Angelica, Inclusive, Accessibility Ready Bookstore Theme

A lot of flexibility over the layout of your website, from the header to the footer and everything in between, is provided by Angelica, an accessible WordPress theme with a very clean, contemporary style and complete support for your favorite page building tools. Because of the pre-made designs that are provided, every piece of material on your whole website is fully visible to visitors.

If any of your clients have particular requirements when it comes to reading your material, they will really enjoy all of the little nuances that have been included into this template design. It features a very beautiful display for any kind of goods or service, and it is totally barrier-free and accessible to those with impairments. It has passed all of the WCA G2.1 level AA and Section 508 criteria for accessibility in their entirety. Users that need this functionality will be able to access it via a keyboard and screen reader, while the customizing procedure will be straightforward and user-friendly for everyone else. It also includes sample material that has been formatted in the appropriate headers structure.

Despite the fact that it has no additional design features, this theme is very effective in presenting your material in a straightforward manner. A single click will install the sample content, and everything is conversion rate optimized. There are a number of WooCommerce features included with this theme that I believe will be very beneficial in increasing sales. Overall, this is an accessibility-ready GPL-licensed theme that is ready to take on any task at its disposal.

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