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Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes for Writers, Bloggers and Online Publishers

August 9, 2019
Personal Blog WordPress Themes

I think WordPress is the absolute best content management system around for building a blog.  After all, that’s why they created WordPress in the first place, as a pure blogging platform.  While it’s come a long way in recent years, adding features like support for beautiful image galleries and portfolios, eCommerce, social networking and more, it’s still the best blogging platform around.

but finding the right theme for your website is still a challenge.  There are thousands of options out there and not all of them are created equally.  Some themes don’t have the features, the flexibility or the high code quality that’s going to help make your website a smashing success.  That’s why we created this collection.

We’ve gathered up all of the very best WordPress personal blog themes to help you make an educated decision.  The themes in this collection represent the absolute best themes on the market.  They’re fast loading, full of features, they’re well supported and easy to customize.  If it’s here on Templified, you know you’re getting a fantastic theme that’s going to help you build a successful online business.  So, here we go, the very best personal blog WordPress themes on the web.

Divi, Powerful WordPress Blog Builder Theme

Divi, WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Divi is a premium quality WordPress theme and popular in the world for very good reason. This theme allows you to use the Divi page builder to construct pages visually. It’s a revolutionary thing, dragging and dropping content chunks anywhere you want them. It’s visual editing at its finest.  Divi is among the most popular themes ever created and it’s got quite a community built up to help you out with pre-made designs, help with customization and little bits of code that could come in very handy.

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Tumli, Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Tumli Personal Masonry Style WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a personal blog theme, Tumli here is worth a look.  Tumli has a powerful live customizer that lets you see changes to your website before the psychos live, a nice little feature that can keep you from posting mistakes to your site for you already. When you’re getting started, but there is one click dental in Port and this team, unlike many others, is compatible with Google Berg. there are several different custom widgets included, an advertisement which kind of recent posts, social icons and most used tags among others. You get a responsive and translation ready theme that can really help you make money with your blog. If you’re a personal or lifestyle blogger this theme is a really excellent choice.

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H-Code, Premium Multipurpose Personal Blog Theme

WordPress Typography Themes

H-Code is a high quality blog theme with great looking typography, fantastic pre-made styles, tons of features and a lot of fleixibility. This is a powerful and creative multipurpose blog theme that creates a really awesome user experience. Within the pre-made demos, choosing a blog design that folks are going to react positively to, that’s basically a given. This theme is ready for anything with over 57 different unique concepts but you can install and have up and running quickly.

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Extra, Personal Blog and Magazine Theme

Extra, WordPress Personal Blog and Magazine Theme

Extra is a premium quality personal blog and magazine theme that gives your site a really nice look and an impressive array of features.  Extra is powered by Divi, one of the most powerful and popular page builder plugins anywhere.  Extra is a theme by Elegant Themes and they’re among the biggest and best theme developers around, so premium support is a given, the documentation is on point.  With this much flexibility, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

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Marni, Clean, Minimal Personal Blogging Theme

Marni, Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Premium quality, flexible, beautiful and ready for your content, this is an elegant, clean and simple personal Blog theme that has a perfect 5-star rating on theme forest. The life customizer gives you access to any type of customization changes that you want and there are four different layout styles to choose from. This is a really flexible and attractive theme and one that I think is highly underrated.

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Brixton, Fashionable Blog Theme for Personal Websites

Brixton WordPress Writing and Journal Theme

The WordPress content management system is such a powerful platform for blogging, all you need is a great looking theme to really set your content off.  That could be Brixton, a fabulous looking theme that’s got a ton of features and a nice looking style to go with it.  This theme is responsive, it’s beloved by about 3k users and it’s recently been updated to keep the features and the code as fresh as can be.

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Rinjani, Clean, Typography Driven Blog Theme

Rinjani, WordPress Blog Theme with Grid Layout

Rinjani is a perfect choice for any sort of personal blog with its classic masonry grid layout, timeless style it’s wide range of features. This theme is optimized for mobile and desktop performance, it helps to give your content the attention that it’s so richly deserves. If you’re blogging, why not do it in style with a theme like Rinjani.

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Adventure, WordPress Adventure Blogging Theme

Adventure Theme, Personal Blogging Theme

Adventure is an organic WordPress theme that was designed for travelers, Adventure bloggers and explorers. If you want a personal Blog theme that is incredibly simple to set up, offers a responsive and modern design and has featured content slideshows, not to mention WooCommerce capability, this theme is a fantastic option. Highly customizable and easy-to-use, Adventure really delivers.

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Foodica, Personal Food Blog WordPress Theme

Foodica Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Foodica is a beautiful, clean and stylish food blog and personal Blog theme that is ideal for creating personal blogs based around your love of food. It’s also really solid for recipe websites and magazines. There are 10 different color schemes, WooCommerce integration, future filled theme options panel and a whole lot more. This theme offers fantastic support and it’s a really solid value for the money.

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Montblanc, Powerful, User Friendly Blog Theme

Montblanc WordPress Parallax Portfolio and Personal Blog Themes

Montblanc is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress blogging theme that’s great for personal websites where readability is particularly valued. This theme has a really interesting typography set up, it allows for eCommerce and beautiful portfolios as well.

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Bridget, Personal Blog and Fashion Theme

Bridget, Personal Blog Theme for Women and WordPress

Bridget is a next-level WordPress theme, it gives you a sleek and minimalist style that perfectly frames all of your personal blog content. If you have an image heavy blog, always a very good idea, this theme does a particularly great job of presenting your content. Bridget is perfectly responsive and looks great on all devices.

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Sleek, Clean, Modern Personal Blog Theme

Sleek WordPress Personal Blogging and Magazine Grid Theme

Sleek is a creative and responsive WordPress theme that was carefully crafted, it gives you full screen layouts, offers sidebar comments, a particularly interesting look and it has several different simple blog layouts. For personal bloggers who want a unique way to display their content, this is a fine choice. There are 8 different post formats, covering all your bases and making sure that you always have all of the features that you need for any given blog post.

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Authentic, Minimalist eCommerce and Blog Theme

Authentic, Flat WordPress Personal Blog and Fashion Blog Theme

Authentic has one of the highest rated lifestyle and personal blog out there. With the most recent update, it’s bigger and better than ever. They’ve added four new brand new demo styles, the theme is not compatible with WordPress 5.0 Plus and there are several new features that are worth taking a look at it. This is still an incredibly highly rated theme, is support WooCommerce, blends perfectly with your social media and it can help take any personal blog to the next level.

For more outstanding themes for WooCommerce shops, check out our full collection.

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Mallow, Modern Fashion and Personal Blog Theme

Mallow Feminine WordPress Blogging Themes

Mallow is a stylish, polished and professional personal blog and magazine theme. This template offers you tons of features and an amazing style that will help make your audience crave more of your blogs. Giving your readers a great user experience can’t really help to drive long-term traffic to your site and that is a very good thing.

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Edition, Food and Lifestyle Blog Theme

Edition, WordPress Responsive Personal Blog Theme

Edition is a unique and responsive news and personal blog site for all types of publishers and bloggers. Great for reviews, personal stories, anecdotes, audio, video, recipes, travel blogs and more. This theme even offers a built-in reviews at system to share your opinions about products and services all over the web.

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Aesthetic, Modern, Sleek Personal Blog Template

Aesthetic WordPress Theme for Personal Blogs and Journals

Aesthetic is the name of this responsive personal blog theme and it has all of the options and features necessary to make a really stunning website. You will have complete control over the look and feel of your sight through the powerful and easy-to-use admin interface.

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Cooperative, Multi Author Personal Blog Theme

Cooperative WordPress Personal Journal and Blog Theme

Cooperative is a clean and minimalist personal blog theme that lets you showcase your stories and connect with your readers in new and fun ways. This is a very reasonably priced theme, one of the cheapest in this collection. While the design is simple, some would say too simple, it still packs in enough features to make it worthwhile.

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Yosemite, Beginner Friendly Personal Blog Theme

Yosemite, Powerful WordPress Parallax Personal Blog Template

Yosemite is a clean, simple personal blogging theme that was inspired by mcintosh’s Yosemite. The fluid and responsive design looks great on all devices, this theme gives you a well-thought-out design that truly helps to increase engagement. with the newsletter plugin, compatibility with WP review pro and mega menu, this theme has a lot of bells and whistles that I think make it a fantastic option for any personal blogger.

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Emporia, Minimalist Personal Blogger Theme

Emporia Clean, Minimalist Personal Blog WordPress Theme

This theme is called Emporia, it’s a minimalist WordPress blog theme that is easy to customize, gives you a great-looking responsive design, offers all of the most common post formats and it’s all around ease of use and SEO optimized design make it a great for personal and professional bloggers who want a simple-to-use but highly flexible WordPress theme.

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Milo, Clean, Minimal eCommerce and Blog Theme

Milo Clean, Professional Minimalist Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Milo is I minimalist blog theme for personal bloggers who know that design and layout are of critical importance. This theme if you are really distinctive look to your side, clean, simple and elegant at the same time. This theme supports ecommerce and it is very simple to use.

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Collective, Multi-Author and Personal Blog Theme

Collective Multi Author and Personal Blog WordPress Themes

Collective is a theme that helps to bring people together. Plugin is all about connecting with your reader and with a theme like collective, a multi-author template, you will be able to connect with everyone that comes to your side. The user experience is very slick, well-organized and I think readers really react to that.

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Soledad, WordPress Personal Blog and Magazine Theme

Soledad, WordPress Magazine and Personal Blog Theme

Soledad is one of the most popular personal blog and magazine themes on the web. There are thousands of different real, fully built out demo pages available. Soledad does a wonderful job of blending a lot of features with a user-friendly style this themes fast loading, compatible with all of the most common plugins that you might want to employ, it gives you the ultimate inflexibility and it’s very simple to customize.

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Doberman, Viral Content Personal Blog Theme

Doberman, Personal Blogging WordPress Magazine Theme

Doberman is a content blockers dream. If you want a very modern, flat and clean style blog, this template is specifically built for you. This theme can help your content go viral, it offers infinite style variations and a drag-and-drop home page that you can build exactly the way you want using custom widgets. No coding is ever required with the Doberman theme.

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Epilog, Premium Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Epilog WordPress personal Blog Theme

Epilog is a WordPress blogging theme that has a very classic style. I think the typography is particularly nice and it’s going to do a fantastic job of making your content readable and enjoyable. speaking of readable, the search engines love this theme, something that is all important these days. I blog was built with bloggers in mind, it’s design is precise and it is incredibly cleanly coated. Keeping in touch with your readers is going to be a breeze with this template.

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Eames, Minimalist WP Personal Blog Theme

Eames, Personal WordPress Blog Theme, Sleek and Slick

Eames is another incredibly simple, clean and minimalist WordPress theme. List template support eCommerce, allowing you to sell products. You can set up an attractive portfolio and, of course, the blog design is really engaging and eye-catching. If you’re looking for a simple WordPress theme that is easy to use, yet it offers you a significant amount of customization options, Eames could be for you.

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Blogojoy, Modern Personal Blog WP Theme

Blogojoy WordPress Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

This theme is calledBlogooy, it is a minimalist WordPress theme that has a highly visual homepage layout. This really catches the reader’s attention with boldly placed images in a really interesting grid format. This theme is responsive, it offers slider revolution and it was built on the Tesla framework, making it highly adaptable and first one. You got strong social media integration, built-in short codes and extensive documentation.

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Bold, Stylish, Powerful Personal Blog Theme

Bold WordPress Personal Blog Themes

Bold is a theme that helps make a great first impression, personal bloggers all over the web love this theme. It’s modern, different and a little bit edgy. This theme features are responsive grid, a variety of page templates, featured videos, WooCommerce support and tons more. This really is a bold entry into the WordPress theme market.

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Rima, Clean Personal Blog and Lifestyle Magazine

Rima Stylish and Modern Personal Blogging Theme

Rima is a modern and stylish personal blogging WordPress theme that gives your readers an immersive experience well they browse your site. Rima is a polished and beautifully crafted, well-balanced and feature field theme. For any type of blog, this theme allows you to build what-you-see-is-what-you-get web pages using any of the most popular page builders. It’s very simple to use and no coding is required.  The delivery packs a real punch.

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Marcell, Minimalist Personal Blog Theme for Writers

Marcell, Magazine Theme for Food Blogs and Lifestyle Bloggers

Marcell is WordPress theme that has 20 different multi-concept layouts, stylish design, great features and it’s perfect for writers and bloggers and want to tell a story to the world and have that story it home and clear, concise way. This is a personal blog theme that offers lots of different handy functions that many personal bloggers like. There are pop-up menus and a diverse amount of blog layouts, the page load times are incredibly fast and Marcel offers several different handmade home pages, content modules and short codes that can be used in any project.

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The Essentialist, Minimalist Style WordPress Personal Blogging Theme

Essentialist, Narrative Lifestyle WordPress Blog Theme

The Essentialist is a clean and straightforward personal blog theme that does everything that I possibly can to prevent your content The right way, distraction-free so that everyone who visits your site is going to find precisely what they want every time out. The essentialist has all of the features that you expect from any premium theme, it’s simple to use and simple to customize. Focusing the attention on your content is what this theme is all about. The typography is outstanding, this is theme it is very simple to use but extremely customizable at the same time. This theme is all about letting you tell a story in a distraction-free, user-friendly and engaging way.

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