Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes, 5 Cool WCAG Compliant Templates for 2021

There are certain boxes a WordPress theme needs to check off before it can appear on this list of accessibility ready WordPress themes. Accessibility themes adhere to certain best practices to allow the widest range of audience to receive the same great user experience. This includes high contrast images, keyboard navigation and form and link focus.

Every one of the ADA compliant WordPress themes on this list produces a really wonderful user experience for everybody, no matter what their needs are. With the number of people out there who need websites like this to enjoy the same content as everyone else, accessibility ready WordPress themes are growing more and more popular. A lot of public and private institutions offer multiple site layouts and features depending upon the features different users need. So, that’s one idea of how these templates can be used.

With any of these themes, you can create an ADA compliant or accessibility ready website quickly and efficiently, helping to deliver an equitable experience across a broad spectrum of users.

Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes

So, take a look at the absolute best accessible WordPress themes we’ve found that I’m certain you’ll find quite a number that do an outstanding job of presenting content in a really consistent, attractive and legible way.


Cindy Inclusive Town Theme
Cindy, Accessibility Ready Inclusive Town Theme

Cindy is a town theme that has been designed to be fully inclusive and accessible for everyone. With Cindy, you can create an online space that is open and welcoming to everyone, regardless of ability. The easy-to-use customization options make it simple to create a website or blog that meets your needs, and the responsive design ensures that your site will look great on any device. With Cindy, there’s no need to compromise on accessibility or usability – you can have both!

One of the great things about Cindy is that it includes a built-in accessibility menu. This menu lets you customize your town to make it more accessible for everyone. You can change the font size, adjust the colors, and even add custom keyboard shortcuts.

Cindy also includes a number of built-in accessibility features. These include the ability to add subtitles, reduce shake when a character is speaking, and adjust the text box location. That way, players who find it difficult to focus on a smaller screen or play in handheld mode will still be able to enjoy your town!

So if you’re looking for a theme that is both accessible and cheerful, be sure to check out Cindy! You won’t be disappointed.

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Polyclinic Accessible Medical Theme
Polyclinic Accessible Medical Theme

PolyClinic is an accessibility ready WordPress theme specifically built for medical clinics and healthcare providers. This theme has checked off all the boxes necessary to meet the WordPress requirements for accessibility ready websites. Furthermore, the developer is a member of the trusted authors program at WordPress. So, this is definitely among the highest rated, most trusted and best accessibility ready themes out there. If you’re looking for something in the medical field, this is definitely the one to choose.

As the developer points out, you don’t need to be a scientist to make this template work  perfectly. It’s lightweight, coded properly, it’s powerful and flexible. PolyClinic is also a GPL licensed WordPress theme that fully uses the native WordPress theme customizer. That’s a live customizer tool that allows you to preview the changes you make to your website instantly. You don’t have to make changes, push them to your live site and then see what the results are. That keeps your website looking great every moment of the day.

PolyClinic supports one of my favorite page building tools, the Beaver Builder page builder. Beaver Builder allows you to create responsive, mobile friendly designs that look fantastic on all devices. And that’s something that is certainly important when it comes to accessibility ready WordPress themes. The developer provides ample support, lots of theme documentation and there is even a number of different video tutorials provided to help walk you through the process of setting up. The developer has quite a large following and a really strong social media presence so there’s a built-in community of users to also tap into for additional help and knowledge.

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Icelander – Modern. Smart. Simple.
Icelander – Modern. Smart. Simple.

This is Icelander, and accessible WordPress business portfolio and WooCommerce ready theme that has a stimulating look to it, some enduring features and it gives you a feeling of contentment knowing that every visitor comes to your website, no matter what their needs might be, are going to get same outstanding user experience.

This themes developer has insured this template meets all of the WordPress will requirements for accessibility. The developer is also a member of the Trusted Authors program at A high achievement to be sure. So, let’s take a look at what this template brings to the table. It’s got GPL licensing, it’s completely accessibility ready, gorgeous integration with WooCommerce for setting up an online shop and a whole lot more.

Icelander can be set up quickly and easily, giving you a gorgeous, smooth experience right out of the box. There’s a ludicrous amount of support and documentation included with your download, even complete video tutorials that can help guide you through the process of setting your website up and getting the most out of it. If you want to give everyone the great user experience they deserve, and accessibility ready WordPress theme like this one is definitely a smart choice.

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Eimear – Modern Inclusive
Eimear – Modern Inclusive WooCommerce Theme

If you have been looking for an inclusive WooCommerce powered WordPress theme, this GPL licensed beauty is a really nice option. It provides you with the Elementor Page Builder and full support for WP Bakery Page Builder as well. Between these two page building tools, there’s really nothing you can’t achieve. The premade layouts and designs are really strong, they provide ADA compliant designs that work perfectly on all devices because they are responsive in nature.

If you also want to use the Gutenberg block editor, that is fully supported with this theme too. It’s just another option to give you drag and drop interface to construct pages and posts that look exactly like you want them to look. There are four different special thumbnail shapes which is a very interesting concept, these shapes can be independently used in the Gutenberg block editor. A variety of product layouts are provided, something that any self-respecting WooCommerce theme definitely wants to offer.

If you’d like to create a modern and eye-catching online shop that helps your products look their best and stand out from the crowd, and you would like the widest possible audience to be reached, and accessible WordPress theme like this one is a very smart choice.

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Deborah – Inclusive Church
Deborah – Inclusive Church

Here’s a really interesting WordPress theme called Deborah. Deborah is an inclusive, barrier lists WordPress church theme that hits all the marks when it comes to ADA compliance. It’s also a 100% GPL licensed WordPress theme, something that some people value. But let’s dive a little deeper into the features and functionality this template provides.

The first thing you’ll notice is the clean, modern and flat design. It’s very simple to navigate and all of the content is presented in a way that is completely without distraction. If you’ve been looking for a church WordPress theme, one that allows for online fundraising and works perfectly for any type of nonprofit, but especially a theme that allows the widest possible audience to enjoy your content, this is it.

You can be confident that no matter where in the world your readers are coming from, no matter what their needs may be to consume your posts and pages, they will have full access to every scrap of content on your website. You can translate this theme into any language, it works perfectly with keyboard and screen readers, it’s completely barrier lists and the color contrast is perfect for any reader.

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Angelica – Inclusive bookstore
Angelica – Inclusive bookstore

Angelica is an accessible ready WordPress theme with a very clean, modern design and full support for your favorite page building tools this gives you a lot of control over your website layout from the header to the footer and everything in between. And, thanks to the premade styles that are included, that means every bit of content on your entire website is completely accessible.

If your customers have special needs when it comes to reading your content, they’ll really appreciate all of the little details that have gone into this template. It has a really attractive display for any type of product or service, it’s disabilities friendly and completely barrier lists. It’s fully passed the WCA G2 .1 level AA and Section 508 requirements for accessibility. It’s keyboard and screen reader friendly for those who need that feature and the customization process is user-friendly for the end-user as well. It’s even got demo content with all the proper headings structures in place.

With absolutely no extra design elements, this theme really helps present your content in a way that is easy to consume. You can have the demo content installed with just a single click, everything is conversion rate optimized and there are a variety of WooCommerce features included with this theme that I think can really help sell products. Overall, this is an accessibility ready GPL licensed theme that’s ready for anything.

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Home Shop – Bjork
Home Shop – Björk, Accessibility Ready WordPress Theme

Björk. I love the name. But, let’s take a deeper look at the WordPress theme itself. The first thing you’ll notice is the absolutely distraction for a presentation for your content. There’s nothing to clutter up the screen and there is no bloat visually. That follows through to the actual code that has been employed to develop this theme. It produces a fast loading, high-performance website that looks great on all devices because it’s completely responsive.

But the developer has gone even further than just a simple responsive design. This is a completely accessibility ready WordPress theme that has passed all of the requisite tests and requirements to call itself a fully accessible ready template. It’s ready for any type of keyboard or screen reader set up, it’s totally barrier lists, user-friendly for Webmaster and end-user alike. Everything has been properly structured for perfect display on all devices, it’s readability optimized with high color contrast and outstanding typography. You can even translate the Bjork theme into any language you choose.

Overall, this is a business theme that has lots to offer. Full page builder support, outstanding premade designs, lots of flexibility, outstanding support and documentation and it really helps reach the widest audience possible.

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