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November 14, 2019

This is our collection of WordPress Beauty Themes, and it’s constantly being updated, so if you’re looking to build a women’s fashion and beauty blog, a mommy blog, a food blog aimed at women, a personal website, an eCommerce site for any kind of women’s products, a business or any other site for ladies, this is your source.  There are themes here that are ideal for selling beauty products and salon’s, stylish and fun.  These days, there are a lot of great options for a beauty salon or spa theme and more are coming online every single day.  They’re all beautiful though.  If you see anything you like that isn’t here, please let us know.  Thanks!


This theme is called Anam it is a spa theme, a health theme, a cosmetics Shop and More. Using WooCommerce, you will be able to set up attractive and high-performance website that can really help Drive product sales. And if you’re selling services, WooCommerce works great for that as well. You can accept online payments and send out email confirmations to your customers. Managing everything on the back end is quite simple, so choosing a great WooCommerce theme like this one is always a nice choice I want to thank you can get a lot of benefits from.

Visually, this theme is a really nice one. You can see one of the nearly infinite possibilities of this theme below in the demo link. It’s set up to look like a health or spa, perhaps a cosmetic WooCommerce site. I’ve just noticed that this template, well it does for a perfect 5-star rating, is a bit over priced at $110. I’m not entirely certain that many of you are going to find that to be worthwhile. Then again, perhaps the style is nice enough that you are willing to spend about twice what a typical premium WordPress theme would cost. For some, it certainly might be worthwhile.

For more of the best premium WooCommerce themes, you’re certainly going to want to have a look at our collection of the best.  Don’t constrain yourself to just this one particular theme, we have gathered up a number of templates that measure up to the rest. If you’re trying to sell products, there can be a tremendous amount of competition out there. It would be terrible to select a theme that doesn’t perfectly reflect your style and your desires. No matter what type of product you are selling, even if you are selling services, these themes give you a thoughtful and gorgeous platform to make anything possible. We have not chosen any themes developed by lazy designers who don’t support their products absolutely. Honestly, it’s been entertaining reading some of the comments about these themes, people absolutely love everything in our collections. So, that’s about all I have to say about it. If you want a feature-rich theme, inquire within.

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This clean Makali WordPress theme is ideal for anything related to the beauty products industry. This feminine WordPress theme is great for Cosmetics, fashion blogs, makeup and more. It’s a very simple looking and technologically-advanced WordPress theme that can really increase engagement with your users. This theme has a womanly style that is embarrassingly easy-to-use, its purpose is clear and upfront and it delivers a user experience that is second to none.

There are a half a dozen unique pre-made demo sites included with this template, each one with multiple styles. With each one, you get a slightly different look and I think they are all very good at displaying your products. There is a visual composer drag-and-drop page builder included, an invention whose time really had come and it makes building a unique website easy. It used to be very tedious to create your own layouts but now with visual composer, simple and Makali always makes it simple to obtain and create a clever and helpful new style for your website.  There are so many options here!

There are powerful theme options included with, one click. There are several to choose from, and there’s a tab products lighter too. In fact, there are tons of different modules specifically relating to WooCommerce, which makes this a very powerful WooCommerce WordPress theme. There is a daily deal function that you can put onto the homepage, it lets you display a countdown timer with sale products. That’s a very neat feature that is gaining popularity throughout the internet, so now might be the time to take advantage of it on your website. It’s so easy to use, there’s nothing about the setting it up that is difficult.

If you want to build raging levels of traffic, I mean like a gigantic forest fire of traffic, a silky smooth WordPress theme like this one could be the ticket. With this theme, you get Fearless support from the themes developer, they are incredibly quick to get back to users who have run into issues. The theme is not too pricey and with its simple and beautiful design, I think you can really build your brand in a beautiful way. There’s nothing and nondescript about this calm and spotless WordPress theme.

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Beautiful, stylish, easy to use.  Those are just a few words you could use to describe IUStore, a brand new theme for Spring of 2018.  This WooCommerce ready theme is great for fashion stores, beauty products and online sellers of cosmetics.  If you’re a fashion retailer and your goal is to craft an awesome online portal for selling products, this responsive e-Commerce theme is a great place to get started.  Packed with a bunch of premade pages to help display your goods and services, the latest fashion news and trending products.  IUStore enables you to make high quality image galleries to help your posts reach the biggest audience possible.  WPBakery’s page builder plugin is supported, so there’s really no end to the amount of looks and functions your website can offer.  Since this theme was created by 7 Up Themes, the support and documentation are of the highest quality and you’re going to love the product centered design of every page on the site.

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Stunning, beautiful, professional, modern and beautiful, Paradise is perfect for services like spas, salons, barbershops and tattoo parlors, massage, nail salons and more.  The appealing design is simple and clean with a half a dozen options for crafting elegant and bright home pages with tons of built in options like moveable sidebars, headers and unlimited layouts as well as font options.  With the powerful shortcodes included, Paradise is made from the Bootstrap framework code and it uses Visual Composer, even multi-vendor capability.  There’s tons of features that are supported like WooCommerce, Booked for setting up appointments.  If you want to use any language, ad the WPML plugin for translations.  All things considered, Paradise is a totally solid theme that can work for many types of beauty product websites.

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Created in the latest trends in website developing, Cosmedix is suitable for sites in the sports, yoga, and health and fitness niches. With its vibrant colors, make your site stand out and amaze your subscribers or visitors. It allows you to display your stunning yoga photos because the theme is developed using the highest graphical resolutions. You can convince your would-be users that your site is the best fitness and yoga site in the World Wide Web.

Moreover, customization is so effortless. With just a few clicks of your mouse and within just a few minutes, you can finish the installation. You do not even need a basic knowledge of HTML or website coding because creating it is super easy and fun. With the visual composer plug-in, even a beginner in website creation can make a site look sleek and professional. You can build multiple pages, organize these pages according to your needs, post events without cluttering your site, and make sharing simple by using the social media widget. That is right. The theme is widget ready.

Aside from constructing a visually appealing site, you can also improve your subscribers’ browsing experience. The theme is compatible with the latest versions of any web browsers. Furthermore, the layout is responsive so your mobile users can enjoy exploring your site without worrying about lag issues or distorted content.

If you want to sell your yoga, sports and fitness products, you can do so without a sweat. Cosmedix is e-commerce ready. Display your products and present your yoga class or gym schedules in a systematized manner. With the use of gravity form plug-in, you can create a contact form so that your students and subscribers can communicate with you. If your students are not proficient with the English Language, they can translate your site into a language supported by the WMPL.

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For those who do not have the time but carry extreme passion to create, here is the Beyoutiful WordPress theme that can help you develop any brand page with a few simple steps. Built to showcase businesses providing spa services, beauty products and offerings, as well as hair salon services, this theme has been designed to present all products and services in a variety of ways. A fully-functional and easily customizable theme for health care related websites, Beyoutiful offers a number of features that will help users represent their business professionally and in a timely manner. Choose the theme, introduce staff members, highlight special product or service offerings, and do a whole lot more without the hassles that normally come with developing websites from scratch. Provide clients and visitors with up to date and valuable information through the additional blogging feature. Available to publish on-page, the blog element can easily stand as an independent resource further adding value to the final generated website.

Beyoutiful is the one and only solution to creating the best spa and beauty themed website where simple components fit interchangeably to create dazzling and attention-grabbing pages online. Users can easily create the perfect look for their websites with the replaceable blocks feature. It also offers an advanced typography feature which enables users to access and apply unique and stunning fonts further improving page display. All free fonts are powered by Google. Easy to use, highly responsive, and retina-ready, this WordPress theme is touch-friendly as well making it highly suited for mobile access may it be on a smartphone or tablet device. The amazingly sharp display resolution and clean design will turn any collection of content and images into an amazingly creative online experience for those who utilize the final website. Clean coded with efficient support, an in-house team of support professionals offer quick and effective assistance so there is no need to worry about anything when using Beyoutiful.

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Ultra has over 60 demo sites included with it, so it’s no surprise that it includes a fantastic demo site for a beauty salon, which is pictured above.  Ultra is a flexible, responsive, eCommerce ready drag-and-drop page builder theme that was created to give you the ultimate flexibility in making your website as good as it can be.  The awesome thing about the demo sites, you can import them with one click, instantly setting up your site to look exactly like the demo site.  Then, just add your images and content and you’re ready to go.  If you want to see products, we mentioned that this theme allows you to sell products using WooCommerce, JigoShop or any of the other major WooCommerce shopping cart plugins.  Ideal for any sort of beauty products, a salon, day spa or other sites, I think Ultra is one theme you should absolutely consider.

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Want a highly well designed feminine WordPress theme?  Want to blog about women’s issues, products or create a ladies lifestyle blog?  Take a look at Feminine, a gorgeous blog theme by MyThemeShop.  I love just about everything about Feminine, it’s a great looking gem of a theme with girly style, carefully built to be highly readable, sticky and the navigation makes it really easy to use for end users.  The visual appeal of this theme is off the charts.  Any kind of beauty blog will look incredible with Feminine theme. Fluid, responsive, WooCommerce ready with unlimited colors, 3 great looking slider options and advanced typography, Feminine is a wonderful WordPress beauty salon blog theme.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that this is one of the fastest loading themes I’ve ever seen, getting an A grade on Pingdom.  Nice!

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If you run a hair salon, or you’re an independent stylist, you may find yourself in need of a great looking, impact making theme to help you run your business.  That’s where this theme, Salon, comes in.  Salon is an absolutely ideal WordPress theme for a salon or stylist’s website, and it’s even a great solution for marketing any kind of product marketed to women or girls.  Salon WordPress theme has an incredibly bold and fiercely feminine style.  It has the sort of design that could work for a wide variety of products, but it’s really made with ladies in mind.  The homepage is drag and drop ready, with a bunch of different modular content sections, so your website can be as different as the products you sell.  There are five content types to build your audience and keep them excited to see more.  There are galleries and video post types, services, personnel page and the full screen slider too.  This theme has a flexible layout, with masonry image galleries and plenty more.  Sell your products with style using the awesome and free WooCommerce plugin.  There are also unique color schemes, fantastic support from CSSIgniter and a whole bunch more.

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This is a site built on the Create WordPress theme, so you know it’s going to look amazing as a WordPress based salon, hair stylist or beauty parlor website.  Create utilizes the Site Origin Page Builder, which is fully open source, to allow webmasters and admins to create a site that has the utmost flexibility and can fit with nearly any sort of website style.  The advantages of a wonderful drag and drop theme include the ability to add functionality as you need it, where you need it.  But don’t worry if you’re not an expert, it’s pretty quick and painless to get up to speed with Site Origin’s page builder, it’s quite user friendly.  Create is by ThemeTrust, who provide outstanding support and documentation for all of their themes.

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Hair Salon

Hair Salon, that’s what this is.  It’s also the name of this lovely looking WordPress theme.  What it lacks in a clever name, it more than makes up for with a delightful style and beautiful features.  Hair Salon isn’t some general purpose theme skinned to look like a beauty salon website, it was built from the ground up for hair salons, stylists and beauty shops to look great and it has all the features you need to run a successful beauty parlor.  Hair Salon is also great for day spas, body treatment salons, makeup services and more.  If you’re looking for one of the best hair salon themes, this is it.

Hair Salon offers three separate demo sites, each one with a little different layout and slightly different feel.  This responsive, retina ready theme looks amazing on any device, since it perfectly adapts to fit any screen size.  Important when so many people are trying to access your site on the go.  You can install Hair Salon’s demo data with one click so you can see exactly where to place your content for the fullest effect.  Visual Compsoer powers the layout, so you can drag and drop new features anywhere you want them.  Hair Salon has a powerful, visually attractive parallax scrolling feature too.  Pretty cool.  Revolution Slider is also included, so your slideshow will look great.  Bootstrap 3 code, unlimited color schemes, google fonts and fontawesome icons, it all comes together to give you one amazing looking web theme for your beauty salon.

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The Styler

For beauty salons, hair stylists, makeup artists and others in the beauty industry, a good looking website is a key to making a great first impression.  For salons, independent stylists and anyone who’s interested in creating a great user experience for all visitors and potential clients.  CSS Igniter is known for their outstanding support and solid documentation, so you should find The Styler really easy to use and customize.  CSS Igniter has been around for a while now and they keep chugging along, so they much be doing something right.  Anyway, I think this theme is certainly worth considering.

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Ordo is a beautiful WordPress theme, great for Cosmetics stores, makeup, organic food, beauty salons and beauty blogs. In addition to its clean, feminine style, is theme works perfectly with WooCommerce, or any of your favorite eCommerce shopping carts. There are tons of little features that atoms that make this a high-quality theme. It starts with the bootstrap code and goes on to include WP Bakery page builder, kinds of different plugins with the great features, it is Gutenberg optimized, GDPR compliant, highly optimized for mobile experience and it even allows for multi-vendor plugins like Dokan. With this theme, there’s absolutely nothing that you cannot accomplish. It has a perfect 5-star rating, one click demo import and tons more features.

Selecting a great WordPress theme for setting up your new e-commerce website is an important part of building your business. You will certainly want a theme that has all the features that you’re looking for with a very easy to use and easy to manage back end. We have gathered up a wide range of WordPress themes that can work well to help you establish any sort of online shop. These themes are easy to customize and easy to manage, you will be up and running in no time at all. Hopefully at least, that’s the goal. Searching for the right WordPress theme can be tough, you may have noticed there are thousands of different options out there 4 setting up shop. Many of these themes are of the highest quality, giving you tons of features and ultimate flexibility. However, some things are not quite as good as others. That is why we have taken the very deep search, looking in previously Uncharted Territory for WordPress themes that have all of the necessary features to make an outstanding website. Some are light and airy, while others have a really dynamic and complex layout. We have dedicated ourselves to finding the absolute best themes available so that you don’t have to spend the time searching. So, check out our collection of Ecommerce themes for more inspiration. He may also want to take a look at our collection of WooCommerce themes. No matter which ones you select, you’re going to get great results.

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