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December 3, 2018

Alpina royalwpthemes.com
Simple and sort of dated looking, this theme is called Alpina.  I’ve removed it from all collections because I really don’t recommend it anymore, but I’m leaving this review here so I don’t get dinged by Google.  Looking for an actually nice looking corporate style theme?  Check out this collection.

The main advantage of this theme is fully customizable theme colors, from theme options panel!  Also, the content of the main page is a custom, and is formed using large amount of theme shortcodes (examples of the main pages in the documentation) that allows you to adapt the theme for yourself and make it completely unique!  In the theme a lot of settings, which you can easily customize the theme, as you need, also documentation and support attached!

Welp, we’ll be back again soon for more good stuff.  Until then, so long.

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