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December 3, 2019

If you’re looking to get into the world of magazine publishing, you’re going to want to have a look at this collection of the best WordPress magazine themes on the web.  We’ve found some incredible themes as we’ve gone on a hard target search for the very best we could find.  Every single one of these themes uses WordPress as the platform to help you create a really great user experience for your visitors.  WordPress is the best content management system for blogging and that carries over to magazine type websites too, which makes a lot of sense, since the two are very closely related.

But where do you start?  There are thousands of magazine themes for WordPress out there.  Some are fantastic and others, not so much.  Sometimes it can be difficult to pick the good from the bad, which is why we’ve created this collection of the absolute best magazine themes anywhere.  Some of these themes are geared toward entertainment news, some for politics or sports stories.  Some are fashion magazines and some are simply for gossip or viral content.  What they have in common is this, all of these themes are completely responsive and completely customizable, even for a beginner.  The vast majority offer hundreds of font choices, unlimited color schemes, widgets, plugins and addons to help make your experience a rewarding one.


With the Divi WordPress theme, you can build anything that you can’t imagine visually. That includes a high-quality magazine website. With real-time design, each and every change that you make to your website will be shown instantly. You can simply click and type into any area of the page, there’s no need to open up your settings panel and add text content. Just click anywhere you want and start typing away. This is a really unique and Innovative way to build an online magazine website. Each and every element on the page is completely customizable and you can organize your content anyway you see fit. This response is editing even allows you to apply custom changes to see specific breakpoints for mobile devices. There are dozens of different content elements, you can Import and Export your layouts and even get started with some of the pre-made layouts that are included with the Divi theme. I think this template is ideal for all sorts of online magazines and thousands of others agree. This is one of the most popular templates available for good reason.

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Pixwell, Clean, Clear, Minimal and Modern Magazine

Recipe – Pixwell Theme Demos

Pixwell is one of the most popular themes to come along in fall of 2019 and I think it’s a combo of the features and the design that’s made people stand up at attention to look harder at what this theme can do.

Pixwell is incredibly simple to use and simple to customize. I’m really stunned by just how popular this theme has been since its original release. It’s only been out for about 2 weeks and yet it’s closing in on a hundred sales. I think that people can really see the value in this template. This theme supports Ruby composer and the Elementor page builder. that will mean that your theme will be very simple to use even if you are a new user of WordPress. It’s flexible and you can build anything with it.

This theme features a creative and striking design, perfectly balancing a gorgeous layout and visual hierarchy. There are unlimited layouts, tons of different custom elements in each of the demos are unique. You can mix and match all of the different demos to create a site that is exactly like you wanted to be. This fully responsive theme is SEO optimized for fast paid load times and that can really help with your SEO efforts.  I really like this theme and I’m definitely not alone. It’s already racked up a few dozen downloads and folks who have reviewed Pixwell seem to enjoy it.

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Papr, Modern WordPress Theme for Online Magazines

Papr News Magazine WordPress Theme

Looking for a WordPress magazine theme that is user-friendly, fast loading, flexible and ready to grow as your website grows and gains traffic? Have a look at Papr. This is one of the biggest hits to come on the scene in late 2019. Ideal for newspapers, magazines, news agencies and personal or lifestyle blogs, Papr is one of those themes that has so much going for it it’s hard to know where to start to describe it. I absolutely love the clean, flat design and the fact that it comes bundled with elementor, one of the best drag-and-drop page builder setups around. Speaking of selling up, the theme developer promises a 1-minute setup, multiple modern and unique layouts and quite a number of different pre-built pages, including a wide variety of post layouts.

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The Issue

The Issue is a classic WordPress news and magazine theme that pulls double duty as a highly attractive personal blog theme.  Nice!  There are a lot of great features I’d like to point out, letting you know why I recommend this theme so highly.

The issue is a very versatile magazine WordPress theme that also works great for personal blogs. With about 500 sales so far in just a few months on the market, this theme has proven to be quite popular. It’s also got a perfect 5-star rating. You can’t do any better than that. Why is this theme so highly rated? Well, it has a wide variety of pre-built demo designs, travel, lifestyle, personal blog and food blogs being among the most popular demo designs, but there’s even more going for it. This theme maybe a Blog theme at heart, but it also supports WooCommerce, allowing you to set up a clean and attractive online shop.

There are nine different article Styles, 8000 post variations, strong social media integration, 10 hairstyles, 10 custom widgets, light box galleries, smart lists and a multitude of typography options. If you are setting up a website for reviewing products, this theme has two different reviews styles the Showcase whatever it is that you have reviewed. Advertising is more important than ever on blog and magazine sites, which is why this template includes several different options for making a little bit of money off of your hard work and your traffic.

If you’re still in the market for a blog theme, head over to our personal blog WordPress themes collection, which is a huge and growing list of the best themes around.  We’ve separated the great from the okay themes and put them into one handy list where you can see the highest rated, most user friendly and most attractive personal blog themes anywhere.    We’re all about WordPress and finding the right theme is what we’re here to help you do.  If you find something that you love, and it’s not in our collection, please let us know about it.

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Daily Post

This theme is called Daily Post, it’s a clean and modern WordPress news magazine theme that should really get more attention, which is why I’m highlighting it today.  Created by Tesla Themes, this theme reminds me a bit of the Extra theme by Elegant Themes, which you can see in our collection of premium WordPress themes.  It’s pretty similar, though there are distinct differences.

Tesla always does a great job of coding their themes and Daily Post continues that trend.  Here’s a look at the front page.  It’s clean, it’s simple and it’s got a really wonderful layout that helps make your content incredibly readable.  If you’d like to see some more WordPress themes for magazines, check out the rest of our collection below.  We keep adding to it constantly, so you’ll certainly find something you like in that collection.  We’ll be back soon with more amazing WordPress themes.

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Extra, by Elegant Themes, is a WordPress magazine theme built with the Divi page builder plugin and it’s one of the most popular themes on the market.  Extra is clean, classic, has an alluring flat style design that causes your articles to practically jump off the page.  With Extra, you get the power of the Divi page builder too, allowing for infinite variety to your page layouts.  Just drag and drop content blocks where you want them to find that perfect design.  Finding the proper theme, that can be a challenge when you’re starting your new eMagazine website.  I think that any high traffic website could benefit from Extra, since it loads so fast, looks great on all devices and is extremely flexible.  With thousands and thousands of downloads so far, Extra has proven itself to be incredibly popular and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

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Well coded, well designed, packed with features, it’s no wonder this is the all time best selling viral magazine template on ThemeForest.  Bimber is an incredible Adsense optimized theme, and it’s one of the best WordPress viral magazine themes around.  Bimber is the undisputed champion of viral marketing themes for WordPress, and it presents the ultimate customization options in a striking package that is absolutely certain to help attract readers and keep them engaged with your content. When you’re seeking a sweet new AdSense optimized buzz-worthy template to showcase your content, images, or design work, the large array of outstanding designs makes WordPress an effective option and Bimber is ready for anything that you decide to throw at it.  Although there have been lots of first-rate buzz-building magazine themes available for WordPress for many years, recently there has been a substantial rise in the number of responsive viral themes and it’s easy to see why, it’s an increasing market and people love viral images, memes, videos and other fun content.

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Zox news could be the key to starting your media empire online.  That’s a bold statement indeed, but I think it might be true.  I really like the look of Zox News and in fact, I’ve used this theme in the past.  I found it to be very easy to set up and customize and it’s so visually enticing, it makes for a really eye-catching website.  Zox News is constantly being updated, as recently as July of 2018 and that means it keeps staying fresh.  One really positive thing about Zox, it’s support for AMP or accelerated mobile pages.  Zox News’ AMP pages load up lightning fast but the look and feel keep with the site’s branding, which is really nice.  WooCommerce is supported as are tons of great plugins like Theia Post Slider, Theia Sticky Sidebar and more.  A total of $78 worth of plugins.  One thing I really like is that it doesn’t rely on Visual Composer for the layout, each design is created with widgets, which tend to load faster.  This is a real high performance theme.

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This theme, look, is still the highest rated fashion magazine theme available on ThemeForest. This template has now been downloaded well over 1,000 times and it still has a perfect five star rating. For personal blogs or magazine sites, no matter what the subject matter, this theme can give your website the clean and professional, stylish and feminine look. I really enjoy the multiple different theme demos that are included, the faster page load times and the responsive Style. You get a drag and drop a page builder, hundreds of powerful theme options to customize your website and a built-in reviews system to keep your engagement level with your readers very high. WooCommerce is also included and that is the top free Ecommerce solution for WordPress for a good reason. I think this template can help any magazine, newspaper or blog website to achieve a professional look in just a few seconds.

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VideoMag is pretty much exactly what you’d think it might be, a classic video blog or magazine theme.  More and more sites are sharing more and more video, because it’s so easy to create a solid looking video with high quality camera phones and simple, cheap editing software.  Video Mag supports all the standard embedded video sources, Vine, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Twitch and YouTube, as well as giving you the option to self host your own videos.  But saving your server may be a good idea, so if I were you, I’d consider embedding videos.  Then again, if your server isn’t an issue, self hosting allows you to control whether advertising is shown and if you do show ads, that’s a great way to monetize a site.  Anyway, I could see the argument either way.

VideoMag is powered by Orange Themes page builder, which is a visual drag and drop page builder, similar to Visual Composer.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s largely similar to Visual Composer, so folks with experience with that plugin should do just fine.  If you don’t know either, it’s still relatively simple to use just about any drag and drop page builder to create a good looking website.  Orange Themes also adds a custom HTML video player with logo overlay, Orange Themes mega menu, custom post layouts, a unique homepage design, a highly customizable GUI with a very nice control panel, visual shortcodes and a lot more.

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CoupShop is among the cleanest WordPress themes for a magazine.  The design leaves plenty of room for white space, a true sign of modern design.  With bold, elegant typography and a real eye for an open, inviting look, ThemesKingdom has created theme that reminds me of a modern design magazine.  This theme is stylish, it’s got a decidedly mid-century modern style.  As for features, CoupShop packs plenty in it’s sleek package.  For one, CoopShop is WooCommerce compatible, so setting up a shop with your magazine, it’s easy as can be.  There are multiple layouts available with CoopShop and swapping between them is very, very easy to accomplish.  CoupShop has a built in blog and portfolio too, all with the same great style  This theme is very typography centered, with over 800 Google fonts at your fingertips.

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While this Authentic theme is  billed as a lifestyle blog theme, it works just as well for an online magazine.  With a trendy, slim style and tons of white space, it’s modern and elegant at the same time.  That’s a nice combination.  Authentic is well documented, the designer offers friendly and thorough support and the theme is responsive too.  As a fashion magazine or travel mag, Authentic practically performs miracles, making your images and posts look attractive and fresh.  There are multiple header and footer options, tons of widgetized areas to help add even more functionality, smart adaptive images for better performance in load times.  The best thing, Authentic is built to scale up quickly in terms of traffic.  The most popular blog using Authentic drives over 200,000 visits per day and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  This is a very high quality magazine theme for any purpose.

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Pine Cone

This is Pine Cone, a sweet looking WordPress theme that features the perfect personalization options, a wonderfully minimalist style, simple navigation and a lot of great ways to showcase your content, whether it’s written material or images.  You’ll be able to easily adjust the different configurations on any number of special, appealing looking portfolios, and Pine Cone also offers the freedom to develop a web-site as brilliant as the creative work to be showcased on its striking pages.  Your content will look fantastic.  It is really effortless to offer you a personalized look and feel with total integration with all Google font styles as well as the complete assortment of on-screen colors to supply your blog a custom design and style.

With Pine Cone, you can manage web page headings, manage each and every imaginable display and layout option, all designed to grant your site the perfect platform for your free-lance or business requirements.  Pine Cone features 100% responsive design, which means it will look wonderful and maintain its intuitive design regardless what size screen would be used to look at the web-site.  That’s a must have these days.  Striking CSS3 animations for various parts of written content can load immediately with the unlimited scrolling option while guests scroll through the website.

For the imaginative professional who needs to display numerous photos and other visual content, the Isotope and also Masonry portfolio designs offer superior display characteristics, incredibly popular these days.  Included plugins are the strong and safe Contact Form 7 to allow communication with potential customers and the Options press plugin.  Look at the live preview to get an experience for all the Pine Cone WP theme features or look at the intensive PDF user manual.

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Aesthetic is a WordPress blog and magazine theme the can take you or content and really make it shine. If your goal is to create a really successful online magazine, a great theme is often times the first step. Created by a talented group of developers, aesthetic has a clean and fresh layout, it makes your content all the more appealing thanks to it’s clean and straightforward design. Selecting the right theme is an underrated part of having a great online magazine. The experience your readers will get as they come to your website is second to none and I think you’ll be astonished by how successful you are website can be with a theme like this one.

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With a layout that’s 100% responsive and mobile friendly, WooCommerce compatibility, a powerful, dynamic, painless to use and highly capable theme customizer, Buzznote may be among the best magazine themes to be released in 2018.  I love the simple and thoughtful design that makes blogging fun and reading your blog even easier.  I think Buzznote could be ideal for travel magazines, enjoyable travel for travel mags and other informative sites.  Buzznote is modern and flexible, it’s compatible with all the major browsers, has multiple different layout styles built in and the overall effect is to create a simple but elegant website for almost any occasion.  This clean, creative theme was built with Layers WP, it’s modern and multi-purpose, so it’s great for photography portfolios too.

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Milan Pro

Milan Pro is a highly unique Genesis magazine theme of that make sure content stand out from the crowd. This thing that has multiple custom page templates, clean and valid HTML5 code and the theme customizer is incredibly simple to use. There are three different footer widget areas that you can use to customize your website and add functionality. This theme is mobile responsive and stylish looking to boot. I think it’s got very unique grid layout that can really be captivating and make your content really shine. It’s a fashion forward magazine thing in to help you tell a digital story of your choosing. As with all Genesis themes, the code is perfectly valid and that results in a fast loading website.

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Click Mag


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Cool is a very impressive magazine theme with a stunning design, fluid layout and four different basic styles to choose from. No matter which one you select, you’ll get attractive way to present your contact. No matter what type of magazine you are attempting to create, Cool has an impressive style that people really seem to love. This template offers one click installation, a year of premium technical support that’s available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are narrated video tutorials to help you get started and the theme options panel is very simple to use and Powerful. It gives you tons of different options to customize your theme to get a really stunning result.

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Packed with tons of incredible features, Ad Sense is one of the better looking, easiest to use and user friendly news and magazine themes on the market.  With Ad-Sense, you get a them that strikes the perfect balance between generating revenue and supplying a great user experience with your content. Ad-Sense lets you build listicles or list articles, which is among the most popular ways to create content.  After all, that’s what Templified is doing right now!  Ad-Sense offers tons of tools to make that job a little bit easier, helping you generate lists fast.  Every advertising location in the Ad-Sense WordPress theme was carefully tested to make them convert at a high rate.  The entire theme is just a pleasure to use, both front and back end users will rejoice.

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Swag Mag

SwagMag is here and it’s a bold, interesting and popular WordPress theme for personal blogs.  SwagMag is perfectly responsive, which seems to be all the rage.  In fact, at this point, you pretty much have to have a responsive theme to rank well on Google.  The days of the static theme are gone like the dinosaur and I don’t think any Jurassic Park is going to revive them.

This theme allows you to create something quite unique, a series of unlimited, Custom review many sites within your main website. This is ideal for reviews websites, but it works just as well for sites that are not about revealing products or services. You can load your sights up with tons of content and then presented to your readers in a very organized way using just that single site or multiple many sites as I described. The front page is going to grab content from the mini sites and display it all together in a content-rich home page. That gives your users a fantastic experience, allowing them to find exactly what they want on your website. This setup is almost guaranteed to increase both the average length of time that your user spent on your side and the average number of clicks and Page views.

If you would like to see a few more things like this one, we’ve got a collection of personal blog WordPress themes that is begging for you to take a review of. I’m not sure that that sentence was perfectly grammatically correct, but I’m not entirely sure. I know that you are not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition and that is something I am sorry for.

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With a dazzling, unique layout, a variety of magazine article layouts, SEO optimization and lots more powerful features, the Moment WordPress theme is ready for it’s moment in the sun.  This theme by CSSIgniter is one of the boldest, most unique magazine templates around.  Moment is inspired, it’s different and catchy, I think people will really react positively to this theme.  It’s probably not going to be right for everyone, but if you’re looking for a theme to help you stand out from the crowd, I think Moment gets the job done.

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For fashion magazines, Mallow could be the right fit.  Minimalist but polished, Mallow is great for magazines, lifestyle and personal bloggers and more.  Your readers will go wild for the style and since Mallow is so clean in it’s design, it’s very easy to find anything you’re looking for within just a few moments.  It’s highly visual, I think that’s what does it as much as anything.  Mallow is responsive, it’s SEO optimized for fast loading times, there’s a child theme included to help establish your website and keep it safe from WordPress updates.  Social media plays a prominent role, as it should, with placement in either header, footer or sidebar widget.  hey, why not all three, right?

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The Rex

This beautiful magazine theme comes with its own proprietary page builder, that’s a really cool thing to find one that’s integrated in the theme and not just one of the popular theme builders tacked on as an afterthought. The fact that this template was built from the ground up around its own page builder, I think that that adds a lot to the table. This theme is full of helpful widgets and other features to make your website a smashing success. Of course, the reason I’ve included it in this collection is that it also has a built-in reviews system, a powerful feature to help really engage with your audience. People love to read reviews about products before they purchase them, and with this template, you’ll be able to rate and review products using stars or numerical ratings on a multitude of different criteria.

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Novelty is ideal for news blogs and content sharing websites. The greatest advantage of its design is that it allows you to display your posts in an organized and appealing manner. For instance, you can catalogue your articles neatly according to Travel, Lifestyle, Politics, Technology, and more. Blog users can also take advantage of the handy search bar. This systematized arrangement is more likely to draw in more blog subscribers. With this theme, you get a featured image slider, featured posts and custom posts, and tabbed widgets. The Tesla Framework is extremely competitive and stable, allowing stress-free management and customization of your site’s settings from your WordPress Admin. With the built-in short codes, you can create and add new components like a team members’ page, pricing tables, offers, and buttons. You can do all these without prior knowledge of web development. Novelty is also cross-browser compatible so anyone can view it using Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and others.

Why limit your followers to English readers when you can choose to go international? Being WPML-compatible, this theme enables you to run a multilingual site without difficulty. News and informational content are meant to reach distant places. That’s why Novelty is social media optimized. Let your followers help you to pull in more readers for your site as they share your content to their social connections. Plus, user interaction is essential to increasing the popularity of a site. In fact, in news blogs, the readers’ raw reactions are almost as important as the news itself. Novelty allows easy commenting and with the use of the AJAX technology, followers can send in their messages quickly without the need to reload the page. All in all, Novelty is all about getting the word out there in an efficient and interesting way, in a manner that people would want to read and share across the Internet.

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Saab is a WordPress theme designed for content sharing, making it ideal for magazine sites, creative sites and blogs, although it also works well as a business site. As with other Tesla themes, it is powered by Tesla Framework, an administrative tool that lets you easily customize your site’s look and functionality even if you have no previous experience in website design or knowledge of coding. To make it easier to add features to your site such as special offers, tabs and buttons, the theme comes with an assortment of short codes. It also features Responsive Design, meaning that the site you create will display well on mobile devices as well as desktops.

The theme also comes with Revolution Slider, which lets you make your own sliders so that you can easily display highlighted content on the header of your site. You are also provided with video post functionality, which lets you easily embed videos on blog posts and even create a slider that displays multiple videos, while custom posts functionality lets you easily edit each post. The theme easily integrates with the most popular social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, and you are provided with Social Media widgets that let you add elements such as Facebook Like buttons and Tweetme on the site. The theme also comes with a custom homepage with demo content that you can change with your own personal content. You can easily customize the elements of the demo homepage such as the color style and layout to make it your own using framework options. It also comes with useful widgets such as newsletter, author and category that you can use to add these sections to the sidebar and footer. To ensure that you will never have a difficult time using the theme, it comes with extensive documentation.

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This stunning blogging theme may be used for virtually every style of blog site you require. With a sophisticated design and a wide array of amenities, it could look perfect as a stylish fashion blog, a magazine blog or even your personal blog page. With an amazing, functional arrangement and lots of functions to help to make running a blog painless. In the event you are not a WordPress coding expert, it’s possible to revise this template to put in the options you are looking for your web blog to possess. Your subscribers will cherish the stylish way your blog looks, the simple navigation, the fashionable and specialized design, the clean CSS and HTML, the general configuration and a lot more.

WordPress is regarded as the common blog platform around, as it’s hassle-free to make use of, it’s very adaptable and it has numerous beneficial functions. You can find much you can modify with every single blog theme, therefore it is crucial for you to buy a professional looking design that offers the functionality that you require. A well designed blog theme lets you captivate readers and with a great theme, the code is good so your page loads up extremely fast which will let you rank higher on Google. This excellent weblog theme includes everything you need to create a beautiful, authority blog on virtually any issue like travel destinations, cuisine, web apps, business, personal, style and much more.

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The Visio WordPress theme is one that was created specifically for podcasts, podcasting, episodic TV shows and recurring video shows, but it works great as a video magazine as well. This movie news magazine is completely responsive, easy to install and easy to update. Demo content is included so that you can get your site established fast, there’s an e-commerce store for selling your products, you can locally host your video and audio so that you get to control what advertisements are shown on your podcasting website.

Podcasting can be hard work, so if you put in all the time and effort to create an amazing online show, you want to make the most of it. Vidio is modern and well-organized, it let your readers or viewers find exactly what they’re looking for with ease. Podcasting it is popular and getting more popular every day and video podcasting, while a relatively new thing, can get you a ton of attention if you play your cards right. I think I’m attractive, modern and well-designed seem like Visio can help you achieve your goals.

Viseo is included in our comprehensive collection of WordPress podcasting themes and if you find yourself needing to see more options than the Visio theme perhaps that would be a good place to start.


Best is a responsive WordPress theme from my theme shop, one of the better providers of clean, simple and engaging magazine themes. This one is very simple to use and it delivers a really outstanding presentation for your content. It’s the perfect blend of images and text and together, this theme really gets people engaged in your content. this is a flat, fluid and responsive WordPress theme that loads up incredibly quickly. It’s totally customizable and optimized for search engines and advertisements. It’s got a built-in reviews system and it also supports my theme shops mega menu plugin, something that can really help people find what they want on your website. If you use AdSense to monetize your site, a theme like this one could be just what you need to take the next step in your WordPress adventure.

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