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Best WordPress Lookbook Themes for Fashion and Style Inspiration

December 4, 2019
Lookbook WordPress Themes

A lookbook is a portfolio of photographs compiled to Showcase a new clothing line, an up-and-coming stylist, photographers work or a models portfolio. Bloggers or video bloggers will often model their newest fashionable looks for that month or season. It gives your readers a great set of ideas of new outfits and how to dress sharply. Look books are particularly popular with fashion bloggers who want a great way to present new looks and meal ideas. When you are looking to set up a lookbook website, these fashion Diaries are an amazing way to present your ideas to your readers. They can even be used to craft a cool looking artist or designers portfolio. There’s really no limit to what you can achieve with a great-looking lookbook theme and WordPress.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, create but unique and attractive visual style that helps to build your brand, these fashion blog and lookbook website templates or a fantastic place to start. Bloggers can mix and match Styles and features to create the block design that you are looking for. This collection is a fantastic place to start and we will continue to add new themes to it as often as we can.

For more simple and elegant fashion themes, our collection of premium themes is a great place to have a look for more great looks that can be used as fashion diaries or lookbook portfolios.  No matter what type of fashion you’re blogging about, that collection has a lot to offer.

This is our collection of the best look book themes for fashion and style inspiration. What’s a lookbook anyway? Well, all the lookbook is is a collection of photographs gathered together to show the newest, trendiest clothing lines, photography portfolios, the newest stiles and seasonal trends, or the work of a particular model.

Bloggers or video bloggers will showcase the most fashionable looks for a month or a season, even a year. It’s a very visual way to give readers an idea on how to put together great looking outfits or to give people a bit of inspiration for picking some new clothing. some people call these websites fashion diaries, that’s because bloggers are updating them on a daily or weekly basis. That keeps things very fresh and keeps readers really engaged. Some of these bloggers can become real influencers in the world of fashion, gaining throngs of faithful followers on sites like Instagram or Snapchat.

But selecting the proper web template is the first step in building a successful lookbook website. We have gathered up quite a number of the absolute best WordPress themes for look books and review them to ensure that they are the highest quality. That’s what this collection is all about, some of the finest lookbook templates around. Hopefully you find a lot of great inspiration that can be helpful to you as you build your business.

Divi, Drag and Drop Lookbook WordPress Theme

Divi is an incredibly popular WordPress theme, it is one of the best selling themes on the planet. That’s because of its incredible flexibility and the number of features that it offers. With Divi, you can use the Divi page builder to drag-and-drop content blocks anywhere on the page. You can simply click and type to adjust text, drag things where you want them, make Minor adjustments or major ones. if you don’t want to get into the whole hands-on approach, there are thousands of pre-made designs to choose from. Just download one and install it, you’ll be on the road to building a great-looking lookbook website within just a few months.

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Prequelle, WordPress Fashion Shop Theme for Lookbooks

Prequelle, Beautiful, Elegant and Modern Woo-Commerce Theme

Looking for a modern and elegant lookbook theme for WordPress?  Look no more!   Prequelle is here and it’s a slim and trim WordPress theme with a nice, clean and modern style that’s perfect for fashion bloggers, online shops and lookbook portfolio websites.

This Prequelle theme features an Ajax powered shopping cart with user wishlist, store locatior, product quickview, order tracking and more.  All the features any powerful online shop should offer.  This theme helps with high conversion rates as well.  Overall, it’s a quality theme at a reasonable price, considering the multitude of features offered.

If the Prequelle theme is a little too clean and minimalist for your tastes, our full collection of lookbook themes has a lot more to choose from. I’m certain that you’ll find something that you like in that collection, we have done our very best to only I like the biggest and best themes out there. These are the themes with the most features and the best support, the highest rated themes that have a wide variety of different styles. There’s a little something for everyone, so have a look and let us know what you think.

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Tonda, Fashion and Style Inspiration Theme

This is Tonda.  Tonda is a responsive WordPress theme that makes for an awesome lookbook.  Presenting content in a stylish and professional way, that’s important for any site.  It’s particularly important for the fashion industry.  Tonda is ideal for building collections of fashionable items, giving a clear presentation.  That allows your readers to get the message that you’re trying to get across. Perfect for retailers and artists alike.  Tonda offers 6 different home pages and nine inner pages.  Each page is customizable to suit the look and feel of your side. Branding is important and Tonda is a WordPress theme that helps achieve that lofty goal. Tonda is also an elegant eCommerce theme.  Creating a lookbook for your own fashion line and selling products is well within your grasp.

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Rango, Premium Fashion Store and Hype Theme

Rango has what it takes to build an amazing lookbook website.  Rango includes 20 gorgeous demo sites to get you started right.  Rango is responsive, Gutenberg ready lookbook ready theme that has multiple blog layouts.  You also get several portfolio layouts and lots of flexibility.  You’ll be able to craft any sort of fashion diary or fashion blog website using these premade demos. With WooCommerce compatibility, you can set up shop to sell your products as well. This is a fantastic feature and something that you will appreciate. This theme is mobile friendly and looks fantastic on all devices.

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Cariana, eCommerce Theme for Modeling Clothing Lines


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Gifts Shop, Fashionable Gift Shop WordPress Theme


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Fashow, Fashion Blog and Lookbook Theme for WordPress


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Janice, Feminine WordPress Lifestyle Blog Theme


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Jayla, Hot Looks and Fashionable Inspiration Theme


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Gentshop, Men’s Fashion Inspiration Theme


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Bewear, Clean, Modern Theme for Showcasing the Best Fashion Looks


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Lookbook, WordPress Theme for Showing off Seasonal Fashions

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Prequelle, Minimalist WordPress Trends and Fashion Theme


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Claue, WordPress Theme for Highlighting Latest Fashion Looks


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Osapa, Lookbook Store and Online Fashion Shop


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Slikk, Men’s and Women’s Fashion Line Blog and eCommerce Store


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Ayvo, Clean, Attractive Lookbook Theme for WordPress


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Mezmerize, Visual WordPress Theme for Contemporary Shops


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Divi, WordPress Lookbook and Fashion Theme

Created by Elegant Themes, Divi is a multipurpose theme that has many different styles that could work great as a lookbook style portfolio.  Divi gives you the ability to drag and drop content anywhere on the screen, allowing you the flexibility to develop your website at the way you want to. Divi is one of the best teams around for blending functionality with Incredible style. That balance is all important and elegant themes that certainly done a great job of blending the two with this theme. Divi certainly understands all the needs of the blocker and the reader alike. It allows anyone, even WordPress beginners, to craft a professional-looking website that delivers an amazing user experience. The design is very modern, helping you share your passion for fashion. Divi has been translated into dozens of different languages and more or being added every month. The theme even supports right to left text, great for languages like Hebrew or Japanese. Everyone who visits your website will certainly appreciate the attention to detail and the amount of different features offered by this gorgeous, full-featured WordPress theme.

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Tonda, WordPress Fashion Lookbook Theme

Tonda is a responsive WordPress theme that does a great job of presenting content in a stylish and professional way. This theme is great for building collections of fashionable items and displaying them in a way that is incredibly clear for your readers to get the message that you’re trying to get across. Ideal for retailers and artists alike, this theme offers 6 different home pages and nine inner pages, each one fully customizable to suit the look and feel of your side. Branding is very important and Tonda is a WordPress theme that helps achieve that lofty goal. Tonda is also an elegant eCommerce theme oh, it’s something that you will appreciate if you are creating look books for your own fashion line.

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Rango, Fashionable Look Book WordPress Theme

With over 20 gorgeous Demo sites included with your download, Rango is responsive, Gutenberg ready lookbook theme that has multiple blog layouts, multiple portfolio layouts and the flexibility to craft any sort of fashion diary or fashion blog website. With WooCommerce compatibility, you can set up shop to sell your products as well. This is a fantastic feature and something that you will appreciate. This theme is mobile friendly and looks fantastic on all devices.

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Cariana, Simple Lookbook WordPress Template

Cariana is a woocommerce ready lookbook theme that was designed for fashion, jewelry, cosmetics and other beauty products. If you want a beautiful style for your website, picking the right theme is critical. A great fashion blog or a lookbook website, it’s more than just writing. Savvy bloggers understand, images are all important. That’s why this theme does such a great job of giving you a glossy look for your content, I feel that really helps develop a great user experience. Monetizing your website is something that you are likely to want to do, this theme gives you plenty of options on how to do that. Whether it’s affiliate links or AdSense, Cariana perfectly fits in with what you are trying to achieve.  If you’d like to have a greater selection of WooCommerce ready WordPress themes, check out this collection.

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Gifts Shop

Gifts Shop, Lookbook Theme with WooCommerce

Gifts Shop is a title WordPress theme, it’s got a bit of a simple and minimalist style, but this content focused blog is perfect for assembling sets of products into a great-looking lookbook. You seeing other websites that do this, this particular theme is especially well-suited for gift-giving inspiration and holiday product sales. If you are an affiliate blogger, offering a great user experience like the one delivered by Gifts Shop is a great place to start. You’ll need a theme that is SEO friendly and highly functional, easy to customize and easy to adapt to fit your needs, that’s what this theme is all about.

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Fashow, Feminine Fashion and Lookbook Portfolio

Fashow is a portmanteau of fashion and show, which does a lot to explain exactly what this theme is all about. It’s a simple looking WordPress theme with a heavy dose of sleek, sexy Style. The design heavily emphasizes the white space on your page, perfectly accentuating your content and products. If you’ve got great design ideas, you need to present them in a great way. Really helps your posts stand out from the crowd. There’s a lot of competition out there and providing a great user experience is important, which is why this theme perfectly responsive to look great on all devices, giving everyone an equal opportunity to appreciate the collections that you put together.

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Janice, Feminine Personal Blog Theme

Hello Janice.  Janice is a neat looking, simple and minimal lifestyle blog theme that works great as a personal blog.  This theme has enough going for it to work well for any type of personal blog, lifestyle blog, fashion or travel blogging site or to share any sort of written content, frankly.  What do you get with Janice?  Well, there’s one click demo data import, which is always a solid thing.  Getting started fast and organized, that’s a great place to start, right?  Right.  That includes all of the multiple homepage designs that are included.  Below is just one of these premade designs and I think it’s a really interesting style.

Janice works hand in hand with WooCommerce to help provide everything you need to set up an online shop too, selling your products in style.  For content marketers, this theme has a massive amount of potential.  The tools are there to give you a real leg up in designing a site that appeals to everybody.  Mobile devices are all the rage and Janice works great for them.  There’s an advanced theme options panel, fully responsive design and a user-friendly method for customization.  It’s all there.  Janice is one of a number of beautiful WordPress blog themes that might be of interest to you.  Janice is just one of the dozens of themes that I believe could be great for any sort of personal blog website.

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Jayla, Modern, User Friendly Lookbook and Blog

If you’ve been on the hunt for an incredibly captivating theme that loses style and really delivers an awesome look for your content, look no further than Jayla. Jayla has an incredible attention to detail and that really shows with each of the demos that the developer has created. There are multiple unique shop layouts and plenty of features to make this seem as flexible as can be. Lookbook sites tend to be very image heavy, which is a good thing, considering fashion is all about looks. This theme offers multiple different blog layouts, portfolio layouts and home page layouts as well. If you’d like to change things up, you can use the included drag-and-drop page builder to further customize the look and feel of your side. The sky is the limit with this Jayla WordPress theme.  For more amazing personal blog themes, this collection is the place to start your search.

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Gentshop, Masculine Fashion Lookbook

GentShop is a menswear lookbook theme that includes WooCommerce support to help you set up a great-looking shop. This is an attractive theme, it’s got a hint of understated Elegance that does a fantastic job of helping showcase your fashion Concepts. As far as WooCommerce is concerned, a few things have more features and functionality to offer than GentShop. GentShop gives you three different clean homepage Styles, supports Mega menu and quick view products and even has wish list and comparison features. The lookbook page is a really great way to present your portfolio of designs. It may be simple to look at, but the amount of features make this a fully loaded WordPress theme that can certainly do the job of making your website look its best.

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Bewear Lookbook eCommerce Theme

Bewear is a clean and modern fashion theme that allows fashion bloggers and designers to create a fashion diary to Showcase all sorts of products and a variety of collections. This team is ideal for just about any sort of fashion related website and it’s stylish support for WooCommerce is an added bonus. Bewear is clean and modern, with two different homepage styles a really unique lookbook or collection page template included. This highly visual page really presents the things that you have created or found on the internet in a professional and stylistic way. Bewear is well supported and well-documented, easy to set up and just as easy to customize.

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Lookbook, Classic Fashion Blog and Portfolio

Lookbook is a fashion shop theme for clothing, accessories, fashion blogs and lookbook showcases. This is theme maybe simple to look at it, and maybe that is exactly what you are looking for. Not all fashion blogs need to be packed with design ideas, letting your fashion collections do the talking is oftentimes even more important than an overly stylish website. Lookbook does a great job of blending typography with images to allow your posts and pages to shining through. If you are blogging about fashion advice, clothing trends and the fashion industry in general, the powerful and highly specific features offered by lookbook or a great platform for building up your readership. There are multiple blog and portfolio styles and tons of other great features that help this team achieve greatness.

Here’s our collection of portfolio themes for WordPress. It’s a wonderful assembly of high quality themes to make your projects look fantastic.

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Prequelle, Minimalist Theme for Fashion lookbooks

Prequelle is a modern, elegant WooCommerce theme with nine different pre-made demo styles to choose from. This is theme is ready for business right after installation, you can set up your website and set up a great-looking online shop to go with it within just a few minutes. This theme includes extended features like product quick view, drop down cart, login pop-ups, wish lists and plenty more. Designed to be simple, this theme looks the part, it’s got a clean and crisp, modern style that works great for all sorts of fashion. It’s important to deliver a great user experience and that is what the Prequelle WordPress theme promises and delivers on.

This theme has a true minimalist style, which means it would fit perfectly with our collection of minimal WordPress themes.  Check those out for more inspiration.

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Prequelle, Minimalist Theme for Fashion lookbooks

Claue is a theme that was built to function as both a high quality blog, alluring portfolio and responsive woocommerce based eCommerce website. Claue is packed with plenty of powerful plugins to help you create a versatile shop that your readers are going to appreciate. This team is well designed and well developed, the results basically speak for themselves. You got 10 different gorgeous demos and a powerful theme options panel to help customize your website. The bundled plugins are a great value, giving you access to visual composer, the lookbook plug-in and woocommerce variation swatches. It’s a really solid set of add-on tools to help you create a great-looking website.

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Osapa, WordPress Lifestyle Blog and Lookbook

Osapa has a clean, strong design that makes it great for minimalist fashion blogs and fashion diary websites. Fashion bloggers who appreciate a clean, well-organized layout are going to absolutely love the gorgeous demos that are included with this Gutenberg ready theme. There are a multitude of different woocommerce add-ons included to help set this theme apart, allowing you to build a trendy website that your readers are going to love. There is a 360 degree product viewer, powerful Ajax retail filters and Ajax powered shop pages, not to mention other Hindi tools to help you get at the task of blogging faster than ever before. This theme gives you one quick demo import, it is fully Gutenberg ready and even works with WC Marketplace, Dokan and WC Vendors to allow you to set up a multi vendor Marketplace site.

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Slikk Fashion Line and Lookbook WordPress Theme

Slikk is unattractive, slightly masculine Blog theme that is great for publishing lookbook portfolios, collections of fashionable products and presenting your content in an organized and professional way. This theme has plenty of style and just as many features, allowing you to create a great-looking Ecommerce quickly and efficiently. This theme has plenty of different inner pages, several different homepage styles and the dedicated lookbook template is a beautifully stylish way to feature be content that you value most. It’s very important to have a highly visual website, especially in the fashion blogging world. Slikk gives you just that, offering a wonderful way to create a fully responsive add Dynamic website that everyone is going to get a great benefit from.

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Ayvo WordPress eCommerce Theme for Fashion Lines

Ayvo gives you a great-looking flat design to help organize all of your products and services, letting readers see your latest fashion ideas write up close and personal. Ayvo allows you to quickly and easily adapt your website to you’re content. It’s responsive and retina ready theme is an awesome way to present any sort of fashionable posts and Pages. Your images will pop off the screen, this modern and stylish template is losing with style and that can really help make a great first impression.

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Mezmerize, WordPress Theme for Lookbook Portfolios

Mezmerize uses a well-organized grid layout to present your portfolio and I think that that makes this theme ideal for books. The front page is a little different than many of the others in this collection, it’s incredibly straightforward and uses masonry grid to display all of your content elements. It’s an enticing design that I think is a great way to introduce what it is that you are blogging about it. This likely theme offers premium levels of features though, it’s not just a simple, humble theme. There are multiple different layout options, custom widgets are included and there are a variety of sidebar looks that you can used to create a custom feel for your site. Completely responsive, SEO friendly and giving you access to all of the current Google fonts, Mezmerize is a theme that can really help make your posts look their best.

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