinate or enchant, to captivate, dazzle, charm, bewitch or spellbind. So, that’s … Read more

Maori, WordPress Tattoo Parlor Theme

Maori is a tattoo parlor WordPress theme that’s distinctive in it’s style, it’s attractive and completely user-friendly. This dark and dreamy WordPress theme is great for piercing Studios, body piercing, jewelry makers, as well as tattoo studios, which is what it is ostensibly designed for. If you’ve been searching for the best possible Tattoo Studio … Read more

Dignity, Creative Agency Theme with Bold Fullscreen Design

This is Dignity, a full featured portfolio WordPress theme that’s perfect for building your company’s brand with a bold, attractive design and plenty of options to keep your users interested in your work, no matter what creative field you’re in.  Dignity is perfect for any sort of creative design business, it’s a well coded and … Read more

Phoenix Bold Parallax WordPress Theme

The Phoenix WordPress theme can attract attention online no matter what structure and features are used to create the end website. With retina-ready graphics and multiple Parallax slider effects, any type of corporate, creative or personal website can be built. Freelancers and agencies require a strong online presence that includes a powerful and aesthetically pleasing … Read more