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bbPress is the most popular plug-in for building a forum using the WordPress platform. Well there are plenty of different WordPress themes out there that support bbPress, it can be difficult to find the absolute best. That’s why we’ve created a collection of bbPress compatible WordPress themes that are high-quality, easy to use and easy to customize. No matter what type of online Forum you are attempting to create, bbPress  makes it a snap. These themes all have great looking Styles and plenty of features.

Many of them support premium plugins like Visual Composer or free plugins like WooCommerce. This allows you a lot of different functionality, anything that you can imagine, you can achieve with any of these outstanding bbPress  WordPress themes. In our modern and fast-paced World, communication and connection is more important than ever. Building a community around bbPress and buddypress is easier than ever before, thanks to these outstanding WordPress themes. So, here they are, the absolute best bbPress  Forum WordPress themes.



WooHoo is a magazine theme that’s great for viral content, news sites and general purpose magazines. The design is modern, the back end is very user friendly and it’s a great looking theme too.

One amazing thing about finding a perfectly responsive WordPress magazine theme with Buddypress integration (as well as bbPress) is you’re able to craft a complete, functional and powerful magazine or news portal that lets you create a full-featured social network for every one of your users.  All from the comfort of your very own website.  Pretty cool, right?  Well, that’s what BuddyPress aims to do for you, every time out.  WooHoo is one such site, a magazine and newspaper template that is fully responsive, really well designed in terms of SEO and coding standards, it’s got a smooth, clean and functional layout, making your audience really pay attention to your content.

Several demo sites show the wide range of uses for this theme, from standard blog posts to a high tech new magazine, healthcare magazine, a fashion mag, sports and the classic default demo.  But you don’t have to stop there, you can make just about any sort of site you want, offering BuddyPress and bbPress functionality to really top it all off.  Get a community organized around your favorite hobby or pastime, monetize it with WooCommerce and do it all with the single-click installer package.

And so much more, it’s insane.  WooHoo is a full featured magazine and Buddypress theme that will continuously amaze you with it’s ability to come to the table and really get things down when you need things done.  So far, WooHoo has proven to be quite popular too with over 600 sales so far.  Oh boy, they’ve dropped the price for Cyber Monday, for a few days, WooHoo is priced at just $19, which is a tremendous bargain.

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Boss 2.0

Boss is a WordPress theme that was created by the Undisputed king of BuddyPress and bbPress websites. The developer is named BuddyBoss and this is their Flagship product. Boss gives you a whole new way of using bbPress and BuddyPress to launch a world-class social network of your very own. Buddyboss has strived to utilize every ounce of strength in the BuddyPress plug in and I think that it’s a theme unlike any other out there. This template has a fluid design and flexible layout. If you’d like something a little bit more classic, it’s absolutely possible. Want something incredibly modern? That’s easy to achieve as well. You can customize your social network without ever having to touch a single line of code. The handy visual customizer lets you quickly change up anything you want to change. With plenty of extensions + plugins available, there’s no type of website that you can’t create with boss 2.0.

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Divi is a remarkably strong theme, therefore it should not be a surprise that it completely supports bbPress, BuddyPress, as well as all it’s other capabilities. Divi is a multipurpose powerhouse template, so in the event that you would like to incorporate BuddyPress having an wonderful portfolio, an internet webstore, a company portal site or even your private site, Divi may do all of that just fine. The performance is high degree and on top of that, because Elegant Themes is among the most reliable theme manufacturers around, their service is topnotch. Yep, if you would like to bring the most common social networking builder plugin into a WordPress theme, you may wish to think about this theme.  Divi is really one of the most flexible themes anywhere, you should have no problems adapting it to fit your needs.  Best of all, the large and growing community of Divi users and developers helps to make troubleshooting your website a snap.  This is really one of the best overall premium WordPress themes around.

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This is an extremely functional and versatile, classy and classic WordPress theme that happens to support BuddyPress and bbPress. This theme is great for making connections. With bbPress and the events calendar Pro plugin, even WooCommerce support, this theme seems to do a little bit of everything and do it quite well. For a clean and corporate business website with an online Forum in the mix, this multi-purpose blogging portfolio theme allows you to achieve your goals. There are 8 pre-made web templates included to help you get started. There are even more pre-built page layouts, over 200 in fact. With the advanced grid system, one click demo import and fluid, responsive design, This is a template to be reckoned with. For building a highly functional online community, simply install bbPress and BuddyPress and you’re on the road to really making connections with your readers.

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Nearly everyone that has endeavored to to establish a web-based online community with WordPress has selected the freely available as well as powerful BuddyPress plugin, with the powerful forum building features of bbPress, it’s never been easier to make your own online community page. WordPress and BuddyPress are incredibly well suited to assist you to produce a quite well operated, small or colossal community forum of compatible human beings, regardless of the area of interest you are enthusiastic about. To be able to benefit from bbPress and BuddyPress, it is best to choose a theme that is made to reap the benefits of all of the wonderful options that this free plugin can give. This excellent design focuses on letting everyday people create new acquaintances and also pass info, the announcements look nice and also sending out communications is simple.  This really is a completely responsive as well as fashionable social community, packed with user created content and forums, and this WordPress theme enables you to create your own community site web site in a flash. Users can check out the a wide range of options like build collections, check out statistics, follow other users, share work and ideas and much more.  Check out the original collection of WordPress BuddyPress themes in our full roundup on the subject.

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This theme is called Kleo, it is a buddypress powered Community Builder and social network theme that also supports bbPress. This is the number one selling bbPress WordPress theme over the last year, there are nearly 20,000 satisfied customers so far and that number is growing every day. This theme allows you to build a beautiful online community, creating a highly professional blog or stunning portfolio. You can even build a business directory or a gorgeous e-commerce site to sell products, tutorials, digital downloads or something else entirely. That’s just a few of the wide range of purposes that this theme can help Phil. I particularly liked it as a creative online Forum, answering questions and letting people connect on a wide range of topics. If you are building an online community and you want to set up a forum, this theme has exactly what it takes to hope you get the job done with ease.

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Video Rev helps you produce a fast loading, high-quality website with memberships, forums and an almost Limitless ability to keep in contact with fellow users. This theme is all about video and as such, it realizes that it’s very important to have a responsive layout. So many of your visitors will be accessing your site on handheld devices, it’s important to give everyone unequal experience. This theme is perfect for both self-hosted and embedded video content oh, there’s even a front-end editing system, logged-in users can edit posts directly on the front end. It’s a really cool feature that I think more video themes should have. Of course, it’s not just about video, this theme is also perfect for helping build an online Forum using bbPress and buddypress. It’s all about the connections.

Check out this collection of WordPress video themes to see more ways to share your moving images online.

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a modern, material design theme that has both one page and multi-page options, it’s fantastic template for business, but it also let you get in on the fun of having an online Forum, thanks to you. Port for bbPress and buddypress. This theme is incredibly customizable, it’s got Advanced blog options and plenty of other features to make it agreed option for building a website. You got video tutorials, live theme customizer, the template itself is optimized for Speed and great results in the search engines. You get one click updates and fast support and considering the fact that over 100,000 people are using this theme for their website, it really is a seasoned, professional way to create an online community using bbPress.

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If you’re looking for a WooCommerce theme that was design for online shopping sites, but that also allows for Community Building using buddypress and or bbPress, you’re in the right spot. Box Shop is compatible with the most recent versions of both WooCommerce and WordPress, it’s a powerful and easy-to-use theme that is incredibly highly rated. This theme has been around for just about two years at the time of this review, and it still has a perfect 5-star rating. That’s a really impressive feat. This tablet gives you several different homepages, plenty of different product pages and each and every one of them is very clean and well-organized. I think the ability to add a form to an e-commerce site is a really interesting twist, allowing users to give reviews and connect with other Byers. I think it’s well worth checking into. To see some more WooCommerce WordPress themes, check out our full collection.

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Disputo may have a bit of a funny-sounding name, but there’s nothing funny about how powerful this theme can be for building an online Forum. Made specifically for bbPress, dispute oh has a lot of features that other bbPress ready themes don’t have. I think that’s probably due to the fact that this was built from the ground up to work hand-in-hand with bbPress, it doesn’t just have the CSS styling to make the forms look okay, without all of the underlined features. This theme supports WooCommerce, private messaging, you get an advertisement’s manager and there is a like or dislike rating system. There’s even front-end post submissions so that you were readers can get in on the fun. There are custom bbPress widgets, frequently asked questions system, social sharing buttons come up Facebook comments, custom login and registration pages and a whole lot more. Check out the demo below and learn more about Disputo and what they can do for your online forum.

While it’s not quite the same thing oh, you might also be interested in these dating themes. Some of them are pretty cool and most of them support bbPress as well, even if they aren’t specifically built for simple, straightforward forms.

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This is one of the highest rated WordPress themes around, which is why I like to recommend it in a lot of different collections.  It’s curiously named ‘Fildisi’ and it’s a multi-purpose theme that can do a little bit of everything and do it well. Sometimes, themes that claim to be multi-purpose are really just not particularly good at anything. Fildisi is not a theme like that. This theme truly can do it all, as attested to by the perfect rating it has received on Theme Forest. Fildisi also works hand-in-hand with bbPress and BuddyPress, which is why I have decided to add it to this collection. This is a well-rounded, easy to use and future filled seem that makes setting up an online forum simple and straightforward.

If you’re looking for more themes for business websites, check out this collection. We have gathered up dozens of outstanding business names that I think could really pay dividends for you as you go to set up your website.

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MF is another highly rated WordPress theme, another one that gets a perfect rating on ThemeForest. This impressive number is great for setting up all sorts of online sites, but I believe that setting up a forum with this theme is a particularly good idea. It’s an all-around business and magazine, blog and portfolio theme that adds the power of BuddyPress and bbPress help keep your readers connected. No matter what type of forum you are trying to construct, this theme can help you provide the look and feel, not to mention the features, that your readers expect.

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Okab is another awesome bbPress ready WordPress theme.  Okab offers outstanding performance, perfectly responsive design and a clean, crisp and user-friendly, fast loading platform for all of your content. This thing is good for just about any type of website from creative agency to corporate consulting firms, restaurants and events, hotels and magazines, start up companies and more. It also supports bbPress so that no matter what type of site you are setting up, adding an online form to it is not going to be particularly difficult. Okab supports Gutenberg, WooCommerce, WP Bakery Page Builder and a whole lot more. This is a perfectly rated theme as well, getting five stars on ThemeForest, making it one of the highest rated the purpose themes anywhere. This one is certainly a well worth considering as it is such a Time Saver and has all the features any modern website could possibly want.

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