Biolife, WordPress Organic Food Store Theme

Biolife is a WordPress theme for organic food stores and bloggers, farmer’s markets and small food product makers.

This wild life WordPress theme is One-Stop shopping center for organic products. That’s right, it allows you to build a beautiful, flat and highly functional e-commerce website of your very own. There are many Ecommerce templates out there, but none have quite the dynamic and cool, fun and funky style that BioLife offers. This woocommerce ready theme is responsive, it offers a clean and flat design that is perfect for food market places, grocery stores and producers of delicious and nutritious foods of all sorts. The admin panel is powerful and easy to use, there are multiple header and footer options and plenty more features that make it a great website.

Here’s a look at the front page of Biolife.

Honestly, it’s not that much to look at, truth be told.

It gets better though, believe me. There are five different demo styles to choose from, each one provides a gorgeous and flat landscape to add your products.

You know, just because I have a little bit of space to fill here to get to around 300 words, here’s some unsolicited advice to you. If you’re selling products, be sure that you have creative and unique product descriptions. It really does make a huge difference when you are trying to optimize your website for SEO. Don’t write to optimize for the search engines, write to optimize for your users.

That’s really the most important thing that, Google will figure out what your website is all about. As soon as you had, I don’t know, a few hundred products? You should really start to see the results increase exponentially. That’s how I drive traffic, creating these WordPress theme reviews that very few people will ever actually see. As soon as I get to a certain number, I will begin to see my traffic increase at a very dramatic weight, and so will you. Anyway, that’s just a little free advice from me to you, one content marketer to other. Because honestly, that’s all the internet is. Content marketing. Content.

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