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Best WordPress Wedding Themes

December 3, 2019
WordPress Wedding Themes

Your wedding day is an incredibly special moment.  You want everyone involved to be able to share in this momentous occasion and to show everyone involved a great time, you need a perfect WordPress wedding theme.  There are so many themes out there, how do you select the right one?  Well, I think that this collection is a great place to start, we’ve gathered up all of the very best WordPress wedding themes right here in this collection.

I get it, there’s a lot to do to get prepared for a wedding.  You first hear those wedding bells ringing in your head, you might not immediately start thinking about a website, but it’s something that’s incredibly important to do.  A great looking, high performance wedding theme for WordPress can help you save time and energy and, believe me, you’re going to need all of both that you can get.  A great wedding theme can get lost in the shuffle though, considering you need to find a dress, a location to get married, find a caterer, get the flowers arranged and figure out your guest list.  Spending some time looking over this list of great themes can really save you time in the long run.

It’s relatively easy to start up a great looking wedding website and the ones in this collection all have the features and style you need to really pull off the big day in style.  These themes make it easy for even a WordPress novice to make an incredible website.  They have the features needed to handle the RSVPs, all the basic information about times and location and more.  These themes are all responsive so you and your guests can access them on mobile devices.  Many have a cool countdown timer so everyone can share in the anticipation of your wedding day.  These time saving themes are a fantastic way to stay in touch while you handle all the hundreds of other tasks needed to pull off an amazing wedding day.  So, here we go, the absolute best Wedding WordPress themes around.

Heartbeat Wedding and Event Planner WordPress Theme

Heartbeat - Wedding and Event Planner WordPress Theme

Heartbeat is a nice looking, clean and simple wedding theme for WordPress.  For wedding planners, the right look for your website is almost impossible to understate.  It’s so important to develop a look that sells your services without a lot of sales copy.  To be honest, it’s more likely that a poorly built website will turn people off, causing them to look elsewhere.  You still need to provide great looking images, which isn’t going to be done automatically.  The theme is solid, but it’s not a miracle worker!

Here’s what the developer says about this gorgeous template:

Let’s celebrate love with a unique wedding theme. Demonstrate all aspects of your business in an elegant manner. Heartbeat includes everything you need to create a wedding planner site. An extensive collection of home and home pages makes the theme truly multi-purpose from wedding planning, photos, venue and gallery pages to wedding invitations, RSVP pages, gift registration and more. Thanks to powerful shortcodes, so you can create a truly impressive website in sophisticated style in the shortest possible time.

Let’s have a look at the front page so you can see what I’m talking about.

Okay, that’s it for Heartbeat.  For some reason, a lot of folks come to these reviews looking for nulled themes.  That’s a keyword I’m straight up killing it for!  Haha!  Well, sorry, nothing here that fits the nulled description.  If you want to see some free options, we’ve got a couple themes to consider.  One is called Oregon and the other is called Quartz.  They’re both solid options for building a great looking website for yourself or for a client.

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Gittys is a very attractive, and incredibly simple WordPress theme. Gittys is a responsive theme, created specifically with powerful social media integration and Gittys is compatible with a variety of popular plugins such as bbPress, Buddypress and even WooCommerce.  Cool!  The theme also includes SEO tools so that your site is really easy to find and there are loads of customization options and shortcodes so that no other marriage website will look exactly like yours. Other features include multiple galleries, portfolio pages, custom typography, custom background, slideshows and the PSD files are included with the download.

Gittys is well designed to showcase you and your significant other as a fresh couple with a trendy looking website design. The simple, almost minimalist site, features a full-screen images, “trading cards” of the couple, a robust menu with lots of features, social media sharing options for you there on the homepage. Just add your own photos and Gittys can help you make a modern and attractive wedding site quickly and easily.

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OneLove is both the best selling and the number one rated wedding WordPress theme on ThemeForest.  That’s quite an accomplishment.  This theme offers a beautiful design, plenty of customization options and it very simple to use.  That’s a really key point because many brides and grooms may not be WordPress experts.  There are 22 different demo styles from which you can choose, each one presenting a slightly different take on how to present your information and each one available for installation with just one click.  WooCommerce is full supported, there are unlimited image galleries offered to present your wedding photos to the world after the big event, there’s a handy electronic RSVP form so your guests can let you know whether they’ll be attending or not.  With a countdown to the big day, video slider, slideshows and more, this is a wedding theme that does it all.

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Quinn is a great WordPress theme for wedding event planners, wedding photographers and anyone with an eye for an elegant style that is perfect for creative websites. This thing features of full with slider and it’s great for making your wedding related business look amazing. There are plenty of good Arguments for using the Quinn WordPress theme, I think it’s a real breath of fresh air and a desirable theme that has an alluring, romantic look about it. This theme is complex in terms of its features, it’s got a responsive layout and easily customizable colors, yet the entire thing is incredible user friendly and very simple to adapt to any need. You can adjust the colors to fit your wedding palette and even upload a custom header logo to help to promote your big day. This charming WordPress theme has everything you might possibly want to create a great-looking wedding theme using WordPress.

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Honeymoon & Wedding

Honeymoon is a wonderful wedding and wedding planning WordPress theme that has been downloaded over a hundred times so far on themeforest and it’s garnered a very strong rating of 4.71 overall. For brides and grooms who want a cute event WordPress theme, this one has everything you could possibly want. With top-notch customer support and endless layout possibilities, this fast loading WordPress theme has an incandescent style that is sassy and well-informed. This theme is constantly updated so it will never become obsolete and if you want my advice, this absorbing and beautiful theme is a silky smooth option for any wedding WordPress site. It’s Dapper and beautiful, easy to use and highly adaptable.

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This theme is called Everline, and it’s a perfect wedding and events WordPress theme with an elegant and modest appearance. It’s a meaningful theme for engagements, weddings and other events. This stunning beauty is incredibly fashionable and it’s got all the features you could possibly need to craft an amazing and awesome wedding site for what should be the happiest day of your life. This attractive WordPress theme is overwhelmingly adaptable and the features are sharp as a tack. You’ll be thankful to have a joyous theme like Everline to help make your big day smashing success. This theme is WooCommerce ready and well-documented, the happy couple will love the elegant and visually striking style of this theme and so will their guests.

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For wedding websites and wedding planner websites, the Alis WordPress theme is a suitable Niche theme for anyone in the wedding business. This theme has a very purpose-built design that is suitable for users who have no experience with WordPress. The entire theme is highly coherent and when you see how many features that has, you will be Giddy and astonished. This very distinct WordPress theme has been diligently crafted to create the best possible user experience for the bride and groom as well as guests. For your momentous occasion, it’s incredibly important to have a well-designed theme with a massive amount of features and that’s just what the Alis WordPress theme delivers.

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This is the wedding demo of the ultra WordPress theme, from Themify.me, one of my favorite theme developers. I really enjoy everything themify has ever created and this theme is no exception. This template has plenty of pre-made designs and skins to help you craft an incredible wedding-related WordPress theme, it’s a breath of fresh air to see such a breezy and inspired theme with so many features. You won’t have to be worried about how your website looks when you select this dashing and courageous template. If you decide to download the ultra WordPress theme, you’ll find that it is an excellent option for creating an inexpensive and impactful website for all your guests.

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Emma is an elegant and modest wedding WordPress theme with a fashionable and clean style that is truly an inspiration. This gorgeous and unique WordPress theme is a great way to establish a wedding website quickly and to really impress all of your guests. This theme is remarkable in its range of features and it’s spin the choice of well over 500 people so far, which shows its popularity and it’s flexibility. When it comes to building a wedding website, you’ll want one that is easy to use and adaptable. For RSVPs, photography, image Galleries and wedding events, both bride and groom or going to absolutely adore this complex and remarkable WordPress theme. You’ll be able to develop a wedding website quickly and with greater efficiency and you’re going to absolutely love the results.

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Cherished is a WordPress theme that is beautifully handcrafted, clean and elegant. This is a responsive WordPress wedding theme with all the features you might imagine a premium WordPress theme would have. If you’ve been agonizing over the proper choice for a wedding website, cherished is a great choice. This Plucky WordPress theme is equally attractive for men and women, I think that this theme has one of them or modern and simple styles of all. Sometimes, you might not want a very feminine WordPress theme for your wedding site, and cherished has a clean, modern and well-balanced style about it. In terms of features, there are few themes that offer More Than This template. This is an amazing theme and the developer has done a great job of creating and supporting this WordPress template.

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Moments is all about celebration. This theme has been celebrated by over 1,500 people so far, they’ve chosen this theme to help develop an amazing WordPress theme for the biggest day of their life. This theme is incredibly easy to use, you’ll never be bewildered by the features, it’s incredibly intuitive and Placid. For men and women who want an amazing WordPress website to help them celebrate the greatest day of their life, this theme provides all the tools necessary to pull off an amazing celebration. You’ll be dazzled by the amount of features, the uncluttered style and the incredible adaptability of this lavishly praised WordPress theme. Take a few moments to check out the features, I think you will find that this theme is a great fit for nearly any sort of wedding.

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Jack & Rose

Having an amazing wedding website on your wedding day is a tremendous help. Wedding websites can help ease the burden of how much work there is to do in terms of handling RSVPs, invitations, showing off photos from the big event and pretty much anything else related to a wedding. If I had to grade the Jack and Rose WordPress theme, I’d give it a nap. This theme has a wonderful style and it’s incredibly ambitious too. If you want a coherent and professional wedding website, this theme can be a great Spark to producing an amazing experience for all of your guests and, most importantly, for the bride and groom themselves. This responsive WordPress theme looks great on all devices and that’s really helpful when your guests are more than likely going to access your website via smartphone.

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Chamomile was created by BluChic, which is one of my favorite WordPress theme developers around. BluChic creates amazing feminine WordPress themes and chamomile, with it’s breathtaking mint green color scheme, is one of the best templates around for wedding and event planners, stationery Brands and even photographers. The chamomile theme has a responsive layout, you can easily customize the colors if you don’t enjoy the mint green color that it comes with, there are plenty of layout options and it’s coded for SEO friendly and responsive display. It’s an arduous task to put on a wedding and I think the jewel in the crown of this WordPress theme is it’s incredible ease-of-use. That can help you save time and effort and help you transport your guests into a world of Wonder and joy, just like your marriage will be.

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Wedding Boutique

Wedding Day is a WordPress wedding ceremony, photography website, fashion blog and wedding photography website that use a true multi-purpose wedding theme. This theme is meant to help you highlight the most memorable events of your life, which happens to be your way. With a full width and responsive design, RSVP form and a stylish blog, this WordPress theme is packed with all the features you could possibly need to create an amazing wedding website. Wedding day is powered by the Tesla framework, one of the absolute best Administration tools to help build a feature field and flexible website. Teslathemes always does a fantastic job of supporting all of their WordPress themes that they sell, and their an ambitious and dazzling developer that I really trust. I think that with this wedding day WordPress theme, you’ll be in good hands and you’ll also be able to create an amazing, customizable WordPress wedding website.

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This theme is called Bluemoon, it’s a gorgeous, simple and responsive wedding theme that has an incredibly clean and flexible style, plenty of features and it’s incredibly simple for beginners to use.  You can upload your own logo or header image, select from one of five pre-made color schemes and half a dozen layout options.  There are three footer widget areas, unlimited page structures and you can integrate your favorite page builder plugin to create even more great looking designs.  For wedding photographers, this theme is a really nice choice.  Bluemoon is a Genesis framework child theme and that means your website will load up fast, look great on all devices and since it’s a child theme, any updates to WordPress will not break your site.  I think that’s a critical element to making this theme one of the best wedding photography themes out there.

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Sweetinz is a creative one page WordPress wedding theme that has an abundance of incredible style. This theme features tons of great stuff to help you pull off an amazing website for your wedding. There’s a countdown clock, a couple’s timeline, RSVP forms, location map, groomsmen and bridesmaids information, a built-in gift registry and so much more. This theme has a fully responsive structure that was crafted using the bootstrap framework. It’s also written already, so it looks stunning on every type of device imaginable.

This is just about the one-year anniversary of the release of the Sweetinz WordPress theme and I think that’s great. If you need pre-made invitations, multiple color options, a fully responsive website, tons of video tutorials and online documentation to help you get started, the Sweetinz WordPress theme could be just what you’ve been looking for. I really think this is one of the better WordPress wedding themes available and I think it could be perfect for just about any sort of wedding.

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To be honest, I had almost forgotten about this theme. It’s not that it’s not a high-quality template, it’s just that I put it into our collection of material design themes and sort of forgotten that it is a really great wedding theme as well. So, better late than never, here it is in all its Glory. This template has a stylish, full page design that really attracts attention. It’s a wedding theme with six different demo Styles and a built-in shop as well. It’s flat and modern, comes with multiple different color schemes and I believe that the 4.94 rating on themeforest, not to mention the 500 sales so far, speak for themselves. This theme is responsive and well-documented, has built-in RSVP forms and wedding countdown clock, has beautiful and fun image gallery Styles and more. It’s been very easy to use for everyone who has reviewed it.

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