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November 14, 2019

If you want to really reach an audience with your writing, it’s hard to understate how important your website is. As a writer, no matter what type of writing it is that you’re into, from blogger to novelist, non fiction author or screenwriter, connecting with your readers is very important. There are plenty of great themes out there for writers, but it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out which ones are the very best. That’s why we have gathered up dozens of outstanding WordPress themes that are at the top of their game.

We selected a wide variety of themes with designs and themes that try to keep the focus where it belongs, on your written content. These are not going to be bloated themes with tons of images, although there are plenty of themes with images included here, but the typography and text is really going to be the key component to these templates. With all of that in mind, here is our list of the absolute best WordPress writing themes anywhere.


This theme is called Blissard, it’s a personal WordPress blog theme that has such an awesome use of typography, I absolutely had to include it in this collection of WordPress themes for writers. No matter what type of writer you are, from a novelist to a blogger, copywriter or something else entirely, Blissard is WordPress theme that puts your text at the Forefront of the readers attention. This theme was created on the underscores framework, that means that it’s fast loading and it looks great on all devices, thanks to its perfect responsive design. This is a clean and creative theme for a modern and minimal blog.

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Extra is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the internet, it was based on the Divi Page Builder and it’s got all the functionality and features of that original theme, but it’s got a more refined, flat look that is perfect for all types of authors and writers. This is an entirely modern template, updated frequently and it has every feature you could possibly want in a blog template. I absolutely adore the flat style, I think that it really gets a lot of attention from your readers. Some of you may be interested in the fact that this theme includes a built-in reviews system, though that might not be perfect for everyone. It’s an option though, always nice to have options.

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MontBlanc is a powerful and responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme that I think could be adapted to be a fantastic theme for any writer. This template was painstakingly crafted from the ground up, it’s the perfect combo of modern design with classic features. This theme comes with visual composer, a drag-and-drop layout Builder to allow you flexibility in terms of how you display your content. If you want a theme that is as enjoyable for readers as it is for SEO, this theme doesn’t keep your content a secret from the world. It’s definitely going to help you claim your fair share of traffic and I think that it’s an outstanding selection for a personal blog or professional writers blog.

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Authentic has really earned its spot in this collection of the best writers WordPress themes, a large part due to its nearly perfect 4.96 rating on theme of forest. This theme has recently been updated and it now supports WooCommerce. There are a multitude of different demo Styles included, a personal blog for curating style websites, a lifestyle blog, luxurious travel blog Style, interior design and more. I think that between all of these different demo Styles, you should certainly be able to find one that works perfectly for a writing blog. There are unlimited color options, multiple header Styles and I really like the inline related posts feature, something you don’t see in every theme out there. No matter what kind of writing you’re doing, Authentic is a WordPress theme that can help make your readers stand at attention no matter what you have to say.

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Marcell offers 20 different layout styles and it is one of the highest rated WordPress themes we’ve ever reviewed. This template works perfectly with Elementor page builder, offers you the option of setting up a WooCommerce online shop and this modern and attractive, responsive and stylish theme is perfect for all sorts of bloggers and writers. If you’re writing articles or stories, telling people about breaking news or you’ve got a travel or entertainment blog, you’ll be able to share what you have to say with style. People absolutely love this template and I think that you will as well. There are multiple different blog layouts, page load speeds are very fast and considering how many modules, short codes and homepage Styles there are, you’ll have all the flexibility you need to set up a great writing website.

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If you want to WordPress theme that is as simple as can possibly be, Milo is one that you should consider. Created by Made by Minimal, this theme has been stripped of anything that is unnecessary. All that’s left is a stylish presentation for your written content. Images are featured prominently, though you really don’t need to use them to get the most out of this team. Milo is simple to use, Simple to customize and it loads up incredibly fast, thanks to its clean and concise code. Support is top-notch and the documentation is thorough. This theme also supports WooCommerce, in case you want to set up an online store.

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Aesthetic is a WordPress theme that is very simple to style to fit your needs. Perfect for bloggers and writers of all sort, lifestyle blogs and personal blogs alike. This theme has a powerful admin panel and with just a few clicks, you can set your website up to look just like you want it. Colors, fonts, layouts, It’s all under your control. This theme is written already and responsive, it looks great on all devices and it loads up Lightning Fast. The typography is something that the developer paid particular attention to and I think that it’s a lovely and upbeat style that everyone seems to approve of. Your readers should be able to concentrate on what it is that you have to say, because there are almost no distractions with this simple and modern blog theme.

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Soledad is a little bit different than many of the themes in this collection, it’s styled as more of a magazine theme than anything. That said, I think that it can adapt to work for a personal blog or for a writing blog of any sort. If you’ve got a travel magazine or lifestyle blog, if you are a novelist or a poet, this theme has what it takes to attract and keep the attention of your reader. You have complete control over layouts, the customization process is far from hellish and you won’t be limping around trying to make adjustments to your theme. Don’t be bashful about asking the themes developer for support if you should run into issues, they have long been one of the best theme developers in terms of supporting all of their templates and this one is certainly no exception.

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The Chatter

The Chatter is a WordPress theme for bloggers and writers who want to share their writing with the world. Whether you are running an online magazine for news, events, a personal blog or travel blog, even a lifestyle blog, this theme has all the features and options you could possibly need to excite your readers with its clean and fresh design. In terms of style, this theme is close to a minimalist theme, though it does have enough stylistic elements that I wouldn’t consider it that. It’s elegant and colorful, simple to use and simple to read. That’s really important, keeping the attention of your reader is half the battle. If you want a magazine or Blog theme with an appealing visual style that has ultimate flexibility, this straightforward and energetic WordPress theme could be the best decision you have ever made. That’s saying a lot.  For some totally minimalist WordPress themes, check out our roundup.

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Trend is a fascinating WordPress theme, it supports Gutenberg for one thing, which I think is going to be the trend for this year and into next. This has a clean and simple, flat design that is perfect for freelance writers who want a simple and spacious layout for their content. There’s really no better way to Present written material then with a clean and concise layout and that’s exactly what this theme delivers. With the Trend WordPress theme, you will ensure that your content stands out. This theme is perfectly responsive, it even works great on the smallest of devices. In terms of customization options, the WordPress theme customizer is a powerful way to create a look and feel free website that you have always imagined. This theme has a perfect five star rating on ThemeForest and it’s a creative and elegant way for writers to get exactly what they want from their website.

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Content Berg is a personal blog and content marketing WordPress theme with a clean and flat design and it is a WordPress name that always remembers the old Axiom, content is King. This template has a beautiful design and almost no distractions to keep your readers from engaging with your content. This is a complete package for all types of writers, content marketers and bloggers. This is a fully Gutenberg compatible WordPress template and that’s important going forward, considering I think that Gutenberg is certainly the wave of the Future. No Matter What type of Articles or blogs you are creating, this online blogging magazine theme is a Publisher’s dream. Your writing is going to absolutely stand out with this clean and contemporary design.

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Storia is a unique option for writers who want to clean and elegant design that is responsive and a little bit different. This theme is all about telling stories and I think it does a really great job of framing your content in the right way. The design is elegant and clean, fully responsive and there are a pair of different home page layouts, not to mention three post and Page layouts, keeping your website looking incredibly fresh. There is a must-read box where you can help promote your most important content, a latest posts widget to integrate your latest post filtered by date, authors, tags, categories or arrange them in order of number of comments. That’s a great way to show your most popular content right up front. The design is clean and modern, stylish and fresh. Storia is certainly one thing to consider for any type of online writing Adventure.

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Collective is constructed for a multi-author WordPress theme, even though it functions good as a personal or professional site also. Together with Collective, you may establish a collaborative site. Perhaps it is a gaming guild, perhaps it is a set of people who have a frequent interest like the surroundings or sports, perhaps it is a business with numerous bloggers working to make more visitors and obtain their company out there.

Collective includes a custom made pole type for every member. They could produce a exceptional biography, discuss social networking connections, highlight their standing inside the business or group, also exhibit a habit Twitter feed. This theme was constructed on the Seed frame, which comes with a purely responsive grid, retina ready screen, heaps of page templates, short codes and much more. Together with Collective, you may also sell products with WooCommerce, utilize featured videos and much more. Entirely purely responsive, Collective loads quickly, is bloat free and also the most essential thing, it makes your writing seem exceptionally professional and beautiful, no matter what.

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Tesla presents Blogojoy, a minimal and stylish WordPress blog theme that is sort of reminiscent of Pinterest, it’s got an ever-changing arrangement of masonry grid posts that are both visually appealing and easily navigated. Sharing your content with the world should not be a challenge, that’s exactly what the themes developer has kept in mind when they created this graceful solution to an age-old problem. That problem, how to really engage with readers and present a Charming website that is beautiful and functional at the same time. There’s nothing in this theme that is undesirable, it’s got a modern look and plenty of customization features at your fingertips.

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The Essentialist

The Essentialist is a WordPress theme that does a really great job boiling things down to what really matters, your content and your images. If you’re a writer, you know that text is the most important thing on your page. However, a great-looking image can really help set things off and can add a lot to the user experience. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words. That said, the typography and layout, white space and overall aesthetic design of the Essentialist mix this clean-cut Blog theme perfect for all sorts of writers. If you’re a blogger or a novelist, poet or something else, this clean and elegant template makes for a really great platform for all of your written materials. This theme offers a blue free experience that looks great on all devices, thanks to its responsive design. That’s more and more important these days and for writers going to power of a responsive design can’t be overstated.

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Noemi is a WordPress theme for writers who want unattractive set of layouts to choose from to help make their content the star of the show. This theme is a lifestyle and fashion blog with strong social media integration, over 10 different demo styles to choose from oh, it is well documented and responsive, ideal for a simple and clean blog for any sort of writer. There are multiple different post layouts, a number of different header options and footer options as well. With access to over 600 free Google fonts, your typography can look just as you want it to look, which can help keep your readers motivated to learn more about you and your site. There’s even full support for right-to-left languages and this theme is completely translatable. Standing out from the crowd is an important thing, especially when it comes to blogging. There are so many writers out there, it can be a bit of a challenge to make sure that your content receives the attention it deserves. A theme like Noemi is the great start to that process of making sure that your content is engaging, readable and user-friendly.

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Bold is a WordPress theme that is built to help make a really big first impression. Imagine your readers coming to your site and seeing this striking design perfectly framing all of your content. This is a wonderful theme that can bring a lot of attention to your written material. That’s very important for writers, it’s possible to bring people to your site with any sort of design, but will they be leaving impressed and wanting to come back for more? That’s the big question. A theme like Bold, adaptable and highly customizable, charming and it’s style and magnificent in its number of features, it can create a sort of inquisitive nature and your readers, making them hungry for more information. Any type of writing is bound to look fantastic with this high performance theme.

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