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Best WordPress Minimalist Themes for Clean, Simple, Modern Websites

August 15, 2019

We’ve got a great looking collection of the absolute best WordPress minimalist themes.  Minimalistic WordPress themes are a great way to present your content.  The simpler the better, right?  These themes provide a really great backdrop for your content, making everything on the page as clean as can be, as straightforward and modern, making for a distraction free presentation.  We’ve tried to gather up a huge amount of themes that have a great looking style, plenty of white space and a lot of features.  In terms of the functionality, you’re going to get a theme that’s flexible and dynamic, packed with uber friendly tools for fine-tuning your posts and pages.

Oregon, Free, Minimalist WordPress Theme by Templified

Oregon, Free, Minimalist WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Here’s something a little different, a free, premium quality WordPress theme you can download for absolutely no cost.  How nice is that?  This is our first free WordPress thme, but it’s got plenty of features.  This theme is easy to install, it allows you to create a really nice layout on any device and it’s even WooCommerce ready to sell products in your very own online store.  Grab a copy today and let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

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Divi, Premium, Minimal Drag and Drop Page Builder

Divi, WordPress Premium, Minimalist Theme

Divi is a clean, simple WordPress template that’s got tons of features, it’s flexible and dynamic, great for beginners and experts alike.  Since Divi is among the most popular themes, it’s also got one of the largest support communities around.  If there are any issues using Divi, you’ll be able to get help from the Developer, Elegant Themes, or any of the million or so other folks who use Divi on a daily basis.  That’s pretty cool.

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Pheromone, Full Screen, Minimalist Portfolio Theme

Pheromone, WordPress Minimal Theme for Creative Companies

Pheromone is one of the best minimalist WordPress themes around, it’s got a clean style and loads of amazing features.  This is a creative, multiconcept theme that fully supports WooCommerce, it’s got a perfect 5 star rating on ThemeForest and it’s very user friendly too.  With Pheromone, establishing a great looking website is going to come pretty easy, thanks to over 20 different home page styles and a variety of portfolio layouts as well.

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Elegance Pro, Minimalist Genesis Framework Blog Theme

Elegance Pro WordPress Minimal, Modern Portfolio Theme

Elegance Pro is a Genesis Framework theme, a minimal style theme that profides a clean, simple platform for your content.

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Suarez, Minimal Personal Blog Theme for WP

Suarez Clean Minimal Journal Theme

Suarez is a personal blog theme with a simple, responsive design that can make your content shine like never before.

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Arnold, Clean, Modern, Minimal Blogging Theme

Arnold Minimalist WordPress eCommerce Template

Arnold is a modern WordPress theme, one with loads of creative potential for blogs and portfolios.

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Incanto, Minimalist WordPress Blog and eCommerce Theme

Incanto Clean, Modern WordPress Minimalist Theme

Simple, clean websites like Incanto are a wonderful way to make sure your content takes center stage at all times.

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Zarja, Minimalist, Feminine WordPress Blog Theme

Zarja Feminine WordPress Blogging Theme

Zarja is a clean, professional blogging theme that has a unique, alluring minimal design, making sure visitors to your website can get the most out of your content every time.

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Zeen, Clean, Simple Magazine WordPress Theme

Zeen, Minimalistic WordPress Theme for Magazines

Zeen is a classic, simple style blog that has a load of features, a modern, premium style and it’s very flexible.

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Eris, Minimal WordPress Blog Theme

Eris Clean Minimalist Portfolio Theme for WordPress

Eris is a creative WordPress portfolio and blog, it’s well designed and full of features that help to make it a really user-friendly, professional web template.

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Blissard, Minimalist WordPress Writer’s Theme

Blissard, Writer's Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Blissard is a clean, plain and straightforward blog theme that can work wonders for presenting your blog posts.

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Blance, WooCommerce WordPress Minimalist Theme

Blance is a smooth operating WordPress theme that’s got WooCommerce support, plenty of pre-made designs and loads of features to make it one of the best premium quality, minimal and multipurpose themes ever made.

Here are a whole bunch more WooCommerce WordPress themes to check out if you’re looking at setting up an online shop.

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Norway, Minimalist WordPress Lifestyle Blog Theme

Norway Lifestyle Blg and Magazine Theme

Norway has a clean, well designed style, it’s uncluttered and presents images and text with a load of style, making sure your posts take the center stage.

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Soledad, Minimalist WordPress Magazine Theme

Soledad, Minimalist Flat WordPress Magazine Themes

Soledad is a clean, modern and minimal WordPress magazine and blog theme with a lot of different pre-made designs to choose from, giving you a lot of different choices to build a successful website.

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Kleanity, WordPress Minimalist Portfolio and Blog Theme

Kleanity, Flat WordPress Simple Clean eCommerce Theme

Kleanity is a minimalistic WordPress theme with a lot of white space, a modern design and a full list of features that mean your content can be presented in a simple, attractive way.

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Aperitive, WordPress Minimalist Restaurant Theme

Aperitive Minimalist WordPress restaurant blog theme

Aperitive is a simple style blog theme, it’s one of the better minimal WordPress templates for food blogs, for restaurants and for general purpose bloggers.

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Shutter, Multipurpose Minimalist Portfolio Theme

Shutter, Flat, Minimal WordPress Photography Portfolio Blog Theme

Shutter is a clean, minimal WordPress theme that’s got several pre-designed templates to choose from, ideal for portfolios and blogs, great for images and written content.

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Eames, Clean, Classic WordPress Minimalist Theme

Eames Minimalist Blog, Portfolio and WooCommerce Theme

Eames is a classic, mid century modern style WordPress theme that makes your images practically leap off the page, but it does a great job with text as well.

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Inverto, Black and White WordPress Theme

Inverto Clean, Flat Modern Minimal WordPress Theme

Inverto is a modern, clean portfolio theme with a black and white style, it’s super simple and for building highly successful blog sites, it’s a fantastic choice.

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Noemi, Simple, Plain WordPress Blog Theme

Noemi Lifestyle Blog and Magazine WP theme

Noemi is a WordPress theme that offers a really dynamic, simple and minimalistic display for all types of blogs and businesses.

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Roua, Clean, Minimal Portfolio Theme for WordPress

Roua Clean, Flat Minimalist WordPress Portfolio Themes

Roua is a minimal WordPress theme and while it has a relatively plain design, it offers all the features you could want or need in one place.

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Amio, eCommerce, Blog and Portfolio Theme for Minimal Sites

Amio Clean, Flat, White Space Filled WordPress minimal theme

Amio is a personal blog and portfolio theme that gives your content a spotlight, making sure readers sit up at attention when they come to your website.

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Revoke2, Minimalist WordPress Business Theme

Revoke 2 WordPress Tesla Framework Theme

Revoke 2 is a revamped WordPress theme that’s great for businesses that need a really simple presentation for all sorts of informational content.

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Awesome, Full Screen, Minimal Portfolio Gallery

Awesome WordPress Minimalist Themes

Awesome is a minimal photography portfolio theme that gives your photography content that little boost it might need to get all the attention it deserves.

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Underwood, Minimal WordPress Lifestyle Blog Theme

Underwood, Mulit Purpose WordPress Blog Theme

Underwood is a theme that proves that minimal WordPress themes can be bold, never boring and they can present your content in a really pleasing way.

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Collecto, Minimalist WordPress Magazine Theme

Collecto Simple, Professional Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

Collecto is a magazine inspired, minimalist theme that has great looking typography, it presents your images in a beautiful way and it’s really user friendly as well.

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Eero, Minimal Blog, Portfolio and Shop Theme

Eero, WordPress Minimalist Blog and Portfolio Theme

Eero is a clean, presentable portfolio, eCommerce and blog theme, it’s one of the simplest WordPress themes ever to use and it’s highly flexible, no matter what kind of content you create.

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Moment, Clean, Modern, Simple Magazine Theme

Moment Magazine Theme with Funky Clean Minimal Design

Moment is a WordPress minimal magazine theme, it has just what it takes to make your stories shine, giving them a much deserved moment in the sun, thanks to a creative layout and excellent features.

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Brittany, WordPress Minimal Lifestyle Blog Template

Brittany, Minimalistic WordPress Blog Theme

Brittany is a well organized lifestyle blog theme that’s packed with features, it’s easy to use and it presents your posts with a responsive, modern style that’s a real attention getter.

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Beatrix, Hand Crafted WordPress Minimal Blogging Theme

Beatrix Handmade eCommerce Minimalist theme

Beatrix is a premium quality WordPress blog theme, it’s one of the best looking sites for handmade goods, crafts, for selling products and for blogging.

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Amadeus, Beautiful, Fast Loading Blogging Theme

Amadeus Pro, Journal Theme for WordPress

Amadeus is a modern, minimal WordPress blog theme that helps introduce your content to the world with a classy style and loads of features.

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Cre8or, Minimal Portfolio Template for WordPress

Cre8or WordPress Minimalist portfolio Themes

Cre8or is a unique, clean and simple WordPress template that was designed to take your projects and present them with no distractions or clutter.

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Milo, Premium, Simple WordPress Blog Theme

Milo, Flat Minimalist WordPress Multipurpose Themes

Milo is a modern, minimal WordPress blog, eCommerce and portfolio theme that blends user-friendly, flexible features with an ultra clean design.

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No Sidebar Pro, Simple, Modern WordPress Theme

No Sidebar Pro Clean, Ultra Minimal Theme

No Sidebar Pro is a very simple theme, it’s modern and presents blog posts with a unique design and loads of features that help make your content the star of the show.

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Monochrome Pro, Black and White WordPress Theme

MonoChrome Pro WordPress Minimalist Landing Page Theme

Monochrome Pro presents your posts and pages with an unparalleled style, it’s got tons of features and it’s a flexible template for all kinds of creative businesses and websites.

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Monument Valley, Minimalist GPL WordPress Theme

Monument Valley, Simple, Reliable, Versatile WordPress Theme

Monument Valley is deceptively simple, it’s got a lot of great features and a very clean design that places the reader’s focus squarely on your posts and pages.

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Maav, Modern, Unique, Clean Business Theme

Maav Simple, Minimalist WordPress Theme

Maav is a clean, modern, minimal portfolio theme that makes for a great website for all kinds of creative businesses.

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Simply Pro, WordPress Premium Blog Theme

Simply Pro WordPress All Around Minimal Blog Theme

Simply Pro is a high quality, minimal blog theme that makes your readers pay attention to everything on the page, since there are no distractions to get in the way of your content.

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Dorsey, Minimal WordPress Blog Theme

Dorsey Minimalist Journal Blog, eCommerce and Portfolio theme

Dorsey is a very simple, incredibly clear and well made WordPress blog theme that does a fabulous job of making sure your readers get a great experience with all of your pages and posts.

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Mona, Minimalist MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Mona, Clean, Minimalistic, Simple Blog Theme for WordPress

Mona has a steady design, a wide range of features and it also offers a modern style that’s great for making sure your content receives the attention it deserves.

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Beautiful Pro, Gorgeous WordPress Minimal Blog

Beautiful Pro Minimalist WordPress Blog theme

Beautiful Pro is a Genesis Framework theme with minimal design, but it allows for a lot of flexibility and functionality, thanks to widgetized areas that can be adapted to fit all of your needs.

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Eclecticon, Clean, Simple, Modern Blog Theme

Eclecticon, WordPress Minimalistic Portfolio Themes

Eclecticon is a multipurpose, minimal theme for WordPress, it has a few little design flourishes, but it makes sure your content is never overshadowed by the design.

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Hardy, Premium, User Friendly WordPress Theme

Hardy Multipurpose WordPress Blog Theme

Hardy is a premium quality theme with a clean, simple look and loads of features, placing your portfolio projects front and center for the world to see and take note of.

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Ariva, Minimalist Genesis Framework Theme

Arriva is a very simple, text based web template that’s a really nice solution for bloggers who don’t need to make heavy use of images, but who want to deliver a great user experience at the same time.

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Flexible, Minimal Blogging WordPress Theme

Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme For Videos

Flexible is a classic WordPress design portfolio and blog theme that has a clean, crisp, sleek design, but also gives you access to a wide variety ot tools to help make your website successful.

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Minicon, Minimalistic WordPress Video Theme

Minicon, WordPress Minimal, Simple to use Theme

Minicon is a creative, minimal WordPress theme that does everything it can to provide a platform for displaying all sorts of posts in a professional and engaging way.

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Base, Ultra Simple WordPress Blog Theme

Base, basic, Simple, Clean WordPress Blog Theme

Base is an incredibly simple blog theme, one of the absolute most user-friendly themes to help deliver an unforgattable user experience to every visitor you bring in.

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Lisbeth, Clean, Full Screen Lifestyle Blog Theme

Lisbeth WordPress Minimal Theme for Lifestyle and Personal Blog Sites

Lisbeth is a user friendly WordPress lifestyle blog theme that has lots of features, it creates a memorable user experience and it’s very easy to adapt to suit your website’s needs.

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Blogojoy, Minimal Design WP Blog Theme

Blogojoy WordPress Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

Blogojoy has stripped away everything that’s unneccesary, leaving you with a fast loading, lightweight WordPress theme that helps you present your content to the world in an unforgettable way.

Demo More Information Get Hosting

Om, Premium, Sleek WordPress Travel Blog Theme

Om Personal and Travel Blog Theme

Om is a blog theme that offers minimalist style, but doesn’t forget how important features and adaptability are for webmasters who want a custom look and also want to deliver a great storytelling experience.

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Afternight, Minimalistic WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

Afternight, Minimalist WordPress Blog Theme

Afternight is a style-packed WordPress blog and portfolio with a clean, classic style, responsive layout and it’s really flexible in terms of layout and features.

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Antive, Creative and Minimalist Shop and Blog Theme

Antive, WordPress WooCommerce Theme

The Antive WordPress theme is a trendy, minimal solution for fashion bloggers who also want to set up a great-looking online shop. This theme has a simple, modern and Elegant style with plenty of customization features.

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Authentic, Simple, Professional WordPress Blogging Theme

Authentic is a professional WordPress blogging theme that has an incredibly straightforward style that presents your content in a way that is completely distraction-free. If you want one of the easiest to use minimalist blog themes, but you don’t want to lose the features of a premium theme, Authentic is a great choice.

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Marcell, Minimalist Portfolio Theme for Freelancers

Marcell, Magazine Theme for Food Blogs and Lifestyle Bloggers

Marcell is a creative blog, e-commerce and portfolio theme that focuses your readers attention where it belongs, on your content. This distraction-free, user-friendly minimalist theme is a great option for bloggers who want amazing presentation of any type of content.

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The Essentialist, Minimal Style WordPress Blogging Theme

Essentialist, Narrative Lifestyle WordPress Blog Theme

The Essentialist is a WordPress blog theme that has stripped away anything that is unnecessary and left nothing but clean, modern and engaging style. This theme can really grab the attention of your readers and keep them coming back for more.

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