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Best WordPress Portfolio Themes for Showcasing Creative Work

November 5, 2019
WordPress Portfolio Themes

Creating amazing work is only half the battle.  Once you’ve taken that photo, designed that logo, decorated that interior, whatever it is you do, you need to show it to the world.  That’s what these portfolio WordPress themes are all about.  They’re going to help make your projects look the best they can look, which can help create more business or win a new job.

We’ve found a large number of high quality, flexible and dynamic WordPress themes to highlight creative content of all sorts.  If you need a fine looking WordPress portfolio theme, this is a great place to start.  No matter what kind of content you create, these themes can help make your projects look fantastic.

These days, more and more people are surfing the internet on mobile devices. Whether it’s a smart phone or tablet, it’s important that you consider the user experience for all of your visitors. That’s never been more important than when you’re putting together your online portfolio. It’s critical to display your images, your video, posts and pages the right way, so everything looks just like you want it to look.

Considering how prevalent mobile devices are these days, it’s incredibly important to have a WordPress theme that’s completely mobile friendly, responsive and filled with all the features that a modern portfolio needs to have.

This is a collection of the best WordPress Mobile Portfolio themes, great for showing off your portfolio on any kind of device. No matter which one you select, you’re going to get a beautiful and professional theme that frames your creativity in a really positive way.

Divi, Premium WordPress Portfolio Themes

Divi is one of those WordPress themes that keeps coming up in a lot of different collections. There’s a good reason for that. This is one of the most powerful and flexible WordPress themes around, there are hundreds if not thousands of pre-made designs to choose from and even more can be created if you have something in mind that you can’t find. Of course, portfolios or just one of the things that divvy handles quite well. This theme is certainly worth finding out more about.

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Tumli, Grid Layout Portfolio WordPress Theme

Tumli is a WordPress theme for personal blogs and portfolio websites.  It’s creative, well organized and modern.  The code is solid, it’s not going to let you down.  It’s more than a blog, it’s a solid portfolio.  This theme is ready for the newest of WordPress technology, which is Gutenberg.  With Gutenberg, you can drag and drop content blocks anywhere you want them and click to adjust settings, padding, fonts, colors.  You get the point.  Tumli is really solid for video portfolios as well and I personally find the layout to be quite unique and cool to look at.  Anyway, hopefully some of you feel the same.

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Borderland, Best WordPress Portfolio Theme

Borderland is a clean, modern and simple looking WordPress theme come up but it has quite a bit under the hood and in my opinion, a couple of the portfolio designs that are included in the download package are among the better ones out there today. If you’re looking for clean and modern, look no further than Borderland.  I absolutely adore the layout of a couple of these themes and in fact, I’ve used Borderland on a couple of projects before.  I found it to be very simple to set up and customize and I love that it doesn’t rely heavily on a page builder to do the heavy design lifting.

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Leedo, Beautiful WordPress Digital Video Portfolio Theme

Leedo is a professional and attractive WordPress theme that’s certainly a powerful and flexible choice for building an online portfolio.  With Leedo, you get a visual portfolio editor that allows you to build any sort of portfolio layout that you want to have.  The theme generates handy short codes that let you show your portfolio in any post, whether you want masonry layout or a more traditional grid.  There are also 7 different blog layouts that can help make your work look great.  If you need to sell products, Leedo works well with WooCommerce to provide a great looking all-around theme for any market.

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Blomma, Professional WordPress Portfolio Themes

Blomma maybe a strange name, but it’s a really high-quality WordPress theme. This is a creative agency theme that also offers eCommerce Support so that you can set up a WooCommerce based online shop, it has several different blog options and portfolio options. Fort agencies that want flexibility and a lot of features, Blomma answers the call.  This creative portfolio theme has all you need to create a fantastic freelancer portfolio, to showcase the work of your small digital agency, to market your designs in a creative and professional way and it’s user friendly to boot.

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Tripod, Minimalist Wedding Photographer Portfolio Theme

Tripod is a tried, tested and true portfolio theme for WordPress. This is a clean and minimal theme with plenty of white space to help make your projects and images look fantastic. Tripod has been around for a number of years, as I mentioned, but it is constantly being updated, making this a really relevant theme this year as it has been since it was released.  Displaying your content the way you want to display it is what Tripod is all about.  There’s the ability to use multiple blog layouts, add background images for each individual blog post or page, enable or disable the ‘like’ button feature and more.  This theme keeps getting better every time the developer updates it.

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Adios, Creative Portfolio WordPress Themes

Adios is the name of this clean and simple, sleek and well-designed portfolio template. This is a highly rated theme with a lot of features that help to make it a really good candidate for you’re next portfolio template. Say hello to adios. Why didn’t I start with that line? At any rate, adios has the functionality you need to build a portfolio that looks exactly like you want it to look and with the integrated blog, you can stay in touch with all of your readers and let them know about your newest projects and posts.

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Ridgewood, Best WordPress Themes for Artists

Ridgewood is the name of this theme and it has a very interesting layout, completely unique and highly visual. Ridgewood is one of those themes that can be easily adapted to almost any purpose and the functionality that is included is going to make just about any webmaster happy.  This is a contemporary portfolio theme that’s also been optimized for mobile touch and swipe.  If ytou want to display your content in a very well organized grid style, Ridgewoods home page is simply marvelous.

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Oshine, Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes

Oshine is an innovative way to transform your content and bring it to your readers in a fun, engaging and professional way. This is a creative theme with loads of potential, it works just as well for business portfolios as it does for creative portfolio. If you are a designer, having the right theme like oh shine is a real step ahead. You can communicate your ideas, present your content and even sell products with the ocean WordPress theme.

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Create, Best Portfolio Themes for Beginners

Create is a drag-and-drop Page Builder theme that offers a wonderful platform for building beautiful, and engaging websites. If you are not an expert in coding, you can still achieve everything that you want to with this template. Create is simple to use and simple to manage, easy to customize and it looks great on all devices, thanks to its perfect responsive style.  This theme is flexible, easy to manage and full of features.

Create, from ThemeTrust, is a really solid choice for developing a successful one page theme for WordPress.  This drag and drop page builder allows you to set up one page navigation to automatically scroll to each section of the page, even highlighting the navigation as you scroll down the page.  Create is works seamlessly with WooCommerce and can have you up and running with a new online shop in a few clicks.  Create comes bundled with Revolution slider and it supports unlimited widget areas, pricing tables and gives the option for a full width or boxed layout.  Your portfolio pages will look fantastic too with filtering animations, hover effects and Ajax loading that give off a truly premium look and feel.  We love this one as a one pager theme, but if you do want to use it as a multi page website template, Create allows you to customize each page with posts, pages and projects each having a slightly different look, like custom menus, headers, footers and more.

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Immense, Full Screen Portfolio Themes

Immense is a full screen creative WordPress portfolio theme that does a bang-up job of displaying all of your content. This is a high-quality theme that is easy to adapt to suit your needs, it works perfectly with all of the social media networks that are so important these days, it is easy to customize and very simple to use on a day-to-day basis.

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Gnoli, Modern Portfolio WordPress Themes

Gnoli is a portfolio theme for WordPress that has a large number of features that I think make it really well suited for building portfolios. You get multiple options for constructing your portfolio, there are lightbox features for images, everything is cleanly coated and easy to customize. You can even set up a portfolio for your homepage. If you like video, this is theme supports a YouTube homepage, it is fully responsive and even offers parallax backgrounds. The flexibility that you’re given with this theme is really high and I think the look that it gives your site is clean, professional and sleek.

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Studio 8, Creative Agency WordPress Themes

Studio 8 is a business portfolio and lifestyle Blog theme, full-featured and easy to use. This is a really big dinner friendly theme, if you are not familiar with WordPress, the documentation and support is outstanding, helping even the newest user to get the most out of they’re hard work. Studio 8 is really great for showcasing products, that is what it was built for, though any sort of creative business can benefit from a theme like this one.

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Massive Dynamic, WordPress Graphic Design Portfolio Themes

Massive Dynamic is the name of this template, it is a very popular theme, one of the most widely downloaded templates on themeforest. Massive Dynamic give you a wide range of features to help you build the type of portfolio that you have in mind. The sky is the limit with a theme like this one, you are in control of just about any aspect that you see on the page. Typography, colors, layouts, images and more. Considering all that you got, this is a very reasonably priced theme as well.

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Fortun, Full Screen Image Portfolio Themes

Fortun is a multi-concept WordPress theme with a really engaging style, bold design and tons of features. There are quite a number of pre-made demo Styles included, you get to choose from these and install any one of the demo templates with just one click. This is a highly versatile theme with 18 different demos, it includes visual composer for building any sort of website that you can imagine. This template also has a fine attention to detail, finely crafted code and all the features that any modern WordPress theme should have.

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Elegance Pro, Portfolio and Blog Themes

Elegance Pro is a Genesis framework child theme, it’s part blog and part portfolio, but it also allows you to sell products using WooCommerce. This is a do-it-all theme that has then SEO optimized for fast page load times and perfect display on all size and shape screens. Genesis framework themes are not the cheapest out there, but they do run very fast and sometimes that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to SEO and delivering a great user experience for your visitors.

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Kon/Cept, Minimalist WordPress Portfolio Theme

Kon/Cept is a minimalist WordPress portfolio theme that does a great job of showcasing your most recent projects, services or products. This is a simple theme with an outstanding look, it has a modern grid layout that gives you several different options for exactly how you want to display your content. This is a very image heavy theme, having the right images is going to go a long way to help build your business and impress your readers.

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Ultra, WordPress Art Gallery Themes

Ultra is a powerful, flexible and dynamic WordPress theme that can make any website flourish. The design is very modern, A Perfect Blend of the image and typography. The front page is well-organized and flexible, there are quite a number of design changes that you can Implement with just a few clicks. Ultra is a well coded theme, SEO optimized and fast loading. This is really going to help deliver the type of user experience that people expect these days. Having a fast loading website like this one can really be a great benefit for your SEO.

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Hestia Pro, One Page WordPress Portfolio Theme

Hestia Pro is a material design WordPress theme that acts as a one-page portfolio template. Building your site is incredibly simple with Hestia Pro, you got quite a few different Design Elements to choose from, but everything appears on just one page. Sometimes, one page is all that is necessary to get your point across, but this theme might not be for everyone. So certainly take note of the fact that it is just a single page theme.

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Emily Nolan, WordPress Themes for Art Portfolio

Emily Nolan is a full-screen WordPress theme with a dazzling portfolio style to it. This template is full of features, easy to use and easy to customize. With it, you can build the type of portfolio that really engages with your visitors and shows them exactly what you have to offer. Highlighting your content in a professional and interesting way is all important and Emily Nolan is one of the best themes I have seen for doing just that.

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Ronneby, Best WordPress Themes for Portfolios

Ronneby is a powerful portfolio theme for the modern layout. This theme does a great job of calling attention to your most important content, making sure that it takes up the most important real estate on the page. Robbie is a powerful portfolio theme with dozens of pre-made designs that you can choose from. No matter which one you choose, the result will be an engaging and dramatic looking theme that perfectly frames your content.

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Zodiac, WordPress Themes for Design Portfolios


Zodiac is a creative WordPress portfolio theme that offers quite a number of jQuery elements to give your website a really modern feel. This thing delivers a full-blown WordPress experience, it gives you all the bells and whistles that any premium portfolio template should. I really think that this theme has some pretty unusual features, making it unique within this collection. There is no preheat pre-loading, support for back and forward buttons, support for Mouse wheel for scroll bars and unlimited numbers of Galleries and portfolio Pages can be created with just a few clicks. If you are integrating a Blog with your portfolio, this theme cuz the extra mile, giving you a gorgeous looking blog to really Drive traffic and help build your business.

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Lester, Best WordPress Graphic Design Themes

Lester is the name of this creative portfolio theme, it’s a stunning multi-purpose design with a Sleek, smooth and ultra-professional layout. What’s more, this theme is particularly simple to customize. Lester gives a great user experience for anyone who needs a professional, creative portfolio. For agencies, Studios, graphic designers and more, this theme could be all it takes to really help build your business. You get a lot of different homepage variations and layouts to choose from, so you can construct your own using any of the most popular page Builders out there, which Lester fully supports.

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Grand Portfolio, Responsive Artist WordPress Theme

Grand Portfolio is a full-featured portfolio theme that offers you 9 different design concepts for your portfolio, over 70 different gallery and portfolio demo pages and can even allow you to build your own online shop using WooCommerce. This is a completely customizable theme, full of the type of features you might expect in a much more expensive template.

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Lookbook, Masonry Grid WordPress Portfolio Theme

Lookbook is a theme that has been around for quite some time, but I still think that it makes for a great looking portfolio. It might not have all of the bells and whistles that some of these templates have, but it does a great job of presenting highly visual content in an engaging and interesting way. This is a masonry grid portfolio theme that makes your images the most important thing on the page. I think this is a particularly fine WordPress theme for photography portfolios, ensuring that your images look fantastic every time out.

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Wright, Minimal WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme


Wright is a Blog, portfolio and eCommerce theme that does a fine job of making your images look extra special on all screen sizes, thanks to the responsive design. With a theme like this one, visitors to your website will see your images first and be able to click on ones that they find most interesting. This is a really nicely designed theme, the code is clean and uncomplicated. That said, this theme doesn’t have the most features of any theme on his collection, it’s sort of what you see is what you get. I included because I really like the design and the developer is salad at offering great support.

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Infinity Pro, Genesis Framework Portfolio WP Theme

Infiniti Pro is a modern, stylish and attractive WordPress theme they can do wonders for any portfolio. Presenting your content the right way is important, that’s how you really impress people. Infiniti Pro does just that. It’s even got a Blog integrated with it so that you can connect with readers in more than one way. Themes like this one, Genesis framework child themes, are particularly well suited to SEO. If you are working to build more traffic, and who isn’t, a Genesis framework theme can go a long way to providing the type of user experience that keeps people coming back time and time again.

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Cre8or, Amazing WordPress Sites for Portfolios

Cre8or is a minimalist portfolio theme that has a really cool and stylish design. It’s also an e-commerce template, giving you the option to sell products and services alongside your portfolio. I think this theme does a really nice job with serving up a solid mobile experience as well as the desktop experience. These days, most themes can say that, but I believe the navigation and the layout for the mobile version is particularly nice.

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Motive, Stylish Portfolio WP Themes

Motive is a stylish, sleek and modern WordPress portfolio template that really helps make the most out of the important real estate on the page. This theme delivers a clear, concise message about what you have to offer. Portfolio themes need to deliver a great user experience even on mobile devices, considering how many people will be accessing your site that way. Giving them the same great experience can help convert visitors into customers or clients.

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Zelle Pro, One Page Portfolio Theme for WordPress


Zelle Pro, formerly called Zerif Pro, is a premium quality one page WordPress portfolio theme. That’s a little bit of a unique thing these days, most templates don’t offer one page designs for portfolios. For those of you who are looking to keep things very simple, Zelle Pro could be a great option. That doesn’t mean that this theme doesn’t have a lot of flexibility oh, because it does. Zelle Pro is well supported and well documented as well, making it a great theme for beginners.

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Composition, WordPress Photography Portfolio Themes

Composition is a portfolio and eCommerce combination theme. This template allows you to Showcase your foot tography and sell it in the same place. If you want to build a stock-footage website, if you are a wedding photographer, this is the type of portfolio that could come in very handy. As you can see from the demo image, this is the homepage, please search feature is prominently placed, making it very easy to search your database of photographs or other creative work. And the portfolio layouts are really solid, presenting your images the right way.

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Eris, Artist’s WordPress Portfolio Template

Eris is a minimalist WordPress theme with a unique layout for navigation. This theme is all about white space. Once you get to the portfolio section, the same design ethic applies. Arris is clean, modern and Sleek, it does a great job of making sure everything in your portfolio stands out. This template was created by themes Kingdom, their support and documentation are known to be among the very best out there.

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Simply Pro, Elegant Blog and Portfolio Theme

Simply Pro is a Genesis framework child clean that has a well-integrated Blog, beautiful options for portfolios and it is incredibly simple to use. In terms of customization, nearly everything that you see on the page can be changed from the handy WordPress theme options panel. As with all Genesis framework themes, this is a fast loading template that does great for SEO. Simply Pro is more than just a portfolio, if you are looking for a portfolio and blog combination, this is a great choice.

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The Agency, Portfolio Theme for Creative Agencies

The Agency is a creative WordPress theme for building portfolios that really stand out. It’s not surprising that this theme was developed with creative agencies in mind, allowing all sorts of digital agencies and artists to produce amazing work that simply gets attention. Giving people what they want is incredibly important and with this template, you will provide a wonderful user experience every time out, no matter what device people use to access your site. That’s because this template is perfectly responsive and offers really well-thought-out mobile layouts.

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Like it’s name suggests, Airtifact is a clean and breezy, light and contemporary WordPress theme that’s going to give you a striking way to present your creative content. A portfolio site is an incredibly useful tool to help you engage with your audience. If you are doing anything creative, having a very well-designed portfolio can make your work looks even better than ever. To get this accomplished, you will need a complete tool. A tool like Airtifact can be something to help you develop a community and build an audience. this is a creative tool for creative folks who want to use the rock solid foundation of wordpress to present all sorts of creative content.

The Airtifact WordPress theme is a creative portfolio theme for WordPress and it’s got a really cool, simple and modern style.  Airtifact, that’s actually sort of hard to type for me. I’m not really sure why, I guess I just keep wanting to type artifact. But that’s not the name of this template, that’s a video game available on Steam. I’ve got to get my act together and make sure that I don’t have any more typos. My boss told me that if I get one more typo, I’m fired. And I work for myself, so that’s really troubling concept. Anyway, Airtifact is a great-looking, minimal style creative portfolio theme that I think will make your visitors turn somersaults with joy. I don’t think I’m going to stay in that, this theme is said to have caused hundreds of people recently to run through the streets naked, shouting for joy.

Honestly, it’s true.  I swear.

Careful don’t end up running around like an idiot, jumping up and down on one foot, running into traffic, acting like you are completely insane just because you took a look at the front page of this template. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

In all seriousness, this theme is one of the better looking than most portfolio themes I’ve seen in 2018, it’s going to Creative Design with masonry grid layout optional, it’s a minimal and original looking WordPress theme that also offer is Parallax scrolling. Great for photography portfolios, video & blogs alike, this unique and simple WordPress theme is a high-performance option if you want a modern end minimal portfolio, a journal or magazine template to help reach new audiences and a vibrant and readable experience for everyone. This is one of the better WordPress themes come out in September of 2018 and I think that the early sales are really represent that fact, it’s sold 26 times in just two days on the market, which isn’t a record, but it is awfully impressive. So, I think that this is certainly a theme that you should consider if you need a minimalist portfolio template to Showcase your creative works of art.

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Expo is a creative, minimalist, full screen portfolio theme that offers horizontal or side-scrolling layout. That’s where the unique way to present your content. This theme includes a splash page layout, full integration with the powerful, built-in theme customizer and a whole lot more. This response Athena tabs to all sizes of screens, there are multiple custom widget areas to add text content, images, subscription forms and more. This template, you’ll be able to sell photos, prints and any other digitally downloadable product. for creatives who want full control over how they market products, Expo is a really excellent choice.

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Shutter is another quality, responsive photography theme for creatives who want multiple options for layout and full control over all of the little details that make your website unique. Shutter was designed for photographers, photo studios and photo bloggers. This theme comes with five different amounts of showcase the range of possibilities for layout and functionality. with this theme and one of these pre-made demo concepts, you’ll be able to set up your site in just minutes. Even if you’re an amateur photographer, this beginner-friendly WordPress theme is the perfect tool to showcase your work. it’s a remarkable online presentation for high-quality images with a clean design and a distinctive approach to building a photography portfolio

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Minimalist themes don’t have to be plain and boring. Look at Elegant here, it’s a very stylish but minimal theme from Themify, who are one of my favorite theme developers anywhere.  Elegant is a simple, corporate influenced theme.  It’s a blog, a portfolio and an eCommerce theme with a simple minimalist style that’s great for any sort of website.  Minimalist themes do e fine job of letting you create any kind of content, since minimalist themes are so adaptable, they form fit themselves to your content, not the other way around.  There are no fancy animations, no graphic effects that call attention away from the content.  Elegant focuses the attention on your posts and you images, right where the attention should be focused.  I love the attention to the smallest details with Elegant, the typography is amazing too.  The responsive design of this theme makes it so it looks great on all devices.  You’ve got a bonus with the portfolio and team post types too, an image filter, masonry and grid layouts and a ton more.  And Themify is known for great support, so you’ll never run into problems using this theme.

Elegant is a theme from Themify.me, it’s a clean and multipurpose theme that has relatively few extra embellishments, the typography and clean layout is what really strikes you first. There’s a portfolio and a team post type, so I think this theme works well for creative companies who want to showcase a portfolio and promote whatever creative work you do. Themify works very hard on their themes so they’re as reliable as possible and Elegant is no exception. This theme is well supported, it’s well documented and it’s great for SEO, since it loads fast and it’s perfectly optimized for display on all types of devices.

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This WordPress premium portfolio theme is called Incanto.  It’s clean, it’s modern and it’s packed with creative features, highly modifiable, very easy to use, reliable and gorgeous, it’s versatile, perfectly coded and responsive, amazing for online marketing companies, freelancers, design companies, advertising companies or photographers. You can create a wonderful first impression with a powerful, well-made WordPress portfolio theme.  With parallax style, video backgrounds from sites like YouTube, one page and multi page versions and more, this theme has a lot to offer just about any type of business.

If you need to work with a robust plugin to make a lovely site, you must consider the adaptable, simple to use drag and drop page builder plugin, Visual Composer.  Visual Composer works perfectly with the leading third party plugins like Contact Form 7, Essential Grid, popular forms plugins like Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms, Layer or Revolution Sliders and WooCommerce. That helps make this beautiful WordPress theme incredibly functional.  What people really love is the low cost, that it’s compatible with everything, the incredible powerful features, that it’s very user friendly and the adaptability to produce any variety of site.  Visual Composer offers the massive template library, incredible support, dozens of content elements, popular front end editor and responsive, professional design, and tons more.

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Reveal, Responsive and Minimalist WordPress Portfolio Themes

A responsive WordPress portfolio theme, Reveal is intended to make your content look great regardless of the screen size or device it is viewed on. With its clean and minimal styling, coupled with project viewing powered by Ajax, the theme is designed to put your best work on display.

Reveal comes with myriads of features. It is optimized for search engines that gives you a decided edge over your competitors. It is likewise bundled with a number of exclusive widgets that you can use to display adverts, display contents in the sidebar, and connect to your social network accounts.

The theme has clean coding that is easy to edit because the codes are organized and uncompressed. It complies with the best WordPress practices. Your audience can easily communicate with you because of the built-in contact form. All you have to do is enter your email and it is ready to go. Even better is the localization feature that allows you to translate the theme to the language that best suits your target visitors.

You can easily customize the theme with Reveal’s wide-ranging options. Everything you need is easily accessible. Likewise, you can easily display and sell your products online with WooCommerce. No installation or editing required.

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For folks looking for a minimalistic eCommerce shop, CoupShop could do the trick.  Built with speed and style in equal measure, Coup Shop is a full featured WordPress eCommerce theme with a simple, modern look and a ton of great features to make it easy to run your online business.  Built by Themes Kingdom, Coup Shop is a great theme for promoting all kinds of products with a simple and straightforward presentation that makes whatever it is you’re selling look amazing.  The minimalist design is so flexible, it works for everything.  With support for Easy Digital Downloads as well as WooCommerce, you can even sell downloadable goods, if that’s what you’re into.  But don’t look for a lot of extra details, this theme is made to be simple, clean, fast loading and SEO friendly.  It’s also responsive, which should go without saying, but there are still some themes out there that aren’t responsive, so it’s worth noting.  CoupShop is from Themes Kingdom and it’s the eCommerce version of their popular Coup blogging theme. Both are simple and highly efficient WordPress themes, with bold and clean layouts, plenty of features and a focus on content. Responsive, compatible with all browsers and easy to customize, CoupShop is a great way to promote any sort of product you could imagine. One really nice thing about ThemesKingdom, you can get a 10% coupon if you sign up for their newsletter. Totally worth it.

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Weston is a premium, minimalist eCommerce theme with cool layouts, a simple design and a ton of features.  With Weston, you get a simple, elegant design with highly modern features that make it one of the best themes to come along in the last few years.  In terms of minimalist design, it’s right up there with the very best.  Minimalism doesn’t mean that it lacks features, this theme is powered by Visual Composer and that comes with a ton of pre-made functionality.  The basic, essential features include WooCommerce, beautiful portfolios, a delightful blog layout and more.  With Visual Composer, it’s a smooth and straightforward process to produce a site that has all the visual appeal that a contemporary and stylish website should have, with every tool you could possibly want to run your business.  With Visual Composer, it’s possible to create any sort of new and novel site for any type of business.  Weston is a Visual Composer based theme that’s clean and highly functional without the code bloat that you sometimes see with VC based themes. Weston has all the fundamental flexibility and functionality you need to build a really great website. Video backgrounds, portfolios, Google fonts and plenty more ensure that Weston can be adapted for any need. ThemeTrust offers a year of free support and updates to all of it’s themes, there are plenty of other great reasons to pick this theme, so take a look at more information below.

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Eames, Minimalist Artist’s Portfolio and Blog Theme


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Beatrix is a handmade WordPress theme for selling handmade products. Cool!  Selling handmade goods online is a great way to pursue your passion and earn some passive income. Designed especially for creative individuals who want to start a craft store business online, Beatrix is great for clothing stores, jewelry stores, and more. This trendy shopping theme enables you to display high quality images of your masterpieces in the Shop page. There, you can add detailed and effective product descriptions to convince clients to purchase your stuff. Additionally, previous customers can add their ratings and reviews. This is useful considering the effect of peer feedback on people’s buying decisions. Being WooCommerce-integrated, Beatrix allows your would-be clients to register and create their own accounts. From their individual account dashboards, they can easily manage their purchases and their shipping info. This way, they are provided with a hassle-free shopping experience. This, in turn, helps boosts your sales. Additionally, you get to manage everything from orders to shipping without leaving your WordPress Admin.

This theme includes free 1 hour customization so you end up with a unique online store that fits the theme of your business. In addition, you get the advantage of free theme updates. You can choose among multiple home page designs and unlimited colors. This theme is also compatible with most popular browsers, and its responsive design and load speed optimization provide a pleasant window-shopping and purchasing experience to customers even while they’re mobile. Beatrix lets you categorize your products according to type. The filterable portfolio lets shoppers view the items according to price, ratings, and newness. To further increase your sales, virtual shoppers will be shown a list of related products based on recently viewed items. Show your potential buyers how good they’ll look when they buy your products. You can use the Blog section of this theme to post articles and photos of fashion inspirations.

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Hero, Simple Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme

If you need a WordPress portfolio theme that is responsive but at the same time minimal, and will allow you to highlight the services you offer by showcasing your best work, then Hero is the theme for you. With the theme’s parallax home page banner combined with your creativity, you can display your primary message in a manner that will engage your viewers.

The shortcodes plugin that comes free with Hero can be used for creating engrossing slideshows and adding toggles, buttons, columns, and tabs. You can likewise add your logo, custom CSS, colors, and numerous other options that will help make your website unique.  Use the theme’s localization support to translate the theme into your preferred language. Hero is likewise built with a responsive layout design that will make your site look amazing on any device, regardless of the screen size.

Easily insert videos from your favorite sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and others via Hero’s video support feature. Smooth filtering and hover effects are available to create an amazing look for your project.  To create your contact form, use the highly functional Contact Form 7 that is fully compatible with Hero. You also have control over the typography of your content with the availability of numerous Google fonts.

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