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Best WordPress Parallax Themes, Smooth Scrolling One Page Templates

October 4, 2019
WordPress parallax themes

So, you’ve got some incredibly engaging content that people can’t help but pay attention to.  Your website is packed with amazing images that tell a story.  Your navigation is clear and easy, your SEO is squared away and you deliver a wonderful user experience for visitors all around the world on all devices.  But something is missing.

Maybe what you need is a stylish and well designed parallax effect to set your website apart?  Parallax themes have a certain style that makes them perfect for building a website that has a smashing level of interest, depth and engagement generated on each and every page.

What’s parallax you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  A parallax effect is when two parts of your content move down the page at different speeds relative to each other.  It’s as if one is a bit further away than the other and it’s a trendy look to separate your website from others out there.  It can add depth and generate a buzz for all of your pages.  This collection of parallax WordPress themes contains some of the best parallax themes around, each one responsive, easy to use and they’re all well supported by the developer.

So, here are the greatest WordPress parallax themes we’ve found so far.


Phoenix Flat Parallax WordPress Theme

Alright, here’s Phoenix.  Among the most popular parallax themes that I’ve seen in recent years.  It is a simple and elegant, multipurpose portfolio theme.  Built with visual composer, this theme gives you a lot of flexibility.  For a parallax theme, Phoenix has a clean layout, smooth scrolling and clean code.   This theme is well-documented and the developer offers premium support with every download. Phoenix offers one click setup, responsive design and support for a lots of premium plugins.   It’s plain to see why this theme has proven to be so popular.  f you have been searching for a full-featured parallax theme, Phoenix is it.   You have grid designs  and much more. Purchasers of this WordPress theme have singled out the documentation and support as being very strong.  That’s what makes Phoenix perfect for beginners or for experienced WordPress specialists.

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Hestia Pro

Loved by many, Hestia Pro is one of the best parallax themes yet. Perfect for companies, eCommerce sites, artistic and innovative portfolios, electronic start-up businesses and more. The stunning layout uses only one page to make a great impression.  Hestia Pro also offers parallax scrolling impact also, which can be eye-catching and enjoyable. The Hestia Pro theme will surely make your content pop.  It delivers a wonderful user experience.

ThemeIsle offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to any purchased.  That means you can test drive it to make sure it works well for your website.  If you decide to purchase Hestia Pro, you’ll get even more features.  Continuous security upgrades and a dedicated service team.  They can assist you should you happen to encounter issues setting up or configuring your site. For a one page theme, Hestia Pro has a lot of features.  You get full WooCommerce support, enabling you to create an online shop.  Starting up a trendy looking, functional online shop used to cost a lot of money.  Not with a theme like Hestia Pro. It is possible to establish a shop in a matter of moments. Hestia Pro’s clean and neat presentation will create a massive effect on prospective buyers that visit your website. As always no programming skills are required to take advantage of Hestia Pro.

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Fildisi is a great looking business theme for bringing out the best in your company.  Fildisi is a multipurpose theme, it has plenty of pre-made demos to choose from.  This theme has been around since 2018 and it’s one of the most popular parallax business themes.  It’s clear, this theme works for a wide variety of websites. Even eCommerce.  You get several different site designs, premium layouts and support for lots of plugins.  It’s always great to have that option.  Premium plugins can extend the native functionality of your site in a lot of different ways.

Looking to sell products?  That’s possible thanks to WooCommerce support.  Fildisi also integrates a handy page builder.  You get several header styles, custom footer layouts and more.  There is a simple demo import process to get you started fast.  With Fildisi, any language works.  The theme is translation ready.  With all these features, it’s clear to see why Fildisi is so popular.

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This theme is named Divi and there is a reason why it is among those hottest WordPress themes online. In fact, there are lots of explanations as to why. Sure, this stunning and stylish WordPress theme is appealing to check out. Additionally, it is flexible and Incredibly flexible. I believe that the sheer number of choices available with Divi is the true reason it is so common. The Divi page builder is extremely intuitive to use, it lets you make elegant and dazzling sites, even when you’re only a beginner. There is the completely responsive editing, multiple content components as well as also the 20+ pre-designed designs that include all the Divi Builder.

All these things reflect the future of what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing and that I enjoy what I see later on. A few of those content components comprise Parallax scrolling, and it is as easy as any I have ever seen.

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The Uncode WordPress theme was, to put it simply, constructed to impress. With Dozens and dozens of demonstration styles to pick from, this Parallax scrolling WordPress theme functions for practically any sort of web site. Together with the Uncode theme it is possible to create stunning sites, mesmerizing portfolios or eCommerce sites which will blow away the competition. One thing that I love about this theme is that the developer has a client showcase on their site. That allows you to take a look at all the trendy and appealing themes which other users have grown. Occasionally it’s great to have a small inspiration like this.

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