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Best WordPress Gutenberg Themes, Latest Drag and Drop Visual Editor

November 14, 2019
WordPress Gutenberg Themes

Gutenberg is probably the biggest thing to come along in the WordPress world since the original release way back in 2003.  Gutenberg promises to completely revamp the way we use WordPress.  Available as the default post editor as of the release of WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg is a visual page editor that allows you to point, click and edit any element of your posts and pages.

The reviews are in and, quite frankly, Gutenberg isn’t very popular.  A lot of folks believe Gutenberg is unstable, difficult to use, poorly designed, inflexible or worse.  Fortunately, for people who generally dislike Gutenberg, you can always use the classic editor to avoid using Gutenbert.

That said, many folks do enjoy the ability to quickly and easily edit all of the elements on a page or post.  For you, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to the best Gutenberg ready WordPress themes.


This clean, simple and well organized theme is called Gutentype.  If you guessed that this is a Gutenberg ready theme, well, you’re right.  I guess that makes sense since this is the Gutenberg theme collection page, right?  Anyway, no matter what kind of content your website is about, this simple, minimal and fast loading theme can do wonders for presenting any content in a beautiful way that gets attention.  For personal blogs, lifestyle blogs or niche blogging sites, this theme works great.  For instructional websites, for tutorials or media and entertainment bloggers, quizzes and viral content, survey sites or reviews, you’ll have all the tools you need to make an impression.  Gutentype has recently added support for an additional 20 content blog types, which is pretty impressive.  This theme has the Yellow Pencil front end style editor, which is a very easy way to customize your website.  It’s natively WooCommerce ready, easy to manage and very user friendly.

Gutentype is a modern and personal WordPress blog theme that was made to perfectly work hand-in-hand with the Gutenberg page editor to create a clean and fresh look for your blog. This theme is perfect for niche blogs, viral blogs and personal blogs, it’s great for telling inspirational stories and it can even work well for affiliate marketing websites. No matter what industry or niche you’re in, Gutentype can make your blogging life a little bit easier. This perfectly responsive theme looks great on all devices and I think that it’s got enough features to keep anyone happy. There are multiple different pre-built pages, one click demo installation and it includes the powerful theme Rex add-ons for managing custom post types, social media profiles, API keys and more. No matter what language you’re blogging Inn, Gutentype works perfectly. I think that this is clearly one of the better Gutenberg ready WordPress themes out there.

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WordPress is constantly changing, constantly adapting and constantly adding new features and functions to help make your job a little bit easier. One of the newest Creations for WordPress is the Gutenberg editor. Gutenberg is a completely visual style editor that has just arrived on the market and it’s becoming more and more popular as everyday goes by. Just like any other visual page editor, Gutenberg is made for a wide variety of skill sets and levels of experience. Gutenberg does its very best to make building a web page and enjoyable process, even if you’re a beginner. If you’re an expert, there are plenty of different options for you too create a high quality web page. We’ve gathered up all of the very best WordPress themes that support Gutenberg, we hope that you find something that you love.  Mae is absolutely one of those themes.

Mae is a Gutenberg ready WordPress theme for events, conferences and seminars. There’s really no need to limit yourself to just those topics though, this beautiful and fast loading WordPress theme is incredibly flexible. There are multiple different blog layouts, Mae support a variety of post types and the PSD files are included for deep changes, if you should want to make them. This template is fully responsive and optimized for fast page load speeds, there is a beautiful and stylish masonry grid layout and the typography is taken care of by Google fonts, probably the largest and best typography solution out there. You’ll get lifetime updates and plenty of great support with this theme. It’s very simple to build an astonishing layout and cool design, no matter what the topic of your website is.

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Florian is a new breed of Lifestyle blog, it perfectly works with Gutenberg, WordPress is newest visual post editor system, and it’s got a powerful theme options panel to allow you to make any sort of change that you want to in real time. Florian was designed to Showcase your content with style, allowing it to speak for itself. The design will never overshadow your content and the creative space that you are given is a sort of Utopia for fantastic content. If you’ve been wandering around looking for a WordPress theme with unlimited blog Styles and layout combinations, Florian might transport you into a Wonderland that you never imagined was possible. I think it’s encouraging to see so many great looking Gutenberg ready templates and I’m happy to say that this is among the highest rated themes that we’ve reviewed.

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For writers and bloggers who want to get in on The cutting edge of WordPress web design, Forte is a Gutenberg ready theme that has left a lot of people rejoicing. This Magnificent theme doesn’t suffer from a lot of problems that other themes have, it loads up incredibly quickly and looks great on all devices, thanks to its responsive design. There are bold hero areas, video background areas and Jetpack tile galleries to keep things interesting. This theme is SEO optimized for fast page load times and that will help your ranking on the search engines. Looking for a clean gallery or Blog theme to develop a narrative around? This template is all about storytelling, whether it’s visual or verbal, you’re going to have an amazing user experience for every visitor that comes to your website.

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Cluster is a bold new portfolio theme for WordPress that has a very becoming style and a simple back-end that makes it simple to make small or wholesale changes to your website. While this theme is relatively inexpensive, it packs a ton of features under the hood. It’s got a responsive-design from the header to the footer, the home page is completely widget eyes and Cluster was optimized for Retina Display as well. This theme support plenty of different post formats, standard and aside, gallery and image gallery, links, quotes, video and audio as well as status and a unique chat post to type. You can set your background image, or color, and a pacity for the cover at the top of each post, portfolio or page. It really is outrageous in terms of its flexibility. Best of all, it supports Gutenberg 100%.

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Benue is a highly customizable WordPress portfolio theme that fits any Niche. Thanks to full support for Gutenberg, I think this template could be great for any type of creative outlet. Whether you’re a photographer, video maker, an agency or freelancer, even an architect, the simple and minimal style of this theme really gives you a heartwarming amount of customization possibilities. This theme is great for minimal portfolios and with the advent of Gutenberg page editor, your blogging life will never have been easier. You don’t have to be particularly wealthy to afford a great WordPress theme like this, it’s been fascinating to see how many different people have come to really fall in love with this Benue WordPress theme

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Novum is a clean and simple WooCommerce and e-commerce WordPress theme, one of the first that I’ve seen that fully supports Gutenberg. The Gutenberg page editor is a new style of page builder, it allows you to edit blocks right from your homepage or inner pages. Even posts can be just a simple to edit and customize. Simply click on what you want to edit and type away. Gutenberg is very powerful, yet. The Deep integration with the Gutenberg page editor provided by Novum is a real breath of fresh air. With this theme, you’ll find it simple and painless to create a website that looks exactly like you wanted to look and has all of the content that you needed to have. Novum is one of the best WooCommerce ready Gutenberg themes I’ve seen so far.

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