200 Words a Day?

Sure, why not? But is 200 words the destination, or just a place to start? Let’s take a deeper look at whether 200 words per day is enough when it comes to creating amazing, effective blog content.

When it comes to writing blog articles, one of the biggest challenges is sitting down and actually starting. For some reason, blog writing can be a lot harder than normal copywriting.

Starting blog writing is easy! Just write 200 words a day.  That’s it — no catch. 200 words per blog article isn’t a lot at all, but this amount of words can make blogging a lot easier and a whole less intimidating.

200 words a day may not seem like much, but once you blog consistently for even one month , you’ll notice that the quality of your blog posts is going up with every post you publish. Not only will your blog posts be getting better, they’ll also start to gain traction online as well as more blog subscribers every week.

If there ever was something magical about writing blog articles, it would have to be consistency.  Think of it this way:  if you blog for blog writing ten minutes a day, or blog writing one hour a day, or blog writing five days a week, blog article how much blog content will you actually produce in the end?

200 words.  You can even make it 100 words if you want — but 200 is definitely good starter goal to get blog writing started and write some great blog posts along the way.

It’s been said that the best way to start blog writing is by committing to 200 words per day.  This can eventually build up into a huge number of blog posts which all have a chance at ranking on Google.  To get started with blog writing each day, try out this easy approach:

  1. Set your alarm clock so you wake up early enough to have time for blog article drafting before going to work or doing any other activity for the rest of your day.   In my case, I will typically start dealing with emails as soon as possible since blog writing usually doesn’t require a lot of attention.  In cases where I’m doing blog writing from home, then blog article drafting can be done simultaneously while watching TV or before going to sleep.
  2. Decide on a topic for your blog post and write at least 200 words worth of content on that specific blog article.  Every week, pick out 3-5 blog topics to cover in the near future.  That way, if you don’t have time to draft all 200 words of a blog article one day, you would still have another blog post drafted for the following day(s).
  3. Spend no more than 5 minutes proofreading each blog post before publishing it onto your website.  If blog article quality is poor, then focus on polishing blog posts for 5-10 minutes per blog article.  I’d much rather have 10 blog articles available than having 1 blog post published and waiting a week to publish another blog article.
  4. Schedule blog posts to be published within the next few days so you don’t forget about them.  For example, if I’m planning to publish 3 blog articles in one week, then I would schedule each blog post to be published on specific days of that week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).
  5. Set a reminder alarm within your phone as an additional step for those who never miss online deadlines; those reminders can come in handy when drafting 200 words worth of content.
  6. Repeat blog writing steps on a daily basis for blog articles that will eventually rank decently or highly on Google when you continue publishing blog posts each day.  Writing blog posts is like working in the gym:  the more you do, the better your results become in time.
  7. If blog article quality isn’t improving and/or it takes longer than expected to write blog posts, then seek help from experienced writers or professionals who can proofread your blog articles before publishing them online.

200 words a day? That’s not too difficult of a goal considering all of the benefits of creating blog content multiple times per week. In my opinion, creativity can come everywhere so there’s no need to wait until you have 200 blog words written to get started. In fact, the best blog articles are often written in a matter of minutes after an idea pops into your head. Hence, write blog articles when inspiration comes and blog writing won’t be a struggle ever again!

I think that 200 words is just the beginning. As your writing improves, I think you’ll find you’re able to blog more efficiently. Soon, you could be writing 300, 500, 1000 or more words per day. And blog writing will become like second nature, which it should be.

What do you think? Do blog articles only come to you when you sit down and work hard at it? Or can blog content be created in a matter of minutes by writers who blog multiple times per week?

Conclusion: 200 words is just the beginning. Not too difficult of an objective to start with, but blog writing should become more intuitive as well. Don’t wait for inspiration before starting, blog right away and the results will happen like magic!

For reference, this article is about 850 words. Didn’t even take that long!

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