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Best WordPress Modern Themes

November 14, 2019
WordPress Modern Themes

When it comes to creating an engaging and successful website, a modern, simple and clean look can be a really great way to go.  With that in mind, we’ve created this comprehensive collection of modern WordPress themes for you to take a look at.  Some of these themes are made for blogs, some for clean, state of the art portfolios and some are eCommerce templates.  Most, however, fit all the above categories and more, making them true premium quality multi-purpose WordPress themes.  I love the way WordPress minimalist themes work, the way they look and the way they help create a great first impression.  That’s all important these days.

With one of these themes you can create a bold, modern engaging and dynamic website, one that doesn’t have a lot of extra information on the screen, making your posts, images or video clips the star of the show.  It’s a novel and contemporary way to present your content.  For many websites, a minimalist, modern design is the way to go.

With these stylish themes, typography is always a key component, allowing your website to be modern, straightforward and engaging, no matter what type of content it is that you’re creating.  Travel blogs, personal blogs, fashion or lifestyle blogs, portfolios, avante garde eCommerce sites.  You know the drill.  If you’re a creative, you own a business, if you’re simply blogging about your life and things you’ve experienced, one of these modern themes might perfectly suit your website.  Each theme we choose is of the highest quality, with great documentation, support and the cleanest, freshest and most modern code.  Okay, that’s enough of an introduction, here are the very best WordPress modern themes we could find.


Oregon, Free WordPress Blog Theme

Oregon is a visually-appealing WordPress theme for men and women who appreciate incredible consistency and quality. It includes an elastic, streamlined design that is guaranteed to attract plenty of views. Upon installation, customers will benefit from educational voiced tutorials. These tutorials may guide them through the personalization process, describing everything in detail. This assures that even new users can produce a competitive website.

Furthermore, It’s among the greatest products on WordPress, believing that it has earned the approval of numerous market blogs, reviewers, and clients. Every customer can select his/her favorite demo, provided that there are 18 distinct variants. The demos can save a great deal of time, as they’re fully operational and ready to go. If you would like to find out more about Oregon and its innovative features, you can get a live preview that’s on the theme site.

You’ve got complete control over everything on the page. Every single element can be changed and made to fit your eyesight. Additionally, changes can be previewed before they applied, allowing for instant feedback. Even if you are not a seasoned programmer, every choice will Seem intuitive and user-friendly. All customers, not just those who work in web development.  Best of all, this theme is absolutely free, making it a really great choice if you’re on a budget.  You know, because it’s free!

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You could spend hours searching through woebegone themes, trying to find one gleaming gem of a theme that’s almost magical in it’s number of features, or you could purchase the Divi WordPress theme.  This theme is modern to a tee.  There’s nothing frightening about a page builder theme like Divi, it’s like a valuable, cooperative partner in helping you craft a clever, precious website.  Divi has a massive amount of features and you’ll never go hungry when looking for something outstanding to add to your website.  With features and addons that are both common and uncommon, this understands that your time is money, which  is why the Divi theme offers over 20 pre-made demo styles that are all innocent and sweet looking, simple and true to Elegant Themes’ goal of making your website the very best it can be.  If you’ve felt helpless because you couldn’t make a certain change or edit to your website, Divi can help rescue your day and your website.

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Pheromone is a minimalist WordPress theme that boasts of one of the highest ratings so far on theme of forest. This Dynamic template has a perfect 5-star rating on over 50 reviews. This is a well-documented and responsive WordPress theme that uses bootstrap code to create a lightweight and modern one page or multi page website. If you’re building a landing page, this theme has you covered and then some. If you’d like to improve your conversion rates, maintain the interest of your readers and uncover tangible ways to improve your website, pheromone has everything required to get the job done. The themes developer even offers free installation and demo content upload. That’s right, without even lifting a finger, you can have your sights set up to look exactly like any of the demo Styles included below. There are 70 different pre-made Pages, 22 front home page Styles and multiple portfolio Styles as well. Honestly, that seems like a really good deal to me.

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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro is a stunningly simple WordPress theme, yet it’s got all the features you could want in any web template.  Elegance Pro is a Genesis Framework Child Theme and as such, it’s a really fast loading, rock solid platform for blogging.  I think the typography and images are a perfect blend of simple and sophisticated.  It’s simple but not too simple.  Elegance Pro was made for personal blogs, lifestyle blogs and it’s got all that you need in terms of SEO, plugin compatibility and ease of use to make this a really strong theme to start building your blogging empire.  With Elegance Pro, you also get strong support from the developer, Stephanie Hellwig, and there’s plenty of documentation to go along with it.  This theme is ready to go within minutes with demo data import too.  Even though it’s not cheap at $129, which includes a license for Genesis Framework too, I think this is one of the better themes in this collection.   We’ve also built a collection of WordPress personal blog themes that might be of interest to you.

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Suarez is a personal blog theme with a very distinctive modern style  Created by one of my favorite theme makers, Tesla Themes, Suarez has everything you need to craft a winning website quickly and easily.  It’s very beginner friendly.  Built for personal and lifestyle bloggers, Siarez has pristine code, clean and highly legible post layouts and more.  This is a very modern theme and it’s loaded with features to help you create an amazing website, even if you happen to be relatively new to WordPress.  You shouldn’t have to be a programmer to run your blog, that’s what Tesla Themes had in mind when they created Suarez.  This theme can be easily edited and customized to work for all kinds of content.  With the built-in drag and drop page builder, you’ll be able to make the layout you have in mind.  Or, you can simply choose one of the pre-designed layouts to get started even faster.  Either way, it’s important that your blog can be read easily by visitors of all kinds, even Google’s spiders.  That’s covered with Suarez, this theme is totally SEO friendly too.  If you run into trouble, Tesla Themes is fantastic in terms of support too, so you can always ask them to lend a hand dealing with any issues that arise.

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Arnold offers a bold, imaginative design, tons of features and a user-friendly experience that makes it wonderful for a wide variety of creative websites.  Arnold offers a custom portfolio builder to let you drag and drop your way to an infinite number of portfolio layouts.  It’s pretty fun to use too.  I mentioned the page builder, but Arnold is also Retina ready, totally responsive, Arnold supports WooCommerce and you can translate this theme into any language, even right to left languages.  With integrated social network buttons, you’ll never have to struggle to keep in contact with your friends and followers.  This theme is very lightweight in terms of it’s code and it’s totally responsive, helping showcase your work to potential clients or customers.  Your SEO efforts can get a big boost with social media and fast page load speeds, so Arnold could be precisely what you need to help drive traffic to your blog.

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This is Incanto, a very simple WordPress theme that’s stylish and useful for many types of websites.  I’ve included Incanto in our collection of minimalist themes for a few reasons.  First and foremost, this theme has a really strong rating on ThemeForest, it clocks in with a 4.84 rating at the time of this writing with nearly 500 downloads.  That means it’s popular, of course, and the people who have downloaded it trust that it’s an outstanding theme that helps them achieve their goals.  Incanto is a Bootstrap theme that’s easy to customize, it’s very user friendly and I think another great aspect of it is that Incanto works perfectly with WooCommerce, so setting up a nice looking modern shop is very simple to do.  There are multiple portfolio pages with packery style, masonry grid style and more.  You can use one to display your images the way you like, you’re not going to be constrained by a pre-made design you don’t enjoy.

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Zeen is a really nice looking theme that’s been hailed as the ‘Next Generation’ of Magazine theme.  I think that maybe that’s true, there’s really never been a WordPress theme quite like this one.  It’s easy enough for beginners to get a lot out of it, but supple and adaptable enough for experts to really get the most out of it.  Zeen was built from the ground up, allowing for the use of absolutely cutting edge technologies.  One of these, the Tipi builder, a fast loading and straightforward page builder that’s only available with the Zeen WordPress theme.  This clean looking theme scores a perfect 100 on GTMetrix, it offers impressive flexibility, it’s intuitive to use and ultimately customizable.  With Zeen, you get a theme that’s perfectly designed, perfectly coded and perfectly supported too.  It’s a comforting feeling to know that help is just a few clicks away, if you should happen to have an issue that needs addressing.

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This theme is called Norway and if that makes you think of white, as in snow, that’s pretty much on point.  This theme offers tons of white space, making Norway a really popular choice for building a minimalist website.  This theme is among the most popular, and highest rated, of the minimalist blog themes available on ThemeForest.  It’s got a really strong focus on readability, combining clean and modern design with all of the features that any true premium theme offers.  This theme was made to stay out of the way of your readers, making the content the absolute focus of their experience on your website.  The code is up to the task as well, clean and professional, slim and trim, making for a fast loading theme that delivers a really solid user experience.  Norway is Gutenberg friendly, it supports all of your favorite page builders, it works great with social media and it’s perfectly responsive as well.  Any blogger who wants a true minimalistic design should look a little deeper into the Norway theme.

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Blissard is among my favorite themes for it’s content rich display, the simple and clean lines, the fact that it’s responsive and the flexibility it gives you in terms of design.  If you’re here, you’re looking for a classic, simple and minimal style theme, right?  Well, this is a really solid one.  This clean theme is great for creative folks, for writers and for all sorts of bloggers.  The installation process is a snap and you’ll be able to start posting immediately after you install the theme.  Blissard has a live customizer to allow you to change up the font as well as show or hide certain areas of content as you wish.  Blissard is optimized for Schema 2, it has a cool ‘post like’ feature, it uses all of WordPress’ best practices to deliver a wonderful user experience on all devices.  There are video tutorials included as well, helping you set up the theme in a painless way.  There’s extensive documentation, complete with screenshots and tutorials.  A lot of the support related issues can be sorted out by consulting those handy resources.  Overall, this is a really solid theme for any minimal design craving blogger.

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Blance, that’s kind of a strange name, don’t you think?  It’s half Blanche DuBois and half Mel Blanc.  If that helps you, which it doesn’t.  (Imagine that voice!)  What Blance is, is a simple and to-the-point WooCommerce theme that does offer a nice range of features that I think might make it a solid option for folks looking to make their mark in eCommerce.

This is a clean, unique and professional theme.  Promoting products will be a simple task with a professional theme like this one.  Well, more simple anyway, we all know running an online business is a big-time challenge.  You get a lot of customization options and places to start off.  More than 11 home pages are offered, 5 different shop pages, 9 product types and a dozen product layouts.  Blance offers loads of  customization options like galleries, banners and login accounts.  Every major plugin is supported too, from Yoast for SEO to Contact Form 7 for keeping in touch with your customers and readers.

For more WordPress WooCommerce templates, check out our full collection of amazing themes.  With any of the themes in that collection, you’ll get a truly flexible theme, one that’s easy enough for beginners to make full use of, but dynamic enough for seasoned WordPress veterans to take advantage of.  These themes are all premium, high quality, packed with features and easy to manage.  We’ll keep adding to this collection if people keep enjoying our work.  Hopefully, we’ve given you a lot of options to choose from.

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Built by Goodlayers, Kleanity is a very impressive minimalist WordPress theme that can be perfect for your site if you’re looking for plenty of white space and a really strong set of features.  I’ve personally used GoodLayers themes before and I find them to be very straightforward to use, the feature list is impressive and they’ve always been good about support in their forums.  GoodLayers really is one of the most consistent developers out their, they’ve sold over 100,000 copies of all their themes and Kleanity itself has been downloaded nearly 2,000 times with a solid 4.83 rating overall.  That’s a quality theme.  Quality websites start with quality code and Kleanity delivers on that.  This theme loads fast, looks great on all browsers, there are over a dozen header styles to choose from, demo data importer, a thoughtful and well-appointed admin panel, full support for WooCommerce and there’s even a built in coming soon page to let folks know what’s happening with your website.  All in all, one of the better minimalist themes out there.

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Soledad is a clean, minimalist theme with tons of different demo sites to help show you what this theme has to offer.  Whether you’re looking to set up a travel blog, a food blog, craft shop or beauty salon site, for posting videos or images, magazines too, this theme has something for everybody.  One thing that really stands out for me, the rating.  This theme has a stunning 4.86 overall rating on ThemeForest.  Considering the popularity, over 13,000 sales and counting, that’s really impressive.  Soledad is fast, it’s got over 2,000 pre-made home page in internal page styles, so you’re almost guaranteed to find something you like.  You’ll find well over 400 options for customizing Soledad in the theme options panel, but don’t get overwhelmed, the theme is still really simple to use.  If you should happen to run into issues, just get in contact with the developer, they offer fast and friendly support any time of day or night.  Soledad is very much an SEO optimized theme, it works with AMP for fast mobile loading, it has Schema markup and it’s compatible with Yoast SEO, among others.  Multiple sidebar layouts, multiple post layouts, the list of features and options just keeps going and going.

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Zarja comes packed with the kind of features that make it easy to set up your new website effortlessly and with basically no coding skills required.  Great for beginners who love the look and style of a professional, premium blog theme, but who don’t want a theme that’s overly complicated to learn.  Zarja contains five distinct home page variants in addition to seven custom post templates, an Instagram web feed, SEO optimization and enhanced readability thanks to Google Fonts, an astonishing eye for detail, integrating subtle transitional animations all over Zarja’s many elements.  That’s a wonderful Material Design philosophy. Zarja is minimalistic in design, clean, crisp, fun and infinitely easy to customize.  The custom headers, the Revolution Slider premium plugin and a natively reactive cross platform design perfectly easy and clear navigation on every browser and every device.

Zarja is a creative, fun, whimsical, classy, simple, feminine WordPress blog and portfolio website theme.  If you’re a female webmaster, or you’re marketing products aimed at women, this theme is a real attention getter that will make it easy to get your products and other content online.   Zarja is flexible and super accommodating to your needs, while it’s feminine, soft, elegant, visually cozy.  That makes your audience comfortable, like they’re at home on your site.   The bottom line is, Zarja is a feminine WordPress blog theme for a modern woman.

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Designed primarily as a food blog theme, Aperitive works just as well as a personal or lifestyle blog too.  Thanks to the minimalist style that’s heavy on image presentation and typography, it’s just that flexible.  With Aperitive, you really have the ability to juxtapose bold images with striking text.  It’s a really neat website and there’s nothing quite like it, which is why we’ve included it in this collection.  Aperitive has a cool layout of two fixed blocks that was inspired by print magazines, it’s a highly modern and contemporary way to present all your information.

As you’d expect, Aperitive allows for the creation of food menu pages, recipe pages and it supports a reservation plugin to let customers set up a table online from either mobile or desktop computers.  You can adjust the color scheme with ease, typography too.  All Themes Kingdom themes are completely mobile friendly and responsive and have plenty of widgetized areas for extending functionality.  This theme doesn’t just have to be for food and beverage though, I think it’s a solid all around template for any kind of business.

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For a minimalist, modern and cutting-edge blog and portfolio theme, Eris does have a few big stylistic differences that made me include it in this collection.  sure, it’s got tons of white space (or dark space in the design above) that are the hallmark of a minimalist WordPress theme, but it’s also got some unique attributes.  The vertical menu, for example.  Eris helps deliver a wonderful first impression, it offers a wonderful user experience on all devices and it’s optimized for excellent SEO performance.  I really like the split portfolio layout with text to the left and images to the right, or vice versa.  That’s very useful for helping to tell your visitors a narrative story and can help them visualize what you’re talking about without having to scroll up and down or zoom in and out.

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