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Best WordPress Medical Themes

November 4, 2019
WordPress Medical Themes

What we have here is a list of the absolute best WordPress themes that were created specifically for the health industry. Whether you are creating a health-related blog, a website for a clinic or a purely informational site, we’ve gathered up quite a number of great-looking WordPress themes that could be ideal for anything in the health-related industry. These themes are great for dentists and doctors, hospitals and clinics, surgeons, Health Care providers and more.

All of these themes in this collection are premium quality and they give you the flexibility and customization options that you need. you can create a professional website without the need to hire a web developer or designer to create something for you. Many of these themes offer industry-specific short codes to give you a very nice presentation for all of your content. So, here are the absolute best medical WordPress themes around.

Doctor Carter

Meet Dr. Carter. This is a full-featured WordPress theme for the health and medical field. Created specifically for all sorts of medical websites, the same works just as well for private doctor’s offices as hospitals. For small clinics, whether it’s dentists or pediatricians, general practitioners or family doctors. Anything in the health field is going to look incredibly clean and professional if you select the Doctor Carter theme. you can rapidly switch between the box layout and the liquid layout, choose your head or configuration and manage all of the themes colors thanks to the handy custom page optimizer. This theme even allows you to create a delightful one page website, for those of you who don’t need a multi-page site.

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This is a minimalist WordPress business theme for health professionals. It’s got to clean, engaging style and three unique content types that make it specifically built for the medical services. Thursday personnel, services and a slider post type to help better showcase your medical practice. The homepage is powered by a drag-and-drop a page builder so you can rearrange content anywhere you want it using the custom-made widgets. No coding skills are ever required to make use of this theme. You get several different custom widgets for social networking, Instagram, Twitter and more and there are the aforementioned content widgets. You get multiple layout schemes to choose from, multiple color schemes and everything is SEO optimized so you’re guaranteed to prank higher in the search engines than you would otherwise. You get automatic updates, premium support and one click demo import, just to name a few of the features that are included with this template.a

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Health Center


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