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November 14, 2019

We’ve just created this cool collection of WordPress themes for cryptocurrency themes.  It’s no surprise that there are so many great options for cryptocurrency magazines, digital coins are getting more and more popular every day.  Currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and others are all in high demand and breaking information about what’s going on in the world of cryptocurrency is bigger than ever.  We’ve gone through a lot of these themes to find some of the absolute best themes to help educate readers about mining, about the latest news and information, the latest crypto trends and anything about digital currencies.  If you have a crypto related product or project you’re looking to launch, this collection is a great starting point for you.

With any of the themes in this collection, you can get a huge headstart, saving a lot of time and money, because these themes are purpose built for cryptocurrency news, trends, trading, mining and more.  We’ve tried our very best to ensure that these themes are easy to use, simple to customize and up to modern standards for what a WordPress theme needs to be.  These themes can get you off to a flying start and your pages are going to work well on all devices, delivering a great user experience.

So, we’ve built this collection to help you set up your site and become a leading source for cryptocurrency information on the web.


This theme is called BitPal and it’s all about an incredibly trendy niche, Cryptocurrency.  It seems like every day, there are more and more themes popping up that are all about Cryptocurrency, whether it’s trading BitCoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies, about the latest news and events, even blogging about new developments in crypto.

This is a really hot Trend right now, there are tons of crypto coin websites popping up every day, cryptocurrency trading sites, currency exchanges, ICO websites and Mining Company business templates. I think of that bit Powell is one of the better ones that I’ve seen come along in the recent past. This template offers several different variations, there is the main homepage, which is what is pictured above.

BitPal also offers an app presentation page, so this theme is sort of the multipurpose in that way. There’s a crypto agency style, crypto coin advisor, and ICO homepage, blockchain Wallet app and a standard, traditional blog page. If you want to connect with other people who are interested in cryptocurrency, this theme is a great choice.

No cryptocurrency web tablet would be complete without support for WooCommerce, so BitPal has decided to fully support that as well.  A welcome addition to any WordPress theme, in my opinion.  You never know, even if you’re not selling products today, you may choose to somewhere down the road.  There are multiple portfolio layouts, multiple blog layouts and the overall look and feel of the theme is stylish and modern. I think you could certainly do a lot worse than the BitPal WordPress template.  Check out some more WordPress eCommerce themes in our full collection.

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RexCoin, that would mean King Coin basically, is a regal and majestic theme for cryptocurrency and applications.  Check this thing out if you want a really solid theme.

Here we go, yet another cryptocurrency theme. These things are cropping up like weeds lately and I find it sort of hard to believe. This theme is strategized to be a cryptocurrency Blog, Bitcoin and news magazine, a blockchain specialist template, a financial adviser or mining equipment seller website. For Bitcoin miners, cryptocurrency nuts and folks who love to play around on a crypto-currency exchange, perhaps this team could be a solid choice.

It’s always advisable to use a really reputable cryptocurrency echange, one like Kraken, Bitstramp, Bittrex, Poloniex, Coinbase, Bitcoin Source, BitSquare, Kuna or Gemini, just to name a few.

There’s a lot of scams out there and I don’t want you to get ripped off, so, fair warning.

Listen is pretty solid, I do like the look of it and it’s got a lot of custom layouts, but I think it over relies on the plug-in formerly known as visual composer, now wpbakery page builder. I don’t exactly have anything against these types of plugins, but I think that they tend to break your website more often than is advisable. And it’s never advisable to break your website. Unless you’re performing some sort of an experiment, then I guess it would be advisable. But, why would you do that?

Overall, this is a very soft recommend for me.

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IcoTech is an applications theme that also does double duty as a finely crafted CryptoCurrency theme.  IcoTech was built to be a cryptocurrency themed first and foremost, though it does also work for application promotions. This isn’t exactly my favorite team, I don’t think it brings anything to the table that many other themes do. I’m not sure why you need a theme that is specifically about cryptocurrency or crypto trading, blockchain blogging, Bitcoin and other stuff like that, a general purpose business theme should work just as well. It’s really a matter of what you’re plugging about, not what the demo site looks like. There plenty of much better themes out there buy more experienced developers that can provide the same sets of features. Personally, I would recommend one of those over this template. That’s not to say that it’s a terrible theme, I just don’t think it brings anything unique or important to the table.

Sometimes, it seems like there is a WordPress application theme for every WordPress application. Or for every smartphone app for that matter. There are tons of app developers out there and each of them has a variety of needs. Not all WordPress themes are going to be perfect for all websites, that’s just common sense. That’s why our collection of app themes is so wide-ranging and why we suggest you head over there if you didn’t like the look of icotek. Will be back quickly with more great WordPress templates, have a great day in the meantime.

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I’m not going to lie about this theme, Kryptix seems so hyper-specific to the Bitcoin and Crypto Currency market, I’m not sure how much use folks are going to get out of this theme.  But, hey, here it is anyway, maybe somebody will enjoy this theme?  I guess on second thought, it’s got the style and look to be a pretty decent app theme too, since basically, the two things are related.  Check out this collection of WordPress app themes.

Looking through their list of themes they’ve made, they haven’t really hit a big one yet.  There’s a WordPress portfolio theme called Saline that’s sold 20 times, a minimalist portfolio theme called Black with three sales total.  It looks like their best seller is an SEO/marketing theme called WhiteHat which has sold just over 100 times.  I guess maybe they’re just trying to go too niche with their products, but I think I may be onto something by saying they’re too sloppy.  People notice that kind of stuff and it really does matter.  Anyway, I’ve critiqued this theme plenty so far, I believe.

Anyway, so that’s our look at Kryptix, which may be a WordPress app theme or a WordPress landing page theme to consider if you’re not in the market for a Bitcoin or Crypt Currency theme, because why would you be?  If you are in that market, I’ve got some Doge Coin to sell ya!

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Crypto ICO

Crypto ICO is another in a growing field of crypto-currency web templates for WordPress.  This theme has a cool, modern style and whether you’re setting up a trading company, you’re mining coins yourself, or if you’re blogging about the latest news and developments, it’s a really solid theme for anyone in the blockchain and cryptocurrency niches.  It’s got the type of overall clean style that could be perfect for businesses too.

It has more pre-made Styles then CryptoIGO, so your taste may mean that you prefer a theme like this one. Either way, you go one of the better cryptocurrency websites to be introduced in 2018. One feature that I really do like about this one, it offers an intro video landing page, which is not something that the BitPal template offers. I think that that could go a long way to helping to get the attention that your website deserves.

If you’ve read this far, you probably already know what I go is all about. Well, I didn’t. I had to look it up. It’s a reference to a website called I go crypto University, which is an online educational tool to help people learn about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, mining and other related Technologies. It’s got live Bitcoin prices, around $6,300 as I’m writing this, and a great looking built in blog that helps keep readers up-to-date with the newest news of the world of Bitcoin.

Here’s a confession, I almost bought Bitcoin when it was had a measly price of about $0.25. I was going to purchase $100 worth, just to see what Bitcoin was all about, which would have given me 400 Bitcoins in total. Had I not spent them on anything, like a pizza, those coins would be worth around 2.5 million dollars today. Sometimes, I make poor decisions. This was one of them. But, it’s not too late for you to get in on the ground floor of some fresh and new crypto-currency. I’ve got around $270 worth of Dogecoin currently.

I’m irrationally proud of that.

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With a distinctive design and plenty of features, the Stratus WordPress theme is an ideal Bitcoin and cryptocurrency theme, it can help you with lead generation, showcasing products and offering software services. This is a technology startup theme and a premium-quality template for offering the latest news and information about applications and particularly cryptocurrency. You got a live drag-and-drop page builder, ideal for building a multi-purpose website that is packed with information and yet easy to navigate. The setup process is effortless, completely guided and it only takes a handful of minutes. This is a premium design for Tech startups and it gives you forty different widgets and 20 Page templates, unlimited design options are also available thanks to the drag-and-drop page builder. You going to live theme options customizer that gives you full control over the look and feel of your website. This theme has a nearly perfect rating and it comes from an elite author, making this template a full-featured option for building a crypto website.

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This is an ICO landing page and cryptocurrency WordPress theme in one. This theme offers full localization support, real-time exchange rates for showing what a variety of cryptocurrencies are currently trading for. There’s virtual coin widgets and ICO listings. There’s even quite a number of different demo site included, each one can be set up quickly look and feel for your website. I’ve highlighted the cryptocurrency blog, I think that it’s well-organized and well-designed, it makes short work of presenting your content in an attractive way. You get several different pre-made content blocks, ready to use blog layouts, ready-made case study and service layouts and this theme offers an advanced ICO launching countdown a feature. This template has a variety of pre-built widgets that are specific to the cryptocurrency market. You get a ready-made headers, slider Revolution, fast load times and an advanced theme options panel for customization. Also, the documentation and support are thorough and well organized.

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Pursuit is a flexible WordPress theme for apps, SaaS and cryptocurrency startups. This is a premier quality thing, it gives a focus on lead generation and includes all of the features that any successful crypto startup is going to need. This thing features modern templates for cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallets, Bitcoin companies, ICO’s and cryptocurrency businesses. With a nearly perfect 4.8 rating out of five stars, this Bitcoin centered WordPress theme is great for lead generation, mobile app promotion, software-as-a-service promotion and basically anything that has to do with technology and the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency. You got multiple blog layouts, page layouts and a whole lot more in your download package, making this a real value for the money.

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Cryptic is a WooCommerce ready theme that has a lot of features that are very specific to cryptocurrency. That is probably why it is among the most popular and best selling cryptocurrency WordPress themes anywhere. You get and i e l listing demo, a relatively new feature to help build ICO directories, 40 different custom options for ICOs, a variety of attractive and modern layouts and plenty of features. The design quality is high, this is a flexible theme and the customer support and documentation are among the very best. If you are venturing into a professional crypto trading consultant business, if you are an ICO advisor, if you are trading or investing in Bitcoins or any of the other most popular cryptocurrencies, this theme could you a hassle-free way to set up your website. You got currency converters, stickers, statistics and live price updates, just to name a few of the purpose-built widgets that help make your life a little bit easier.

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This theme has been optimized for the cryptocurrency industry, it’s great for building ICO websites, it’s perfect for ICO advisors, consultants and cryptocurrency agencies as well. With six different creative homepage Concepts, you have a whole lot of options when you are starting up your site. There are quite a number of awesome pre-made demos, ICO launching countdowns, multiple portfolio types and a variety of blood lab rats. With a high number of useful content elements, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. If you’re building a website for a cryptocurrency business and you are launching an ICO, you’re going to need a stylish Business site to make a great first impression. For Bitcoin Traders, investment businesses, this templet gives you an awesome looking website that is SEO friendly, helps you dominate the market and attract the right investors to your site.

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Cryptico is a well organized and professional theme for ICO startups, cryptocurrency traders and more.  This theme is one of the best premium templates for the agencies and cryptocurrency investment companies. It’s incredibly simple to use, it provides all the tools they need to make a great-looking website. Impressing customers is going to be relatively easy with a professional design and all of the interactivity that this theme provides.

Carefully crafted with the latest web technologies, bootstrap framework, less, icon fonts and a lot more, this theme provides clean code and it works with all browsers and devices. There’s even a video guide included to help you get started quickly in. You will get quite a number of different pre-made designs and Concepts to choose from, giving your website I really great starting point to build on. Bringing in the right visitors to your site is always a challenge, but with this theme, you are assured that you’re going to have a real chance to develop your business the right way, from the ground up.

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If you’ve been searching for a multi-purpose cryptocurrency WordPress theme, this powerful, bold and well-organized theme is a great choice. Crypton is perfect for cryptocurrency and financial blogs, you can use it as a crypto coach website or as a financial advisor page. It even works well for bookkeepers. With a nearly perfect rating, this theme is a great way to help tell the world about your crypto business. If you are starting up a new coin, if you are running an Ico agency, mining coins yourself or something else, this theme is right up your alley. It even works perfectly with WooCommerce to allow you to sell products or coins from the comfort of your web page. This team has done a great job of updating to keep up with changing Technologies, there are multi-currency calculators, widgets for showing the latest coin prices and even a cryptocurrency donation plugin. This is a full-featured theme that I think is a really great choice for crypto businesses.

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Hoverex is a cryptocurrency and Ico WordPress name that offers one thing that many others do not claim to offer. It’s already been translated into Spanish. That’s a pretty cool thing, particularly for those of you who are looking for a cryptocurrency tema. This is also equally suited as Ico WordPress theme. It’s powerful, modern, bold and dynamic, great for a financial blogs or cryptocurrency blocks. If you are a crypto coach or a financial advisor, maybe even a bookkeeper, this theme gives a professional and modern business style that keeps everyone happy. You got several different pre-made designs, one click installation, the powerful theme Rex add-on package and it was optimized for mobile devices first. People seem to really love this theme, it has a perfect 5-star rating on themeforest and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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Lymcoin is another ICO and Crypto-currency theme with tons of features.  Support and documentation or some of the most important things when looking for WordPress theme and this one offers both. You got a multi-purpose cryptocurrency theme that is perfect for promoting new coins or sharing information about established currencies. You can easily import any of the demo designs with one click, this damn is mobile optimized and supports swipe effects. It even uses mobile friendly sliders like Revolution and Swiper. The responsive layout delivers a great user experience on all devices. You get a drag and drop page builder, simple tools for customization and you will not need to learn how to code to take advantage of this is a theme. Updates are swift and easy, the admin interface is powerful and this template supports all languages. Parallax backgrounds, customizable Google Maps, Google fonts, it’s all there.

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Here’s another Innovative theme of for the emerging Financial world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. This is a responsive and retina ready theme that has unique design and unique elements. There are quite a number of page layouts included, making it’s very simple and straightforward to provide the user experience you have in mind. The same offers 85 different handcrafted Elements, 11 custom cryptocurrency widgets for displaying the latest prices, currency exchanges and other information. You also get a custom layout builder for unlimited header, footer and mega menu designs. This template supports WooCommerce, comes with Visual Composer, supports BuddyPress, bbPress, Events Calendar Pro, Contact Form 7, MailChimp and a wide variety of Premium plugins. You get nine different portfolio types and six plug types, access to Google fonts, wpml translations and social integration to keep up with all of your fans.

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