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Best WordPress Themes for News Magazines

November 14, 2019
WordPress News Themes

If you’re going to create a website to curate news articles, or to create all of that content yourself, choosing a well designed theme is really, really important.  We’ve all seen poorly designed news sites, the information is cluttered, hidden from view or just plain ugly to look at.  It’s going to be pretty difficult to win over readers with a poorly designed website.

What kind of features should you look for in an online news site?  Well, that’s going to depend a lot on what your needs are, but all news sites should have a few things in common.  For one, you need a theme that prioritizes readability.  Clear navigation is another aspect that’s critical.  Helping readers find what they want, attracting them with engaging headlines, that can really help boost your clicks and keep people on your website for a longer period of time.  Finally, you need a theme that is SEO optimized to help you rank as high as possible.  It’s not going to do you much good if people can’t find your site on the search engines.  Also, a theme that offers great support and documentation is always nice, especially when you’re first setting your website up.

Luckily, every theme in this collection has all of those bases covered.  So, read on to see the absolute best WordPress news themes around.  Here we go!

Papr, Clean, Modern WordPress Theme for News Magazines

Papr News Magazine WordPress Theme

if you’re searching for a news magazine WordPress theme, you should certainly consider Papr, one of the best new themes to come along in late 2019. This theme is an ideal fit for newspapers, news magazines, digital publishers and even personal blogs. It has been tested to make sure that it works perfectly on all devices, something that is quite important when considering which newsPapr theme to select. This one has a modern and unique layout that is anything but traditional, it’s got a clean, flat and professional style that perfectly blends text with images. This is a real attention-getting theme and it’s high performance as well. You get over 20 different unique, modern pages including several different post layouts they can help you present all sorts of content in a unique way. This seo-friendly theme installs quickly and looks great right out of the box, even without delving into all of the customization choices that can be made.

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Flex Mag

Flex Mag, WordPress Newspaper and Magazine Theme

Flex Mag is a powerful, simple news magazine web template with a fully responsive design, custom fly-out navigation, a bunch of different featured post options and several different article layouts.  That give you the flexibility that any electronic newspaper can possibly need.  You can even create video and audio posts.

Flex Mag looks great and loads up perfectly on all size devices, because it is perfectly responsive. One interesting aspect of this Athena, you have the ability to automatically load posts as you scroll to the bottom of any article. That’s an optional feature, but it is similar to websites like qz.com or espn.com. If you need to sell products on your newspaper site, this theme integrates WooCommerce, the most powerful and most widely used shopping cart plugin for WordPress. Advertisements are always important on any online newspaper, this theme supports unlimited ad units, any sized ad and leaderboard ads can be displayed almost anywhere on the page.  If you’d like to see some themes that are specifically made to be WooCommerce WordPress themes, check out our collection.

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Herald Magazine WordPress News Theme

This is the Herald WordPress theme, built for news sites, magazines and newspapers.  Herald is a modern and responsive WordPress theme, designed and developed with news portals and news magazine websites in mind. The design is completely responsive, it effortlessly scales to fit any type of device. These days, more and more people are accessing news websites via tablets and smartphones, giving all readers the same type of great user experience is very important. Herald includes a highly Advanced and user-friendly theme options panel to help you achieve a custom look in minutes. There are 500 different variations for article listing layouts, unlimited side bars including sticky side bars, a flexible branding and unlimited color combination options. There are four different pagination types, custom widgets and more, all of these features are so user-friendly, you don’t even need to know how to code to make the most of them.

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Newspaper, WordPress News and Magazine Theme

Publishing trendy content on the web is a great way to build traffic to your site, but selecting the right theme is a critical part.  Newspaper is a theme that has a ton of tools, great looking premade designs and plenty of flexibility to make it happen.  There’s a reason why Newspaper is the all time best seller for news magazines, it’s flexible, easy to use, it’s well supported and well documented.  By choosing one of the 50 different pre-made designs, you can get your site up and running very quickly.  These are professional layouts that really help put the focus on your content.  Newspaper is lightweight, fast loading and the code is incredibly clean.  All of that makes this a really nice theme for SEO.  Newspaper is continuously updated, it’s highly rated and includes 8 different premium plugins.  This is actually a really solid value at $59 and it just keeps getting more popular every day.  Newspaper is also a part of our collection of magazine WordPress themes.

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Sahifa, WordPress Newspaper Theme

Sahifa is among the most popular newspaper or news magazine themes out there.  It’s flexible, dynamic and easy to use, making this one a fantastic choice for publishers who want a really engaging template to help build traffic.  For breaking news sites, for specialty blogs about nearly any subject, for magazines and newspapers, Sahifa has a really classic design that is clean, easy to navigate and highly functional.  Sahifa isn’t just a pretty face either, this is a high performance theme that loads up fast and looks perfect on any size screen.  Sahifa has a powerful admin panel for making customizations to your website, it’s translation ready and it supports BuddyPress and bbPress.  For more BuddyPress WordPress themes, check out this collection.

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Soledad, Magazine and Newspaper WP Theme

Soledad is among the highest rated, best selling themes for good reason.  It’s flexible, user friendly and it’s got hundreds of fully built designs to help get you started.  Making the right first impression is all-important these days, since there’s so much competition for traffic and Soledad does a great job of making your content stand out.  If you want a true multi-concept theme, this is probably the biggest.  There are over 5000 different web templates included with your download, it’s a staggering amount, each one can be installed with just one click, giving you a ready made platform for sharing your written content.  Bigger, better, faster and flashier than ever, this Soledad theme is constantly being updated to make sure it’s a true premium news theme for WordPress.  It’s actually surprising that a theme with this many options can be so user friendly, but, here we are.

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Newsmag, WordPress Newspapers Theme

Newsmag is a premium quality WordPress news theme that has a clean, well organized style, a high level of detailed craftsmanship and a wide array of features.  In terms of flexibility, it’s really second to none.

Newsmag is a modern WordPress theme that is all about publishing your articles, blog posts and new stories with ease. This template is great for any type of online publishing, whether it’s about breaking news, more of a magazine-style site or even for reviewing products and services. Theme supports embedded or self-hosted video clips, features and intuitive and Powerful reviews system and also responsive Google ads and AdSense. The developer has tried to keep Pace with the changing world of WordPress, adding new features consistently and making sure the code is up to today’s standards. The result is a flexible and versatile theme that is innovative and trend-setting. This is also one of the highest rated news magazine sites available today. With over 14,000 downloads, it’s also among the most popular WordPress themes for news sites.

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Smartmag is a well organized WordPress theme for building an online news site.  Choosing a theme like this one gives you a real head start, it’s a perfect jumping off point for building the type of website that attracts a lot of attention and keeps readers coming back for more.

If you’ve been looking for a modern, responsive, retina ready and clean news magazine site, Smartmag is a great choice. This template doesn’t just excel at front and usability, that is clear to see just looking at the demo. But the administrators of end is also very simple to use. You got access to a drag-and-drop page builder to make it incredibly easy to create unique, creative and engaging homepage Styles. This theme includes built-in support for Rich Snippets, a very important aspect of SEO. This can all help your articles to rank higher in the search engines. This theme includes several different uniquely designed home page styles, multi page content slideshows, sample content that can be installed with just one click and the navigation is straightforward and easy to use.

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Valenti, News Magazine WP Theme

Valenti is a combination of a reviews site with a modern news magazine. This theme offers an exclusive drag-and-drop page builder, unique to Valente. Users can have a lot of fun creating Yeti Unique Home Page and easily make modifications to their website anytime necessary. With the powerful and integrated reviews system, you can review any type of product or service, giving readers valuable information every time they come to your site.  This can help get readers to come back for more, making your site a leader in your industry.  Valenti is consistently updated, keeping it as fresh and relevant as the day it was released.  Valenti is popular, highly rated and a great choice for any online publisher.

Check out some additional WordPress reviews themes in our roundup.  We’ve got a lot there and we add more themes all the time.

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Valenti, News Magazine WP Theme

15zine is one of the highest rated and most popular WordPress news magazine themes around. With consistent Updates, this clean, creative magazine and newspaper theme has a whole lot going for it. It’s a really trendy and modern style, no matter which of the pre-made ademo design you choose from. This theme requires absolutely no coding skills, thanks to the logical and simple theme options panel. You get a very Visual and dynamic way to customize your site even if you are not an expert with coating. This theme offers an exclusive image system, a different style of options for Featured images four posts and pages. It allows you to tell stories the way you want to, something that is very important for online news sites. This theme offers infinite scrolling and infinite post loads, although that is completely optional and up to you. The documentation is detailed and the support is fast and friendly. 15zine supports WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress and pretty much any other premium plug-in and add-on that you can think of.

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Voice, WordPress Newspaper Themes

This is Voice, a clean news and magazine WordPress theme the comes packed with features. This theme integrates woocommerce for any of your eCommerce requirements and bbpress to allow you to build a powerful social network or online community. Voice is a highly customizable WordPress theme, it offers an advanced theme options panel to quickly and easily create a style to fit your needs. This template is highly rated, popular and since the most recent updates, it’s even faster than ever before. This responsive theme does a great job of presenting your content in a visually engaging way that helps readers find exactly what they’re looking for on your website.

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Jannah, Magazine and NewsPaper Theme

Jannah isn’t news and newspaper magazine theme that has content marketing covered. This theme offers several fresh, responsive designs and plenty of features. Jannah has been recently updated to fully support Gutenberg and quite a View languages are also already supported. That makes this a very translation friendly WordPress theme, no matter what type of site you have and where in the world you are located. Jannah offers tons of mobile options like a smart sticky header, eCommerce notifications and a custom mobile menu. You got in line article ads to help monetize your site and Jenna also includes quite a number of Sliders to attract attention at the top of your page. Of course, Jannah also offers dozens and dozens of different pre-made styles, so I think that you should be able to find just about anything you need in one of those designs.

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The Next Mag

The Next Mag, WordPress News Theme

The next mag is a news and magazine template that is indispensable. This is a modern and clean design for anyone who wants to Showcase stories, share content and connect with readers. There are dozens of different demo design included, each one is fast loading and high performance. With a perfect 5-star rating, this theme is wildly popular and that’s in no small part thanks to the amount of features and flexibility. You get one click demo import, a very visual way to build your website almost immediately after installing the theme. The supporting documentation or very solid as well, meaning that this is a theme that you can trust and one that you can throw your site with.

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Zox News

Zox News WordPress Newspaper Style Theme

This is Zox News and if it looks familiar to you, there’s a pretty good reason for that. It’s the theme that I use here on TopNotch Themes. I find this perfectly responsive theme to be very easy to use and flexible. It does not include a drag-and-drop page builder, which is something that I am perfectly fine with. Well it does support any page builder that I choose to use, I like the pre-made design so much that I haven’t found it necessary to do that. There are 8 different article layouts, 5 featured post layouts and a continue reading button. Basically, everything that you see on this page. There is the Sticky Side Bar, a review or plug-in and post slider also included, something that online Publishers are going to find to be very useful.

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JNews WordPress Theme for Newspapers

Jnews is a fast loading magazine and news theme, it’s mobile friendly, works perfectly with accelerated mobile pages and it’s flexible too.  The developer keeps adding new options and new features all the time.  Recently, they’ve added full support for Gutenberg, the latest WordPress creation that makes this website a really easy one to customize.  There’s a custom header and footer builder included, you can design your own menus to provide tons of flexibility as well.  Jnews is very SEO friendly, it loads up fast and looks great on both mobile and desktop.  For advertising, you can monetize your website with either ads or affiliate marketing.  The process is very straightforward and it makes even a beginner look like an expert, thanks to the really solid set of tools and documentation to go along with it.

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The Next Mag, WordPress News Theme

Independent is a newspaper theme that has a classic newspaper feel to it.  It’s like an electronic broadsheet, but it’s way better than that.  This theme is functional, not flashy, it puts your content first and it’s very friendly for navigation, even if you have quite a number of categories and topics that your website covers.  Independent is critically acclaimed too, it sports a perfect 5 star rating.  With quite a number of demo styles to choose from, you can achieve quite a number of different looks with just this one theme.  Independent was created to be innovative, the code is clever and it delivers a fast loading, feature rich, responsive site for any type of magazine, online publisher or blog site.

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