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November 14, 2019
WordPress App Themes

With the rise of handheld devices over the last several years, we’ve seen an increasing need for solidly constructed WordPress application showcase themes and other mobile apps.  It seems everyone these days has a smart phone and whether you fall into the Android camp like me, or your prefer the iPhone, there are plenty of different apps out there to provide awesome functionality to your device.  App developers have met the challenge head on, designing thousands of high quality applications to meet the demands of users around the world. That’s part of the issue, the incredible level of competition out there.

While the market is large, the sheer number of competitors out there can be sort of daunting.  If you can’t reach your target audience, you’ll never be able to grow your app to the levels you want to.  That’s why building a feature filled, attractive and user-friendly website can be a fantastic marketing tool.  We’ve done our very best to find dozens of the absolute best WordPress app themes for showcasing applications, software and more.  We’ve found these themes to be of the highest quality and each and every one is ready to go, right out of the box, no coding required on your part.  So, that’s it, here they are, the very best app showcase themes around.

Seosight, Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Theme for WordPress

SEOSight WordPress Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Theme

This theme is called Seosight, it’s a perfect theme for SEO services, for digital marketing and for promoting applications, website launches and a whole bunch more.  To see some additional marketing WordPress themes, you might want to take a look at our full collection.  It’s a huge resource for great marketing themes and I think it’s going to come in very handy for a lot of folks.  We keep adding new themes to that collection, trying to ensure you have a bunch of options.  Hey, that’s why we’re here.

This is a fresh WordPress theme for SEO agencies, marketing companies, eCommerce websites and digital agencies. With an eye-catching design, readers are really going to be impressed when they visit your website. Developer says that there’s nothing similar to this theme, which may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I do think that it is an interesting destination for visitors, keeping all of the content Heasley consumable. I think that that can help make your website even more profitable. For SEO agencies, Freelancers, digital marketing companies, Web Design Studios and more, this landing page and marketing page tablet is great for lead generation, corporate websites and offering SEO services. This is theme has over 2,000 sales and a 4.86 average rating out of five stars. The front-end page builder is easy to use and helps you to develop eye-catching designs that are optimize for Speed and compatible with all of e major plugins.

So, there you have it.  Seosight is a clean, well organized theme that has a lot of the features you’d need to make the most of your hard work.

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The developers of the Divi WordPress theme understood that not everyone has code experience but they still deserve a stylish and technologically advanced website. No one has to touch even one line of code in order to create a diverse array of layouts, include any type of text, graphic or video content or make changes and updates down the road. Using this WP theme is as simple as building with blocks. Each graphic or chunk of text is one block that can be moved into a precise position on the page. Because of this flexibility, Divi offers a virtually unlimited array of options for companies and individuals who wish to create a memorable online presence.

If you wish to begin even quicker with the Divi WordPress theme, simply select one of the 18 pre-built demo pages that can be added to a website with a simple click and the powerful features and clean, modern design of this theme could make it absolutely perfect for an app sales website. They provide attractive and professional pages without any modification at all, but they can also be changed and rearrange to suit your purposes. Even more customization options can be had with the included selection of header designs, graphics and text options. Divi is a 100% responsive WP theme, which means the end result will look stunning on any size screen. Reliability and complete security are assured due to the Divi WordPress theme’s professional relationship with Sucuri.net.

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Struct is a WordPress Theme that is especially designed to contain multimedia content without sacrificing navigation and page load speeds. Its responsive design helps it adapt to different screen displays and platforms. The theme’s clean and professional design further makes it suitable for websites offering software as a service, and similar mobile or tech businesses.

The Struct WordPress Theme also boasts of design flexibility. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder, so creating pages from scratch is not an issue. It is also compatible with several page builders that can be easily synced so data and style updates can be quickly incorporated into the theme. Designers are also given access to a Theme Customizer which allows infinite color schemes, with over 100 settings. Background images and logos may also be uploaded.

Content management is likewise hassle-free with Struct. The theme already has five custom content types to choose from, and also allows the display of client testimonials and slideshows. Further, custom widgets like contact maps, scheduling, and social media are also integrated into the theme.  Other notable features of the Struct WordPress Theme are its retina ready and translation ready settings. It is also optimized for speed and search engine optimization.

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Sleek, modern, delightful.  However you describe this theme, it’s a really winner for people looking for a simple, well designed landing page for their WordPress site.  This is a nicely put together, desirable, cool and modern Bootstrap based WP theme that can help you construct the website of your wishes. This design is potent, it’s been developed with all types of end user in mind, from novice to expert. With the latest Bootstrap HTML and CSS, this theme is best for web-sites and companies of any kind, as this theme is an unbelievably energetic and cool multi-use website template, ideal for almost everyone. Even if you are new to the WordPress platform, you may use this theme to produce a cool and pretty online business rather quickly, because very nearly every thing within this web theme may be edited, even by inexperienced WordPress owners. It does not make a difference what kind of content you have got, from photos to blog articles, merchandise as well as anything else, this WordPress theme allow you to create a wonderful looking theme on virtually any electronic device, since it’s properly responsive too. There are a variety of other functions that will assist you grow readers and truly thrill them.

This web site can be installed quite rapidly and there are so many plugins that one can utilize to grant brand-new abilities for your web site. A beautiful responsive web site is vital, which explains why this wonderful, adaptable template has been created to be completely responsive, so it appears terrific on any kind of device, no matter how large or small. You are able to rather quickly make your own extraordinary layouts using this theme, given that it is really completely functional as well as vibrant, properly made and created in every way. This is certainly an undeniably superb WordPress theme that you should definitely consider.

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Looking for a Bootstrap powered landing page theme for your tech startup?  Well, why not xLander?  Here is a well crafted, attractive, fresh and ground breaking Bootstrap based theme that will help you construct a startup landing page that’s exactly what you had in mind. This theme is dynamic, it’s been carefully designed with every kind of user at heart, from novice to specialist. With the most innovative Bootstrap code, this WordPress theme is fantastic for blog sites and organizations of any kind, given that this template is an unbelievably strong and fun multi-use template, suitable for absolutely everyone. Even if you may be are a novice to the WordPress CMS, you can make use of this theme to produce a lively and brilliant site right away, because basically everything within this template may be edited, even by neophyte WP users. It doesn’t make any difference what type of articles you have, from graphics to articles, merchandise and posts, this theme allows you to produce a perfect looking layout on any sort of electronic device, because it truly is entirely responsive as well. There are a number of other features to help you to keep building followers and really thrill them.

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The Shore WordPress theme, offered by an elite developer, comes with a high degree of trust and respect in the website design industry. Its reliability and stability mean that whatever website is created with it will function beautifully. Sure offers both one page and multipage style options that can be built using the simple Visual Composer Page Builder, a drag and drop interface for arranging different elements blocks on the page. Other professional plug-ins packaged with the Shore WP theme includes the Revolution Slider, a flexible grid manager and various gallery, portfolio and Internet shopping portals. The powerful WooCommerce plug-in offers the ability to run everything from a small online boutique to a megamall.

Individuals or company employees tasked with working on the website will have no problem building or customizing the pages even if they have no development or coding knowledge at all. Sure comes with a highly intuitive control panel interface that helps you create stunning and powerful websites. If any questions arise, this WordPress theme is supported by a collection of 100% free video tutorials that explain everything in simple terms. An active support forum is also available for people who are building with Shore.

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Appstorm is a WordPress theme that was built for application promos, but it’s also great for promoting software or Digital Services. This is a creative a planning page that has a modern style and plenty of features. Built around the king composer, this theme is as flexible and dynamic as anything on the market. You’ll have complete control over how your responsive website looks. There are built-in theme customizer settings and this template is completely integrated with the native WordPress customizer, the simplest and in my opinion among the very best ways to update and customize any website. This theme has incredible performance in terms of page load times, it supports nearly any plug-in you can imagine and you get lifetime updates, not to mention fantastic support from the themes developer. Social media integration is more important than ever, that’s why this theme does such a great job of that. This is certainly one template that is worth considering.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic has is an application sales page template with a wonderfully modern, minimal design style theme.  It’s amazingly bold, full of top drawer features and a cool multi-purpose design that creates a bold, full screen presentation theme that’s absolutely WooCommerce ready (digital downloads or brick-and-mortar stores will benefit from this template) and despite how many features it has, it’s really pretty simple to customize.  Massive Dynamic has Visual Composer to thank for it’s amazing drag and drop page builder style and there are dozens of powerful and varied short-codes to provide the features you want in a multi-purpose theme.  If you’ve spend weeks, maybe even months coding a killer application, you should just go ahead and save time with the website and that’s what Massive Dynamic does for you.  The options and the features you want to see in a great portfolio template are all there, waiting to unleash their power to your viewers and customers alike.  Visual Composer drag and drop elements are right where you want them to be, since Visual Composer allows the freedom of choice to design a great home page, or product page too.  Pick your header and footer style, choose you colors and you’re ready to start adding incredible content in any style.

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This simple looking theme, called Ridgewood, is a little bit deceptive.  What do I mean by deceptive?  Well, while it looks like a very simple, plain and almost boring theme, it’s actually a very powerful and feature filled theme that packs a ton of amazing features to help make your web-mastering a fun and easy experience.

Built for portfolios specifically, Ridgewood is ideal for showcasing your application development work.  With a clean, modern theme like Ridgewood, it’s easy to make that first impression that will last a lifetime.

I love the tiled grid look that Ridgewood brings to the table.  I love that I always confuse the name with Billy Rosewood, from Beverly Hills Cop.  I love a minimalist design like the one you see here.  I love the swipe and touch enabled design that helps bring your content into the 21st century.  This really is a modern theme that’s well appointed and it can be yours for just $49, which is a very reasonable price these days.

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Online business owners who need a stylish and modern website complete with powerful and secure e-commerce solutions should consider the Verko WordPress theme. Unique landing pages invite site visitors to experience the company and explore the range of products offered. Include videos, sharp graphics, photos and powerful calls to action to increase profitability online. The Verko theme never gets in the way of the content but provide a stable and streamlined backdrop for your offers. The focus stays on the most important part of the site: products. No matter what type of company you run, such as a digital advertising agency, travel agency, hosting company or craft sales business, on the internet, the Verko WP theme can provide a professional presence with plenty of backup power for financial transactions and more.

No professional developmental knowledge or ability to code is necessary to create attention-grabbing site pages. With the powerful plugins, all elements can be clicked and dragged into place around the e-commerce shopping cart software. Include slideshows of product pictures or special sales to increase profits even more. While building the site, use the handy preview system to check out your header, footer, logo and more before making it live. Verko also offers a completely customizable and ultimately functional mega menu navigation systems so shoppers and other site visitors can always find exactly what they want.

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Several main features and capabilities are required by all successful modern websites. These include full responsiveness for easy viewing on any size screen or monitor, quick loading pages, high-quality graphics, customizable layouts and a completely user-friendly back end that lets even non-developers with no coding knowledge create the site they want. The Qaro WordPress theme provides all of these and more. Every aspect of the theme gives you simple installation options, intuitive integration and customization. The multiple demo pages allow for even quicker and easier launches than you ever thought possible. The Qaro WP theme provides a highly professional solution for every type of industry or niche from corporate websites to individual portfolios.

The developers of the Qaro WP theme packaged it with the powerful and popular premium plugin called Visual Composer. This allows you to select various blocks and elements and simply drag them into place on a page. Other premium plugins include Revolution Slider, which allows you to admins to create smooth transition graphic slideshows. Qaro also comes ready for business with WooCommerce, the ultimate online shopping portal and secure cart plugin for WordPress. You can start making money online by offering merchandise in a secure fashion from a website you designed and built yourself using no specialized knowledge whatsoever.

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Start App

Startapp is a theme made for highlighting and selling applications on your website.  As a landing page or funnel page, Startapp is a great selling tool for showing folks what your site, what your app, is all about.  Startapp is a single page theme for app developers, it focuses the attention on your work with a modern and sleek design, simple and clear layout, with plenty of options to help sell products.  Startapp was built with ThemeFuse’s ‘Core’ theme, which is highly flexible, with tons of features and options available to help make your site memorable and unique.  Flip colors, typography, upload your logo and even move content areas around, and you’ll have a perfectly unique WordPress based site you can be proud of.

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Apps is a responsive app landing page theme that works with the laters version of Bootstrap, Visual Composer and a number of custom shortcodes to give you a stellar looking website for promoting web applications, software, services and anything related to high tech web business.  This is a fully responsive theme, it’s cross browser compatible, supports Mail Chimp and it’s really simple to customize.  This theme includes animated CSS, Google fonts, jQuery JavaScript Library, jQuery Validation, YT Player and WOW JS, among other features.  This is a really nicely designed theme and I think the first impression it delivers is a really fine one.

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Build a website with one or more pages using the Swenson WordPress theme and you will have a powerful and quick-loading, sleek and professional, unique and creative, and completely responsive website that will attract attention and impress visitors whether they view it on their large desktop monitor at home or on a much smaller smartphone screen. The focus is on the end user, which makes this theme an excellent choice for anyone dedicated to quality customer service and positive reputation building with their targeted consumer base. Mix in built-in support and full compatibility with search engine optimization plug-ins your website will be a magnet for people who care about quality.

Before you begin the conversion process or start building relationships with your site visitors, you need to create a website that showcases your content the way you had always dreamed of. Installation is quick and simple. The theme runs on powerful HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap three framework, but you do not need to understand any of that to build a stunning site. All of that contributes to Swenson’s ultimate flexibility and the huge amount of customization options you can use. Multiple header options top the page. Unique navigation menus provide for user-friendly browsing. Smooth parallax scrolling adds a touch of class as visitors explore your content.

All options can be included or changed using the premium plugin Visual Composer, a drag and drop page builder that is simple to use yet very powerful. The Swenson WordPress theme also includes the Revolution Slider plug-in and the Redux options panel for even more on-page interest and attention-grabbing features that will keep visitors coming back again and again.

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No matter why you want to build a website the Bridge WordPress theme will help you create one with ease. It works well for multiple industries, professions and niches because of the large number of customization options for displaying text, graphic or video content. Every site will look great on any screen due to the fully responsive and retina-ready theme.

Anyone who wishes to sell digital or tangible products online will appreciate Bridge’s full compatibility with WooCommerce and other sales plug-ins. Its aesthetically minimalistic structure lends itself well to putting the focus on product pictures instead of any design elements. That does not mean this WP theme lacks in functionality. You have the ability to add drop-down or side screen menus, a multitude of icons and more. Bridge also integrates with more than 600 Google fonts and unlimited color options. Although there is no built in a translation option, any of the powerful WordPress language plug-ins can transform your website into an international powerhouse.

When it comes to different layouts, the Bridge WP theme lets you drag and drop elements into place from the incredibly user-friendly admin panel. It also features an attractive background slider, parallax scrolling capabilities and Ajax animation effects.  Although the code may never be touched by the website owner, it is comforting to know that the latest HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery code has been used to design this WordPress theme. This will not only help your site load quickly and work well but also helps with search engine optimization to help you build your business.

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Clean App

Clean App is a simple and powerful WordPress theme that can help bring your online application to life. With all the features and style you could possibly need, Clean App has taken it’s place among the best selling app promo templates on the market.This theme claims that it is the perfect solution for building the perfect app site, and I have no reason to disagree with that statement. Clean app allows you to build a professional and beautiful app showcase landing page, showing off your applications features, testimonials, screenshots and to help folks get a great idea of what they will experience if they download your app. This theme includes one click demo installation, is translation ready and highly optimized for Speed. Speed is critical these days, no one likes a slow loading web site. Typography is handled by Google web fonts, that gives you hundreds and hundreds of options for you’re typography. There are animated scrolling effects, editable categories and sections and this theme includes narrated video tutorials to help you get started fast. This is a very valuable resource and I believe this theme is one of the better app templates on the market.

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Agency is the name of this Genesis Framework child theme.  It’s a professional and clean design with all the features you need to make a great app promotional website.  With a streamlined style, plentiful widgets and a smart system for customization, you can deliver a great experience to everyone who visits your website.  Color options, custom backgrounds, custom header and footer areas, threaded comments, a built in landing page, it’s all there to make your job a little bit easier.  Genesis Framework child themes load up fast and look great on all devices, thanks to the native responsiveness.  Recently, they’ve announced that all Genesis Framework themes work perfectly with Gutenberg, so if you want to get in with the cutting edge system of creating and editing posts, now’s the time.

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Advent is a very slick landing page theme that does a great job of promoting creative applications. I think that the clean and corporate style lends itself to software, apps, anything that you need a professional and stylish presentation to help so. There are plenty of different user engagement features such as the call-to-action promotional block, contact form, pricing tables and even a Hindi subscription form. With visual composer built-in, you are able to create any sort of landing page that you want. This template offers responsive layout, there is a very interesting with magnifying glass effect for product images, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other of your favorite social media networks are easily integrated. With plenty of short codes, clean code and full support for all browsers, this responsive gem looks great on all devices, which can really help sell products. I think that this template is well worth considering for anyone who wants to promote their newest web application.

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