Aperitive, Delicious WordPress Blog and Restaurant Theme

This is a full featured solution to the problem of ‘what’s a great WordPress theme for a restaurant‘?  Aperitive is a simple, almost minimalist styled WordPress theme that’s very easy to use, easy to customize and attractive to look at, making it a wonderful choice for a café or coffee shop website and it’s incredible flexibility isn’t the only feature it offers.  Aperitive is simple to customize, the images make for a wonderful first impression and a whole lot more.

The theme isn’t just a simple one though, it’s got a whole bunch of features that make it a great choice for restaurants, tons of features, compatibility with a wide range of plugins.  It’s got it all, frankly.


We made Aperitive to engage and combine your visual and culinary senses, offering a presentation fit for a michelin star chef. the simple fixed two block layout combined with the right choice of typography vs photography gives this theme a whole new dimension.

Fixed two block layout

A simple yet practical two block layout inspired by magazines is made specificly with the restaraunt, cafe/bar, club owner looking for a contemporary way of presenting their business.

Menus & Reservations

Aperitive comes with a predefined Menu page which makes it easy to list all your offerings, as well as a Reservation plugin which allows your customers to easily check your current table availability in just a few clicks.

Hidden Sidebar

Aperitive comes with a sneaky little sidebar that starts it’s life tucked away neatly to the side, then expands from the screen’s righthand edge.  That means folks get to concentrate their attention on the main focus of the website without any distractions.

A Blog with Taste

Give your passion for words a look to go with the taste. You can swap between the one and two row columns, whatever fits best.
Now, let’s get our eyes on this beauty, shall we?

So, that just about does it for our review of the Aperitive WordPress theme. If you are on a mission to create a relief world class restaurant website, one minute when’s a very attractive blog with menus and reservations systems, and attractive layout with clean, simple and modern navigation, a web template with tremendous taste and flexibility, this one is a really great choice. I think that a lot of people are going to find it highly useful. With that said, there are plenty of other options out there if you would like to see some different WordPress themes.  Food blog themes perhaps?

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