Bimber, Viral Magazine and YouTube Style Template

Bimber is a viral magazine theme that allows for front-end uploads, making it the kind of template that would be ideal for creating a YouTube-like experience. Front-end uploads and huge levels of customization are just the beginning of the selling points of this popular and well-respected theme’s list of features….

A total of over fifteen thousand purchases have been recorded to far, making this theme one of the most popular YouTube-style WordPress themes available today. This theme was created with viral video in mind first and foremost, but it can be used with any kind of video content to great effect. Powerful sharing buttons are available, and you may display popular, trending, or hot films on the main page. There are also many spots for advertising. All of this comes in a packaging that is extremely lightweight and user-friendly. You can have your website up and operating in a matter of minutes, and the process of customizing it is extremely easy and straightforward as well as simple.

Let’s face it: competing head-to-head with YouTube is going to be very tough for any company. It’s possible that some of the features provided will make things a little bit simpler for you. There are false counters for shares, views, and reactions that are produced automatically, not to mention fake counters for votes. This is an intriguing technique for giving the impression that your website is a little bit larger than it really is. When you’re just getting started with your sight, this may be very important. However, you will be able to disable this feature in the future.

This theme has social comment integration, a fantastic newsletter, pop-ups, add managers, complete accelerated mobile page support, and a slew of other features. Check out some additional video WordPress themes over here.

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