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Attractive WooCommerce WordPress Themes for Building Amazing Online Shops

October 16, 2019

When you’re starting up an online shop, WooCommerce is a great tool to consider.  We’ve selected quite a number of WordPress themes that are perfect for selling products.  There’s a lot of competition out there, so carving out a little corner of the internet can be challenging.  This collection of themes is a perfect way to keep your website well organized, to present products in a professional way and to build a successful business.

Oregon, Free WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Oregon, Free, Minimalist WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Free is a very good price and that’s exactly what Oregon is all about.  This clean, simple and minimalist WooCommerce theme gives you a wonderful platform for content and you can also use Oregon to sell products.  This theme is simple to use, the code is clean and well organized.  It’s all about your content, so hopefully you can find it a useful option for setting up shop.

Demo Free Download Get Hosting

Divi, Premium Quality WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Divi is a premium WooCommerce WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.  This is one powerful theme.  Divi has one of the largest communities of users around, which means that you’re going to find it very simple to get any type of help you need getting your website set up and customized.

Demo More Information Get Hosting

Dukan, Clean, Modern, Highly Rated WordPress Theme

This is Dukan.  If you’re hanging up your electronic shingle, why not select one of the highest rated, most popular and most powerful theme on the market?  If so, you’ve got to have a gander at Dukan.  This theme has a lot going for it. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Qrack, Responsive WooCommerce Shopping Theme

Qrack is a strong WooCommerce theme that I think a lot of folks will find to be incredibly useful.  Clean, modern and stylish, this theme does a wonderful job of professionally presenting any sort of product line. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Stylista, High Rated WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Stylista is among the highest rated WooCommerce themes around.  The integrated blog makes your content the star of the show, but the WooCommerce support means that your visitors can quickly be turned into customers. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Hanoi Store, WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Hanoi Store is a well designed, well organized WordPress theme for setting up a great looking online shop.  This is a clean, user friendly and fast loading theme that can be a perfect platform for your products. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Diamond, Properly Built WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Diamond is a premium quality WordPress theme for WooCommerce sites and it’s a real winner. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Flatsome, Flat, Handsome WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome,-Clean-and-Professional-WooCommerce-Theme Flatsome is a clean, flat and delightfully well organized WordPress theme for setting up an online shop. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Adela, Premium WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Adela WordPress WooCommerce Theme Adela gives you a great starting point for building a wonderful eCommerce shop. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Box Shop, Flat, Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Box Shop is a very clean, well organized and well designed WordPress theme that can help you set up a great looking online shop. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Elegance Pro, Portfolio and WooCommerce Ready Blog Theme

Elegance Pro is a well designed WordPress theme that uses the powerful Genesis Framework to help you build a fast loading, well organized blog and WooCommerce store.  Genesis Framework themes are all well coded, ‘update proof’ and they work great on all sites. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Massive Dynamic, Premium WordPress Theme for WooCommerce Shops

Setting up an online store with Massive Dynamic is a solid way to get your business off on the right foot.  It’s professional, well organized and full of features.  This theme gives you several pre-made demo styles for getting your site live quickly.  Each one looks great, provides a stunning user experience and I think they can all work great for your stuff. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Storehouse, Clean, Modern WooCommerce Theme for WordPress

This is Storehouse, a really nice theme for selling all kinds of products.  It’s built mainly for fashionable websites, but it could br great for handbags, sunglasses or anything else that people really want. Demo More Information Get Hosting

CoupShop, Minimalist WordPress WooCommerce Theme

This is CoupShop, a clean, well organized minimalist theme with full support for Woo-Commerce. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Oshine, Clean, Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Using a theme like Oshine to establish an online shop can save you time and money. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Extra, WordPress Magazine Theme with WooCommerce

Extra is an awesome theme.  That’s pretty much all there is to it.  It’s one of the best magazine and eCommerce themes around. Simple to install, simple to customize.  Extra has all the features any online shop would ever need to create a strong shop for any sort of products. DemoMore Information Get Hosting


If you want to set up a great looking online shop, Woo Commerce is a wonderful option.  Woo! Demo Demo Get Hosting

Slikk, Fashionable WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Slikk is a powerful, strong and masculine WordPress theme that’s great for crafting online shops to help you sell products with style. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Hestia Pro, Material Design WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Hestia Pro is an awesome theme with cool material design style and full support for WooCommerce, the best eCommerce solution for WordPress. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Leedo, Beautiful WordPress WooCommerce and Portfolio Theme

Leedo is a nice looking theme with modern features and several attractive layouts you get to choose from.  Leedo has a well organized and powerful system for customizing your web store too. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Wright, Minimal, Clean WooCommerce Blog Theme

Wright is a clean, well designed WordPress theme that harnesses the full power of WooCommerce to help you set up a simple, effective online store. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Blomma, Professional, Creative WordPress WooCommerce Themes

Blomma is an agency theme, first and foremost.  But it also offers you the ability to create an online shop, thanks to Blomma’s support for WooCommerce.  Blomma is a great combo of style and functionality. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Faber, Fashion and Clothes Shop for WooCommerce

Faber is among the highest rated WordPress themes for selling products. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Studio 8, WooCommerce Store and Agency Theme

Studio 8 is a clean, well organized WooCommerce theme for creative studios, creative companies and online shops.  Studio 8 is a fast loading, well designed and powerful.  This is a great all around solution if you want to market creative products and services. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Cesa, Powerful, Well Organized eCommerce WP Theme

Cesa - Gutenberg WooCommerce WordPress Theme Cesa is a WordPress theme that offers Gutenberg support, it’s responsive and powerful.  If you want a cutting edge theme with a wonderful design and plenty of modern features, this well organized theme is a perfect fit. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Highfill, Lifestyle Blog and WooCommerce Shop

Highfill is an innovating lifestyle blog theme that also gives you a strong option for setting up a great looking online store.  Lifestyle and personal blogs that offer support for WooCommerce are a wonderful way to help monetize your website in a creative way. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Grand Portfolio, Responsive, WooCommerce Ready Artist WordPress Theme

This theme is a great blend of portfolio and stylish online shop.  With Grand Portfolio, you get a responsive layout that works well for any sort of shop.  You get a fast loading theme, several pre-made layouts and each one gives you a great starting point for building a store that can be very successful. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Merino, Clean, Modern, Fashionable WooCommerce Theme

No matter what you want to sell, Merino is a theme that can help you grab attention and help to market your stuff the right way. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Composition, WordPress WooCommerce Theme for Stock Photographs

Composition is a wonderful theme for establishing any sort of online store.  With Composition, you can create a great looking site for selling stock photography and other digitally downloadable products. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Kleanity, Minimal Style WooCommerce Theme

Kleanity is a simple, powerful minimalist WordPress theme that works wonderfully for helping you present any type of product in a professional and well organized way. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Grosso, Modern, Fashionable WooCommerce Theme

Grosso is a modern, fashionable WordPress theme that’s great for selling fashion and other products.  If you want to have a distraction free environment with WooCommerce and WordPress, a theme like Grosso is a great option. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Ad-Sense, Magazine and WooCommerce Shop Theme

Ad-Sense is a powerful WooCommerce blog and magazine theme.  Not surprisingly, this theme is Ad Sense optimized to give you multiple methods to monetize your website. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Arnold, WooCommerce Blog and Shop Theme

Arnold is a clean, simple and minimalist WordPress theme for blogs and portfolios.  If you’re starting up an online store, Arnold is a fantastic choice because it’s so simple and clean, it presents your content in such a professional way. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Hermes, Simple, Elegant WooCommerce Theme for WordPress

Hermes is clean, it’s powerful and it’s simple.  This is a classy, highly optimized theme that makes any sort of product look great.  With Hermes, you’ll have a host of customization options at your fingertips too.  This one should go on just about any short list of the best WooCommerce themes out there. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Zelle Pro, One Page WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Zelle Pro is a beautiful one page business theme that incorporates support for WooCommerce with a well organized page layout.  Zelle Pro is dynamic and engaging, well designed and fabulous for selling stuff. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Helium, WooCommerce WordPress Theme with Minimal Design

Helium is a minimalist theme that gives you a wide range of tools and options to help sell goods and services on the web.  With Helium, you’ll have access to several pre-made demo styles, helpful documentation and support and the overall design is very user friendly. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Float, Premium Quality WooCommerce Shop Theme

Float is a drag and drop page builder theme that’s wonderful for building online shops.  Using a theme like Float, one that perfectly integrates with WooCommerce, it’s a great way to get your products noticed by potential buyers. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Create, Drag and Drop WooCommerce Shopping Theme

Create is a dynamic and engaging WordPress WooCommerce theme that has a built in page builder, an intuitive customization process and it’s ideal for almost any type of product. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Ultra, Simple WP WooCommerce Theme

Ultra is an attractive agency theme that also works well for setting up a WooCommerce based shop. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Shoppe, Premium WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Shoppe is a wonderful theme for creative companies who need the ability to harness the power of WooCommerce to sell products. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Notio, Minimalist WooCommerce Grid Theme

Notio is a well made grid theme that offers the option to sell products.  If you’re looking for a fantastic theme for any type of product, Notio is a great fit.

Demo More Information Get Hosting

Inverto, Minimal, Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Inverto is a clean, simple and dynamic WooCommerce theme.  Inverto has plenty of features and options, it presents products in a clean, well organized way.  Inverto is easy to use and easy to customize. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Superblog, Premium Blog and Woo-Commerce Theme

Superblog is a strong candidate for theme of the year.  Superblog has tons of features, a cool and unique style and it works hand in hand with WooCommerce to help you set up a great looking, responsive and powerful shop. Demo More Information Get Hosting

Authentic, Clean, WooCommerce Ready Blog Theme

Mixing a great looking style with tons of features is what Authentic is all about.  This is among the best rated and most popular WooCommerce themes on the market and it’s well worth considering. DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Splash, Magazine and WooCommerce Combo Theme

Splash is a creative, clean and well organized eCommerce theme for any shop.  It’s content centric, which means it can work for blogs and magazines that also want to help sell products. Demo More Information Get Hosting

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