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Best WordPress Gaming Themes, Clans, Games Reviews and Previews

October 10, 2019
WordPress Gaming Themes

With this collection. we’ve tried to highlight the absolute best WordPress themes for gaming magazines, tutorials, clans and reviews.  There’s a lot of information out there about the newest games, old classics, new developments and more, so finding a great theme to make the most of your content is a critical choice that you’ve got to make.  So much competition!

With these themes, it’s never been easier or more rewarding to craft your own online community, news website or reviews site.  There are plenty of exciting, unique and helpful themes to choose from, but sometimes that can be a bit of an issue in and of itself.  Selecting the right theme can be a challenge.

We’ve decided to wade through thousands of options to find all of the very best gaming themes out there.  These themes have many of the same features that typical premium WordPress templates offer to help you publish content that people are going to want to come back to again and again.  These themes have plenty of pre-made demo styles, layouts and features already built, they’re easy to customize and often offer premium tools as free addons.  But each of these themes is purpose built for the gaming community.

Anyway, here they are, the very best gaming WordPress themes that we could find.

Player X

Player X has entered the game. Player X is a high-powered WordPress theme for online gaming. It’s perfect for eSports and I think that it’s got the type of modern feel that a lot of gamers are going to enjoy. This responsive theme is great for blogs, Clan home pages, game portals and gaming magazines. It’s even ideal for creating a gaming community, thanks to BuddyPress.

Video games are obviously huge business these days and more and more people are want in on the action. They’re going online to find tips, tutorials, walkthroughs, tournament streams and more. This Player X theme has an easy-to-use and powerful administrative interface. There is one click demo data import and a large and growing collection of home and enter page styles to choose from. You’ll get a large collection of custom shortcuts as well and several custom post types. Everything hand crafted for the gaming community.

There are custom post types for matches, match list short codes and a whole lot more. You got several different portfolio styles, several blog styles and a lot of attention getting features. Everything you need to help frame your content in a professional and fun way. Player X also has a high rating, a 4.82 rating on ThemeForest. This is one of the best gaming magazines out there and I think that it could be perfect for your needs.

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Arcane wants to help you build the best gaming website possible and it’s got all the design chops, as well as the features, needed to do just that.  This is about bigtime scale too, the Arcane WordPress theme allows you to go big.  Users can quickly and easily create tournaments, challenge each other, keep track of matches and plenty more.  Arcane is absolutely about building a community and bbPress helps make that happen.  WooCommerce ready, perfectly responsive for great style on all devices, video blocks, parallax blocks and more, this Arcane theme has all the style you could possibly want, yet it never sacrifices functionality.

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Crystal Skull

Ultimately, Crystal Skull is a pretty straightforward magazine theme, but this particular style lends itself to gaming magazine sites specifically.  The design is a little bit funky, the embellishments are modern and even maybe a bit futuristic.  Powered by Visual Composer and offering WooCommerce support, this Crystal Skull theme has tons of features you’ll only find in really high end magazine site.  The reviews feature is a must have for a modern gaming magazine template, allowing you to rate games by multiple criteria.  But your readers can get into the act too, helping to create even more depth of content.  That helps keep your site fresh and helps keep folks coming back for more.  Parallax blocks, video blocks and other cool layout features keep interest levels high, so this theme is great for walkthroughs, reviews, tutorials and more.

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Game Addict


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Are you looking for a theme to improve your gaming blog with action packed reviews? Tesla Theme’s Rhino theme is designed just for your type of blog. Rhino is a modern, fully responsive theme that has been tested to work in all browsers. It is perfect for bloggers who review and rank games. It can also work for game developers who need to release information regularly about the games they are creating. Because gaming is an extremely social industry, Rhino provides bloggers with a bbPress forum integration. You can set up the forum and encourage your users to talk about the games you review in them. By adding this feature, your website will have visitor created content. This adds value to your website even if you do not do the actual content creation.

If people love your content, you can talk them into signing up to your newsletter subscription. The theme also helps you set this up without the need for special subscription plugins. This can become another monetization channel for your blog. The front page is dominated by a slider of posts above the fold. You can add the latest or the featured posts in this area. Just above the fold, the theme also includes a button where you can place a call to action that can lead to a monetization scheme. It uses a static page for your front page so that you can modify your content in this area. However, you can also choose to use the blog posts list in your front page. Game review pages look different from regular posts. Aside from the game description and images, they contain a rating system, pricing tables and impressive visuals to describe the features of the game. The game review page is professionally designed and can be an effective squeeze page for people who want to but the game.

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Exit Game


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