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September 25, 2019

Food!  We all need it, so why not create a whole website dedicated to food, recipes, restaurants and other establishments where food is what it’s all about.  Plenty of people have the same thing in mind, which is why there are so many dedicated WordPress themes for food related sites.

But finding the absolute perfect web template is one of the biggest challenges.  That’s why we’ve created this collection.

We want to highlight the absolute best WordPress themes for food blogs, recipe websites and more.  The themes in this collection are a delicious way to frame your content.  These themes are all responsive, they’re well integrated with social media and they work well with all the premium plugins that you could need to make your content look sharp and get the attention it deserves.

You’ll find that every one of these themes is very flexible, adaptable and easy to use, which is a pretty good thing, since what you want to do is write about food, not fiddle with WordPress settings.

Anyway, here you go the best food and recipe blogs anywhere.


LaHanna Good Recipes WordPresss Recipe Blog Theme

With almost 20,000 sales and counting, laHanna’s developer, which is PixelWars by the way, has created a ton of really popular, well respected and well rated WordPress themes.  Now, their latest theme is called laHanna and it’s a delicious little personal, lifestyle and food recipe blog.  They’re always cooking up something amazing and this theme is certainly no exception.  Released in August of 2018, laHanna is described like this by PixelWars.  For more WordPress recipe blog themes, check this out.

I love the little touches like this one.

It’s an interactive ingredients list where you can tick off the boxes as you add stuff while you’re making your dinner.  There’s nothing worse than adding something twice or, even worse, forgetting to add it at all.  This is a fun, cool way to make sure your recipes get followed properly, making you look like a genius in the process.

Here’s another cool feature…A quick pop-up timer.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Great work by PixelWars on this theme.

So, there you have it, a complete solution for food bloggers, recipe blogs, lifestyle and mommy bloggers.  The laHanna theme is an ‘absolute unit’ as the kids say.  I think they still say that, I have no clue?  If laHanna isn’t what you had in mind, what do you think about these magazine WordPress themes?  That collection has a few dozen different themes and I think it’ll be the go-to source for a lot of people who are looking for a stylish magazine theme for their new or old website.

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Superfood is probably the first theme I added to this collection, because it’s so dedicated to food, it’s great for blogs, restaurants and even grocery stores or specialty co-ops.  Superfood does it’s very best to fit with a lot of different types of food related businesses and I think it does a great job.  Health food stores, ice cream shops, coffee shops and bakeries, just to name a few, are all going to benefit from a well designed and flexible theme like Superfood.  This theme is very easy to use, it requires no coding knowledge to make the most of it.  It’s got a powerful admin panel for customization, it’s got several pre-made demos to help your stuff look fabulous and every demo style can be imported with just one click.

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Foody is a restaurant reservations, food blog and food store web template that a lot of folks are really enjoying.  Foody was built with a very strong code foundation, making it a fast loading, high performance theme.  The reviewers seem to agree, it’s racked up a 4.9 rating overall since it’s release and it’s only growing in popularity.  Foody offers amazing documentation and support, it works perfectly with WooCommerce and it’s got a really nice, modern, responsive style that works perfectly on all devices.  Customization options are critical these days and Foody gives you a lot of ways to connect with your audience.  This is a really strong theme overall and one I think you can grow with.

Check out some more restaurant themes here.

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Salt and Pepper

Looking for that perfect recipe sharing blog web template?  This one might very well be among the best.  Salt & Pepper is a theme that helps you share cooking tips and tricks, recipers, kitchen techniques and must have gadgets for around the kitchen.  Salt & Pepper includes a handy recipe filter, a feature for developing ingredients lists and cooking instructions and methods.  Salt & Pepper allows you to include a lot of information in any recipe that you post too, which keeps the information flowing.  Salt & Pepper comes with a drag and drop layout builder, WP Bakery Page Builder, it’s translation ready and has one click demo installation as an option.  Really solid theme for recipe sites.

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Enoki is a very simple and modern looking WordPress theme, it was built for personal blogs and lifestyle blogs, but I think that those purposes have so much in common food blogs that I’m including it in his collection. This WP theme is very simple to use and simple to set up, the customization options are plentiful as well. It’s going to give you access to a lot of tools that can help you make your content what’s the best that I can look. It provides a distraction-free environment for blogging about any type of food, recipes, lifestyle or personal subject.

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Notumn is a minimalist lifestyle blog theme that has live customize our options to help you see the changes that you’re making on screen before you commit to them. Perfect for food blogs, recipe blogs, lifestyle and even personal blogs, this theme is incredibly simple to use and simple to set up. The resulting website is going to look great on all devices, thanks to the perfect responsive design. If you like a variety of layouts, this theme can provide quite a few, which can help increase user engagement, keeping folks on your website as long as possible.

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Flexblog is fast living, creative and beginner-friendly WordPress theme with a live customizer and plenty of post formats. The combination of features makes it ideal for food blogs and recipe blogs. Considering the different post formats, adding videos or images to your blog is going to be a great way to attract attention to you’re working. One thing I always love to see is those .GIF recipe tutorials and with this theme, you’ll be able to add that type of content with ease.  Cool, right?  Flexblog just works great for everything, thanks to its neutral and attractive design.

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Vanda is highly customizable grid style magazine and blog theme. I think that what it does best of all is present your content in a clear, straightforward way. This can help your visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for every time out. And when they come to your site for one article or post, the clean, stylish layout is bound to make them click through to take a look at even more recipes or posts about food. This is really critical for building an online audience and growing it. This template is perfectly responsive and it looks great on all devices.

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Hanna is first and foremost a lifestyle or fashion blog theme. if you want to use it as a one page template, it works perfectly well. But, most food blogs are certainly going to want to take advantage of the full site layouts. This is a high-performance WordPress theme that adds WooCommerce support so that you can also sell products. Selling kitchen gadgets or other products is going to be as simple as can be and if you are working as a content creator with affiliate marketing, it works just as well for that. Anna has a clean, modern and simple vibe that works great for any type of subject matter.

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Look is very popular fashion and lifestyle blogging theme, the clean and pristine style of it also makes it great for food blogs and recipe blogs. Any sort of lifestyle blogger is going to love the look and layouts that are included with this theme. Look is incredibly simple to set up and simple to customize, making it one of the best choices for food blogs that I have found. The reviews seem to agree with that sentiment, this is among the highest rated WordPress themes out there for any type of personal or professional blogs.

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Setwood is a very creative WordPress blogging theme that has all the features that you need to set up a really solid free blogging website. Keeping in touch with your readers is going to be easier than ever thanks to the fully integrated social media settings. letting folks know about what it is you have to offer is incredibly important, leveraging social media is a great way to help rebuild trust in your website and build up traffic. Keeping people coming back for more is just as important and Setwood is a theme that has such a simple, well-organized layout, it’s going to provide the perfect platform to make sure that your readers find everything that they are looking for on your site.

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Healthy Food

Healthy Food is the name of this a multi-purpose theme and I think that it’s great for restaurants and food blogs, thanks to its full support for WooCommerce. WooCommerce is clearly the best platform for selling products using WordPress and with healthy food, you’ll have one of the better setups I’ve seen yet to help sell those products. Presenting your offerings in a clear, concise way can really help to increase the amount of sales that you got. Adding an attractive blog to the mix is a great way to keep people informed about what you offer and keep them coming back time and time again to see what is now. It’s very important to keep on blogging, even if your traffic isn’t quite where you want it yet. Creating great content is certainly the best way to build your business and with healthy food, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to make it happen.

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Verdure is incredibly clean, minimalist and modern WooCommerce restaurant theme. It has a built-in reservations system that makes it great for cafes and eateries. this theme is also included in our collection of coffee shop themes for WordPress, but it works just as great 40 shops as well. Of course, as with any theme in this collection, creating an attractive blog about food and beverages is what it is best at. Their door is one of those themes that is incredibly simple to use but it provides every future necessary to make a really great website that your readers are going to enjoy.

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The Flavour

The Flavour is adaptable and user-friendly restaurant theme for WordPress. The built-in blog is clean and straightforward, it provides an ideal platform for any type of content, as long as it’s about food. Of course, this theme is so adaptable, it could work for any blog category. But, since it is in this collection, I’m going to highlight exactly what it’s all about in terms of food and drink. The Flavour is very simple to adapt, customize and to make it look just like you want it to look. There are several different pre-made styles included and even more layouts could be created thanks to the drag-and-drop page builder that is included with your download.

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Fresh Food Store and Blog Theme

Fresh is a food blog theme and restaurant theme that has all the features you need to create a really stunning website. keeping people engaged with your content is very important these days, there are tons of different food blogs out there and that level of competition means that you have to bring your a-game to get the attention that your posts deserve. If you are working hard to create fresh new content, making sure that people have easy access to it is very important. Fresh is a theme that keeps that firmly in mind and make sure that your posts and pages look their best.

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Food Stuff

A little different than some of the other themes in this collection, foodstuff is a multi-purpose theme that has a clean and fresh design and it’s really all about selling products. It also has a nice blog set up, but WooCommerce is what this theme is all about. If you are selling kitchen implements, gadgets, devices or something else entirely, this theme can help prevent your products in a really attractive way. The blog that comes with it is well-designed and flexible, highly adaptable and it makes your website look very professional and that can help keep your readers coming back time and time again to see what you have to offer.

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