Adsense WordPress Themes, 15 Templates to Monetize Blogs and Magazines

AdSense is a really smart tool to implement if you want to monetize your blog or magazine website. The AdSense WordPress themes in this collection give you lots of different ways to make this happen in a professional, attractive and never intrusive way. AdSense may not ever get you the wealth you imagine, but then again it might. It’s a really fantastic way to monetize even a small amount of traffic, but the bigger the better.

Everyone of the themes in this collection allows for specially placed AdSense advertisements to be created whenever a page loads. Just insert the code where it belongs and you’ll have specifically tailored, beautiful and attractive advertisements placed around your website where they don’t get in the way of your content. However, they do give a real boost to your income because they have been heavily researched, thoughtfully placed and tested to make sure they are in areas that get the most attention.

And because these themes are all built for WordPress, you’re not just going to have a foxy looking website, you’re going to have one that has genius levels of adaptability and flexibility. Many of the themes here include multiple premade designs and almost all of them also offer page building tools that give you advanced layout control using a handy drag and drop interface. So, you’ll be able to deliver strong results no matter what subject matter you are blogging about.

Adsense WordPress Themes

If you want to create a little income at the same time as you create engaging content, these AdSense WordPress themes provide the absolute best platform to get the job done the right way.


Divi Modern Powerful Page Builder WordPress Theme
Divi Modern Powerful Page Builder WordPress Theme

The Divi WordPress Theme is a powerful page building tool with thousands of different premade designs, one of the largest user bases on the web and it’s backed by a arguably the biggest and best WordPress developer out there. Elegant Themes has created an absolute masterpiece with this template. Wall the feature base is sizable to say the least, this template remains incredibly user-friendly and straightforward for beginners to get the most out of.

Among the strongest features this template provides, multiple premade designs with AdSense firmly in mind. These AdSense optimized designs let you place advertisements anywhere you want them using some simple snippets. These couldn’t be easier to use. And with AdSense in place, you’ll be able to monetize your website as much as you possibly can without being intrusive or interfering with the content you’ve created.

The Divi WordPress Theme offers a shocking number of premade designs like this. There are quite a number that are available for free after you download your template, though you can purchase aftermarket packs of designs, or even single, one off styles. For any blog or magazine where AdSense is a strong part of your monetization process, this Divi WordPress Theme is certainly going to be on your short list if you want a powerful, adaptable and super user-friendly template to grow your website with.

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Bimber YouTube Clone Video Submission WordPress Theme
Bimber, AdSense Ready WordPress Viral Magazine Theme

A fully featured WordPress theme for creating viral magazine websites. The Bimber WordPress theme is fully compatible with the AdSense for Content and AdSense for Video advertsing networks, that means that you can easily load this theme with AdSense related ads. At the same time, the Bimber theme is also fully compatible with the bbPress Forum plugin.

Bimber is a new website that features high-quality content to help get you through a midweek slump. How many times have you come across a cool article, video or meme that could actually inspire you and make your day better? Probably more times than you can count. This is what motivated the founders of Bimber to start working on their project. And in just a few weeks, they managed to create one of the most highly anticipated games-related websites – Bimber.
Bimber is a place where people from all around the world can share their knowledge and love for gaming and get paid for it! The whole website is filled with funny, interesting and insightful content so you will surely find something interesting for yourself. After

Bimber, the premier destination to read, watch and share quality, thoughtful and inspiring content. Hello Readers, If you use this blog platform and want a blog that is different from the rest then our friends at Bimber are here for you. They offer interactive blogs with the following great features: Video – The best content comes in various forms; video is definitely one of them. It delivers a more personal experience, helping you empathize with the user. Bimber has integrated its platform with Youtube videos that allow easy access to your audience.

Years ago, there was no online culture of sharing. You would have to go to a friend’s house, or borrow a video from your local video store/library, to see the movie you really wanted to watch. If you read online, it was with a dial-up connection and news sites would take several minutes to load, if they loaded at all! In the early days of the Internet, bloggers tried to promote their blogs for little or no reward. There was an expectation that trying hard to market your blog and website would succeed, but nothing but disappointment came of hard work and no results. Thankfully times have changed! Today, content aggregators are one popular option for marketing your brand. Content aggregator websites offer people and

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Noozbeat WordPress Theme for Minimalist Magazines
Noozbeat, WordPress Theme for AdSense Ready Magazines

Launched a magazine but struggling to get enough ads to generate profit? Is your existing theme struggling to show ads the way you want? Professional sites struggle to make money online. Noozbeat has ad management system to ensure that you can get the most from your traffic.

I’m going to start by saying that you can use a theme for your magazine that was designed for another type of site (like a news portal or a blog), but it’s probably better not to do this. Even if you change the logo and background color, your magazine will still look like it was made for something else. So what should you do?

First, try the free themes in the WordPress theme directory and see if any of them fit your needs. You can also hire a designer to create a custom solution just for you, but this will be more expensive, especially in the long run. However, there are now quite a few themes specifically designed with WordPress-powered magazines in mind – they come with features

WordPress and magazines are the best match. One can’t live without the other. There are some factors to consider before selecting a WordPress theme for a WordPress-powered magazine . The theme has to be responsive, so that everyone can see your content and the images in an aesthetically pleasing manner over various devices, especially when mobile browsing becomes popular. In addition, it should be easy to use. We write a lot of informative guides on using WordPress themes and WordPress blog designs – this will help you start a magazine and keep going with it. This post is about Noozbeat – one of the best magazine themes for WordPress sites and blogs that is animated and highly customizable.

Noozbeat is the latest and the greatest WordPress based magazine theme to hit the market. It is a professional, functional and user-friendly theme designed for WordPress users who like to run their magazine sites with some flair. There isn’t much you can do wrong when creating your site and with Noozbeat’s help; it’s pretty easy to get whatever you want and need on your site. You can give your site an impressive look in no time and it is a lot easier than ever before!

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CheerUp Magazine Theme with Adsense Optimization
CheerUp, Magazine Theme with Adsense Optimization

Sucks when your popular WordPress blog is not earning enough because you have been using the default AdSense settings. No worries, there’s a solution for that. CheerUp can optimize your AdSense ads to earn more. Check this post out and learn how CheerUp can optimize your AdSense revenue.

Here it is, folks! The one you have been waiting for; this is your definitive CheerUp! Magazine theme with AdSense optimization. There are no excuses for using old-fashioned magazine themes ever again. CheerUp is a fully responsive magazine theme with a great layout for showcasing your content. You can easily customize it using the Visual Composer compatibility and update the header logo or watermark header image to match your identity.

CheerUp is an elegant, flexible and powerful WordPress theme made for magazines, news and publishing websites. It’s a smart theme that allows you to manage various posts formats (audio, video, gallery, slideshow and article). CheerUp is the perfect WordPress theme for your site.

They say first impressions last forever. With this philosophy in mind we tried to put every effort into creating a classy magazine style WordPress theme. The stylish design combined with friendly features that help you to create an interactive site for your readers will make CheerUp a very powerful WordPress theme for your website.

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NewsPaper 9

Newspaper 9 WordPress Adsense Magazine Theme With BuddyPress
Newspaper 9 WordPress Adsense Magazine Theme With BuddyPress

The Newspaper 9 WordPress theme is an adspree magazine and blog theme for WordPress. There are a lot of newspaper and magazine websites on the web. And you may be thinking about trying to create your own. But, newspapers and magazines may not be the best business opportunity for you. In fact, if you don’t have a following or built the website for a big brand name, it could be very difficult for you to make money. Before you go out and spend $100-$200 on any theme, take a look at this blog to make sure it’s a good investment for you.

As you know – Adsense is the most popular and effective way to earn money by using Newspapers Sites. Almost all of the highest earning sites are used Adsense with Newspaper. Now you can use News Paper Adsense Theme to make your own highest income site. Lots of new people and publishers become confused about how this News Paper theme works with Adsense. So, I have decided to make a detailed eBook on this theme for you. It will contains every aspect about this theme and how it works with Google Adsence to increase your revenue.

This is a new feature to the Newspaper theme, and you will only find it if you are using the Genesis framework. Here, we are going to talk about all of the ways that you can customize your Newspaper theme so that it’s tailored to suit your needs. The best part is, there are no limitations when it comes to using this feature, so you can completely change up the design of your theme and make it look however you want. This is the reason we love WordPress so much! Here are some of the options that you have with this feature: BACKGROUND COLORS – By setting a background color for a page in your site, you can create different color layers that work with a certain part of the design, such as an

We all love WordPress, But sometimes you have to admit that WordPress can be a real pain. It’s especially frustrating when designing custom website templates with advanced functionality and options, or in this case when you’re trying to modify one of the most simple designs, by pre-built WP themes… The Adsense code widget is one of those things that seem super easy at first. All you add is a simple text widget and your Adsense code, which will simply paste your adsense code into any post or page… So why did this take me so much effort over the past 3 days? Let me explain to you how I got started… I figured out how to add an Adsense text box into my site template, using

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Ad Sense Baby Blog WordPress Theme
Ad-Sense, Baby Blog WordPress Theme

Are you ready to start earning some serious cash with your blog? This blog post has all the information you need to start using Google’s AdSense program. They will even throw in $100, if you’re one of the first 100 people to sign up with their new program. Here’s what you need to know.

AdSense is a service offered by Google that makes it possible for anyone running a website to earn money from advertising displayed on their site. Paid advertising is an effective way to boost your income. If you have a blog with traffic, using AdSense can make you significant income. However, not every blog can make money using AdSense. And if you’re currently struggling to earn money using Adsense on your blog, perhaps this AdSense Ready Blog Theme will help your cause! Your niche should be clear and well-established, and you should have a substantial amount of pages on your site, with plenty of content added over time. Adsense can be customized as per your liking thus giving it more credibility and better results.
This theme has

What is AdSense? The following text is an excerpt from AdSense blog Google invented AdSense to help publishers make money with their content. With AdSense, we hope to provide a meaningful revenue stream that complements your online efforts, whether it’s a TV show, a blog or a social media platform. We take care of the hard parts — like keeping track of click rates and not showing ads on sensitive pages — so you don’t have to worry about them.

If you are a beginner blogger and you are not making a lot of money with Google adsense you need to try out this premium blog theme. If you want to learn how to use your AdSense ready premium blog theme, this is a great template to start with because it is really easy to use and make money. What is the best AdSense ready Premium Blog Theme in 2019? You might be struggling to earn money with your blog. Making money online can seem like a daunting task, and we know that earning money from blogging can be difficult for bloggers who are starting out. As we said there are tons of places where you can make an income online and some of them can be quite lucrative with the right dedication. And if you have been reading

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