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December 3, 2019
WordPress Reviews Themes

More and more often these days, folks are going online to get reviews of products or services they might be interested in.  People want to make an informed decision and that’s where this collection of themes comes into play. This round up of reviews themes is perfect for helping consumers find websites and products that really tick off all the boxes they’re looking for, getting critical information to help them make a decision.  It can be a challenge to find the right theme, which is why we’ve gathered up dozens of the best and reviewed them for you.

If you want to establish a website reviewing products, this theme collection is ready to help you get started.  I think WordPress is the best possible platform for making a reviews website, since there are so many themes available to help you get started and plenty of plugins to handle the reviews functionality.  Whether you’re giving star reviews or multiple categories of numbered reviews, these themes have what it takes to make a great website that’s informative and easy to use.


Extra is a gorgeous magazine layout built on the Divi page builder theme.  This theme is professional and has a really solid, flat design that makes it great for reviewing any type of product or service.  Elegant Themes is known for their amazing support and high quality themes.

I’ve included Extra in this collection because it offers a completely different stylistic look. The flat and modern design is ideal for clearly communicating what you want your readers to know. The building reviews system that is included with the Divi page builder is a great starting point for building a hugely successful reviews website. Whether you are reviewing services or products, movies or books, the modern and beautiful design of the Extra template is a great place to start. This responsive theme delivers the kinds of experience you want.

Extra is a magazine theme with a handy built in review system, meaning that you can add reviews for any product, service or post on your site.  No matter what kind of content you product, the flexibility of Extra will come in incredibly handy, with a dynamic and flexible layout, simple and clear navigation and more.  Extra was created by Elegant Themes, so you’ll get a lot of documentation and support if you should need it.  With a theme like Extra, you’ll be creating incredible content in no time.

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Adventure is WordPress theme that is designed for travelers and explorers. I think that with any of the most popular reviews plugins, reviewing destinations, hotels, Parks or even products can be a fun and user-friendly way to connect with your audience. There are thousands of people who use the adventure WordPress theme and almost everyone agrees that it is simple to use, delivers a fantastic user experience and also offers professional support that is difficult to match. I think that this template is a very interesting one to consider for building a reviews website.

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Divi WordPress Magazine Theme

This theme features a responsive design that is mobile friendly and looks great on all devices. Did he is of course best known for their drag-and-drop page builder, but it also offers woocommerce support. There is a built-in reviews system and that is the heart of any reviews website of course. With Parallax or video backgrounds, this fully customized template can be used for almost anything. There are 18 predefined layouts that are included with your download, though you can create almost anything you would be able to imagine with the Divi page builder. There is a gigantic selection of content modules to choose from and where you place them is completely up to you. If you want absolute freedom when designing a website, Divi is certainly one thing that you have to consider.  Here are some additional WooCommerce themes for WordPress.

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Grand Magazine

Grand Magazine is one of the most popular and highest rated themes for reviews. No matter what type of product you are reviewing, even Services, there are 40 pre-designed layouts to choose from for both blogs and post designs. You get the option to show hot and trending posts oh, sorting them by how many shares or comments they have received. With an easy to install download package, you can really upgrade the look and feel of your website almost immediately. This theme allows for various post content types, including video, image gallery and individual images. Sometimes, you might want to use more than one on one page, which is absolutely possible with this AdSense friendly, woocommerce ready reviews theme. With great support and fabulous documentation, Grand Magazine is a clean and minimal theme that can help you build a successful website.

Grand Magazine is a wonderful way to build a viral content empire, the social sharing aspects of this theme are lmost off the charts.  Grand Magazine is equally adept at showcasing your news or blog content, with social sharing buttons prominently placed to help you get traffic from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.  What’s more, features like trending posts ensure that once your visitors arrive at your website, they’re sure to find the most relevant and interesting breaking content.  A great looking, powerful and feature-filled WP blog theme is a great option to allow you to develop an audience online.

To build up a tremendous readership for your web blog, you will need a fantastic looking, full featured WordPress blog theme.  It’s not always just about content anymore, though content is still the absolute key to any magazine or blog enterprise.  No, sometimes, some people really do want the design to help keep them entertained.  They want the bells and whistles of a sort of ‘anti-minimalist WordPress theme.  I think it’s particularly true for viral magazine themes at least, which is why this one is here.  The grand Magazine theme is simple to use with a lot of awesome documentation, one that provides a lot of helpful, popular options, modern and stylish with an excellent layout, completely responsive so that it looks great on any screen and incredibly flexible so that you can use it on any type of website.

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Splash is a 100% responsive theme that is built on HTML5 and it offers a built-in rating system. This theme is blazingly fast, it’s completely translation ready and has a powerful theme options panel to let you customize your site just the way you want. This SEO friendly theme is perfect for integrating reviews into your blog and it helps to maximize impact on your reader. There are multiple criteria that you can use to review any sort of product and a flexible homepage layout means you will have the look and feel for your site that you want. Customization is a snap and if you would like to sell products, WooCommerce is fully supported by the Splash WordPress theme. Social media is more important than ever and that’s why it Splash does its very best to integrate seamlessly with all the most popular social media sites.

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Blogging is another effective WordPress theme from my theme shop. My theme shop does magazine themes as well as anyone and this is one of their best. This template is AdSense optimized, fully packed with widgets and it is totally responsive. This is one of the better themes for bloggers and magazines out there and if you want to add reviews to your website, I think this is a great a theme for getting your point across. Readers want the most up-to-date and effective information out there before making a decision about what to purchase, that’s why you’re website needs a template like this one. With fast page load times, an attractive layout and clean, commented code, this template is fully integrated with social media to help you make a connection with all of your readers. This is a One-Stop shopping center for fantastic design and well worth considering.

NewsTimes is a great looking all-around magazine theme for WordPress and with a star review system in place, it’s perfect for helping you interact with your readers.  NewsTimes is coded well and since it’s from MyThemeShop, it’s well documented and fully supported with fast and friendly help if you need to get some help.  NewsTimes is great for management of AdSense ads, which is critical for any online magazine.  With the latest code, both HTML5 and CSS3, fast loading times, responsive layout, incredibly tuned SEO and more, this theme is as functional as it is attractive.  NewsTimes is definitely one of the better reviews themes around and one I think you really should consider.

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Closing in on 10000 downloads and a 4.8 plus rating on themeforest, Valenti is one of those cutting-edge WordPress themes that is fully responsive and great for reviews magazines. With the exclusive drag-and-drop page builder that is included, Valente can help produce a fun and stylish homepage and you’ll be able to edit nearly anything that you see. Valenti makes it really fun to build a website. This buddypress ready theme has been constantly updated since its release nearly 5 years ago. So, it really stays up with the times and continues to produce clean and stylish platforms for revealing any type of product. There is detailed documentation and fantastic support available and no matter what type of product you are choosing to review, you will end up with a fantastic-looking website that is great for any type of reviews system.

Valenti is an outstanding feature-filled WordPress premium HD review magazine theme and it’s got also a WordPress parallax theme too. Valenti has it’s own Drag & Drop page builder, so even beginning users can have quickly craft a unique homepage and make any kind of modifications to it any time they wish. Valenti packs a unique mega-menu system for gorgeous and functional drop down menus and also the ability to set the featured image of a post to have a parallax effect.  This theme is retina ready, and really dun to use.  The drag and drop interface is pretty straight forward and isn’t overly complex, yet it is still feature filled.  Your community will be able to review anything, so this could be a great magazine about food or movies.  WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress are all supported, which means you can grow a community and then monetize it in some way if you see fit.

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The Rex

The Rex is a theme that I’ve been thinking about reviewing for quite some time.  This theme is among the very highest rated themes ever on ThemeForest, it boasts a perfect 5 star rating on nearly 500 sales.  Not a bad mark at all.  With a clean design and one of the highest ratings ever amassed on ThemeForest, The Rex WordPress theme knows that it’s good to be King.  This is a blog and magazine theme that has a perfect 5 star rating, excellent design options for masonry grid layouts, as well as more traditional blog layouts.  The clean look makes it well suited for all kinds of blogs or magazine websites.  Looking for a theme that’s flexible and simple to use?  Well, that’s The Rex too.  It’s got tons of custom widgets, which I find to be the best way to add functionality to your website.  The Rex doesn’t rely on an external page builder as a short cut, though it does give you the ability to work with any page builder of your choice, even Gutenberg.  The Rex has Ajax load posts, mega menu support, it’s totally responsive and has an integrated reviews system.  Great choice for beginners and more seasoned WordPress veterans alike.

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Steam is a WordPress theme that is all about reviews. I mean, that’s why it’s in this collection, right? Steam calls itself one of the most advanced magazine-style WordPress themes available. It’s been around for over 5 years but it still keeps adding new features and it’s been updated to be compatible with the most recent versions of WordPress. This theme has a clean style that is easy to read and easy to manage on the back end. If you’re reviewing games or movies, vacation hot spots or something else entirely, I think that this template has perfect style to help make your website look just like you wanted to look. You can add Awards to your reviews, show like and view counts for each and every post, there are editor and user ratings and full retina badge support. There’s a powerful theme options panel to help you create a really memorable website. This theme works perfectly with woocommerce and buddypress as well.

Steam is a fully featured WordPress games review theme with trending carousel, WooCommerce enabled and Buddypress compatible too.  Steam makes it easy to set up a magazine to review whatever you like, from games to movies to music to videos and everything else.  Pure entertainment, that’s what Steam is about.  Showcase video?  Absolutely!  I think Steam is perfect for gameplay, tutorials and walkthrough vids.  There are tons of Google fonts, tons of short codes, tons of widgets…this theme has it all!  Oh yeah, when you check the demo site, be sure to look for the minisite system, it’s truly unique and a wonderful way to highlight really specific types of content.

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Puzzles is a metro-style WordPress magazine theme that gives you the capability to create a full-featured website to review products and services, no matter what type they might be. Well I think that this the theme is perfectly well suited for books or games, I think that it really shines as a tech Gadget reviews site. That’s because it’s got an incredibly modern look and feel to it, perfectly lending itself to that type of product. If you want to create content that is really going to Trend, having a great layout is a key feature to offer. I think that with this theme, you will quickly and efficiently find yourself crafting a fantastic looking website that is going to please your audience, no matter how picky they are.

What sets Puzzles apart?  For one, Puzzles has a flexible system of setup for the entire blog, for each of its categories and even every single post or page. That in addition, of course, to the very cool, stylish metro style that’s still going strong.  In the blog, every post has its own style. Need to remove the sidebar?  Slide it over to the left and replace the sidebar (select another sidebar with its own set of widgets), as well as perform lots of other useful settings – you will be able to do it easily for each category, page or post!  This theme is WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress ready too, so making an online community based around this template is pretty easy.  Plenty of online communities are springing up using Puzzles and it’s plain to see why, with all the style and features you get with this template.

We’ve found a whole lot more metro style WordPress themes you might like.

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Oblivion calls itself the ultimate gaming theme, and the developer May in fact be on to something there. This theme has nearly 2,000 download so far and a very respectable 4.5 rating overall. Speaking of ratings, Oblivion gives you the opportunity to create star reviews to rate different products. Specifically built for games and Gamers, this bbpress compatible WordPress theme has a drag-and-drop page builder, isotope gallery and Parallax slider, it’s all about the bling. There’s even buddypress support to keep things engaging and interesting. Oblivion is also a woocommerce ready theme, making it perfect for selling products. This is a theme that can do a little bit of everything, and it does it quite well.

Oblivion is here!  This is the ultimate gaming review them, and it was made with the newest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, so you can create amazing review sites or portfolios for your game development.  Add a forum and now you’ve got a real online gaming community website just like that.  With unlimited colors, backgrounds and fonts, there’s no style of website you can’t create.  bbPress and Buddypress compatibility means you can craft a community based around this theme and the rating system means your readers will be engaged and give you feedback on your content.  Drag and drop page building is here!  Finally, Oblivion allows you to create pages with the layout you want, not what’s pre-packaged in the design.  A parallax slider is bundled, so you can make real impact from the very beginning with this theme.

Check out our full collection of WordPress gaming magazine themes.

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Reviews is an ultra simple, ultra clean and ultra-sleek product reviews system. This is a complete package, it gives your readers the ability to give feedback about products and services before they make a purchase. You can create as many reviews as you would like and give grades out on as many criteria as you like. After you publish your review, users can give feedback separately and rate products or Services by the same criteria that you have established. The theme storage reviews separately for both author and end-users. This is a really cool feature that you see on a lot of different, popular reviews sites. I think that it creates a high level of interactivity that people really crave these days.

This is Reviews, a deceptively simple looking WordPress based product reviews engine.  Reviews is different than some of the themes on our list, which are magazine themes with a reviews component, Reviews was built for reviewing all sorts of products, sort of like your own Consumer Report’s style website.  Reviews allows users to leave feedback on as many products as they’d like, adding grades for as many criteria as you, the administrator, wants to provide.  Reviews are published and your readers can also get into the act, adding their own reviews.  Reviews has proven to be a very popular theme since it’s release and I know why, the simple design is ideal for adapting to just about any website, the features are endless and the powerful reviews engine is one of the best I’ve seen.

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Powermag calls itself the most muscular magazine and reviews theme on the market, and I think the developer may be right about that. This theme has a strong design, masculine and appealing look that makes it great for modern magazines and news reviews websites. If you are publishing content constantly, keeping things easy-to-navigate is incredibly important. This theme does a great job of giving you the different types of layouts that you might want for a games review site, movie reviews, music and tech gadgets. This buddypress ready theme offers visual composer for drag-and-drop layout building, and tons of other features that I think you are really going to enjoy.

PowerMag is a fantastic magazine theme that allows you to add BuddyPress and bbPress functions to create a really all encompassing experience that really helps communication and connecting with your audience.  BuddyPress and WordPress are an amazing complement, as they definitely work efficiently together to help you make a great social networking site almost instantly and successfully. BuddyPress and WordPress are extremely well suited to provide help to generate a very effectively powered, modest or colossal online community of kinder-spirited human beings, regardless of what subject you’re thinking about. If you want to take full advantage of BuddyPress, it’s best to decide on a theme which is specifically made to capitalize on all the incredible functions this cost-free wordpress plugin is offering. Utilizing this theme, the notifications look great and transmitting alerts has never been simpler, since this unique layout focuses on allowing members develop brand-new friendships, gain new friends and also send out correspondence.

This really is a totally responsive as well as fashionable social community WordPress theme allowing you to build your own community site web site within just minutes. Users can check out the a wide range of settings such as create profiles, follow other users, share work and ideas, comment and interact and so much more.  PowerMag is perfect for building an online gaming community, writing new content about games, sharing screencap video and more, so engaging with your audience will be easy enough for even a beginner to get the hang of.

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This WordPress multimedia magazine, newspaper, blog, periodical or journal theme is engaging, beautiful, modern, well designed and easy to use because it is well made, fresh, strong, feature filled and clean and with a built in, powerful reviews system, it’s a great way to engage with your audience, sharing videos and other multimedia files. The design is simple to use, easy to navigate, refreshing, cool and trendy and it has many powerful features like Visual Composer, Mega Menu support, Slider Revolution and more, all built to make your video content really shine.  This video theme is simple to use, dynamic, powerful, modern and flexible for any sort of video blog, magazine, video sharing page, entertainment blog or video tutorial site. You can embed your video from all the big sites like Vimeo, Youtube, Daily Motion, Netflix or Hulu or host your own videos. This theme gives you huge amounts of great abilities you’ll love, such as front end user posting, fantastic support, multiple layout variations, powerful theme options and a great responsive design.

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Solaris is an incredibly fresh and elegant WordPress theme, created specifically for use magazines, blogs and other websites where fresh content is King. This theme is incredibly simple to set up and it offers all the features that you need to customize it to fit your brand. You got a responsive layout, user ratings that are integrated into the theme, allowing users to write posts, although you can enable or disable this feature from the theme options now. There are 15 different custom widgets, unlimited custom colors and a powerful theme options panel that gives you access to all of the tweaks that you might want to make to your new website. Solaris is an advanced theme with a responsive layout and tons of features, but it is still incredibly simple to use.

Solaris is a fresh and elegant theme developed mainly for the magazines, news and blog websites. It is very easy to setup and use. Theme offers lots of features as unlimited color schemes, sidebars, Google Fonts, reviews, rich formats, post banners, secure contact forms with reCAPTCHA and a lot more.

Solaris is one of the most popular and flexible magazine themes around, good for blogs and news sites too.  Built in review engine and a features list that goes on and on and on.  In fact, it’s among the top selling blog and magazine theme ever on Themeforest, which is a pretty good indicator of it’s stability and popularity.  Solaris supports BuddyPress and bbPress, is totally responsive and it can give your online magazine a unique layout all it’s own.  Build an online shop to go with your magazine and let your customers review products, that’s the sort of engagement people are looking for.

Solaris is a feature-rich WordPress magazine theme with built in reviews capability, and it’s suitable for almost any niche. Add up to 7 custom criteria for your reviews, adjust the look and feel of the website with a powerful theme options panel, switch up the homepage layout and even adjust the global style of the theme with ease.  There are unlimited skins available, two homepage styles, multisite support, a half dozen custom widgets and over fifty shortcodes built-into the site, with shortcodes manager to help keep them organized.

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Entrance is a very clean and minimalist theme for magazines, editorials, blogs, news and reviews. This is theme has a retina ready display and responsive layout that perfectly add apps to all screen sizes. That means that tablet and mobile phone users are going to get the same great experience that visitors will have on a desktop. The retina ready feature gives you images and icons in multiple sizes, meaning that high-resolution displays are going to look great. The theme customizer allows you to upload your custom logo, change colors and modify all types of settings. Best of all, the integrated reviews system makes this blog and magazine theme great for creating reviews of any type of product.

Welcome to Entrance, a premium Magazine/Blog WordPress theme with a responsive layout and retina display ready. It is well suited for magazine, news, editorial, blog, photography or review site.  Entrance is a WordPress magazine reviews theme that is responsive and retina ready, adapting it’s size and layout to fit your reader’s mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.  Retina ready icons mean that it will look great at high resolution.  You can customize this theme with WordPress Customizer.  Upload your logo, switch the color scheme, modify settings and preview the changes take effect before you even save.   A drag and drop content builder allows you to create blocks of information with different styles and craft a unique page dynamically.  Pick one of the various blog layouts with small thumbnails, large thumbnails, grid or masonry grid.  There are also loads of custom widgets too.  Pretty solid all around theme.

We’ve also got a selection of WordPress minimal themes that are definitely worth checking out.

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Made is one of the more popular magazine themes around, and the flexibility in terms of the reviews at system makes it a must include in this collection. Is theme uses buddypress and a bbpress to allow you to review any type of product from electronic devices to movies and music, video games to restaurants, clothing and fashion trends to travel destinations, books, websites, comic books and a whole lot more. You can even allow your users to get in on the fun by submitting their own ratings and you’ll be able to display the average user rating below the review authors writing. That doesn’t require any extra plugins, it works negatively with the Made WordPress theme. This is certainly one of the most popular reviews themes out there, it has been sold over 3,000 times and shows no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future.

Made is strong review theme powered by a rock-solid framework which will help you to showcase your own reviews and help your visitors to make some tough decisions. Got a beer review blog?  Video games?  Movies or new mix tapes?  Your users can review anything you want them to.  Also, this theme comes with many different features which will help you to customize it on the way you want.  Many themes don’t include four different ratings types, but Made absolutely does.  Building a music review site?  add from originality, production, lyrics and musical quality to your ratings and let folks give their take.  Restaurants?  How about ratings for food, decor, service and value.  The choices are endless, based on what kind of niche you’re in.

Like to know more?  Check out this collection of magazine themes for WordPress.

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Falkorn, WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Falkorn is a WordPress theme that offers a great looking minimalist look and it really delivers a fantastic user experience.  What this Falkorn theme provides is a very clean, modern and simple platform for all of your content. It’s elegant and carefully crafted, powerful and responsive, great for personal blogs and magazine style blogs. Esteem is mobile first, it was designed from the bottom to the top with mobile experience in mind. This is a Gutenberg ready theme with clean and minimal design, five different blog layouts, three elegant featured area layouts and more. This well-documented theme is translation ready, offers alive customization option and a whole bunch of features.

Looking for some more great WordPress blog themes?  Check out that collection to see some absolutely amazing WordPress themes.  Bloggers who need a bunch of options would do well to start their search on that page.  Every one of the themes in that collection has a staggeringly high rating, offers fantastic support and has the design and features that you need to build a successful personal blog. We do all we can to ensure that everything that we bring to you is high quality, so if you see it in that collection, it’s going to be a great theme for your personal blog website.

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Explicit is a powerful magazine theme with built in reviews functionality.  It’s got a touch/swipe master slider, infinite loaders, and four pre-built reviews style with infinite ratings criteria.  It’s definitely one of the most popular new reviews themes we’ve found.  The Ajax powered mega-menu and category icons make it easy to create sub-sections on your website, while WooCommerce support allows you to set up an attractive online store in just a few minutes.  Ajax also powers the sorting and paging so that this template is quick to load up and doesn’t bog down your server.  The user and editor ratings are really a cool feature and there are 4 different styles to skin the ratings, so you can give your site the look and style you desire.  This theme is BuddyPress compatible and was built on rock-steady Bootstrap code.

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Backstreet is a modern WordPress magazine, portfolio and blog theme with a built in reviews feature that helps you take your content and make it a little more interactive.  It’s a fun and highly successful strategy with the right content and if you’re reviewing products anyway, it’s a great fit. Backstreet provides you with three post formats (audio, video and image galleries) and Backstreet can be used for any topic or niche.  The review system is comprehensive, with five rating criteria and even better, you can customize the look and layout of the site quite easily with the theme options panel.  Backstreet is responsive to look great on any device, which may even be more necessary on a reviews magazine site.  With a flexible page layout, you’ll never get tired of Backstreet.

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The Reviewer


Reviewer is a WordPress theme built for one purpose: writing reviews. Whether it’s reviews for movies or TV shows, Reviewer can handle it.  This theme is localized, so it’s ready for translation into any language.  There are bundled background images, or create your own to add your own flair to it.  Reviews are a perfect way to increase user involvement in your website, so this theme is perfect for creating a movie reviews website.

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This incredible Adsense theme offers the perfect customization choices in a fantastic design.  Ideal for creating an online listing of product reviews. If you are you’re looking to find an amazing new AdSense template to showcase your articles, photography, or design work, the large array of high quality designs makes WordPress an excellent option. Although there are a number of premium quality portfolio themes intended for WordPress for several years, recently there has been a considerable rise in the selection of responsive portfolio themes and it’s easy to see why. If you want your traffic to be able to freely see your portfolio site on a phone or tablet, along with a desktop, a responsive WordPress portfolio theme is the best choice.

WordPress is considered the most well-known blog platform around, because it’s quite easy to utilize, it’s very adaptive and it includes numerous robust attributes. There is much you can alter with almost any blog theme, so it is imperative that you buy an elegant design that provides the functions you require. A well built WordPress personal blog theme aids you to draw in your readers and with an effective WordPress blog theme, the code and design is good so your site loads extremely fast which will allow you to rank better on Google. This excellent weblog theme gives you all you could need provide an amazing, professional blog on virtually any subject matter such as travel, food, web apps, business, personal blogs, design and much more.

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The Reader


When you need to build a website that will capture the attention and imagination of Internet traffic, The Reader WordPress theme provides everything you need and more. This product has recently been updated to include not only the skillfully styled homepage, it also the ability to add a left-hand sidebar to the template. It remains fully responsive so anyone can view it easily on any size screen or monitor, and it also displays beautifully on any popular Internet browser program. These levels of access help site visitors enjoy their perusal of your content even more and will convince them to come back again and again. You can even set up your site using The Reader to translate into a wide range of international languages.

Other options controlled with a few simple clicks in the user-friendly admin panel include a choice of six different color schemes that are both visually arresting and professional. Various layouts, page elements, content blocks, and widgets are also supported. What may appear to be a simple design the first can truly be customized to showcase whatever textual, graphic, or video information you want to share.

Even though the administrative panel for The Reader is highly intuitive and easy to understand, questions may still arise about certain features or capabilities. The development team offers various online resources to provide answers. With this level of accessibility and support, anyone can use The Reader WordPress theme to build to their dream solution for online content sharing no matter how much knowledge or experience they have being a webmaster.

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Responsive, AdSense ready, fully supporting BuddyPress and bbPress, Grimag is an outstanding magazine and blog that I think could be great for online reviews.  Maybe just add a reviews plugin like the Reviewer WordPress Plugin, which seems to br really popular and well received by the folks who use it.  That one allows you to add comparison tables inside blog posts, creating a lovely recap box for your full post reviews or a simple yet powerful reviews system using stars or numbers.  Anyway, I don’t want to get too distracted, there are a ton of great reviews plug-ins available and all of them should work great with the Grimag theme.  Grimag is responsive, which should go without saying these days.  It’s Adsense ready, as I already mentioned, and I think it does a great job of integrating the ads into the content so it looks really seamless.  With nearly a 4.8 rating on ThemeForest, this theme is loved by the folks who have purchased it too, which is always a great sign.

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This is JustFit, an exciting new WordPress magazine theme that is skinned as a fitness theme in this demo, though there’s nothing that says it couldn’t be great for nearly any sort of website. JustFit is a full featured, WooCommerce ready, responsive, professional drag and drop page builder theme, which means there’s no end to the different layouts you can create.  With WP Review Pro added on, you’re going to have a full-featured reviews magazine. For fitness products, bicycles, software, vacation spots…it really doesn’t matter what you want to review, it’s going to be easy and your readers are going to love it. Add tons of categories and criteria, then give them a star rating one to five, or one through 10 or ever 100, if you want to get nuts.  You can even allow readers and customers to review your products, which increases user engagement and that’s always a good idea.

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Modern and multipurpose, Huber is an ideal way to create a magazine theme reviewing nearly any sort of product, Huber is great for reviewing all kinds of creative content.  From books to games, television shows and movies to music and other events.  Anything goes, as they say.  Powerful and interactive, Huber allows you to create ‘hub’ pages or posts, which contain tons of information about whatever your subject matter, be it a movie, the latest video game, a travel destination or other topic.  Then, each hub may contain reviews, news, videos, maybe a forum or comments section and images.  Assign ratings and rankings to each item with a variety of criteria and there’s even an option for front end, user driven reviews.

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How can you engage with your readers more than ever before?  A great WordPress magazine theme with reviews functionality is a good start.  Splash is one of these high quality reviews themes and I think you may be interested in it.  Star reviews have a tendency to attract readers because everybody loves to read about how something is rated.  Reviews give people an idea of how trustworthy something is and what quality it has.  Splash is a magazine theme that harnesses the power of WordPress to help inform your readers.  Splash is a MyThemeShop theme, which means it’s high quality.  Like all of their themes, Splash loads up quickly, the SEO is amazing and whenever WordPress updates to a new version, your site will stay exactly the same, looking amazing and helping inform your readers about what’s good in the world, no matter what your niche is.

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MightyMag is a complete, multipurpose theme for WordPress that is right for a newspaper website, online magazine, a publisher or editorial news site, even a personal blog or reviews site.  MightyMag is simple enough to set up and support is just a click away.  MightyMag allows you to set up an online community and keep them interacting with BuddyPress and bbPress (WooCommerce too) and the Bootstrap code is up to the latest generation, Bootstrap 3, so it loads quickly and isn’t buggy.  The BWL Pro Voting Manager Premium plug-in is included with this theme, which is a great value and a smart move, to allow voting on each post or review you make.  Visual Composer is also included, and that is a professional drag and drop interface that ensures your design can look just like you want it to.  Boxed or full-width responsive layouts are also included, so you have the flexibility to show off your content how you like.

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Want a full featured theme for magazine content with a powerful, built in reviews system?  That’s what Gillion is all about.  This premium quality theme uses Visual Composer to let you craft a layout that perfectly fits your needs or, you can select from one of the 7 pre-defined layouts, each one a great way to highlight and frame your content.  Carousel slider, boxed slider, full width, creative and more.  Whether you want a background image or not, it’s up to you.  Your content, whether it’s writing or images, will look incredible on this theme.  The typography is great right out of the box, but you can edit the fonts as much as you’d like.  With Gillion, you can select from a number of post layouts, page designs, sliders, headers and footers, each one made for clear navigation and made to look great on every device, thanks to Gillions responsive design.

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Allegro is a powerful magazine theme with built in reviews system that’s powerful, flexible and a fun way to allow some real connection with your audience.  It’s quick to get started with Orange Themes page builder blocks with it’s simple, straightforward, drag and drop page building system.  I really love that this theme doesn’t use Visual Composer, which can get a bit bogged down with code bloat, but that’s another story entirely.  Visual shortcodes, custom weather widget, Retina ready display, WPML for multiple language translations and more.  This theme has it all.

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