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Best WordPress Lifestyle Blogs

December 2, 2019
WordPress Lifestyle Blog Themes

Lifestyle blogs are all the rage, it seems like everybody is getting into the act.  Our day to day lives are fascinating to other people and if you want to show the world what you have to offer, there’s always room for one more great lifestyle blogger.  There’s a lot you can learn from the best lifestyle bloggers and if you want to get into the act yourself, you’re going to need a fantastic WordPress theme that helps to get you started.

We’ve searched the web to gather up all of the absolute best lifestyle blog themes, each and every one of them packed with outstanding features and incredible design.  These are the most flexible and easy to use themes around, giving your readers a great first impression and keeping them coming back for more.  These themes make blogging easier, thanks to all of the features you have at your disposal.  These stylish themes are all responsive, flexible and easy to customize.  We only gather up themes with fantastic support too, so if you need help customizing your website, the developers will stand behind their products 100% of the time.

So, here we go, the absolute best WordPress lifestyle blog themes anywhere.

Elaine, Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme


Elaine calls itself a natural oasis. This theme is described as the perfect choice for all healthy lifestyle lovers. I tend to agree, and I believe that the flat and beautiful designs that are provided with this theme could make it perfect for a healthy lifestyle blog, nutrition and fitness blog, yoga studio, Wellness Center, skin care company or Cosmetics sales site.

This theme is responsive and well-documented, offers one click import and fast support if you should need it. All inquiries or responded to quickly and professionally and the support team is always there to help. Elaine comes packaged with a collection of gorgeous shop lists and single product pages that enable you to create an online shop quickly and efficiently.

Elaine is perfectly responsive, so no matter what device your readers use to access your site, it’s going to look amazing. There is a large collection of very helpful short codes, a bunch of different home and inner pages to choose from, there is a restaurant menu list shortcode, working hours shortcode, reservations for me and plenty more. All of these short codes and all of the other features included in this theme helped you to make a fantastic website.  Imagine how clean and elegant your healthy foods restaurant website could look with Elaine?

There’s a lot of competition out there in the lifestyle magazine world, so A beautiful looking theme like Elaine can make all the difference in the world. If you ain’t is not quite the WordPress theme that you had in mind, we’ve gathered up plenty of other amazing templates that you might be interested in. If you’re looking for a personal WordPress blog theme we’ve got a massive collection of the best themes available. We constantly update all of our collections so you will have a tremendous selection of themes to choose from.

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The Essentialist, Simple WordPress Lifestyle Blog Theme

Essentialist honestly has one of the best looking minimalist designs I’ve ever seen. This really helps keep the focus of your reader on your content and if you are lifestyle blogger who really wants to engage with your audience, that is critical component of having a successful blog. This theme was built for smooth storytelling, there’s a really natural flow of typography, videos and images. The way you tell your story is often as important as the story itself, that’s what the themes developer wants to remind you. The centralist has a real focus on typography and simple, distraction-free layouts. That can really help to create an engaging narrative. It’s not just the design that is clean and simple, the code behind this theme is well-crafted for fast page load times. I think that lifestyle blogs can really benefit from a theme like this one.

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Elletta, Clean, Modern Lifestyle Blogging Theme

Elletta is a Blog and magazine theme that fully supports woocommerce as well. For lifestyle bloggers who want to have the option to sell products, in addition to blogging, this theme is a fantastic choice. It’s incredibly simple to install and configure your new web page, you’ll get a very flexible layout, multiple header types, several different blog layouts and a variety of different footer Styles as well. Lifestyle blogs often have posts in different formats, that’s why this is a theme offers you 6 different formats. There are quotes, links, galleries, audio, video and the traditional standard post to type. The theme customizer is very simple to use and there is an events calendar included, fully responsive design and this SEO friendly theme is well supported by the developer.

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Noemi, WordPress Theme for Lifestyle Bloggers

Noemi is a clean and inspired WordPress lifestyle Blog theme that ranks among the most popular on the internet. This thing was built to emphasize your creative individual nature, there are multiple blog layouts that can satisfy even the pickiest blog master or blogger. With a variety of post layouts, that are options and further options, you will have a wide variety of designs to choose from. The support delivered by the themes developer is fast and reliable, this theme is well-documented and Incredibly simple to set up. Once you are up and running, the advanced theme options panel and makes fast work of any sort of customization that you want to achieve. This clean and pure lifestyle Blog theme is modern and beautiful great for an elegant presentation of all sorts of content.

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Authentic, Minimalist Lifestyle Blog Theme

If you want to surround yourself with the most tools possible for building an amazing website, Authentic could be the lifestyle blog for you. This is a Blog and magazine combination theme, is sports WooCommerce and as a certain style that is really appealing. It’s fashionable and modern, Simple and Clean. There are multiple different demo Styles included, each one giving a slightly different feel and none of them lacking in features. It can be difficult to find truly premium lifestyle blogging theme, but this is certainly one of them. This template has a perfect rating on the most popular WordPress market, ThemeForest, and it’s sold over 3700 times, making it among the most popular themes out there. With the abundant features and a very organic Style, Relentless support and thorough documentation, Authentic is certainly among the best themes in this niche.

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Clementina, WordPress Theme for Lifestyle Blogs

Clementina is a lifestyle, fashion and travel blog with a blind dedication to outstanding style and terrific features. Just theme is not overly decorated with stylistic flourishes, it’s taking a real minimalist approach to your content. That allows your readers to arrive on your website and find exactly what they want right away. The navigation is clear-cut and easy to manage. For creating an elegant lifestyle or fashion blog theme, personal or minimal travel blog or something else entirely, this theme is clean as a whistle. Clementina is well supported and well-documented, it loads up fast and looks great on all devices, thanks to its responsive design.

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Extra, Lifestyle Magazine WordPress Theme

Extra is a WordPress theme of from elegant themes, one of the best developers out there. This scintillating design is magazine theme that I think does double duty as a perfectly productive lifestyle blog template. With a clean and flat design, Extra puts your content at the Forefront of your readers attention. This is fully responsive theme offer is ratings and reviews, that’s a really neat feature to offer on a lifestyle blog, if you happen to include occasional reviews of products. Another great aspect is the support for e-commerce, setting up a shop shouldn’t be a difficult task with the Extra WordPress theme. With this template, you’ll build a productive and attractive lifestyle blog that no one will soon forget.  Created by Elegant Themes, extra has a lot going for it in terms of support from the developer. Elegant themes is one of the very best out there, if you’re a beginner, I think that that can be a real selling point.

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Look, WordPress Theme for Lifestyle Blogs

Look is the name of this WordPress theme, a very popular choice for lifestyle bloggers over the last couple of years. It’s very simple to see why, it’s packed with features and completely unique demos. I wouldn’t exactly call this theme in the most in style, it’s got a real Flair for the dramatic. But that’s not to say that the design overshadows your content, you’ll be able to really engage with your audience with the simple presentation of any topic of conversation. Lifestyle bloggers shouldn’t accept a theme that doesn’t have all the features that they want, and I think that this template offers them. There’s one click demo import, WooCommerce integration and plenty of different styles to choose from to get you set up fast. Speaking of fast, this theme is optimized for Speed, helping your search engine rankings. This is a really agreeable theme to use, it will never be annoying to customize and the support offered by the developer is grand. I think this is an exciting option for any lifestyle blogger.

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Robin, Pastel Colored Lifestyle Blog Theme

This theme is just a little different.  Robin is a cute and colorful WordPress theme for Creative lifestyle bloggers. This theme hasn’t really distinct, feminine style that lends itself perfectly to handmade Goods, illustrations and other sorts of hobbies. Robin is Gutenberg optimized, the newest Trend in WordPress page building design. With the robin WordPress theme, you’ll be able to craft a responsive website that looks fantastic on all devices, I pretty and simple, sweet and creative lifestyle blog, cooking blog or craft blog website. The support is fantastic, the documentation is thorough and the style is amazing, all of that combined is probably why this team has a perfect rating on a ThemeForest.

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Hannah, WordPress Theme for Lifestyle Blogs

Created for fashion bloggers and lifestyle bloggers who want to share their latest news and Adventures, Hannah is a WordPress theme that is beautiful, clean and modern. This responsive template is great for a blog or magazine, even a one-page site or landing page. Of course, lifestyle blogs probably won’t have just a single page, that’s not much of a lifestyle. Hannah is on equal to in terms of its clean style and customization options. You will always feel welcome with this theme, as will your readers. The first impression that you will give people is going to be amazing, and that can help people coming back for more. It’s a warm and inviting theme that is kind-hearted and outstanding in terms of the user experience that it delivers. Support is excellent and documentation is also strong.

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Setwood, Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme

Setwood is a clean at user-focused blogging Shop theme that is great for lifestyle blogs. There are plenty of different layout options to create a harmonious experience. You get a stupendous amount of custom widgets, that helps you get your blog up and running quickly. This design is enchanting, suitable for fashion blogs, travel blogs, food or lifestyle blogs. If you’re into crafts, creative work like photography, SetWood has a clean and professional design that is going to deliver a wealth of positive feelings to all of your readers. Built on the Rock Solid underscores framework, this theme loads up quickly on all devices and it has a dazzling array of customization options to keep everyone happy.

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Norway, WordPress Theme for Lifestyle Blogging

Norway focuses squarely on readability, it is a simple and easily customized WordPress theme with detailed documentation and Big Time support. If you want to create a website that is simple but engaging, this is a really good option. The images on the front page or quite prominent, but text is really where it’s at for a lifestyle blog. I think that with the right images and your fascinating stories about your lifestyle, this template could deliver on its promise of being one of the best lifestyle blog templates after. You’ll appreciate customization options and you will be exuberant about the support, if you should happen to run into issues with this thing. There’s an abundant amount of stimulating features to help make this one of the better lifestyle blogs around.

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Blissard, Minimalist Theme for Lifestyle Writers

Blissard is a really fun WordPress theme, it’s clean and simple and ideal for personal websites. You will be able to deliver an experience for your readers that is both familiar and original, the layout is slightly different than anything I’ve ever seen, but it does have all of the classic design elements that you’d expect from a well-made WordPress theme. I think the design is courageous, it’s a pleasure to look at. It’s also a pleasure to edit and customize your website, the customization process is Tastefully done and very simple, even for beginning that users. You shouldn’t have to act in eyes over making changes, it should be very simple and straightforward. This theme provides that and more.

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Glam Pro, Glamorous Lifestyle Blog Theme

Let’s get glam with this cool looking, soft, dainty and distinctly feminine WordPress theme.  Create a glamorous site that attracts the maximum amount of attention possible with this alluring, graceful and bewitching WordPress theme.  With exquisite code, superb support and exhaustive and exact documentation, the Glam theme may be a perfect choice for ladies who need a website that’s clean, smooth loading and jam-packed with tons of features.  Blogging with a theme like Glam is completely painless, the enormous level of potential custom options is staggering.  With widgets and addons, you’ll be adding nearly infinite functionality at your whim.

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CheerUp, Blog, Magazine & Travel WordPress


If you’ve been bummed out about your search for a lifestyle blog WordPress theme, it may be time to cheer up. that may be the single lamest thing that I’ve ever written on this entire blog. That said, cheer up is a premium quality magazine with an Elegant style and extreme amount of flexibility. Cheer up gives you of 1000 different possible layout combinations, thanks to its mix and match design style. this is a goodie bag ready theme that is incredibly highly rated, popular and flexible. This theme works perfectly with accelerated mobile pages, giving your readers a great experience on mobile devices. This fast loading, well-designed and bold theme could be great for just about any type of lifestyle content. If you are looking for a high-performance theme, this one is definitely going to be in the mix.

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Rima, Personal Blog WordPress Theme



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Fallsky, Lifestyle Magazine Theme with Shop



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Hawthorn, A WordPress Blog & Shop Theme



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TheGem, Creative High-Performance WordPress Theme



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Shout, Blogging WordPress Theme



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Matilda,  Lifestyle Minimal WordPress Blog Theme



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Marni, WordPress Lifestyle Blog & Shop Theme



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Soledad, Multi-Concept Blog Magazine WordPress Theme



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Blggn, A Responsive Blog & Shop WordPress Theme



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