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December 5, 2019

We’ve created another new list, this time it’s WordPress events themes, so if you’re planning an event, whether it’s a birthday bash, album release party, bachelor or bachelorette soiree, you need a theme that has the features and functionality you’re looking for.  These themes in this list are also great for concerts, sporting events, business conferences and more.  With business conferences gaining popularity every day, more and more folks find themselves working to promote and organize those conferences from the ground up.  That means you need a website, but if your expertise is in planning the event, managing the day to day process, creating a website can be a time consuming process.  That’s why a premium WordPress event theme cal help save you time and money.

Mann, WordPress Conference and Events Theme

Mann WordPress Events and Business Theme

Mann is a WordPress theme for events and conferences. There aren’t a lot of themes like this, or perhaps there are? I really haven’t seen a lot that are that close to what this theme delivers, but I haven’t looked at every WordPress theme out there. I certainly know that there are a lot of WordPress themes for events and conferences, things like that, but this one is probably the one that I’ve seen the most recent. I mean, obviously, I’m writing about it right now.

Events and conferences happen all around the world. I’ve even been to a few myself. They can be fun, engaging, uplifting and educational. Sometimes I go to a website about a conference or an event and I think, this website sucks. If you’ve ever done this before, you know the value of a great WordPress template. And you will also note that this theme does not fall prey to the bad design issue. This is a clean and well-organized template that gets the point across the first time. There are special touches in this theme that really make it perfect for events. Of course, you get the scheduling systems to allow people to find out exactly what specific happenings are going on during your conference or business meeting. There are special Pages for any guest speakers that might be appearing at your event. There are plenty more features as well, you’ll just have to go and look for yourself.

We’re still in the process of creating Dynamic and helpful collection of events themes, but I do have a feeling this one ends up making the grade. It’s a high-quality template with all the features and styles you need to make anyone happy. Even if you are the grumpiest event planner in the history of the world, I think that this template is going to change your life. Seriously, it will. Probably, it won’t. It’s just a WordPress name after all. But it is a nice one. Anyway, that’s all for now. Have a great morning, if it’s morning. Or a great day, if it stay. It’s hard to tell when anyone, if anyone, will ever see this, so I guess it doesn’t really matter what I say.

In the mean time, have a look at some of these themes.

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Present Up, WordPress Events Theme

This is an adorable theme that explores new territory. It’s a glorious and righteous WordPress theme of the sparkling design and it has 47 Lamborghinis in its Lamborghini design account. Or something like that. I really do think that it’s a fun and fresh way to create a web page.  All the demo content is included, the designs are fresh and clean, simple and elegant.  For events, this theme helps you do it up right.

This template offers a wealth of features that make it one of the best events templates out there. It’s got events countdowns, tons of contact forms and more. If you are a voracious WordPress consumer, you may really make use of this template. That’s not just a rhetorical statement.

We are still working on Gathering up enough events themes to build a full collection but in the meantime, we do have some other templates that we highly recommend that could be useful to you and you can find those listed below.  Hopefully, you can found something helpful in this collection.  We’ll be back with more very soon.

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Looking for a proper theme to help you announce events, but couldn’t seem to find one? Well, Meeting may just be what you need—and more! Meeting is a WordPress theme that’s designed specifically for events, meetings, meet-ups, summits, workshops, and the like. Created with a professionally written code base, the amazing thing about this is that it is a One-Page theme—which means that depending on the event, you can occasionally change it—so that the people who would visit the “events page” would not be confused. The great thing about this theme is that its visual composer is actually award-winning—which means that you can use over 40 coding elements to create your events page, even if you know nothing about codes!

With the help of Meeting, your imagination would be your limit when it comes to designing and styling your site. With its one-page dynamic menu, you can be sure that providing your followers with information would be easier and more manageable—because you’d be able to provide them with something that won’t need so much attention from them, which could work for you as most people these days have seriously low attention span. An amazing event countdown button is also around—helping you create that much needed sense of importance and urgency that can help make sure people would patronize your events. It also has social icons that make way for easy sharing and promotion of the event; optimized load speed, so that disseminating information would be easy; Tickera integration, which makes ticket-purchasing easy, and even a Google Map interaction that could help people know where the event will be held, how to get there, and the like. Finished with an extremely useful subscribe form + a Twitter and Instagram feed integration, you can be sure that your readers would need to learn more about your business—and your events, too!

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Whether you’re an engaged couple, an event planner, or a wedding entrepreneur, this theme was designed with you in mind. Moments is a stylish and versatile WordPress blog theme that offers several choices of elegantly designed homepages. It’s highly customizable so you can match it with your or your business’s personality. Its strongest points are the powerful admin interface and the broad collection of layouts and pages. Zero knowledge in coding? No worries. This theme doesn’t require you to have any. In just one click, your site can get the exact same look that you see in the demo. Visitors of your page will benefit from the sleek page transitions, retina ready feature, and interactive infographics. For engaged couples who wish to create wedding websites, Moments come with a Guestbook feature, elegant invitation templates, and a pattern for an RSVP contact form.

Weddings are made more beautiful with attention to detail. The same truth applies to websites. With Moments, you get to choose between multiple header designs and actions, loader icons, and side area types. More prettifying yet useful features include the parallax sections, video background sections, custom fonts, and custom sidebars. This way, you can make a website that’s uniquely yours. The attention-grabbing Fullscreen menu works to assist the visitors in immediately understanding what your page is about. Whether you’re announcing your impending nuptials, selling bridal products, or offering your services to engaged couples, you’ll want to bring attention to your photographs. The Mega Menu makes it easy for your virtual guests to locate your gallery, your slider portfolio, and your blog posts. Maximize your rich blog content and promotions by taking advantage of Moments’ Twitter and Instagram feed widgets, Pinterest Portfolio list layout, and Related Posts functionality. What makes this theme truly ideal for wedding vendors is that it’s SEO Optimized and WooCommerce Integrated which means you can turn your page views to revenues without breaking a sweat.

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Like the name implies, the Good Life WordPress theme offers everything you need to stay happy when creating your online presence. Stop struggling with old or complicated templates that are not only difficult to work with but deliver an end result that is less than stunning. This theme offers modern style, the latest technology in page creation and an incredibly user-friendly backend that lets even people with no development knowledge whatsoever build, organize and edit pages with ease. The Good Life WP theme comes complete with several premade demo pages that represent popular industries online: music, blogging, fashion and sports among others. Next, select your favorite style of header from the three creative designs packaged with this theme. On the intuitive control panel, you can easily make more changes to the existing pages. The Good Life WordPress theme comes packaged with Ajax pagination abilities, video playlist elements and over $140 worth of premium plug-ins.

This is truly a complete package of all the tools you need to build an impressive website. With the Good Life WordPress theme, you get a powerful search engine optimization tool called Rankie, a plug-in that allows you to build quizzes and questionnaires to increase page stickiness and get feedback from your visitors and more. People who do have development experience will appreciate the included PSD files. A live preview is available so you can check out all the great features that make the Good Life WordPress theme an excellent choice for your online presence.

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Mercurial is the simplest way to build your new website fast and easy! With its pre-made custom shortcodes, you will be able to create beautiful typographic effects, insert portfolios, skill bars, clients logos, social sharing icons, awesome sliders, pricing tables, build up incredible team pages, or even add your twitter feed in just seconds. This theme is perfect for freelancers, companies, product presentation, events, photographers, or why not even a non-conformistic bloger. Build up your new site however you like by inserting backgrounds or using just simple page colors, set the page dimensions to fullscreen or leave it to content height size, play with colors or font combinations etc. What are you waiting for? Go on and buy it! This theme will change your conceptions about creating a website.

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EDEN is powerful WordPress theme, powered by Qode Slder, with it’s responsive fixed height image or full screen image with dissolve or parallax animations to create cool transitions.  For each slide you can actually decide if the header should be light or dark, which is a level of control that’s nice to have.  There are fully customizable headers, mega-menu and more.  This is a retina multi-purpose WordPress theme with a boat-load of amazing features.  Great for a corporate or personal blog, especially one that highlights events and entertainment.  We really like the video section backgrounds too, which are a surprising and fun touch, something to liven your site up.  This theme, like many, is powered by Visual Composer, so you can drag and drop your way to a new layout in a very short amount of time.  That design flexibility is nice when you need a quick change up to your site’s look.

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Sarraty is multi-purpose responsive and retina ready WordPress theme with tons of features and elements to help you build your website in minutes, it’s built the way you love and we promise that you will say “Wow” after purchasing it, the flexibility of the theme will amaze you, with our powerful options panel you can almost turn on or off every feature in the theme and use the features you need to get the most from Sarraty, and the advanced page builder will make you use your creativity to build any page and give it any look you want. you have unlimited ways to build your website. and everything has been optimised well just for you and your customers.

Massive Dynamic

The Massive Dynamic theme for WordPress websites steals the show as an one-page site builder with features and its many strong, modern and creative components. The administrative backend of this theme offers even the newest non-coder the chance to to develop and restructure professional and polished websites with ease. Massive Dynamic comes packed with multiple addons to help. Revolution Slider and Master Slider allow for gorgeous graphic and video slideshows on any page of the website. Add to Any and other addons all joined to create among the most user friendly interfaces around. Settings can be changed by more than seventy customized shortcodes, add elements such as animated icons with only an easy copy and paste.

The fully receptive and responsive sites created with the Massive Dynamic WP theme appear polished and professional on any screen. No present components of sharp site design were forgotten. Visitors will marvel at the remarkable technology displayed in the most aesthetically pleasing format. Content will convert easily when showcased on such an impressive platform. Huge Dynamic is fully incorporated with Notification Center, which unites e-commerce solutions, portfolio management and new blog posts, and the load-time-friendly Progressive Image Loading to show just what a visitor desires every time.

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E Event, Minimal WordPress Events Theme

E-event WordPress theme is the perfect design choice for individuals or groups who want to spread the news about their personal or professional events. This is highly recommended for those who wish to conduct e-seminars, book debuts and even online parties. Whether your event will be held in the virtual world or in the real world, you’ll love the huge counter, which reminds participants how many days, hours, minutes and seconds the next big event is due. This way, no one will miss their chance to join in. The events are filterable so virtual guests can easily sort through them and find specific activities that interest them. This theme also includes an upcoming events carousel so subscribers will know in advance which dates they should mark on their calendars. If that isn’t enough, E-event also provides you with an events schedule in table form. You get to choose between two great table designs. This comes complete with pertinent info like the name of the event, the date, the time, the host, and the venue. E-event also includes a section where you can introduce the facilitators. For this section, you have four different designs to choose from.

One of this theme’s most outstanding features is the online RSVP form. This way, you can easily anticipate the number of participants for each event. E-event enables you to create informative pricing tables while letting you choose from three excellent designs. Another super cool feature is that E-event lets virtual visitors buy event tickets directly from your website. To avoid wasting your time and theirs, it’s instantly indicated whether tickets are already sold out. Show potential participants just how fun your events can be by using the Gallery and the Blog. The eye-catching layout is extremely responsive so you have an assurance that your site is accessible through multiple gadgets and the quality of the images and videos of your events are preserved.

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