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December 5, 2019

If you’re planning to craft a directory website, WordPress could be the right content management system for making an absolutely incredible, flexible and powerful website for any type of directory.  I mean, hey, sometimes, you need a great directory theme for a website project and that’s why we’ve created this collection of WordPress directory themes.  It doesn’t matter what kind of database you’re building, from local events and tourist destinations, restaurants or bars, business listings, classified ads and more.  We’ve got all kinds of themes in this collection.

You’ll find that some of these themes allow for front end submissions, integrate with Google maps and each one of them allows for great monetization options, either for affiliate marketing or AdSense advertisements.  No matter what though, if you see it on this list, it’s going to be a very high quality directory template worthy of a really high quality project.

Knowhere Pro, Classified Directory WordPress Theme

Knowhere Pro Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme

I don’t really have a ton to say about this WordPress theme, I don’t find the design of it to be particularly attractive, though I’m not sure what sort of design a directory theme could have that would make me jump up and take notice. So, perhaps this theme is good enough.

Here’s what the developer says about Knowhere Pro.

Knowhere Pro is most complex directory WordPress theme that covers the following niches: restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, sightseeings, malls, museums and galleries, hair and beauty salons, other places of activity, job search and search for employees classified ads, etc.. We created TOP-5 popular directory directions such as City portal with restaurants and activities, Sell/Buy Property Directory for Realtors, Job Finder portal for Headhunters, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers, Classified Directory for Free and Paid ads. The variety of page blocks and sections allow you to create any type of directory details page. It’s universal start for creating your own ideal directory website.

We’re still working on building our collection of directory themes, so I don’t really have anything going to at this point. We still hope that you’ve enjoyed this template and will be back soon too add more directory themes to our collection. Just as soon as we create it. I’m slipping.

Okay, we created it!  Here’s our collection of WordPress directory themes, great for…swell directories, I guess?

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The Easy Book theme is a powerful portal to help you establish a business directory and listing website. It’s all about booking hotels, Tours and Travel related thanks. There are multiple different listing layouts, Advanced hotel room booking feature is integrated, the user dashboard makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for and do their business on your website, there’s a drag-and-drop listings Builder, author chat system and plenty of other powerful tools to help make it this theme one of the best premium quality directory or web templates out there. With full support for multiple different payment methods, this element or powered drag-and-drop page builder has what it takes to let you create a very successful business. Support is fast and friendly and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There certainly are a lot of WordPress themes out there and more come into existence each and every day.B For those of you looking for a directory and listings based website, I think the choices are near down of it. EasyBook is certainly among the very best options out there and I’m going to keep my eye on this one, I believe that it’s destined to be quite popular.

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Locales is a wonderful option for creating your own online business directory, whether it’s for restaurants or shops, bars, cafes or pubs.  No matter what kind of business you’re looking to create a list of, this is a good choice.  From local attractions to a more wide ranging geographical area, you want a theme that looks great and has tons of features to make generating traffic easier.  To that end, Locales offers front end submissions for your users to create their own entries.  Locales is a wonderful combination of style and ease of use.  This modern theme uses the latest code to ensure a perfect user experience.  One click demo data install, that’s always a nice feature and you’ll find that with Locales.  Locales is also a drag and drop page builder template, so the flexibility is incredible.  Tesla Themes is the developer behind this theme and their support is legendary, so if you run into any troubles, they can help with fast friendly support.

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For listing local, regional and national businesses, no matter what kind, a great looking WordPress theme like Lisner is a great starting spot.  That means you can list any sort of business, even multiple types, on one handy website.  I’m not saying this is necessarily a negative thing, because it’s really not. But I’ve noticed that the image on the front page of the steam is of San Francisco, while the text says let’s explore Portland. It would be preferable if they had enough attention to detail to have the right towns listed, or at least show an image of the right time. But, that’s a small quibble when considering a high-quality WordPress directory theme like Lisner.

Lisner is a very modern directory theme, it’s got a bookmarked listing feature so that your customers can save or bookmark listings that they enjoy and explore it later through their own personal dashboard. The documentation and support our first right and Lisner makes it fast and easy to build a perfect-looking business directory, no matter what city or what genre of business you are talking about. This is a bulletproof WordPress theme that is fast as a rocket, Simple and Clean. With the latest technology and code, not to mention highly trusted plugins, you’ll be able to establish a great look for your directory website with ease. There are multiple layouts for home pages, taxonomy is, search pages and the single business listings. Directory themes absolutely must be responsive, and Lisner certainly is. With Ajax based fast search and smart suggest keywords, listings and categories, the theme is user-friendly and delivers an amazing experience for everyone who visits your website.

While we’re still working on our collection of business directory themes, you may be interested in this collection of business themes for WordPress.  We’ve got all kinds.

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UrbanGo is a directory listings theme with Google maps integration, an advanced and user friendly dashboard, customizable lists, easy social logins and more.  This is a very modern theme that has every tool to let you build your directory website from the ground up.

The design is steady and professional, it’s clean and modern, but not too corporate.  There are a number of other features that make this UrbanGo theme a real winner, like one click demo import, featured ads, responsive design, listings templates and an advanced search feature that puts every business listing at the fingertips of your users.  I think this theme could be one of the better business listings themes to come along in quite some time.

We’re working on building a collection of directory themes to give you a wide range of options for making a great looking website and now, this is a big part of that collection.

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Looking to get found? After all, that’s what a directory theme for WordPress is all about and FindMe is an absolutely fantastic example of a directory template.  With powerful, advanced search functions, beautiful and easy to navigate listing layouts, user dashboard, deluxe listings pages for individual businesses, eCommerce functionality, a dynamic and professional blog…FindMe has it all.  What kinds of businesses can you highlight in this theme?  Anything from local restaurants, national creative firms, designers, law offices, anything you can imagine, really.  I love the look of this theme, the functionality and the user friendly interface for adding information to your database.

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Designed for directory listings, the Listish WordPress theme will let you craft a sort of Yellow Pages clone site, which could come in handy if that’s what you want to do.  If you ask me, why would you want to do that though? I mean, Yellow Pages?  That’s sort of a dying business model in my opinion.  I saw a joke one time about how someone had delivered the new Yellow Pages book to their front door, and the guy said something along the lines of, ‘hey, somebody printed out an online database and left it on the front porch’. I’m not really sure how funny that is, but that’s what I was reminded of. Anyway, I take it back, I suppose an online directory like Yellow Pages could be a good idea after all.

You need to save that paper!

I’ve recently been reminded that this theme could also work as a sort of Foursquare clone, which doesn’t get it seem to be more useful. With this template, you can find it very easy to use any of the multiple creative options to Showcase all sorts of business directories. Create an amazing and fantastic directory website that your users would find incredibly useful. There are several different homepage designs and you can display pricing plans to potential customers in a variety of ways. With this template, you’ll be able to add multiple locations and categories such as hotels, automotive services, restaurants and so much more. This Niche specific Blog has a dynamic and functional layout that helps businesses capture market share online. This theme is great for online advertising, it’s got a clean and responsive design, it is well documented and well supported as well. Considering all the features this directory of WordPress theme offers, I think it is one of the better directory templates I’ve seen in 2018.

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