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Best WordPress Typography Themes for Great Looking Blog Sites

October 20, 2019
WordPress Typography Themes

One aspect of great web design that many webmasters tend to overlook, fantastic typography. Typography can really help elevate your website and its content, helping to make your site more readable and more enjoyable for visitors. Stylish typography can elevate the mundane to something a little more interesting. Selecting a WordPress theme with fantastic typography can be challenging, but this collection is here to provide you a large amount of outstanding options for building a website. These themes are particularly good for writers and others who have heavily text based websites. If that sounds like you, this collection is a great place to start.

So, here we go, the best WordPress typography themes that we have found in 2019 is right here.


This Airtifact theme is incredibly creative, the typography is one of the most striking things about it. If you want a theme that’s a little bit different from the rest, this bright and airy template is a good choice. Building a portfolio to showcase your creative work can really help to build an audience. this theme, speaking of how lightweight and fast loading it is, was developed using the underscores framework. This is one of my favorite frameworks and it allows you to have a website that loads up fast on all devices and a website that is completely customizable. Tweaking little settings here and there can really help to make a unique presentation for your content. everything is fully customizable, this theme supports touch gestures and keyboard support for sliders and there’s a lot of other great features that make it one of the most user-friendly themes around.

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Clean Photo, Text-Centric Photo Portfolio Theme

Clean photo is a really nice looking WordPress theme that certainly doesn’t forget about typography and the importance of well chosen, well designed fonts.  Clean Photo does walk that fine line between images and text, balancing both and not placing more or less importance on either.  The result is greater than the sum of it’s parts, making for a striking and attractive website for photographers and bloggers alike.  No matter which you focus on, this theme helps create a great looking platform for all of your content.  Simple to use, well designed and flexible, Clean Photo is one of my favorite typography themes I’ve seen so far in 2019.

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Emily Nolan, Well Designed Theme for Blogs and Portfolios

It’s not just the font selection that makes for great typography, it’s the layout and location, not to mention use of color, that can totally set one website apart from others in it’s field.  Emily Nolan has a design that looks great, particularly the attention grabbing home page layout.  Featured posts take a place of prominence and the typography helps frame your images in a way that keeps people clicking around for more great content.

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The M, Clean, Modern WordPress Magazine Theme

The M Blog with Cool Use of Fonts

The M is a premium WordPress magazine and blog theme that does wonderful things in terms of typography.  There’s absolutely nothing in this theme that’s there just to be there. There is nothing pointless or irrelevant, nothing messy and unorganized. The design is sparkling and the features are measured and useful. If you have been searching for the right theme and you want something that offers great choices for typography, this theme should be high on your list.

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Moment, Modern Magazine with Excellent Use of Fonts

The proper choice of font and typography can be a real attraction for readers. Whether you want a clean, modern look or something a bit more whimsical, a serious and deadpan website or something geared more toward a female audience, the right font, the right font weight and the right layout can make a big difference. It can be surprising to see how these small changes can make such a massive impact on how your site feels, but it’s true.

Moment is a modern WordPress magazine theme that introduces your content and be serious, considered way, yet it’s pretty mellow at its heart. I think this is a good overall theme for most types of written content, especially if you have some images to go along with it that are interesting and punchy.

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Milo, Minimalist, Typography Driven Blog Theme

Milo is a very simple, minimalist and uncluttered theme. That can help deliver a dynamic and efficient presentation for your content where readers are not going to be interrupted by distracting details. There’s nothing particularly quirky about this theme, it’s relatively straightforward. that said, it has a relatively robust set of features including e-commerce, built-in blog and portfolio, perfect responsive design and play powerful admin panel that means you won’t have to wrestle with settings to go look for your site that you’re going to love.

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No Sidebar Pro, Genesis Framework Theme for Typography Geeks

No Sidebar Pro theme has removed everything that is not completely necessary, including the sidebar. Bold strategy, Cotton.  Let’s see if it pays off.  No Sidebar Pro presents your content in a way that is anything but mundane. This is a handsome and fearless design that I think could be very likeable for those of you who don’t actually use a sidebar. On many of my pages, I don’t bother. This site is all about information and that’s what I want to present, not navigation or advertising. If you need a solid website that works great on all devices, loads up incredibly fast and gets straight to the point, this typography driven site is a fantastic choice

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MF, Among the Most Popular Themes for Writers

MF is quite possibly the highest rated WordPress theme I have ever seen. It’s taking its rightful place as one of the most wonderful and substantial WordPress themes around. This template is going to attract a lot of attention, it has plenty of features and great typography options. If you want too clever and challenging theme, no matter what type of content you are creating, this awesome template is going to help you construct a well-made and glamorous website for blog, magazine or even eCommerce.

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Grace Under Pressure, Premium Writer’s WordPress Theme

Grace Under Pressure is a touch of optimized writers theme with a focus on clean typography, great design full support for all of today’s mobile devices. it’s touch and swipe and able to, fully responsive and it’s a really nice choice for those of you seeking a theme that never forgets about typography. but it’s not just about text, this theme offers beautiful cover photos, gorgeous author profiles, and it’s customizer friendly, making it very flexible in terms of its layout. The custom typography is one of the features that I like the best, you can change the font families for headings, body text and contextual elements, all of from the customizer and you can choose from any font in the Google font directory.

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Divi, Premium Powerful Page Builder Template

Divi is a premium WordPress theme that gives you full control over everything on the page, not just fonts and typography, but you get full control over the layout and features that your site offers. Don’t be frightened, while it is probably the biggest WordPress theme out there, offering the most customization and layout choices, it’s still relatively easy to use for a beginner. If you want to create a yummy WordPress theme with indispensable features and marvelous style, incredibly fast page load times and if you want to achieve a level of user satisfaction that is unmatched, Divi is a great choice.

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Ronneby, WordPress Portfolio Theme with Outstanding Typography

Ronneby is a momentous, high-performance WordPress theme that is one of the most customizable themes yet created. It has extremely powerful features that allow you to create thousands of different layouts with just a few clicks. despite its wealth of features, it remains quite user-friendly for beginners. There is extended support offered with every purchase, you get full documentation of the Ronneby theme and there are quite a number of helpful video tutorials included. With over 40 different demo sites, each of which can be installed with just one click, this woocommerce ready theme is a great one for writers who want lots of flexibility and even more features.

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Borderland, Premium Blog and Portfolio with Neat Layouts

Borderland is a portfolio on blog combination that uses properly placed text to accentuate distinctive and bold images. I think this theme is particularly good for things like lifestyle blogs and travel blogs. with full integration with woocommerce, you can also sell products. Giving your website a modern but warm feel is what this theme does best. You get a dozen different styles to choose from and each one has quite a bit of flexibility to allow for all sorts of website concepts. In terms of the ease-of-use, I have personally used borderland in the past and found it to be incredibly simple to customize and to set up.

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Gonjjo, eCommerce Theme with Fun, Distinctive Type

Gonjjo is an awesome WordPress theme for e-commerce, blogs and portfolios. this theme blends great-looking typography with completely symple customization. No coding is ever required and with this tablet, you get at 100% responsive website that behaves properly on all screen sizes. King composer is included, as his support for WooCommerce. This theme is built mainly with widgets, though it also offers exceptional drag-and-drop builder. With all of the font choices that you can make, this is an ideal theme typography driven websites.

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H-Code, Premium Multipurpose Typography Theme


H-Code is a great-looking theme with bold typography. As you can see from one of the front page designs, the large sans-serif font used for the headline it is attention-getting and draws the reader in to learn more. This full screen theme walks a fine line between accentuating images and accentuating text. I think that it does a great job of both and that makes it one of the better typography themes I have seen so far in 2019.

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Kon/Cept, Minimalist Portfolio Theme for Premium Sites

Kon/Cept is a portfolio theme for creatives, it is a unique theme, focused on elegant minimalism and simple functionality. This is theme has a modular concept, the masonry grid does a great job of displaying a lot of content visually. But, the typography that’s the mix, giving your content and your entire website a really neat feel. If you would like to set up an online shop, just install woocommerce you’ll be ready to go quickly. You got four different navigation styles, customizable admin panel, ultra responsive design and plenty of documentation and great support.

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Crate, Modern, Crisp Typography and Interesting Featured Blog

Crate is a great-looking a WordPress minimalist theme for freelance designers and creative agencies. This is a simple, lightweight and fast loading theme and it’s typography is one of the coolest I have seen. you get a live theme customizer to see all of your changes in real time, one click demo installation, unique blog and portfolio types, intense documentation and great support. For performance, this is one of the fastest living themes on the market. It’s SEO optimized, works great with all of the major plugins and it just delivers a memorable user experience.

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The Agency, Crisp, Clearly Designed Type WordPress Theme

The Agency is a modern and creative design, it was created for marketing agencies, designers, web agencies, freelancers and other creative people who want a great-looking blog and portfolio. The minimal style continues with the typography, it’s not just about the layout. Using the pre-built style, you get images that are prominently placed and text that perfectly accentuate your titles and excerpts. Showcasing your projects with a theme like The Agency is going to draw a lot of attention. This is theme loads up fast, it’s perfectly responsive and ultimately customizable.

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