Brooklyn, Creative WordPress One Page Theme

No matter what type of website you were building, the Brooklyn theme is a creative one page and put that can be used to help make a fantastic website. Event sites, personal portfolios, travel agencies. You name it design and functionality are on display in equal measure with Brooklyn, this is a highly functional one page theme that really gets the job done.

Selecting the right one page theme can be a bit of a challenge, there’s so much to look for and you only have the one page to make sure you got your point across. Brooklyn is a theme that delivers on a fantastic user experience, it offers a great-looking Parallax scrolling effect and a user face that is absolutely Flawless. The user experience is unrivaled, the amount of features available to you are just as impressive.

This is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with drag-and-drop Page Builder and one click installation. So far, this theme has been sold over thirty thousand times, making it the most popular WordPress themes available. For Creative agencies who want to corporate style website has as many functions as it does flexibility, as good a user experience as it does adaptability, this is a fantastic theme to get started with.

A large and growing collection of one page WordPress themes can be found in our, well, collection of one page WordPress themes. It really makes sense that that is where they would be located, doesn’t it? Well, I don’t like to break new ground in terms of where I put things, that’s why those one page themes are where they are.

Anyway, the point of the whole story is that we have gathered up a large quantity of one page themes that might interest you.

In that collection, you’ll find themes that are perfect for a one-page websites, but many more that offer multi-page designs as well. I think that it’s always a good thing to have the flexibility down the road to change things up if you want to. That way, you won’t lose a lot of work and you’ll maintain a similar style to what you have established. I think that’s very important these days, if you have already worked hard to build your branding, it’s important not to confuse your returning readers by having a completely different look and feel for your website.

It’s true that not everything is perfect for everyone’s needs, that is why there are so many one page WordPress themes out there. It seems like more and more are coming online every day, that’s probably because they are. That’s just how trendy and popular one page themes are these days. With thousands of developers out there, it really makes sense that there are new options coming online all the time. And we keep looking for the best of the best, adding them to our collections to help keep things incredibly fresh.

Hopefully you can find something that you absolutely love and we will continue to add new themes periodically. Let us know if we have missed a great one page theme and comments, we will be sure to add anything that you recommend and ensure that our collections are the best that they can possibly be.

Brooklyn is a very creative WordPress theme that has over 40 completely built, pre-made websites that can be installed with just one click. Speaking of one, this agency and blog, business and corporate website claims that it has a one page design layout. That sounds very intriguing, I think there are tons of different companies that could really benefit from a high-quality one page template. Considering the fact that Brooklyn installs with just one click, you really can’t have a faster theme to get started with.

This template has a powerful admin panel, easy portfolio management to help present your work to the internet, there’s the ability to create unlimited and detailed portfolios and organize each and every one of them with just a few clicks. There is pricing table management, with the built-in price in table manager you can create tables quickly and it’s never complicated. All it takes is a few clicks.

This theme is fully translation ready, Brooklyn can be translated into just about any language using the wpml plugin, the most popular and professional translation plugin on the market. The revolution slider is included with Brooklyn, as is visual composer. These two plug-ins are given to you for free, with your download of Brooklyn. For many people, those two plug-ins alone would be worth the purchase.

There are tons of possible uses for the Brooklyn WordPress theme from hair salon to bakery, technology blog to barber shop, kindergarten website to yoga instructor, travel booking to personal trainer, keynote speakers to wedding websites, application promotions to automotive websites. You get the point, this template is incredibly flexible and works for nearly anything.

It just goes on and on.

In the event that all of these incredible features are not enough for you, you might be interested in some of our other WordPress themes. I mentioned right off the bat that this theme is a single page WordPress theme, so you might want to look at our full collection of one page or single page themes. We’ve got tons of them and we keep adding to that collection all the time, so you’re certain to find something that you really like.

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