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Beatrix Handmade Crafts eCommerce Theme

August 21, 2018

Beatrix WordPress theme for eCommerce

Beatrix makes selling handcrafted Goods something that actually might interest me. I’ve never really thought about it before, but with the Simple and Clean style of the Beatrix theme, it looks kind of tempting to make some jewelry and sell it. I suppose, why stop at jewelry?  This Beatrix theme is flexible enough to sell anything!  It’s sort of like a one-person Etsy shop, and I think actually now that I think about it, that could be a perfect use for this theme. Your own website to go hand-in-hand with your Etsy store. Etsy’s an incredibly popular way for people to get into selling their own handmade products whether it’s jewelry or textiles, or something else entirely. Anything handmade, I think the Beatrix WordPress theme could be a great choice.

Designed to be completely responsive and it’s going to make your website look incredible on all sorts of devices, no matter what size. From the smallest of smartphones to the largest of desktop screens, your shop and your products, as well as your posts and pages, will look fantastic. Beatrix includes a wide range of elements to help you create all the features you want your website to have and helps you really reach your target audience.

We’re always alert to find great WordPress themes and I think the Beatrix theme is a clean and modern template that will satisfy even the most finicky of customers. That said, this delightful theme might not be ideal for everyone. Just like the old saying about the hammer and the nail, there are plenty of tools for all sorts of jobs. Or something like that. So, if you’re in for selling handcrafted Goods, but you don’t think it fits the bill, you might be interested in a WordPress e-Commerce theme of a different sort.

Have no fear, we’ve got another massive collection of great looking WooCommerce themes that can encourage your readers to become customers. If you’ve got stuff to sell and you want to present it handsomely, we’ve found a plethora of hard to find templates that you will certainly want to applaud. These elegant and entertaining themes are well structured and have a healthy amount of features that can Fascinate and they will help inject your business with the right amount of professionalism and fun.

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