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Best WordPress Vintage Inspired Themes, Old School Retro Style

November 14, 2019
WordPress Vintage Inspired Themes

Here’s a fresh collection of vintage inspired WordPress themes.  These themes all have a cool, retro style that’s a throwback to an earlier time.  If you’re looking to create a blog or an eCommerce shop and you want a theme that has a very cool, old-school look to it, this collection is a wonderful place to start your search.

Sentobar, Cool, Old School Looking Vintage Theme for WordPress

Sentobar, WordPress Barber Shop Salon Theme

This theme is called Sentobar and it’s a sensible WordPress theme for barber shops and hair stylists.  Sentobar is a barber shop and hair salon WordPress theme that is brand new in September of 2018. The same is great for beauty salons, hair salons, barbers, haircut joints, mustache parlors, if there is such a thing, and tattoo parlors as well. It’s got a cool vintage design and you won’t have to know how to code to be able to make a lot of use out of this template.

Sentobar adds a nice looking blog and portfolio to the mix, and buyers really seem to love it. It’s a well-organized and simple to customize theme that is user-friendly on the front end and the back end as well. If you want the best way to prevent it and promote your Barber Shop Tattoo Parlor, hair design Studio, Hair Salon or fashion shop, a responsive theme like Sentobar could be a great choice, since it can rapidly adapt to all types of businesses.

So, that’s all we have for now, we’ll be back soon with more amazing, functional and user-friendly WordPress themes.

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Vigor, Vintage Inspired WordPress Grid Portfolio Theme

Vigor WordPress Vintage Style Theme

If you are interested in designing portfolio sites, then you should have heard of Vigor. This is a great looking vintage style or retro throwback WordPress theme as it has a very innovative layout and a stylish design. It comes with many practical features, enabling users to improve any aspect of their portfolio, so as to impress site visitors even further. Vigor has a very powerful admin interface which gives you more control over any aspect of the portfolio page you create. It is also very user friendly, making it ideal to be used by anyone, regardless of his or her web development knowledge.

Vigor allows you to showcase your content via slides, and this format is much more efficient and effective especially for those who have short attention spans. Vigor has multiple header layout versions and an integrated Edge Slider Tool. One can include both images as well as videos. Vigor has a split screen layer layout as well as a modern Mega Menu. Video backgrounds have been introduced for some of the sections, and it is also possible to customize post typography because Vigor includes more than 600 Google fonts. Visitors will be able to contact site owners thanks to the Contact Form 7. If you would like a demonstration you should access the Vigor live preview.

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Grace Under Pressure, WordPress Vintage Inspired Blog Theme

Grace Under pressure is a high quality touch optimized WordPress theme for authors and writers of all kinds, though it’s particularly well suited as a lifestyle blog theme.  With a massive amount of focus on a beautiful responsive design, Grace Under Pressure was optimized for the most modern navigation choices, swipe and touch mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.  One other nice bonus, Grace Under Pressure includes 6 months worth of support.

You can clearly see the incredible attention to detail that has been given to each and every aspect of the Grace Under Pressure theme.  Why did they call it Grace Under Pressure?  I believe it’s because this theme was designed from the ground up to be the perfect blogging platform for any topic, gracefully handling all types of mobile devices.  I’m not sure about the pressure part but it’s a nice theme anyway.

Maybe it’s a David Bowie reference?

Grace Under Pressure was optimized for tablets of any type, the interface, navigation and typography, not to mention the overall vintage and minimalist style, was thoroughly and thoughtfully crafted to be easy to use, and aesthetically lovely for both front end and back end users.

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Tiffany, WordPress Feminine Vintage Theme for Bloggers

Tiffany Feminine eCommerce WordPress Theme for Women

BluChic is back with a brand new invention. This theme is called Tiffany and she’s a real beauty. This feminine WordPress template should be great for blogs and e-commerce sites.

The demo site is showing you what a stationery store website might look like. I think that’s a great use of Tiffany, the style and functionality of this template really would lend itself to something like a stationary store. Then again if you’re selling vintage clothing or new clothing for that matter, I think this theme could be just as successful. Tiffany seems like she’s at home anywhere she goes. Well, maybe not anywhere. I don’t think this theme would do particularly well as a web template for a gas station.

Just so you know, we have included this gorgeous Tiffany theme in our collection of feminine WordPress themes. I think that those templates are a great place to start if you’re looking for an amazing feminine style template for a feminine styled website. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to select the proper WordPress theme, which is why we’ve gathered up so many to try to help you find a real winner. So, if you don’t exactly love Tiffany, maybe she reminds you of Donald Trump’s daughter, you know the one that doesn’t actually do anything. To be honest, she’s my favorite, but whatever. So, there you have it, our review of the Tiffany WordPress theme. We’ll be back with more great WordPress themes in the near future.

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Abby, Vintage Style WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme

Abby, Multipurpose, Vintage Inspired Blog and Portfolio Theme

Abby is a WordPress theme that can truly be considered multipurpose, remaining true to its vintage-style roots. I could see a lot of hipsters getting a lot of mileage out of this particular WordPress theme, it’s woocommerce ready, responsive and well-documented. As far as multi-purpose themes go, some of them don’t really have a particularly interesting style, but this blazing fast theme certainly does.

This SEO optimized beauty is perfect for business, blogging, marketing and even sharing the latest news on any industry that you could possibly think of. Happy meets the strictest of code demands, it loads up rapidly and looks great on all devices, because it is perfectly responsive. There are over 20 different pre-made homepage styles for businesses such as creative agencies, online shops, wedding websites, food blogs and recipe blogs, there’s even a deluxe restaurant style. There are themes still primarily for portfolios, for showcasing Your Design skills and there are multiple different e-commerce Styles included. I think that the result is a high-quality theme that could be used for nearly any purpose.

Abby’s features include, but aren’t limited to, full support for WPBakery’s Page Builder plugin, Slider Revolution, Templatera, Essential Grid and support for Contact Form 7.  There’s the one click demo data, multiple layouts for homepages, portfolios, blogs and headers.  There are some dynamic and cool shop pages too, so you can sell products using WooCommerce.  More WooCommerce themes should have this type of cool, fun style that’s got a hint of old-school cool.

If you’re looking for more great looking themes that are similar to this one, we’ve already recommended that you take a look at our collection of WooCommerce themes, but you could also be interested in our multi-purpose WordPress template collection. That collection has dozens of the finest multi-purpose WordPress themes anywhere on the internet. We are continuing to find new ones every day and pretty soon, we’ll have reviewed every multi-purpose theme that is worth reviewing. That’s actually probably not true, I’m sure there will be thousands of new ones to hit the market before we’re even finished. But, that’s not going to stop us from trying.

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Vintwood, WordPress Retro, Vintage Blog Theme TopNotch Themes

Vintwood, Premium WordPress Vintage Style Theme

Vintwood is a cool looking, vintage inspired WordPress blog theme with a unique style that’s unlike anything else on the market.  Vintwood is a handcrafted, vintage style WordPress template that works for all sorts of businesses. As long as you want a handsome and cool, throwback style or vintage style website, Vintwood  could be the right choice for you. This theme was developed with a comprehensive list of features, it delivers on everything you could possibly want in website. This seems perfectly tailored to your needs and to the expectations of your clients, if you happen to be a web designer yourself. This theme is a great starting point to build an amazing vintage inspired website.

Here’s a look at the home page, I think it’s got a really nice and it’s very attractive.  Vintwood is a stunning theme, it’s beautiful, it’s got a cool handcrafted vibe, it’s dedicated to providing a very unique style to frame your content in a really neat way.  For all sorts of businesses, Vintwood could provide a stylish, beneficial framework to make your content look polished and professional, fun and a little bit funky.

With perfect responsive design, Vintwood looks fantastic on all devices, it’s got Retina graphics capability, a clean code base and it has multiple page layouts, wide and boxed.  Don’t like the color scheme pictured?  Well, you can swap that out at your liesure.  It’s really simple to do as well.

The Vintwood theme has extensive and easy-to-read documentation, it’s got great support too, fast and accurate, just the way you want it.  Overall, if you’re looking for a great looking theme with a retro style that ranges anywhere from the 60s to the 80s, though I could see it working for even older style webpages, perhaps as early as the 30s?  Whatever you decide, I think this theme works really well for all sorts of online marketing campaigns.

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