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Art Kombat, WordPress Gym and Dojo Theme

May 31, 2019

Boxing has been around forever. Since prehistoric times, or the act of punching or striking another person in the face or body has existed as a sporting event for thousands of years. It was even an Olympic game beginning in 688 BC.  A lot has changed over the years, but whether you call it the Sweet Science or the Sport of Kings, when you step inside the Squared Circle, you know what to expect.

It hasn’t always been that way.

As boxing developed from that nearly rule-free, prehistoric contest of strength and wits got into the 18th century prizefighting era, a lot changed. 1867 there was the introduction of the Marquess of Queensbury rules, a generally accepted code of conduct for the sport of boxing. That code of rules is what most of modern boxing is based on and it’s very effective at making the sport enjoyable for everyone involved.

It’s sort of the same with WordPress, a lot has changed, and now you have a certain set of rules. Or really, what makes a great website in general. I think that the Art Kombat theme, a boxing School WordPress team if you hadn’t already figured that out, does it really great job of highlighting your content and delivering a great user experience. Created for boxing schools, kickboxing, Martial Arts, Fitness and bodybuilding gyms and more, Art Kombat has what it takes to deliver amazing user experience.  Oh yeah, check out some more fitness WordPress themes in our huge collection.

Here’s the developer’s description of the Art Kombat theme.

Art Kombat – Boxing School and Martial Arts WordPress Theme created especially for Boxing School, Boxing Trainer, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Gym Coach, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Fight club, Boxing Day, Bodybuilding, Fitness Club, Boxing match preview, Gym, WBO tournaments and others.

Art Kombat includes all the necessary pages of the online store WooCommerce ready. So that you can sell your boxing gloves, kickboxing equipment, sports products, dumbbells and other.

Here’s what your front page will look like if you should choose Art Kombat.

Art Kombat Boxing School WordPress Theme

We are still in the process of gathering up enough great WordPress themes to develop a great collection of WordPress Fitness themes, and I’m sure that art combat is going to make it into that list. In the meantime, we can only promise that we will get to that collection just as soon as we possibly can, please let us know if you know of a great Fitness related WordPress theme, whether it’s martial arts or boxing, bodybuilding or yoga classes. It really doesn’t matter, we will just want to have a collection of the absolute best gym and fitness themes anywhere.

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