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November 14, 2019
WordPress Creative Themes

When you’re searching for a creative WordPress theme, you certainly have a lot of options to choose from. There are so many different themes out there, selecting the proper one can be a bit of a challenge. We’ve taken the time to gather up an incredible amount of WordPress themes that we think are some of the best creative WordPress themes available. Creativity is an important part of our modern society, and if you want to share what it is that you’ve made it with the world, one of these attractive and feature field WordPress themes could be the right choice to help introduce your work to the world.

We’ve tried our best to find a nice selection of feature rich WordPress themes that are great for a wide range of creative types of websites, so hopefully you can find something that’s absolutely perfect for your needs.  Each of these themes is well supported, flexible and well coded, so your website’s performance will never be compromised.

The Gem

If you’ve been looking for a theme that is as versatile as any, has a beautiful and flexible Style as well as 70 built in Creative Concepts that can be used for almost any sort of website, then the gym is a theme that you should really consider. This template is great for Creative people and agencies, for business and finance industry websites, for online e-commerce shops, for photography and artistic portfolios, for blogs, apps and landing pages, for cryptocurrency websites, for construction company and real estate sites, for gyms and restaurants, for lawyers and beauty salons, for hotels and clinic and so much more.

Did I mention that this template was also perfect for bloggers, because it is. 4 almost any sort of website you can imagine, the gym has a demo style to prove just how worthy this theme is of consideration.

The gym is a high-performance WordPress theme that is super fast, lightweight and has great user interface. That makes it seem one of the best SEO themes around, it’s mobile-first and retina ready, totally responsive and it looks crisp and sharp on all screen sizes. With over 150 pre-made demo pages, each one entirely customizable, you have nearly unlimited creativity at your fingertips with the gem WordPress theme.

Woocommerce is not just the most popular Ecommerce solution for WordPress, it’s also the absolute best. With awesome design and tons of features to help boost your online shop, the gem WordPress theme is one of the better woocommerce themes to come around in quite some time.

This template offers visual composer for an infinite number of different designs. This is simply put, the best Drag and Drop page builder ever made. There are full integration with slider Revolution and layers slider, those are the top two premium sliders for WordPress and since included for they’re free, they’re worth every penny.

If you’d like to take a look at some more amazing one page WordPress themes, we just created a collection that you might be interested in. We’ve added several of the top single page themes and we’ll keep adding more in the near future. Four other WooCommerce WordPress themes, our large and growing collection is another great place to start. No matter which theme you choose in any of our collections, they’re guaranteed to be among the very best of their kind. Will be back soon with even more great WordPress themes, so please feel free to bookmark this page.

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Divi is one of the best selling WordPress themes of all time, and it’s very easy to see why. This theme has every feature you could possibly want, it’s incredibly fast and user-friendly as well. You can use the Divi drag and drop page builder to construct a WordPress website that has every feature you could possibly imagine, offers a beautiful and elegant style and an incredible user experience. There are dozens and dozens of pre-made demo sites that you can download to immediately style Divi to look exactly like you want it to look. With all these features, you’ll never run out of flexibility to accomplish exactly what you set out to accomplish.  With thousands of versions of Divi out there, it’s proven to be almost infinitely flexible and user-friendly, even for beginners.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is one of the most popular WordPress themes ever created. This theme is incredibly user-friendly, it’s got a bold and interesting style that thousands of webmasters have chosen as the platform for their website. Achieving the look that you needed with all of the features that your website absolutely has to have, that can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, massive Dynamic has a full set of features that make this one of the most premium page building websites available. This thing is highly rated, well supported and well-documented, perfect for all sorts of creative companies.

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Overton is one of the newest themes to make it into this exclusive collection of WordPress themes, but it’s also one of my favorites. Overton has a really cool style, the variety of layouts is impressive and it provides an incredible stage to Showcase your work. If you’re a branding agency, design business, a photographer or any other sort of creative company, Overton has a highly customizable and user-friendly set of tools and features to help you achieve the look that you want your website to have. This theme is responsive and looks great on all devices, which is incredibly important for Creative companies these days.

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Fortun is a very versatile and creative WordPress theme with 18 distinct modern demos and it includes visual composer, so that you can create an infinite variety of layouts. It’s just a matter of dragging and dropping your content just where you want it. For Creative agencies, corporate websites, landing pages and portfolios, Fortun is a highly adaptable, modern and user-friendly option. With a perfect rating on themeforest, Fortun is certainly one of the best creative multi concept WordPress meetings around.

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Studio 8

There’s certainly no shortage of creative companies out there, so having an attractive and feature filled WordPress theme like Studio 8 , can help set your website apart from the competition.  That’s a very important thing these days, your company’s branding is super important. With all the thousands and thousands of  creative companies out there, you’ll want to do things a little different that the competition, right. I think that I’m a very simple and minimal style creative studio theme like Studio 8 could be just exactly what you need. This theme is very simple to customize and very simple to use. It is SEO optimized for fast page load times and I think that it is a great and responsive, creative and user-friendly option for beginners and expert WordPress users alike.

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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro is a Genesis framework portfolio theme that has a really delightful, minimal style that a lot of people have really loved. For Creative websites who want a full-featured WordPress template to build an outstanding portfolio to Showcase that work, elegant Pro is one of the most popular around. Like all Genesis framework themes, this one loads up incredibly fast and it looks great on all devices as well. This theme is highly polished, sophisticated and smart. The custom widget areas allow you to build your website the way you want to, adding functionality where you need it and that keeps the page load speeds down. Fast loading websites tend to rank better in Google and responsive themes do the same. This theme perfectly Blends both of those aspects which is why I think it is such a great choice for Creative companies or individuals who want the best of both worlds.

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With a perfect five star rating on ThemeForest, Pheromone has certainly earned a place in this collection of the best creative WordPress themes on the market. This theme offers a unique style, a beautiful fullscreen experience that delivers your content quickly and efficiently, allowing readers to find exactly what they want right away. Pheromone is a WooCommerce ready themed as well, it allows you to set up a highly converting sales page, there’s a landing page option and this minimalist WordPress theme works great for multi page or one page website. There’s a portfolio, video background options, pricing tables and more. This blog and portfolio e-commerce theme was coded with the latest version of Bootstrap and it is a clean kind of slick and professional way to set up a lovely creative agency website.

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Soho is a neighborhood on the island of Manhattan in New York City, and it’s known as a neighborhood of artists, rich in history, filled with prestigious art galleries, exclusive shops boutiques and some of the finest restaurants in the world.  Soho is also a full-screen WordPress theme with an incredible amount of style, features and powerful capabilities to transform your boring website into one that delivers an incredible user experience and an enjoyable way to begin the journey to a successful online business.  Soho uses Visual Composer, a premium drag and drop plug-in, to let you build perfectly designed pages and posts from several built in demo sites.  Or, you can always create your own even if you’re a complete beginner, since no coding experience is required.  That’s why Soho is one of the best selling themes of 2016 and is definitely going to stand the test of time going forward.

There are advanced theme options to control the visual appearance and features offered on your website.  Like those fancy boutiques in Soho, New York, you can even sell your products.  That’s because WooCommerce is ready and willing to help you sell your wares with a tremendous amount of style.  WooCommerce is completely free, which means it is a great choice for setting up a professional website without a great amount of expense.  Creative short codes extend WordPress’ native functionality, you can alter the typography with Google fonts and even translate this theme into any language on the planet, thanks to WPML compatibility.  This well documented theme also offers fantastic support and the blend of creative, trendy design and robust, solidly built features is what help set it apart from the others.

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If you are trying to find ways to improve your portfolio website, you should opt for a WordPress theme such as Kinetika. This is a versatile theme that will help you make a lasting impression on your visitors and clients, as well as on any prospective employers.

Kinetika comes correct with the WooCommerce plugin, and so it facilitates the creation of a great online store. I mean, that’s why it’s an eCommerce plugin, right?  Yep.  With it you will be able to sell your products and services. Kinetika allows your content to be viewed on a high resolution Retina display and it is compatible with most web browsers. Kinetika is completely responsive with any device, be it a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Resizing errors were seen to so that now it is completely compatible with any device.

With Kinetika you will also be able to create a multilingual site since it has the WPML plugin integrated. So your portfolio can be translated to any language, making it easier for foreign clients to check it out. Your content can be showcased in an enticing way thanks to the full screen slideshows, which can support pictures, videos and text formats. There are both light and dark color versions for you to choose from and they are both great. You will also find that there are numerous header variations, as well as a translucent menu option. With Kinetika you can also make use of event posts where you can include information such as event dates, locations and any updates or teasers.

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The Agency

The agency is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a great-looking creative WordPress theme for agencies of All Sorts, whether you’re into marketing or advertising, web design or graphic design. Creative agencies need a website that makes a positive first impact on potential clients and customers, I believe that the clean layout and the typography of the agency template is one of the best showcases for your creative work. This fast loading WordPress theme can be translated into any language, it’s perfectly responsive and can be adapted to almost any creative purpose.

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Uncode Premium Creative Multipurpose Theme

Uncode is one of those WordPress memes that was really built to impress, and it absolutely hit the mark. This theme is one of the most popular creative WordPress themes on the market, it’s sold over 40,000 times and it has almost a 4.9 rating on themeforest. Uncode is woocommerce ready, so if you are creative company needs to be able to sell products, you’ll be able to set up shop rapidly. For magazines and blogs, corporate and business websites, agencies and even magazines, there are tons of different demo sites included with the uncode theme, each one built to load up fast and help your content look amazing.

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Ultra is Themify.me’s best and most feature-rich WordPress themes, it’s absolutely ideal for creative websites and companies.  If your web designer or developer, this is a must-have WordPress theme. You can use pre-made templates that are included with this theme to create amazing looking sites for almost any purpose. There are photography an app promotion Pages, creative websites and portfolios, not to mention eCommerce sites. There’s almost nothing that you can’t achieve with a theme like Ultra and that’s why I’ve included it in this collection of WordPress creative themes.

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A creative agency theme, Baylie is a very easy to use theme that was created by ThemeTrust.  The Baylie theme is a real multipurpose template with full-screen parallax slideshows, great for making a huge impact with bold images or videos alike.  Baylie is completely responsive, it supports localization for translating the theme into any language, there are a bunch of handy short codes for making buttons, slideshows, columns, toggles and tabs too.  Portfolios have hover effects that you can add to help make your projects look really cool.  Google handles the fonts and Contact Form 7 handles the contact information.  The result of all of Theme Trust’s hard work is a really successful one page creative theme that is a wonderful choice for your new website template.  For more great WordPress WooCommerce themes, try our full collection.

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Universal is a smart multi purpose or pressing that has a clean design, bootstrap code and one page or multi-pane age options. This lightly and minimal theme Led Zep incredibly quickly, it will help make your images and posts look amazing and I think that for creative companies, this template has all the features, all the flexibility and all the options you could possibly need. The design is Sleek and sexy, there’s never any coating required and the pre-styled woocommerce shop is a really nice touch, I think all creative companies should be able to benefit from having an online shop, whether you’re selling merch for digitally downloadable products.

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Oshine is an incredibly popular and creative WordPress theme that has been trusted by over 20,000 loyal purchasers so far. I think that for portfolios, Oshine is one of the best themes on the market. It’s clean and creative, it’s just as functional for a business website as it is for a stunning portfolio site. This responsive and professional theme allows you to sell products with woocommerce, it has about 40 different demo sites included, each with a distinct and eye-catching style. There are so many different looks that are possible with this theme, I think you should never run out of possibilities. No matter what you want your website to look like, Oshine can make it happen.

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The Umda theme is a brand new call creative and minimalist WordPress template that I think could be great for all sorts of creative shops and portfolios. If you’re an agency or a freelancer, if you want at corporate and modern-looking webpage, the Umda theme is probably going to be a solid option for you. There are multiple different demo Styles included with this creative template and if you don’t see what you need, you can always create a new one from scratch. But, I think one of the 50 pre-made Styles should be right for you. It really is worth looking into this thing, there is so much going on that I think deserves a second look.

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Monolab is a funky little portfolio and WooCommerce ready creative WordPress theme. I absolutely love the grid layout of this template, I also love that as well documented and perfectly responsive. For Freelancers who want to create a great-looking image gallery or modern portfolio site, one with an optional online shop powered by WooCommerce, or an agency that wants a creative and stunning blog to go with their product promotion efforts, Monolab is a great choice. You’ll be able to Showcase every bit of your creative work in a captivating way, making connections with new customers and old, providing each and every one of them with an amazing user experience that they will cherish.

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ThemeTrust’s Port WordPress theme is a beautiful agency theme with multiple Parallax sections that can help put a creative spin on your content. It’s ingenious and inspired, it’s inventive and original, Port is one of those themes that I think can really enhancer abilities, it’s Tastefully made and for reimagining your website, the originality and intelligence of this template could be just what you need to realize a website that looks precisely like you wanted to look. If you want to shine a light on your content and make it look as brilliant as it is, I think that you should keep this theme in mind.

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Here’s a creative WordPress portfolio theme that may interest you, if you’re looking for a clean and creative business theme with eCommerce and a professional quality photography portfolio built right into the template, this template has all of those features and more. Creativity is more than just doing something inventive or original, you really need to be a Visionary to imagine something that has never been thought of before. I think of that with the Yuk WordPress theme, you’ll have every opportunity to think outside the box and make a lasting first impression on everyone who happens upon your website.

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When your looking for a great looking WordPress game, the craftsmanship of the designer or developer of the theme should come into play. I think that Avonmore is an adeptly built, ingenious WordPress theme that was built by true or press experts. It shows in the style of the theme, the bull typography and captivating images. They’ve created this theme with a level of artistry and dexterity that is pretty neat to see. Some developers simply have a knack for creating expertly shows the proficiency and skill needed to create a truly amazing website. You’ll be able to adapt to seem to fit your needs without much effort, you won’t need coding skills to take advantage of the Avonmore or pressing and the support has proven to be among the very best available.

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Authentic is one of my absolute favorite creative WordPress blog themes out there. I guess I’m not alone, this theme has been downloaded over 3,600 times and it has a 4.96 rating on the theme forest. People have check this thing out, expected it to the fullest and deemed it to be one of the better creative templates out there. This theme has a cool and ingenious layout, offers an inventive take on a WooCommerce shop and has a very original and trendy layout that I think you can get a lot of use out of. This artistic theme is imaginative and easy-to-use in equal measure. You shouldn’t be the fuddled by the customization options, the installation process or using this template on a day-to-day basis. It really does do a little bit of everything and I think that makes it perfect for Creative companies who want flexibility above all else.

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For all sorts of creative companies, design agencies, marketing firms or creative offices, a theme like Synergy creative has what it takes to make it website look fantastic. This responsive and custom-made WordPress theme is a modern take on the online portfolio. They’ve taken something that could be a bit stale and old-fashioned, and giving it a modernized and contemporary look. It’s stylish and has state-of-the-art features that can help you build an incredible website. This theme really can’t be beaten in terms of support and documentation either, and I find that there are few themes that look as good as this one, with this many features.

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If you’re looking for a bleeding edge WordPress theme, one that’s hip and Innovative, clever and stimulating, materialism might be what you’re searching for. This inventive WordPress theme pushes the envelope, it’s stylish and flashy, but it’s never pretentious. It’s a slick and smart, trendy and upscale creative template that looks Dapper on all devices, thanks to its responsive-design. If you’ve been looking for something new in the world of WordPress, this swank and modernistic WordPress theme has what it takes to make your creative content look incredible.

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Create is a WordPress theme that I’m very familiar with, and I’ve decided to include it in his collection, because I think that it is one of the better creative templates available right now. I enjoy ThemeTrust’s work, and Create is certainly their best and most popular theme. This template includes a drag-and-drop page builder, it’s got tons of different content blocks that can be manipulated in any way that you see fit, and as a portal for showing your creative work, I think that it’s a huge winter. It’s a gifted and ingenious, Innovative and original web template that blends simple style with plenty of features.

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Brittany is a WordPress blogging theme specifically designed to ensure a smooth reading experience and the simple design is a big part of the experience. Its simple layout not merely highlights individual articles, but also ensures that website components are neatly set up in an easy to use, minimal style. This theme is most suitable for lifestyle and fashion sites, in addition to portfolio sites.

This control panel allows designers to get over 30 color and typography settings. It also enables changes to theme layouts, columns, article formatting, and page modification. Bloggers with companies may also benefit in your Brittany WordPress Theme. The theme offers WooCommerce support, among the most powerful e-commerce plugins for WordPress. It also has complete social networking integration to incorporate social profile snippets and writer information into the blog. Post sharing can be made simpler with this feature.

The Brittany WordPress Theme additionally boasts of access to a variety of custom widgets to include functionality and engaging articles to readers. The theme can be translation ready to produce the blog accessible in a variety of languages to help foreign guests. Other notable features of this Brittany theme include search engine optimization and retina prepared responsiveness.

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This is Weston, from Theme Trust and if it seems like your normal multipurpose theme constructed around Visual Composer, it has got lots of great features within that help make it one of the better creative theme options available today. With Visual Composer set up, you may add a lot of awesome performance to flip Weston to a full featured BuddyPress site, add eCommerce or just showcase your products and services. Since Weston was assembled with Visual Composer, now called WP Bakery Page Builder, it is highly flexible and lets you make a social networking website from the bottom up. Share a frequent interest with a massive group of individuals, you can construct an entire community about it. From small towns to sports clubs, music groups to shared hobbies, there is nothing a fantastic Buddypress theme like Weston can not do to assist you make a memorable community which you could be proud of.  This is a creative theme that has a lot going for it and I think it’s well worth considering.

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So, that brings us to the end of another WordPress theme collection. If you didn’t see exactly what you wanted in this collection of creative WordPress themes, we’ve got more collections to choose from. We’ve got a large and growing selection of WordPress portfolio themes, some of which might be worth considering for you. All of our collections are updated frequently and we only put the absolute best WordPress themes in his collections, so you can be sure the quality is high if you see it on any of our pages.


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