Blogs That Use WordPress

If you chosen WordPress as your content management system for your next blogging project, congratulations. You’ve made a really wise choice. But maybe you would like to see a little bit of inspiration as to what some popular websites are dealing with their own versions of WordPress and their website design overall.

In that case, this is certainly a page you’ll want to check out. These are some of the best blogs that use WordPress on the entire Internet.

These are just so small time websites that have very small audiences, these are some of the most important, biggest and best blogging websites out there. So, if these websites can achieve tremendous results using WordPress, why can’t you?

TheThe benefits of WordPress are innumerable. There are loads of different features and add-ons you can use to extend your website, there’s a ton of flexibility when it comes to plug-ins and design variations. Whether you choose to use a page building tool like the Elementor Page Builder, perhaps you want to build something yourself from the ground up, there’s really a lot of different ways you can set about achieving the look and feel you want. That’s exactly what the developers of these websites have done.

Blogs That Use WordPress

Okay, let’s get to it, some blogs that use WordPress to use for inspiration and to see just how far the envelope can be pushed when it comes to an exciting, engaging user experience.

Tech Crunch

TechCrunch – Startup and Technology News
Tech Crunch – Startup and Technology News

Tech Crunch is a tech news and blogging operation that keeps millions of users up-to-date with the latest information about tech companies, startups, cryptocurrency and plenty of other topics. It has a really bold design, prominent placement of large, attractive headlines, it’s A really unique layout as well. The website itself uses a lot of different advertising spaces so this online blog and magazine can be very easily monetized.

If you’re looking for some similar themes to this one, we got a collection of technology WordPress templates that could fit the bill. There are others more dedicated to cryptocurrency that also could be really strong options for building an informative website for the latest crypto news.

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Reuters Media Center Press Blog Reuters News Agency
Reuters Media Center Press Blog Reuters News Agency

Reuters is a news organization and news agency that is famed a worldwide for their up-to-the-minute reports on breaking news around the world. No matter what’s occurring, you can find information about it provided by this important organization. With a very clean, simple and to the point design, the Reuters blog and magazine provides very clean and easy to read headlines with images that attract attention and keep people interested in learning more. I think this blend is a really strong one and it does a lot to keep people engaged and browsing throughout the entire website.

If you’re looking for a multipurpose magazine WordPress theme, one that works for a variety of topics, check out the collection we have provided over here. We’ve found quite a number of different magazine themes that could work to provide a lot of information upfront that people are looking for.

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The New Yorker

The New Yorker
The New Yorker

The New Yorker is a very popular printed magazine and they have certainly jumped into the world of digital publication with a similar strong, attractive and elegant design. Using custom fonts is no problem with WordPress and the New Yorker website keeps on brand with the same headline text as they use for their word mark logo. When you have a logo that famous, it’s good to keep everything going in the same direction so you don’t confuse people. The instant you arrive on the New Yorker website, you know exactly where you are and what to expect. Interesting, engaging content that really is thought-provoking.

We’ve come up with some pretty interesting typography based WordPress themes that offer a lot of the same options you can get from the New Yorker magazine website. By using a page building tool, you can get a very similar layout and have all the adjustments necessary to provide the same strong branding to your website as the New Yorker has.

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BBC America

BBC America Watch TV Shows Movies Online Stream Current Episodes
BBC America Watch TV Shows Movies Online Stream Current Episodes

This is the famous BBC America website, it’s got a clean, full-screen design and I think the a large-scale images definitely need to a great job of attracting attention right from the get-go. Considering this is the BBC, images play a very strong part in the overall design. So, by selecting the proper images, content creators can begin to tell a story from the first moments someone comes to their website. And with a wide range of WordPress themes available, if this is the type of look you’re going for, there are quite a number of different options out there.

You can take a look at these full-screen WordPress themes to see some other great looking, attractive and engaging looks for your website. Depending on exactly what you’re going for, there are quite a number of different options in that collection that might work for you. Thanks to the Elementor Page Builder, you can actually re-create a website that is quite similar to the BBC America homepage. So, explore and I think you’ll find some really nice options.

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Variety Blog and Magazine for Entertainment News
Variety Blog and Magazine for Entertainment News

This is the homepage for Variety magazine. Variety is all about entertainment news and notes. Movies, music, sports,technology, with this famed online magazine, the digital version of the original Variety magazine by the way, you see a lot of information put on the screen at once. This gives people a way to browse for interesting headlines and select what they want. The images that are shown are quite small in fact, it’s mostly about the tax. But, there are a lot of different ways to present content like this, so you’ll have a lot of different options if you’re using WordPress.

Check out some music magazine templates in the collection we have provided or if you want to see some designs that are more about presenting video in an interesting way, we’ve got quite a number of themes to fit that bill as well.

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MTV News

News Entertainment Music Movies Celebrity MTV
News Entertainment Music Movies Celebrity MTV

Here’s another entertainment heavy website, it’s the MTV news homepage. Now, MTV creates a ton of content every day and this design does a really wonderful job of allowing them to present a massive number of articles on the homepage. That’s thanks to what appears to be a nearly infinite loading option. If you scroll down, more articles load up. This happens almost instantaneously and it gives people the option to scroll through is on is a need to find something interesting to read. There’s not a lot of navigation going on, you simply scroll to what you want to find.

There are lots of different websites that work like this. We’ve found quite a number of them in our collection of grid WordPress themes. Many of these themes offer infinite loading options that are quite similar to MTV overall. So, if you have a massive amount of content just like MTV, maybe one of those themes is what you’re looking for.

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Beyoncé always looks stylish and with this WordPress design, her website looks just as stylish. Well, maybe not quite as stylish. You can see from the image above, Beyoncé has recently appeared on the cover of Bazaar magazine. And with a beautiful, full-screen layout, you certainly get and attention-getting homepage that draws people and right from the get-go. People process visual information much quicker than written content, so it’s always important to have attractive images to get people in the mood to read more. That’s exactly what’s going on with this template.

If you want other themes to help highlight beautiful images, we’ve got a photography WordPress theme collection that might be something your website needs to help stand out from the crowd.  There are many different ways to present your portfolios and if you scroll through that collection, you’ll see a lot of different examples of how a photography theme can make your images really come alive.

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Quartz — Global business news and insights
Quartz — Global business news and insights

This is the homepage for Quartzmagazine. It’s a clean, precisely crafted design that is perfect for high-tech information and it gets a lot of information on the page. One of the most interesting things about this design is the three column layout that can be scrolled through individually. This allows you to check out what’s happening on the main page and then see some other interesting related articles over to the right. You can search for new content that you might be interested in of course, and on every page, there are related articles to keep you reading. WordPress allows for this if you do a little bit of work or select the right WordPress theme.

Courts magazine always reminds me a bit of A If you’re looking for a website that is similar to these popular content generation websites, you might want to take a look at the Medium clone WordPress themes we have found. They do a really wonderful job of making sure everybody gets a word in and can communicate to the widest audience possible.

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Rackspace Blog
Rackspace Blog

Rack space is a web hosting company that also has an informative blog to help provide information to their customers and potential customers. There are lots of different ways to present tutorials, strategies to make your website more successful, ways to modernize your site and a lot of other helpful information on this website. And it’s all built using WordPress. This design has a really tech savvy, high-tech look that makes it perfect for this type of business.

If you’re looking for some web hosting web templates, we put together collection that’s right up your alley. These great looking designs are easy to use right out of the box and they have some powerful options that you can utilize to make the most of your hard work. A web hosting business can be incredibly successful based on the WordPress content management system and with any of those web host templates, you’ll have a real head start that can save you time and cash. Here’s another interesting article we have built, how to select the right web host for your website.

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Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt WordPress Website
Usain Bolt WordPress Website

Here’s the homepage for world record holder and fastest man in the history of the world, Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt’s  website use is a slider to present the most interesting posts and articles on his website. So, that’s another thing to think about, whether or not you want to have a slider is a part of your website. Below the slider is a masonry graded layout with the latest updates and a little bit of text to help prime the pump when it comes to interesting you in what each of these articles is about. I think it’s overall a pretty effective design and one that can certainly be replicated using many different off-the-shelf WordPress theme.

If that’s what you’re looking to do, check out the personal blog WordPress themes collection we have gathered together. There are a lot of different design options here and with any of them, with or without a page building tool like the Elementor Page Builder, you can set up almost exactly the same type of website.

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Staples Canada Free Next Day Shipping On All Orders Free Next Day Shipping On All Orders

This is the homepage for Staples Canada. Staples is a company famed for selling office supplies and this e-commerce ready WordPress theme helps present a wide range of products with a really un-opinionated style that doesn’t get in the way of your shopping experience. That could be something that is incredibly important and it’s certainly something to consider. We’ve got a WooCommerce themes collection that has a lot of different options for setting up a great looking e-commerce website. If you’d like, you can check out those themes to see some other options that can help you make a website quite similar to Staples.

For me, this design doesn’t exactly capture the imagination. It’s really clean, corporate and to be quite fair, a little bit boring. But, maybe boring is exactly what you want? If you’d like to see some minimalist themes with stripped-down designs, you might be interested in the minimalist WordPress themes collection we have gathered up. There are quite a number of different options there and they all have the same spare, sleek and modern design but lots of features to help make your website successful.

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