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November 14, 2019

This selection of WordPress themes is all about Twitter Bootstrap.  No matter what kind of site you’re setting up, magazines and blogs, eCommerce sites and personal pages, a great looking WordPress Bootstrap theme will help your site load fast, look great and offer all the features your visitors want.  Bootstrap is one of the leaders in clean code, giving website a really stable, fast loading code base to build an amazing website on.

Bootstrap is a smart way to build a website, since the code is flawless, Bootstrap themes load up fast and there are tons of people out there working hard every day to ensure that Bootstrap continues to improve.  It’s kind of the perfect fit with WordPress.

So, here are a whole bunch of fantastic WordPress Twitter Bootstrap Themes.


Xeon is a clean and simple Bootstrap theme for agencies and personal portfolios and it’s a really premium option for your website.  This premium WordPress portfolio theme is reliable, adaptable, feature filled, great and user friendly, it’s flexible, feature filled and SEO-friendly, perfect for ad firms, design companies, internet marketing companies, freelance artists or wedding photographers. Selecting a high quality portfolio WordPress theme can help you deliver a fantastic first impression.

Visual Composer is the best known, top rated WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin, because it’s impressive and accommodating attributes make it easy to produce any kind of web site you would like to develop.  The Visual Composer plugin works perfectly with the leading add-on plugins like Contact Form 7, Essential Grid, Ninja or Gravity Forms, WooCommerce and Revolution or Layer Sliders. All of that makes this powerful WordPress theme very, very adaptable.  You’ll really love the simple learning curve, the reasonable price, the variety of helpful features, the ability to craft any style of site and that it’s compatible with everything.  Features include the gigantic template library, responsive, professional design, 40+ content elements, popular front end editor and incredible support, and a bunch more.

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With a very, very flexible structure provided by the powerful framework this Foundry theme is based on, Tommus Rhodus has created a very successful and well regarded theme that really delivers results.  All the essential website building characteristics are there, the massive number of customization options, the modern style and all of the many features included.  With Foundry, you can forge a website that will help you succeed, whether it’s blogging, eCommerce, business promotion or even creative portfolios.

The Foundry theme is completely modular in it’s design, meaning that each and every content block, the elements and images can be placed exactly where you want it to make the greatest impact on your visitors.  With the Foundry theme, it takes just a few minutes and a handful of clicks to build a functional website with amazing functionality and attractive style.  It doesn’t matter what layout you choose either, Foundry’s flexible and up-to-date code helps your site load fast, consistent and it can even help save you bandwidth.

High definition graphics and video will have no problem displaying perfectly on this retina-ready theme. Without complicated processes or code knowledge, your business can forge ahead with the Foundry WP theme.  Because the Foundry WordPress theme is made on Twitter’s amazing Bootstrap framework, every single page can be structurally different and still retain its complete responsiveness for easy viewing on everything the from the largest desktop monitor to the smallest tablet or cell phone.

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Underwood is based on the latest Bootstrap code and it’s a modern, classic and highly functional WordPress theme for bloggers, eCommerce enthusiasts and businesses who want a professional, fast loading and attractive website.  Working perfectly with all kinds of plugins, not just WooCommerce, Underwood is an SEO’s dream come true.  Underwood supports Yoast SEO, All-In-One SEO, WP Rocket, Super Cache and more.  That means when you start to attract an audience, they’re going to have a wonderful user experience, since the website will load up fast and look great on all devices.  Right now, that’s incredibly important since no matter what your niche, there are a ton of people competing for the same readership, the same viewers and more.  Priced at $39, this theme is a massive bargain too.

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Wrap is a Bootstrap 3 powered video blogging theme with loads of great features that make it an ideal theme for a wide variety of sites, video magazines, portfolios, blogs and much more.  Wrap allows users to submit their own video clips too, so you can allow users to help you create content.  That’s a pretty neat feature and one I think could be very valuable.  With Wrap, you can create a massively popular viral video magazine theme and you’ll never need to learn a bit of code, since everything is easily customized from the back end.  With Wrap, you get a theme that’s well documented and well supported, since Tesla Themes is one of the best around at supporting their themes.

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This is Tapptastic and you wouldn’t know it to look, but it’s a powerful, feature filled WordPress bootstrap theme that can really help your business take off.  With Bootstrap, you get a rock solid platform for your content.  Bootstrap themes load up fast, they look great on all devices, since they’re perfectly responsive, and with a theme like Tapptastic, your business will look very professional and trustworthy.  That’s important.  Tapptastic is highly functional and highly adaptable, not just because it’s completely responsive.  Tapptastic offers image and video sliders for presenting your content, there are icon fonts included, multiple page layouts are included for various types of pages and Tapptastic is like all ThemeFuse themes, super simple to use and incredibly easy to customize.

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This theme is called October, it’s a one page theme that was created using the Twitter Bootstrap framework.  With October, you get a theme that offers a wonderful canvas for freelancers, artists, graphic designers, agencies of all kinds and more.  The clean design is a great way to make a good first impression and with October, everything is arranged in a way that makes navigation easy and accessing the content you want a breeze.  I love the overall simplicity of October and it should be the kind of theme that sticks around for quite a while.

October combines wonderful style and a rich set of features to make your website a real winner.  This versatile, beautiful, very easy to use, contemporary and well built WooCommerce theme helps you promote fresh products, supervise delivery and your stock, develop your small business, advertise old items and communicate with shoppers and more.  No matter what kind of business, October will make your content and your products shine.  To develop a colossal set of followers for your website, you will need a well designed, user friendly and feature filled blogging theme.  This theme is made with a graceful, beautiful style, simple to operate with lots of wonderful help and documentation, one that gives a lot of useful, popular add-on attributes, completely responsive so it looks perfect on any device and extremely adaptable so you can use it on virtually any site.

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Built on Twitter Bootstrap v3, Phoenix is a delightfully powerful, flexible and easy to use parallax or multipage theme for WordPress.  That’s a mouthful, but it only goes so far in describing this theme.  Phoenix is simple to look at, but boasts a lot of features under the hood.  With Visual Composer, you can add a lot of functionality to any site, making the layout exactly what you want it to be.  The multipage option is great for folks who want to have a nice looking portfolio that doesn’t just pop up on the standard parallax homepage.  There’s an attractive blog layout, tons of documentation, easy to use theme options and a lot more.

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eMallShop is a beautiful eCommerce theme with a wide range of features that help it to be one of the better Bootstrap powered eCommerce themes around.  eMallShop works with the very latest WooCommerce version and it’s updated each and every time WordPress updates.  eMallShop supports WC Vendors, Multi Vendors and Dokan too, so you can let other users sell their products on your own website.  This responsive template was crafted carefully to use Visual Composer the right way, allowing your website the flexibility in terms of design and features that most webmasters are looking for.  eMallShop supports RTL and multiple languages, there’s one click demo data, plenty of documentation and more.  This is a flexible, well appointed theme that has also proven to be very popular since it’s release.

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This is Stratus, a delightful WordPress Twitter Bootstrap powered WordPress theme with all the design chops, the features, the ease of use and the great benefits of Bootstrap Code – and it’s all that you’ll need to create a memorable and long lasting website.  You can add parallax background pictures for dynamic effect, switch up the complete color palette, and select from hundreds of Google Fonts.  What’s more, Stratus’ custom drag-and-drop page builder lets you create nearly every page layout, whether it’s a landing page or an internal page for tha matter.  Among the ultimate measures for any landing page theme (and any business really) is convincing your visitors to purchase your product using a landing page that is solidly built, well designed and attractive to look at.  With Stratus, you’ll find a theme that has a great layout and design, though that’s not exclusively what Stratus is all about.  This theme really helps convert leads, which is what it’s all about.

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Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure is a mobile-friendly blogging theme with a clean and crisp minimalist style.  Built with the freshest Bootstrap code, Grace Under Pressure has what it takes to be a reliable place for you to accomplish all of your blogging goals.  Grace Under Pressure is feminine in style as it comes, but you can always change the look and style to fit your website’s desired brand.  With this theme, you can customize typography, create amazing author profiles that show your avatar, biographical information and your posts, showcasing your writing in a fun, graphic way.  Responsive Bootstrap themes are legendary for their load times and Grace Under Pressure is no exception.

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Lambda calls itself the ultimate WordPress theme.  To be honest, that’s a claim that plenty of developers use to describe their themes, so I don’t always believe what I read.  That said, this is a very high quality WordPress template that’d be perfect for any business that wants a wide ranging, flexible theme based on Twitter Bootstrap code.  Lambda offers over 65 pre-made demo sites, showing what this theme could look like in a wide range of genres.  Corporate or creative, restaurant or magazine, personal or professional blog, hotels, non profits, yoga studios and plenty more to boot.  You get the idea.  This theme has racked up 20k sales already and it’s just getting started.

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If you’re really into highly optimized websites, then you may want to check out a great looking theme built using Twitter’s Bootstrap code.  The Unyson framework is a powerful one, giving you a built in page builder, analytics support, great SEO options, backups, translations and much more.  The combo of those two powerful tools make Architekt a great theme for many kinds of websites.  While Architekt is made to be a corporate styled website, it can be altered to fit your site’s style with ease.  With a Bootstrap theme, you’re always going to find it straightforward to customize and add new features to your website.

Want to change the background image?  Colors?  Text settings?  It’s all easily done from the admin panel.  Even choose from multiple basic layouts using the drag and drop page builder from Unyson.  Architekt is a retina display ready theme, it’s perfectly responsive too, so it will look great on all devices.  Crisp text, bold icons, high quality images on all screen sizes, that makes your site have a great user experience even on HD displays.  There’s even a great contact form module to help you build your business.

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Balloon is a beautiful theme for farmer’s markets, organic produce vendors, small family farms and other sorts of businesses where fresh farm produced products are at center stage.  Balloon comes with three main demo sites for the front page, Spring, Summer and Autumn, each gives a slightly different feel.  This is truly a perfectly made, attractive, crisp and ground breaking Bootstrap based template which can help you make the website of your desires. This design is ultra powerful, it’s been constructed with every type of individual in mind, from newbie to experienced professional. With the most recent Bootstrap HTML and CSS, this template is ideal for web sites and companies of any type, since this template is a very dynamic and enjoyable multi-use template, ideal for everybody. Even if are inexperienced in the WordPress platform, you can use this website theme to develop a lively and stylish online business rapidly, because just about every thing within this template can be edited, even by first time WP buyers. It really doesn’t matter exactly what content material you have, from graphics to articles, merchandise or anything else, this theme will let you establish a good appearing theme on whatever device, given that it’s entirely responsive as well.
There are numerous additional features that may assist you continue building an audience and truly engage with them.This web site sets up promptly and there are many plugins that one could utilize to provide groundbreaking options for your web blog. A perfectly responsive theme is terribly important, which is why this breathtaking, flexible template has been produced to be completely responsive, in order that it looks excellent on any sort of device, no matter the size. It is possible to rather quickly develop your own one-of-a-kind designs utilizing this Bootstrap theme, as it’s incredibly accommodating and powerful, expertly constructed and created in every way. This really is an undoubtedly great Bootstrap WordPress theme that you ought to unquestionably consider.  For more WordPress minimalist themes, try our full collection.


Foevis (who names these things, what a dumb name for a WordPress theme!), is a skillfully made, beautiful, contemporary and ground breaking Bootstrap coded WP theme which can help you make the website of your desires, irrespective of what niche you’re in, whether you want a portfolio site or a blog, even a news magazine or an eCommerce storefront. This WordPress bootstrap theme is powerful, it has been constructed with all types of individual at heart, from newbie to expert. With the newest Bootstrap CSS and HTML, this template is perfect for web sites and enterprises of any type, because this design is a really energetic and enjoyable multipurpose template, suitable for everyone. Even if are a new comer to the WordPress CMS, you can make use of this website theme to craft a lively and lovely internet site promptly, since close to everything in this design can be edited, even by newbie WP individuals. It doesn’t make a difference the kind of material you may have, from photographs to blog posts, goods or anything else, this WordPress theme allows you to construct a great appearing theme on any sort of electronic device, because it is wonderfully responsive as well. There are numerous other characteristics that will help generate readers and truly make them happy.  Here are some more WordPress WooCommerce Themes.

This website installs very quickly and there are various plugins which you could use to provide you with innovative functions for your site. A wonderfully responsive site is a must, which is why this extraordinary, adjustable website has been designed to be completely responsive, in order that it looks excellent on each and every computer or device, no matter how large or small. You are able to swiftly develop your own one-of-a-kind versions with this particular Bootstrap theme, as it is so accommodating and vibrant, efficiently developed and designed in every way. This really is a truly superb WordPress theme that you should absolutely examine.

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This theme is really a well engineered, stylish, glossy and innovative Bootstrap established WP theme which could assist you to establish the internet page of your dreams. This design is effective, it’s been developed with each sort of user in mind, from novice to pro. Together with the hottest Bootstrap CSS and HTML, this theme is excellent for weblogs and partnerships of any sort, because this layout is an amazing vibrant and enjoyable elastic site theme, made for nearly everyone. Regardless of the fact you might be are fresh to the WordPress platform, you might use this site theme to craft a lively and intriguing web-site swiftly, because practically everything in this design could be edited, even by rookie WP people. It doesn’t matter which sort of material you’ve , from photos to posts, product or anything else, this layout will allow you to create a wonderful looking layout on almost any computer, because it’s absolutely purely responsive too. There are an assortment of different qualities that will support you build audiences and really thrill them.  For more WordPress full screen themes, try our main collection.

This web-site is put up without delay and there are tons of plugins that you can utilize to offer fresh features for your website. A totally purely responsive site ought to be mandatory, that’s precisely why this appealing, flexible template was produced to be absolutely purely responsive, so it appears great on each and each computer or apparatus, each and every moment. You can quickly create your one of a kind designs for this specific theme, because it really is really practical and lively, economically crafted and created in every way. This is an undeniably remarkable WordPress theme which you will need to definitely evaluate.

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This one is a properly constructed, gorgeous, lively and ground breaking Bootstrap established template that will assist you produce the page of your own hopes and dreams. This Bootstrap theme is powerful, it’s been carefully designed with all sorts of consumer in your mind, from newcomer to a specialist. Together with the hottest Bootstrap HTML and CSS, this template is excellent for organizations and sites of any sort, provided this layout is an unbelievably lively and enjoyable multipurpose site theme, ideal suited to everyone. Even in the event that you might be are unfamiliar with all the WordPress CMS, then you might use this theme to make an energetic and trendy web page without any delay, because quite practically everything in this design could be edited, even by a beginner WordPress users. It does not make any difference the type of content material you’ve , from pictures to blog articles, products or articles, this layout will permit you to produce a great seeming theme on any pc, as it’s absolutely purely responsive too. There are loads of different features that may help you keep building listeners and really engage together.

This website installs quite easily and you will find a lot of plugins that you may use to provide you with cutting edge skills for your own blog. An entirely purely responsive internet site is very important, which explains why this appealing, adaptive template was made to be entirely purely responsive, therefore it seems cool on any kind of smart device, each and every moment. You’re able to quickly make your very own unusual designs using this theme, since it is incredibly adaptive and strong, professionally produced and generated in every manner. This is in fact a totally amazing WordPress bootstrap theme you want to definitely check out.  Here are some more of the best WordPress portfolio themes.

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This simple and clean WordPress theme is called pheromone. Pheromone is one of the highest rated WordPress themes of any type on ThemeForest. That’s right, it’s got a perfect 5-star rating with 51 reviews and counting. With over 500 sales, this themes developer is doing something right. I think that it all starts with the clean bootstrap code. This theme allows you to create a high conversion landing page, multi-page or one-page websites, portfolios, blogs, business sites and more. In fact, there are over 70 pre-made homepages to choose from. With 20 different homepage styles, modern portfolios and more, this theme is a great starting point for all of your internet needs. Pheromone’s developer, Dankov Themes, even offers free installation and demo setup. That could be a real time-saver and certainly it’s worth considering if you are a bit of a beginner with WordPress.

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