Best WordPress Video Blog Themes

There are many different things video WordPress themes are perfect for.  Some can be used for video portfolios, others for video blogs or Vlogs and some others are ideal for video news magazine websites.  You can even add video tutorials, videogame walkthroughs, add recipes with video instructions and more.  The list goes on and on.  We’ve gathered up a whole bunch of different options for you in this collection.  A lot of the themes included here even offer the ability for users to upload their own video content to your website, which can be a really cool feature that keeps your visitors engaged.

The themes we’ve selected are some of the absolute best video themes available today.  They’re easy to install, easy to adapt and they can make your video and multimedia content look amazing. Most of the themes in this collection have a page building tool included, whether it’s Elementor or WP Bakery Page Builder, SiteOrigin or some other proprietary page building tool.  These page builders help you create exactly the sort of layout you want your site to have and they can be incredibly straightforward to use.

No matter what type of video website you’re building, these themes give you every feature needed to make a really smooth user experience.  It doesn’t even matter what your skill level is with WordPress, because all of these themes are incredibly user friendly.

So, here’s our list of the best video WordPress themes on the web today.


Divi Video WordPress Theme

The Divi WordPress theme is known to be one of the absolutely best templates available for creating any type of website. Of course, that includes video sites. Divi gives you one of the best page building tools available to allow for complete customization control over every post and page. You can display video portfolios, accentuate your blog posts with video and even provide video tutorials. It’s even possible to lock certain content behind a paywall, make a a little bit of money from video tutorials or other premium content. Overall, the Divi WordPress theme page builder is one of the absolute best options for any type of video website.

At some point, it becomes easier to tell you what Divi can’t do then what it can. it can’t paint your house. It can’t make you breakfast in bed. But, when it comes to crafting a great looking video website, there’s really nothing this template cannot achieve. It’s got built-in video browsers, you can allow front and video uploads, there are multiple rating systems that can be employed so if you want to use your website as a video portfolio, as more of a video magazine or as some sort of a YouTube clone website, you’ll have a lot of different ways to go about it.

Definitely worth considering Divi, no matter what you are trying to accomplish and particularly in the world of video. It’s just such a high performance theme it’s always worth considering and there are lots of premade designs to help make that decision a little bit easier.

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WipCast WordPress Video Magazine Theme

WipCast is a podcasting and video blogging WordPress theme with built-in media players, a modern and gorgeous design that your visitors are going to find irresistible. You can even sell your own merchandise in an online shop, thanks to the WooCommerce plugin. This WipCast template’s responsive design keeps people watching and listening even on the go, it works perfectly on all devices, no matter what size. That’s very important these days because so many people are consuming video podcasts on their smartphones or handheld devices. Overall, this is theme offers everything any podcasting website could possibly want.

WipCastoffers a lot of videos specific features and one of the ones I really like the best is the homepage video player. I think that’s why this is such a solid podcasting WordPress theme, the functionality is placed front and center where it can’t be ignored. But, that might not be exactly what everyone wants to use this theme for. it could also be used as a video blog or a video magazine. I think the clean design lends itself to a wide range of different possibilities and because this theme is so flexible, you’ll have lots of ways to adapt it to fit what you want to accomplish.

Want to see you a bunch more great WooCommerce themes? Check out our full collection to find a huge array of WooCommerce ready themes for any type of online shop.

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KingEx WordPress Theme for Video Portfolios

KingEx is a creative WordPress portfolio theme that’s ideal for showcasing your video portfolio. With a bold, hyper modern design, loads of features and responsive layout, this is the theme is perfectly suited for any type of creativity. It features a full-screen background video that delivers a powerful punch right off the bat. KingEx is great for photographers, videographers, artists and designers who want to showcase their work in a stylish way. With all of that power, it’s still incredibly agile and easy to adapt. This is an all-around winner if you’re looking to create a solid presentation for any type of video content, particularly modern showreels and video portfolios.

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VideoBox youTube Clone WordPress Themes

VideoBox is a video, podcasting and WooCommerce ready WordPress theme that helps showcase both video and audio content. It’s got a wide range of support for all of the most popular video websites, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more.  If it has an embed code, it can be embedded. The theme options panel is up to the task of helping you customize any aspect of your website. It’s all responsive and retina ready so your videos will play perfectly on any device too, which is important these days. Also, VideoBox supports WooCommerce so you can sell products or even lock certain content behind a paywall, if you want to go that direction. This is a premium quality of video theme that is absolutely packed with visual style and amazing features.

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Viseo Video Podcasting WordPress Theme

Viseo is among the best news, video and video podcasting WordPress themes available. With over 1000 sales, it’s also among the most popular video podcasting templates available. The Elementor page builder is included and that lets you craft any type of layout you want. Simply drag and drop content blocks in the place and then style them as you see fit. Whether you’re looking to self host videos or embed them from any of the most popular video websites like Vimeo or YouTube, you’ll have complete control over your video content. Viseo may be perfect for video podcasters, but it also works just as well for audio podcasts. The choice is completely up to you and the results will be the same: awesome.

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StarStories Unique Video Presentation WordPress Theme

StarStories is a really creative magazine and blog theme with lots of different ways to showcase video content. It’s fluid and user-friendly theme gives you a really unique way to display story content. It’s got friendly post navigation sort of like Instagram or SnapChat. It’s totally novel and unique way to showcase video content. There are over fifty different pre-made templates as well as a bunch of pre-built home pages and multiple content pages to create any type of multi-page website you want. This StarStories theme is mobile-friendly, there is a drag-and-drop page builder included and creating a proper framework for your video posts has never been more simple.

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Alceste Video Blog WordPress Theme

Alceste is a clean and modern WooCommerce theme that also allows for strong presentation of video content. Showcasing video in the header is a great way to grab attention right off the bat. This theme allows you to do just that. It’s got a clean, modern and trendy design lots of customization options and full WooCommerce and support is also provided. If you want to accentuate your online shopping experience with some beautifully placed videos, this Alceste theme gives you the tools to make it happen.  Video is shown to help sell products, so it can be a valuable tool to increase your income in the long run.

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Pheromone WordPress Video Background Blog Theme

Pheromone is a creative, multi-concept WordPress theme with powerful features, lots of customization options and over 70 different pre-made pages to get your content off the ground quickly. What’s more, you get 20 different precrafted home page styles. There are modern portfolios but allowed freelancers, photographers, videographers or creative agencies to showcase what they have accomplished. No coding is ever required, this theme works completely by using the Visual Composer page builder, one of the most popular and powerful drag-and-drop page building tools to give you lots of control over your website’s design and all of the features that you offer.

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Materialism WordPress Video Promo Theme

Materialism is a clean material design WordPress a theme that can be used as both a one-page landing page and a multi-page website. It’s a powerful template for any type of content, though I think that it’s particularly good for video portfolios and for promoting online services. The ultra-modern design lends itself to any type of content and the clean presentation insurers full focus will be placed on your video. Materialism is a premium quality theme and it has the support and documentation to match. If you’re looking for something a little different in terms of style, this template can really help make your website look it’s best.

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Vignette WordPress Theme with Video Background

Vignette is an outstanding WordPress theme for videographers, models, photographers and anyone who wants to present outstanding content in a flexible, dynamic way. Kitchen getting full screen video slider is one way to really attract attention. That’s linked below. Vignette delivers a really impressive first impression and since you only get one of those, it’s very important to make the most of it. Your homepage design can be totally flexible and there are lots of different layout options for image galleries and for your blog. Custom widgets are included, social networking links are provided and the powerful theme options fan on makes this temp super simple to adopt for any use.

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Vlog WordPress Video Blogging Theme

Vlog is, not surprisingly, and outstanding WordPress theme for video blogs and vloggers. This is a premium quality template with premium features and functionality. With the page building tools that are provided, you will have a lot of different ways to craft a website that looks exactly like you want it to look, giving it all the features you need to make your video blog look it’s best.

If you’re creating a video blog or a magazine website, you’ll want to know all the features this template gives you. There are YouTube and Vimeo video importing tools, you can transfer videos and playlists to your website with just a few clicks. Videos can be grouped into playlist to give people a lot of bang for their buck. Thumbnails can be detected automatically, there is a cinematic mode and watch later feature as well. Over 200 different post layout combinations are provided and there’s a feature for sticky video so people can browse your website while your video plays in a window that’s locked into the corner of the browser. This is a premium quality video blogging theme for a very reasonable price and that’s certainly made it quite popular since it was originally released.

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Soledad Video Blog and Magazine Theme

Soledad is a premium on, multi-concept and multi-purpose magazine theme that includes a multitude of pre-made designs. Currently there are nearly 7000 different homepage demos and unlimited possibilities await if you purchase this template. any one of these pre-made designs could be ideal for showcasing video, because the entire template is so flexible and user-friendly. It sort of matters which design you favor. Each and every one of them work great for any type of video magazine or video blog.

I’ve seen a lot of users who have chosen to take advantage of soledad as a travel magazine while others use it as a personal video blog. You can create a video centered recipe website and, really, the sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities this theme brings. some of that is among the most popular video magazine themes and one of the highest rated video magazine themes on the market.

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BeTube WordPress Theme Similar to YouTube

BeTube is a video sharing WordPress theme that is totally responsive, easy-to-use, pack of the features and it’s got a really beautiful style as well. for both video bloggers and video magazines, this template delivers an outstanding user experience. The design is so clean and straightforward, presenting your content properly is going to be no problem. There are over 25 different homepage variations and more can be created, thanks to the inclusion of a powerful page builder. You can sell photos to videos or upload them to Vimeo or YouTube and embed them from there. The choice is completely up to you. no matter which option you choose, you’re going to deliver outstanding video content with ease.

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The Movie

The Movie WordPress Film and Video Theme

The Movie is a film and video showcasing web template. It’s ideal for film studios and filmmakers, videographers and documentarians. Provided with your download is visual composer, and incredibly powerful page builder that allows you to drag and drop content blocks or you want them on any page. This gives you total freedom to design your website the way you want it to look. There are both single page and multi-page variations with this template, so it should be no problem to set up any type of website you want to. primarily built to showcase the world of Cinema, I can see a lot of flexibility in this template that could make it great as a video blog as well.

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Reel Story

Reel Story WordPress Theme with Built in Video Player

Reel Story is a video WordPress theme with a built-in video portfolio system to play your videos and really stylish and attractive way. This responsive and retina ready template is the perfect solution for filmmakers who want to highlight their work in a professional and stylish way. If you’re concerned about the learning curve, this template it’s very simple to use and simple to customize.

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Grand Magazine

Grand Magazine WordPress Video Magazine and Blog Theme

This is Grand Magazine, one of the best all purpose video magazine themes around. With Grand Magazine you can create an outstanding viral blog or news magazine website. There’s features for hot and trending posts and over 40 different post layouts to provide enough different looks to keep any webmaster happy when it comes to displaying they’re content. Those hot and trending posts can help direct your readers attention to the content you feel is most important and the content that gets the most clicks from your website. For monetizing your hard work, you’ll have full AdSense optimized layouts at your disposal to help drive

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Joker Video Portfolio with YouTube and Vimeo Background Player

Joker is a totally professional WordPress theme that’s going to leave every webmaster satisfied. Using the variety of pre-made layouts, you can help showcase your work in a really attractive and professional way. Joker provides 13 different predefined home page layouts they give a lot of different methods for content presentation. There are a variety of masonry layouts, grid albums, video background sliders and more. Joker is also WooCommerce ready so you’ll be able to set up a very attractive online shop simply and easily.

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Leedo Colorful WordPress Videographer Portfolio Theme

Leedo is a colorful portfolio WordPress theme for showcasing video. This totally responsive template gives you 20 different pre-made home pages, highly visual portfolio and seven different blog layouts. It’s also WooCommerce ready for crafting a great-looking online shop. If you’ve been searching for a high performance theme, he specially crafted code and modular architecture of this template provide very rapid page load times. Also included is WP Bakery Page builder to give you a lot of different layout options in addition to the 20 pre-made homepage styles. Each and every inner page can also have its own design, giving you lots of flexibility for content presentation.

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Glytch Music and Music Video WordPress Theme

Glytch a WordPress theme for presenting music and music videos. This template has an incredibly modern design, lots of awesome features a variety of ways to stream music and video clips. If you want to create a professional website quickly and easily, even if you’re not a beginner, this template gives you exactly what you need to make it happen. The pre-made designs are quite simple to install and simple to customize. The attention-getting headlines can also do a lot of hard work to make people really sit up and take notice of your video post.

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Drone Media

Drone Media eCommerce and Aerial Video WordPress Theme

Drone Media is a fresh, trendy and stylish theme that’s focused on aerial photography and videography services. This is a really growing trend where real estate agents, advertising firms and other companies who need high-quality aerial footage are turning. This mobile-friendly template gives you a wonderful way to present any type of service or content. There’s a drag-and-drop page builder, fully SEO optimized design, plenty of short codes and you can translate your website into any language you choose.

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Attitude WordPress Multimedia Portfolio and Blog Theme

Attitude is a lovely looking multimedia portfolio theme for creative video artists. This template lets you set up a lot of different beautiful, highly functional ways to present your video work.attitude is responsive and mobile-optimized, there is a powerful theme options panel to give you advanced customization options and one click demo import of all of the dummy data is also available. Audio, video and image gallery portfolio formats are included, you can set up custom slugs for projects, tags and categories and if you have set up your portfolio on another theme, there’s a handy portfolio migration tool available. It’s user-friendly theme has amazing code, a progressive design and cutting-edge style that I think a lot of people are going to love.

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Brooklyn Web Marketing Video Agency Theme

Brooklyn is something that’s a little bit different. Over 45 different highly professional websites are included with your download package, each of them focusing on a different way to present contact. How you express yourself is completely under your control, you’ll have some very unique and exclusive tools that can help drive curiosity in your readers. Over 60 different handmade designer modules are included to give you a lot of control over your website layout. Slider Revolution is also included, and that would normally cost a few dollars extra, so it’s a nice value.  There is a powerful theme options panel for amazing control over fine details of your design. All of that, and this theme remains incredibly user-friendly, even for a beginner.

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Studio 8

Studio 8 WordPress Theme for Creative Video Makers

Studio 8 is a perfect WordPress theme for creative digital agencies that want to highlight video content in a remarkable and impressive way. There are a lot of different solid features included here. You have some incredibly fast page load times, outstanding responsive design, you’ll be able to upload a custom logo with ease and if you need to translate your website into any language, that’s very simple to do. The support and documentation has been celebrated by many purchasers of this is the template and thanks to full support for the exceptional eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce, you can even set up a beautiful looking shop using this Studio 8 template.

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Ultra Video Agency WordPress Themes

Ultra is more than just a simple video WordPress theme, it’s an entire page building tool that gives you dozens of different pre-made designs, multiple ways to construct unlimited layouts and it’s exceptionally simple to use. these smart layout options affect everything from the header to the footer and everything in between. if you want to use one of the pre-made designs, they work great right out of the box and can help you make a distinguished website to showcase video. However, you can develop some pretty impressive looks by just dragging and dropping content blocks into place and then using the built-in theme editor to set up a world-class portfolio for your video projects.

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Inspiro Video Lightbox and Video BG WordPress Theme

Inspiro is a professional photo and video focus WordPress theme with a very modern design. with this template, you can use self-hosted videos or embed them from Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion or other esteemed video hosting websites. Of course, those are just the most famous. Any video hosting site can be harnessed to present embedded video. The theme options panel helps you create a dignified and Noble website that people are going to really respect. Building trust in what you do is what the theme is all about and this high-performance template makes it very straightforward to set up a remarkable website the people are going to love.

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Plexx High Definition Video Portfolio Theme

Plexx is one of the most highly acclaimed video and photography portfolio themes. with well over five hundred different purchasers, folks have really been satisfied with this template. The developer is renowned for their fantastic support and the strong documentation they provide with every download. So, videographers and directors of photography, cameramen and film directors, freelancers and agencies can set up a prominent website using this powerful tool. The style is up to you, but with some of the minimalist designs that are included, I think you’ll be able to set up a really high-profile platform for showcasing any type of video quickly and easily.

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Leitmotif Movie Company and Film Studio Theme

Leitmotif is a movie studio and filmmaking WordPress theme with a completely modern design. With any of the pre-made home pages, you’ll be able to swiftly setup a great-looking website and thanks to the massive assortment of inner pages, you’ll have a large collection of pre-made designs to give exactly the look your filmora video studio website needs. From modern production houses, this trendy looking template can really help make your projects come alive. this theme of features an easy-to-use admin interface, one click demo import and a huge collection of short codes to apply even more of a mix of features to any post or page.

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Wrap WordPress Video Blogger Theme

Wrap is an outstanding video blogging WordPress theme that lets you present your most popular videos prominently and it’s got really attractive presentations for your posts that aren’t maybe so popular. what does popularity mean anyway? If you’re in a hurry to set up your video blogging website, you’ll be happy to know that there are three different pre-made designs to help you almost instantaneously and get your side off the ground. Then, you can swiftly mega more subtle changes to your website’s overall design. Speaking of fast, this website loads up incredibly quickly as well, helping to make your SEO really take off.

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Wright Neat Looking Minimalist Video Blog Theme

Wright is a completely simple WordPress theme that has full finial and YouTube video support and it’s perfect for video portfolio work. There’s absolutely nothing that’s going to overshadow your projects with this clean, modern and minimalist design. While this template doesn’t it have the massive array of features that some templates give you, it still gives you a lot of different features that you’ll need to set up a successful video portfolio site. Wright gives you a built-in blog, full WooCommerce support and the entire design is completely responsive her proper display on all devices. It may be simple to look at, but it’s got all the right features in all the right places.

We’ve also built a full collection of minimalist themes that might grab your attention. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, that collection has some of the absolute best that was designs anywhere.

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Bramble User Friendly WordPress Blog Theme

Bramble is a highly customizable and multi-purpose WordPress theme that’s perfect for setting up your website to stand out from the crowd. In this compilation of themes, there are a lot that call themselves multi-purpose. bramble is one such theme. It’s got a number of different functionalities that make it great for blogging and portfolios, even e-commerce. there’s a built-in page builder, the site origin page builder to be exact, giving you an open-source method to create drag-and-drop layouts that look perfect on all devices. You can add video backgrounds to make your website even more engaging and interesting to your congregation. If you want your company to be represented in the proper light, this template can go a long way to helping make that happen.

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The Core – Video

The Core WordPress Creative Video Theme

The Core is just one of over a hundred fifty designs available to you if you purchase the breezy page builder from theme fuse. This is one of the newest page building tools on the market and so far, the developer has really pulled out all the stops in terms of adding features and functionality. Thankfully, they’ve kept everything incredibly user-friendly and Page builder works great for beginners and experts alike. It gives you all the tools you’ll need to offer a high-performance website that produces results. No matter what type of video content you want to present, you’ll find many different tools provided that help get the job done with style.

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Avada Creative WordPress Video Blog and Portfolio Theme

Avada has been one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market for years now. However, it’s anything but dated at this point. The developer continues to add advanced features and raise the bar when it comes to adding new ways to keep this template cutting edge. It’s great for businesses and portfolios, creative work and eCommerce sites as well. There are one page and Page options and the drag-and-drop page builder that is included is one of the most powerful out there. No matter whether you are creating a website for video blogs were portfolios, magazines or tutorials, you’ll have a lot of advanced and user-friendly

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VideoFly WordPress Video Submission Web Template

VideoFly is a video sharing WordPress theme with front-end upload, a super simple, quiet and plain design and unlimited page layouts are also provided. No matter what type of beautiful sight you want to set up, this is modern, clean template makes it possible. You can upload videos, use URLs or add an embed code when adding a video to your website. And, just about any video source is going to be possible with this template. As long as it’s got a URL, that video can be uploaded. There’s even a YouTube importing feature. Also, you’ll get an advertising manager that is perfectly integrated to help display the right ads in front of the right videos, pre-roll and image over add options are also available. This theme has a lot going for it, it’s uncomplicated yet full of robust features.

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Universal Full Screen Video WordPress Theme

Universal is a modern, multi-purpose sentimentalist WordPress theme that is lightweight, fast loading and it provides an outstanding experience for bloggers and the watchers alike. There are loads of different pre-made designs included, even pre-built shops so you can set up a store to sell any type of product or service. With WP Bakery Page Builder, you’ll have one of the premier page building tools at your disposal. This makes it child’s play to set up any type of layout you want. And everything remains completely adaptable and adjustable after you’ve created.

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King Video Magazine with Front End Submission

King is a highly visual WordPress theme, perfect for viral video magazines. It provides a lot of different simple, engaging layouts now present video content in a way that is clean, smooth and straightforward. Speaking of smooth, that’s the customization process. This template has a very powerful theme options panel that gives you full control over an exhaustive list of customizable elements. It’s all integrated into one spot and that makes it quite simple to make near the infinite changes to your website.

For setting up a video website, I think you’ll value the front and submission capability that lets your visitors get in on the act. There’s even a really cool feature where you can create badges and leaderboards so people can see how they stack up compared to other users in terms of popularity of their post. It’s kind of like a social network in that way, something to think about if you’re looking to create a website like 9gag, BuzzFeed or other viral video websites.

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True Mag

True Mag Front End Submission Video Theme

True Mag is a clean and simple looking WordPress theme for video magazines. It also works ideally as a portfolio or video blog. It’s got enough flexibility and exhaustive features that make it no. Some of the features that are specific to video websites include built-in video advertising, short codes for video players, videos that automatically play upon page load and full support for self-hosted video. There’s even front and videos of mission and a whole bunch of different video widgets. This response via portfolio has a smart content box and some powerful theme options that are integral to crafting a website that looks exactly like you wanted to look, giving you all the features that you need.

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Surround Vlog and Magazine WordPress Theme

Surround is a video blog and magazine theme that is positively bursting with cool design.  It’s replete with features as well.  This is one of the most complete themes for video out there, bar none.  The clean, modern design lends itself to any sort of video content and with 6 different pre-made home pages, you’re going to find a lot of ways to make sure your home page looks as fine as it can be. Ultimately, I think this theme is going to do its best work as highly visual travel blogging but template. You can showcase video clips from around the world and your readers are going to really enjoy what they see.

WP Bakery page builder is included to give you complete access to one of the finest and most useful page building tools out there. From start to finish, you’ll find it incredibly fulfilling to develop and implement Fantastic looking video website, no matter what the subject matter if he is. It’s going to be quite an accomplishment to see the results at the end of the day, but I think you’re going to like what you see.

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Vlogger Slick WordPress Vlogging Theme

Vlogger is a professional video and tutorials website that’s great for YouTubers, crafting go-to tutorials and other video content. Think how awesome it’s going to be to be a leading voice in whatever niche or line of business you are in. With a theme like this one, it’s going to be effortless at 2 develop that type of website that people keep coming back to you again and again.

And one of the best things about being an authority in a given field, you tend to get even more web traffic and more benefits from your SEO efforts. This can help make your business even more successful than it might have otherwise been. before long, your website will be sending the search engines and your vlogging career is going to be taking off. Perfect for food and recipes, world travel and do-it-yourself projects, this video tutorial and video blogging theme certainly warrants consideration if you’re looking for professionalism and a strong presentation for video content.

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NeTube YouTube Clone WordPress Theme

NeTube is a highly innovative and beautifully coded WordPress theme that’s great for viral video magazines and news websites. It doesn’t have to be all fun and games, but I think this design lends itself well to any type of content. In fact, there are five different fully built to have demos the give a variety of different styles. Whether you looking to make your audience laugh, cry, learn or simply help them pass the time, this is template can make your work go a whole lot smoother.

You’re in charge of nearly every aspect of your website from the ground up. WP Bakery page builder is included to give you a beefy and powerful tool that helps shape your website’s layout. That’s the guts of your sight, but on the outside is all of the little design details that make your website stand apart from the rest. there is a powerful theme options customizer included to give you all the good you’ll need to make those critical changes to your website. Soon, you’ll have a powerhouse template that can help buid prestige and authority in your field.

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GoWatch WordPress Video Theme with Unique Design

Your website is the framework on which you present your content. It’s important for video bloggers, video communities and those who are showcasing any type of video, whether it’s a news story, a tutorial or a video blog post, to present their content with the right framework. This goWatch WordPress template has been properly built from the ground up to give you a fashionable and composed website for creating any type of video presentation.  It’s especially good for community building.

The developer has assembled quite a number of tools that help this theme stand out from the crowd. BuddyPress is supported, you can build yourself an online community. If you’re looking to Allow your website to evolve, that could be something that really comes in handy. The interactivity and engagement that a buddypress I can generate might really help to grow your traffic. And, allowing users to submit their video content the other front end video uploader is another way to help set up a successful business model. Overall, the design is sleek and elegant and the features are plentiful. That’s what makes this video community website so special.

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The Issue

The Issue Clean and Stylish Video Magazine Theme

The Issue allows you to compile video content from around the world and presented in one handy spot. Perfect 4 news, video blogs and online magazines that feature a lot of video content, this template provides it will sculpted design, lots of productive features and it’s been engineered for high performance. This is a totally versatile magazine theme that is equally at home in the world of high fashion as it is with breaking news from around the world. Food and recipe blogs, gaming and lifestyle magazines, there’s absolutely no limit to what you can compose.

Social media is fully integrated into this template, something that some video themes leave out of the mix. These days, it’s more important than ever to help boost your traffic and to expand your audience. Social media is not the only feature this template gives you. You’ll have total control over your layout, typography, colors and more. There’s even built-in product review plugins included to expand what you offer. For monetization, there are properly placed AdSense banners exactly where you need them to maximize your income. so, if you’re looking to blend a blog with a more traditional online magazine with a lot of written content, this one can help strengthen your presentation and develop a real rapport with your audience.

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Nowadays Video Agency WordPress Theme

Nowadays is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that has a powerful set of features, totally responsive design and it gives you a very visual way to develop an outstanding website. If you want to strengthen your work, boost your exposure and expand the audience you are appealing to, this theme gives you unlimited ways to make that happen.

This theme does more than just give you a better design with enhanced tools and new ways to promote your content, it ensures that you have all of the control you’ll need over every aspect of your design. The theme options panel is incredibly powerful, it gives you advanced control over every aspect of your website’s design. The entire theme can be changed up as you see fit and that can definitely help to appeal to the widest range of audience possible.

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Vloma Unique Video Magazine WordPress Theme

Vloma is a responsive WordPress video blogging theme with a really interesting design, some advanced features and it can really help increase the attention your posts and pages get. This is a beautifully designed theme with engaging presentation, fast page load times and you can help boost your viral traffic with a lot of simple features that keep visitors on your side for longer. as with any viral video website, social media sharing is incredibly important. If you’re looking to gain ground on the competition or to separate yourself from them if you’re already ahead, this template can really enhance what you’re doing. It’s not completely revamping your design, it’s just enhancing it. Augmenting it if you will.

Between all of the different features this template gives you your going to see your web traffic skyrocket. but, let’s not think that this theme is too difficult to use, it’s incredibly simple and straightforward to manage. front end videos of mission is allowed, there are six different custom widgets to provide interesting ways to highlight your most important, most recent or most popular posts and there’s a lot of different navigation options that help people move in the right direction, finding everything they want to find on your website.

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Pelicula WordPress Film and Video Festival Theme

Pelicula is an ideal WordPress theme for filmmakers. it’s built with a very modern design that can help increase the attention your content gets. A multitude of pre-designed inner pages are included they can help you appeal to the right audience. If you’re looking to upgrade your website, this template can do a lot to help Correct any existing issues your website may have had in the past. You’ll get a fine assortment of different templates for film and video showcases. The Elementor page builder is also supported, that give you a massive amount of design flexibility and it can help you set up any type of website you want. Promoting feeling video used to be much more of a challenge but with the rise of outstanding templates like this one, you can cultivate an audience and lift your content into the stratosphere.

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Create Powerful Drag and Drop Page Builder for Video Websites

Create is a powerful and flexible WordPress theme that has recently been completely overhauled to bring it into the modern world of Warcraft design. This theme uses the site origin page builder to allow for almost limitless control over layout. No matter how you want to offer your video content or showcase your blog, you’ll find this theme performs as well as any. one click demo import is provided, video backgrounds are available and this responsive design gives you multiple layouts for portfolios and lots of really cool little ways to help make your portfolios look interesting, Ajax powered animations for example.

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News Tube

NewsTube WordPress Theme for Video News Magazines

NewsTube is a video magazine theme that’s been around the block a few times so far, but it still seems to be going strong. While the look of this template may be a bit on the dated side, it’s still a really solid option for those who want to create a YouTube style website with front-end submission, suggested videos, and video channels and playlists, just to name a few of the possibilities. There’s even a user subscription feature. If you want to display your video work in really interesting manner, there are over a dozen different options at your disposal to make your website look fantastic.

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VideoTube WordPress Theme for Video Magazines

VideoTube is a powerful WordPress the theme that shares a lot in common with YouTube. You’ll have the ability to embed or upload videos yourself, let your users submit video and theyour website will look perfect on all devices, no matter what size. The responsive design ensures that. You can build your own home page using advanced homepage widgets, a smart and user-friendly way to craft a website. I find that widget-powered pages tend to load up a bit faster than those that other methods of homepage construction. If you’re looking to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your website, widgets can make a difference.  That said, the look is slightly dated.  I’ll keep this here for now, but I’m not certain this theme will remain userful for everyone.

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