Crypto WordPress Themes

Crypto WordPress Themes

Digital currencies are all over the place these days. Popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, the King of Cryptocurrency, are known but even people who would not consider themselves to be up on the latest trends. But there are many other digital currencies available. Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and my personal favorite, DogeCoin. These cryptocurrencies are rising … Read more

Ice Cream Parlor WordPress Themes

Ice Cream Parlor WordPress Themes, 5 Delicious, Cool Options for 2021

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. That’s the old nursery rhyme, and it’s really true. If you’re looking for an ice cream parlor WordPress theme to make your scoop shop look its best, this collection of ice cream parlor WordPress themes is the place to be. People go absolutely crazy for … Read more

Three Column WordPress Themes

Three Column WordPress Themes, 9 Classic Designs for Modern Websites in 2021

Sometimes, you don’t need a bleeding edge designed to really captivate an audience. Three column WordPress themes have been around since the absolute beginning and there’s a really good reason for that. It’s classic design that delivers a lot of information quickly and efficiently. So, maybe you’re looking for a three column theme to deliver … Read more

Flexible WordPress Themes

Flexible WordPress Themes, 14 Great Templates for Anything in 2021

These days, it’s more important than ever before that your website be as flexible as possible. It’s with that in mind that we collated this flexible WordPress themes collection to provide some outstanding, multipurpose WordPress templates that offer a massive range of different features to help stretch your website to its fullest potential. It’s always … Read more

Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes

Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes, 5 Cool WCAG Compliant Templates for 2021

There are certain boxes a WordPress theme needs to check off before it can appear on this list of accessibility ready WordPress themes. Accessibility themes adhere to certain best practices to allow the widest range of audience to receive the same great user experience. This includes high contrast images, keyboard navigation and form and link … Read more

Information Technology Company WordPress Themes

Information Technology WordPress Themes, 17 Efficient, Professional IT Templates for 2021

Computers run more systems than ever before. In fact, most of us have multiple devices in our home and our place of business. So, it’s no surprise that information technology is more important than ever before. If you need to see some premium quality information technology WordPress themes, this collection provides a handy description of … Read more

Movie WordPress Themes

Movie WordPress Themes, 12 Star Film Studio, Database and Reviews Templates

If your website isn’t quite ready for its close-up yet, you might need to think about getting a new WordPress theme to help make things look a little bit better. This collection of movie WordPress themes provides a great opportunity for you to promote your upcoming film, documentary, your movie studio, even for reviewing the … Read more