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Best WordPress Parallax Themes, Smooth Scrolling One Page Templates

December 3, 2019
WordPress parallax themes

So, you’ve got some incredibly engaging content that people can’t help but pay attention to.  Your website is packed with amazing images that tell a story.  Your navigation is clear and easy, your SEO is squared away and you deliver a wonderful user experience for visitors all around the world on all devices.  But something is missing.

Maybe what you need is a stylish and well designed parallax effect to set your website apart?  Parallax themes have a certain style that makes them perfect for building a website that has a smashing level of interest, depth and engagement generated on each and every page.

What’s parallax you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  A parallax effect is when two parts of your content move down the page at different speeds relative to each other.  It’s as if one is a bit further away than the other and it’s a trendy look to separate your website from others out there.  It can add depth and generate a buzz for all of your pages.  This collection of parallax WordPress themes contains some of the best parallax themes around, each one responsive, easy to use and they’re all well supported by the developer.

So, here are the greatest WordPress parallax themes we’ve found so far.


Phoenix Flat Parallax WordPress Theme

Alright, here’s Phoenix.  Among the most popular parallax themes that I’ve seen in recent years.  It is a simple and elegant, multipurpose portfolio theme.  Built with visual composer, this theme gives you a lot of flexibility.  For a parallax theme, Phoenix has a clean layout, smooth scrolling and clean code.   This theme is well-documented and the developer offers premium support with every download. Phoenix offers one click setup, responsive design and support for a lots of premium plugins.   It’s plain to see why this theme has proven to be so popular.  f you have been searching for a full-featured parallax theme, Phoenix is it.   You have grid designs  and much more. Purchasers of this WordPress theme have singled out the documentation and support as being very strong.  That’s what makes Phoenix perfect for beginners or for experienced WordPress specialists.

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Hestia Pro

Loved by many, Hestia Pro is one of the best parallax themes yet. Perfect for companies, eCommerce sites, artistic and innovative portfolios, electronic start-up businesses and more. The stunning layout uses only one page to make a great impression.  Hestia Pro also offers parallax scrolling impact also, which can be eye-catching and enjoyable. The Hestia Pro theme will surely make your content pop.  It delivers a wonderful user experience.

ThemeIsle offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to any purchased.  That means you can test drive it to make sure it works well for your website.  If you decide to purchase Hestia Pro, you’ll get even more features.  Continuous security upgrades and a dedicated service team.  They can assist you should you happen to encounter issues setting up or configuring your site. For a one page theme, Hestia Pro has a lot of features.  You get full WooCommerce support, enabling you to create an online shop.  Starting up a trendy looking, functional online shop used to cost a lot of money.  Not with a theme like Hestia Pro. It is possible to establish a shop in a matter of moments. Hestia Pro’s clean and neat presentation will create a massive effect on prospective buyers that visit your website. As always no programming skills are required to take advantage of Hestia Pro.

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Fildisi is a great looking business theme for bringing out the best in your company.  Fildisi is a multipurpose theme, it has plenty of pre-made demos to choose from.  This theme has been around since 2018 and it’s one of the most popular parallax business themes.  It’s clear, this theme works for a wide variety of websites. Even eCommerce.  You get several different site designs, premium layouts and support for lots of plugins.  It’s always great to have that option.  Premium plugins can extend the native functionality of your site in a lot of different ways.

Looking to sell products?  That’s possible thanks to WooCommerce support.  Fildisi also integrates a handy page builder.  You get several header styles, custom footer layouts and more.  There is a simple demo import process to get you started fast.  With Fildisi, any language works.  The theme is translation ready.  With all these features, it’s clear to see why Fildisi is so popular.

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This theme is named Divi and there is a reason why it is among those hottest WordPress themes online. In fact, there are lots of explanations as to why. Sure, this stunning and stylish WordPress theme is appealing to check out. Additionally, it is flexible and Incredibly flexible. I believe that the sheer number of choices available with Divi is the true reason it is so common. The Divi page builder is extremely intuitive to use, it lets you make elegant and dazzling sites, even when you’re only a beginner. There is the completely responsive editing, multiple content components as well as also the 20+ pre-designed designs that include all the Divi Builder.

All these things reflect the future of what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing and that I enjoy what I see later on. A few of those content components comprise Parallax scrolling, and it is as easy as any I have ever seen.

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The Uncode WordPress theme was, to put it simply, constructed to impress. With Dozens and dozens of demonstration styles to pick from, this Parallax scrolling WordPress theme functions for practically any sort of web site. Together with the Uncode theme it is possible to create stunning sites, mesmerizing portfolios or eCommerce sites which will blow away the competition. One thing that I love about this theme is that the developer has a client showcase on their site. That allows you to take a look at all the trendy and appealing themes which other users have grown. Occasionally it’s great to have a small inspiration like this.

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Yosemite is a fluid, responsive, clean and simple WordPress theme that was inspired in part by the Yosemite OSX design, so it’s trendy, that much is for sure.  Yosemite is packed with features too, it’s optimized for speed, it’s compatible with a lot of different plugins and especially optimized for AdSense.

When you’re building a website, user experience should be one of those things that you definitely consider. Yosemite give you a clean an elegant design that creates a higher engagement rate compared to other themes of its type. That’s what being an AdSense optimized the theme is all about. Yosemite has full compatibility with WP review pro, mega menu and more. If you want to get a little bit adventurous, you can use the optional parallax layout to deliver a really fun and interesting layout for your website.

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Wunderkind, One Page Parallax Business WP Theme


With Wunderkind, you get a little bit of something for everyone.

You can select from one of the eight different pre-made layouts that come packaged with the Wunderkind WordPress theme.  That means, superfast site launch.  Or, you can choose to use the bloated and poor-performing Visual Composer plug-in to change layouts to look exactly how you want them to look.

I really don’t like Visual Composer.

But, the choice is yours.  This combination of Visual Composer and pre-build designs will allow you to create a myriad of amazingly attractive web pages.  No matter what kind of content, no matter what kind of business, your posts and pages will look amazing.

I really like the concept of a video portfolio theme website using Wunderkind.

With Wunderkind, another big feature, you do not need to know any coding or design techniques, since the premade demos look great and Visual Composer is pretty difficult to mess up.  Just adrag and drop your way to a relatively slow, bloated and poor performing website.

The intuitive Redux theme options panel can help to guide you through the process of creating a totally unique, novel and innovative website.

Wunderkind, a truly one page parallax WordPress theme with more than one face. No matter if you use it as a photographer, travel / web design agency, nonprofit / environmental organization or even as a music / video producer. You can easily turn it into your personal website.

If you do know some HTML5 or CSS3, this Wunderkind WP theme comes complete with child theme capabilities, so that any updates to the theme don’t get reverted if the developer updates some code.

That can be a life saver.

Both full width and boxed page styles are available and which you choose, well, it’s totally up to you. Other benefits of using the Wunderkind theme include full integration with hundreds of Font Awesome icons, Google Web Fonts and full app development capabilities for mobile usage. You can even attract international customers and clients with ease with the WPML translation plug-in that turns your Wunderkind WordPress theme into a global phenomenon.

Parallax support, fullscreen sliders, unlimited colors, plenty of fonts, sidebars to either left or right as well as no sidebar options are all available.  There are video backgrounds too.

But on re-reviewing this theme nearly a year later, I see some big issues.  Even on their demo site, the thing just doesn’t look right.  That’s bad, even the developer can’t keep this theme looking proper.  They updated it six months ago or so, so they are still trying to make this theme a going concern, but I’m just not sure it’s worth it.  That may change in the future, so feel free to bookmark us and come back for more WordPress theme reviews.

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Motive is a clean and fresh WordPress theme that uses parallax scrolling to deliver an unforgettable user experience. This is a modern theme with plenty of advanced features. It’s got a gorgeous portfolio and a lot of different styles that you can choose for those portfolio layouts. There’s a mosaic version, masonry and a more traditional grid. You can also display your blog’s, agency or business site with the same great style. Powered by the Tesla framework, Motive is a WordPress theme that is ultimately extendable and customizable. Choose any font, create any layout and it’s all going to look fabulous. This theme has full social media integration, extensive documentation and top-notch support.

This theme is known as Motive and it had been created by Tesla Themes to be A straightforward and appealing parallax scrolling WordPress theme. Motive includes two primary styles, both packaged with a huge number of cool features. You have got Revolution slider to go together with the parallax wallpapers, multiple article formats, custom articles and tacky navigation also. There are many portfolio kinds as well that helps to provide a fantastic first impression for your site’s visitors. Modern and clean, the reason theme has excellent typography, quick page loading times and Tesla provides you a few of the very best service around. Motive can also be social media incorporated to keep in contact with your fans.

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One page parallax WordPress themes like Ananke do a great job of presenting your content in a beautiful style. This theme is great for personal portfolios, creative agency websites, photography portfolios and a whole lot more. That’s because the universal design is so flexible and adaptable. With this perfectly responsive theme, your content is going to look amazing on all devices sizes. WP Bakery page builder is included for a massive amount of flexibility and design options. The theme options panel is one great way to be able to make little adjustments to your site that make it one of a kind, giving your readers a really great experience when they come to your website.

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Float is a parallax WordPress theme that is trendy and modern, it comes with pre-made layouts, though you can use Themify drag-and-drop a page builder to create your own. The choice is completely up to you. You get several different design options, basic layouts with navigation to the left, right or two different versions on the top. You can even exclude that or and footer if you choose to do that. You get several different pre-made designs, each one fully supporting WooCommerce to allow you to set up a successful online shop. Themify does a wonderful job of supporting their themes, so I recommend this one as a beginner friendly option for folks who want a creative, parallax design.

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Parallax Pro WordPress Genesis Framework Landing Page Theme


Parallax Pro is among the very first and also still among the absolute top, best parallax WordPress themes to be found anywhere on the web.  Together with Parallax Pro, you get all the high powered performance of a StudioPress Genesis Framework child theme with excellent seeming ultra-smooth scrolling, ideal typography, daring images, quick loading times, amazing SEO and more. If you’re trying to find a superb way to present your content in a fun, unique and enjoyable manner, to tell the story of your articles, your pictures, your own products, business or personal narrative, subsequently Parallax Pro is a nice option.

As a result of its flexibility, this isn’t a staid, unchanging one-page WordPress theme, it is lively, flexible and ideal for a massive number of companies. With plenty of customization options out of widgets, a dwell page customizer and ideal responsive in every way design, Parallax Pro is going to look great to your creative website.  For more landing page themes, check this out.

Parallax Pro isn’t just a typical parallax theme, I’ve seen it used in some really interesting ways, including as a coffee or tea shop, which is what I’m highlighting with the image above.

(Check out the full site here, thaoteaco.com.  Nice work!)

Here’s what Syudio Press has to say about this Genesis framework child theme.

The new role of website design is to tell a story, which is what Parallax Pro was developed to do. Parallax keeps your page content in proper narrative order, giving you a simple vertical design for easy visual eye movement and flow. It divides your content into parts, with a clear connection between them. This allows your visitors to read it like a real story, with no pause or break, and leads them right to your call to action.

Obviously, with a name like Parallax Pro, you’ve probably figured out that this is a parallax WordPress template, but it’s so much more than that.  Using the power and stability of the Genesis framework, Parallax Pro has a strong theme options setup to help you get your site customized quickly and efficiently.  The Parallax Pro theme is eCommerce ready, coming pre-styled for WooCommerce, though you can use it for nearly any eCommerce cart that works with WordPress.  The theme customizer lets you adjust every knob and dial, colors, typography, padding and the like, and you get to see the effects of those changes in real time.


Parallax Pro’s homepage is all about widgets and they allow you to add functionality that doesn’t bog your site down with bloated code.  That’s a real advantage over a site that employs a bloated page builder to add features, Genesis Framework child themes load up fast, they’re completely free from code bloat and that makes them awesome for SEO and that’s going to come in handy when you want your coffee shop to rank higher in the SERPs.  Parallax Pro is also mobile responsive, fluid and dynamic, which means it looks amazing on all browsers, all devices and screen size.

You can, of course, upload your own logo to the header and customize the menus any way you want.

So, there it is, Parallax Pro in a nutshell.  What do you think?  Useful?  Too expensive?

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Zelle Pro

Zelle pro is a clean, modern and premium one page WordPress business theme that is among the most flexible options out there. whether you make websites for a living or you are just getting started with your very first WordPress website, this theme has enough options and enough features to keep everyone happy. WooCommerce is supported, the live theme customizer is very powerful and easy to use, this seo-friendly theme loads up fast and both of these support and documentation are in-depth. This can certainly help beginners get their website established and help give it the greatest possible chance of success.

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Vernum, Simple jQuery Powered Parallax Theme


This clean and modern parallax WP theme, called Vernum, is a simple and modern approach to an age old problem: how do I create the best user experience I can and showcase my content in a fun and interesting way?  Vernum is a great solution.  It’s modern, it’s clean, it’s stylish and powerful.  Vevernum is everything you need in a theme and it’s got incredible support too, just in case you run into problems setting up the theme or you want to customize it.

Vernum is a project of the spring, joyful one page website. It is modern and clean, very easy to edit. It’s prepared to use with jquery parallax effect. There are flat and simple graphics. It’s multipurpose, so you can use it as portfolio, or personal page, whatever you want…

Vernum a fully responsive multipurpose one pager parallax theme, but it’s also cool if you choose to use it as a multiple-page theme, clean cut and simple, yet daring and parallax WordPress theme, with clean and modern lines, bold features and a dedicated support staff who are ready, willing and able to help you with any issues that arise.  Flexibility is a real strength with Vernum, you can use the page-builder to construct just about anything you want.  This is like the world’s coolest Lego set.  Build anything!

Vernum is still going strong over a year after our first review of this theme.  It’s now up to a solid 350+ sales and the reviews are still positive, the theme developer is still updating it and supporting it too.  It’s probably not worth the $39 price tag though, since there are a lot better themes available for a similar price.

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UpShot, Clean and Flat WordPress Parallax Theme

Upshot Creative Agency and Software Company Theme

Upshot is an a strong, adaptable and intuitive WordPress theme, made to accommodate the requirements of creative professionals and small businesses with plenty of design features and an adaptable layout that is guarantee to please. The theme includes a selection of the most widely used and respected plugins on the marketplace: Revolution Slider, Visual Composer layout builder and Essential Grid.   In the event you have been hunting for a wonderfully lovely, totally responsive parallax WordPress theme using WooCommerce to create an awesome online store and a lively flat layout to go with it, this will be the theme you have been seeking.  The results speak for themselves because with the Upshot theme, it is now possible to have your store and blog up and running, ready to sell products within a couple of minutes.

Here’s what the theme maker has to say about Upshot.

Upshot is an intuitive, flexible and powerful WordPress theme, designed to suit the needs of small businesses and creative professionals. Upshot is built with utility in mind, making your content pop with its ready made layouts. The theme includes the most popular premium plugins on the market: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Essential Grid. Using this set of plugins, you can create almost any type of layout, using a drag & drop interface and tons of pre-built elements. Upshot is translation ready and compatible with the WPML plugin.

Upshot is adaptive, dynamic and designed for people who actually need their content to almost jump off the webpage, creative individuals who demand a custom appearing theme and professionals with small or large businesses and amazing products to market will love this theme. The parallax effect a part of it is also, Visual Composer is a large part of what makes this theme seem so amazing, because there is no end to the variety or style of layouts it’s possible to create with Upshot. Using Essential Grid, together with Visual Composer and the cool looking Revolution Slider, every sort of site appearance can be achieved. There are ten flexible, lovely homepage demo websites already pre-built for you to experiment with, but you always have the option to produce your own when not one of them are exactly what you had in mind.

Upshot has amassed a 4.56 rating on ThemeForest with around 350 downloads so far.  The theme’s developer is High Grade and it looks like their support is strong.  All things considered, I’d definitely recommend this theme for any purpose.

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Emily Nolan

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