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BeTube, YouTube Clone WordPress Theme

April 6, 2021
BeTube WordPress Theme Similar to YouTube

Looking for WordPress theme to create a website reminiscent of YouTube. Well, this template is a great starting point. It’s got a distinctively YouTube like feel to the design and I think it makes it perfect for video blogs, video portals and Tube type websites. This theme comes with a built-in framework that helps you set up a great-looking and responsive video website. It takes almost no time at all to establish a great-looking presents. Embed videos from over 20 different video platforms, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more. If you want custom video, you can use the WordPress player or FV flow player plugins. That gives you absolute control over the look and feel of your videos, even advertisements.

Here’s a look at the home page, just a little bit of a taste of what this template can offer you. There are 25 different homepage styles to choose from and I think each of them delivers a slightly different feel to your website. Some have light backgrounds and some dark backgrounds, the choice is yours as to which one you prefer.

We’ve got more video themes that could be ideal for all sorts of video websites. Whether you’re building a video blog, an online magazine featuring heavy rotations of videos, or perhaps a podcaster who wants to dabble with the visual arts. No matter what you choose, we’ve got a high-quality grouping of themes to make anyone happy.

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