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January 19, 2019

Minimal in design, Base is a really solid foundation that will be an ideal fit for nearly any sort of website.  That minimalist style means your content is really the star of the show, it’s definitely what matters most.  When you allow the content to shine through, it’s because the actual styling of the entire theme is modern, sleek and quite simple.  Simply put, the website gets to the point, with zero distractions.

But there’s a very important purpose to that incredibly simple, modernist style: to make sure your visitors are fully able to concentrate on your site’s content with no distractions of any kind, getting fully immersed in your blog or portfolio, as the case may be.

All of that makes for a simple blog that delivers what you need to and give a first impression that is fantastic, on each and every page or post on your website, for every single visitor.

The Base WordPress theme contains a solid and strong theme options framework and plenty of various choices to allow you to customize your web site as you see fit. That is a fine effect and today it is practically compulsory to offer a responsive theme so that viewers who access your site with devices like Androids and iPhones, will have a great experience too.  Since the preponderance of hand-held devices is so widespread, you really have to have a responsive theme to make the most of your hard work. Post formats, custom widget spots and even customized headers, backgrounds, text blocks and more, mean this theme is easy to use, strong enough for a smart way for anyone to grow your company profile and get new business.  Base theme was designed to be straightforward to customize via the usage of ‘child themes’, so it is going to not break or look weird even if WordPress alters their code.  Your website will not bust, but continue to look great, every time. That is an amazing characteristics to comfort to you, since fixing a broken site is no fun at all. In general, Base is a fantastic theme if you value a broad variety of readily customized attributes and creative flexibility to use.

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