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BuddyPress WordPress Themes

March 2, 2021
BuddyPress WordPress Themes

BuddyPress is the only tool to turn to you if you’re creating an online community using WordPress. And this collection of BuddyPress WordPress themes is meant to be the best possible place to find outstanding examples of what is possible with the right BuddyPress theme, the BuddyPress community building plug-in and a little bit of design inspiration.

The themes we have selected for this collection are all-powerful, user-friendly and packed with features. You’ll have quite a bit of customization possibilities with any of these templates. Many of them are purpose-built for social media websites while others I have more of a general-purpose feel. Still others are magazine or blog websites that have advanced BuddyPress functionality to provide a high level of interaction on your website.

BuddyPress can be used in a lot of different ways, including allowing you to create online forums for high levels of communication on a variety of topics. No matter how you choose to use BuddyPress, there are plenty of available themes to help get a great-looking website you can be proud of.

So, this list includes the absolute best BuddyPress WordPress themes we have found so far.  And if you’re looking to learn more about BuddyPress in general, check this out.


Divi, Powerful Premium WordPress BuddyPress Theme

Divi is among the most popular WordPress themes and it fully supports BuddyPress.

Divi is one of the most powerful page building tools available and it’s no surprise that it totally supports BuddyPress . This powerful, user-friendly template gives you one of the strongest drag-and-drop page building tools ever created. The Divi page builder allows you to drag content blocks into place and edit them as much as you need to to get a really custom look for your website. it’s incredibly simple to use, even for beginners. With the pre-built templates that are also included, you’ll have some really outstanding starting point if you don’t feel comfortable completely crafting your website from the ground up. This layout library has a hundred options dozens of additional design packs can be purchased for a small fee. Many of the pre-made designs are ideal for BuddyPress websites and with this what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor, you’ll have a completely handcrafted looking website to build any variety of community around.

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Vikinger, BuddyPress and GamiPress Social Community

Vikinger is a really advanced BuddyPress powered WordPress theme that really feels more like a full-fledged social media platform than a traditional WordPress theme. It’s got all of those advanced features that many Web 2.0 websites provide. That includes profile pages, badges for achievements, post or update reactions, built in blogs, quests, rankings, groups and you can sell credits for advanced functionality. It’s a really interesting WordPress theme that’s totally responsive, it provides multiple premade designs and if you want to create a great looking forum to go along with your BuddyPress site, this dynamic and entertaining theme provides prebuilt forum pages to get you off the ground on the right track. It really is a next-generation WordPress and BuddyPress social community building platform that can definitely help engage with any audience.

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One Social

One Social BuddyPress Theme

While One Social has been around a while, it’s still going strong with amazing features and support.

One Social is another strong option for creating a BuddyPress website. This theme was created for all types of communities and it’s responsive, user-friendly and quite simple to adapt. It’s one of the better minimalist style community-building tablets available. If you want your users to focus on your content, the only thing that really matters, this clean design provides the right environment. It’s completely simple to customize, it fully supports all languages and there’s social interaction possibilities that are nearly limitless. Social login integration is included and with the powerful admin panel, you can extend your customization capabilities as much as possible. This theme also supports WooCommerce for setting up an online shop or selling services or certain membership levels.

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Woffice Intranet and Extranet BuddyPress Theme

Woffice has a lot going for it, but the style is purely corporate. So, maybe not ideal for social networking websites?

Woffice is a powerful intranet and extranet WordPress theme that allows for high levels of creativity when setting up a public or private community in. The Woffice theme gives you a built-in project management tool, it provides slack notifications and a powerful member dashboard with custom, drag-and-drop profile creation. Users can display any type of widget they want on there member profile page. There is a members directory and even a built-in maps capabilities.

Also, a pair of different premium events calendars are included. These help keep things really organized and they are a perfect way to share upcoming events with the world. any type of online community can be created using BuddyPress thanks to the powerful members of profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging and more.

BbPress is also supported by this template and that’s the most powerful online forum software to set up beautiful looking forums quickly and easily. If you want to add online classes, LearnDash is also supported. This is probably the best LMS plugin available with online courses, certificates, quizzes, reports, timers and a front-end publisher. If you want to feature-filled community-building WordPress theme, this one is an outstanding choice.

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HTMagazine, Modern Magazine with BuddyPress Interaction

Ramping up your connections with your readers, that’s important. And, it’s what HT Magazine is all about.

HT Magazine is a modern Muse magazine and blog theme that also works with BuddyPress and bbPress for high level of interactivity. It’s important to keep your website as interactive as possible, particularly when you’re publishing new and engaging content on a daily basis. HT Magazine is built for news websites, digital publishers, gaming communities, all sorts of blogs, travel, politics and even reviews websites. These websites can certainly benefit from all that BuddyPress brings to the table. This theme has a clean design, multiple pre-made demo sites, a powerful admin panel for customization and it works great on all devices, thanks to the responsive design.

HT Magazine could also be used as a premium quality personal blog theme.  Check out some more options here.

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The Issue

The Issue, BuddyPress Ready Magazine Theme

With loads of style and BuddyPress support, your readers are going to love the interactivity this theme provides.

The Issue is a really versatile online magazine theme with a clean design, several professionally-made styles and a wealth of features that have really set this theme apart. The developer is clearly aiming for a really wide-ranging template. That’s why they’ve supplied this theme with bbPress and BuddyPress support, to name a couple of the different features this theme offers. It’s built with the Elementor page builder at its heart, though it works just as well with any of the most popular page building tools.

With this theme, you can create any sort of look and style and it’s going to result in a really engaging site, thanks to the BuddyPress support which is also provided. 18 different pre-made demos are included with your download package and they provide a variety of ways to showcase your content. Woocommerce is the number one plug in for selling products using BuddyPress and it’s fully supported by this powerful, engaging and BuddyPress friendly magazine theme. If you’re looking to use BuddyPress to expand the level of interaction with your articles, this theme is a really outstanding choice.

Check out some outstanding themes that also use WooCommerce to their advantage.

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Jannah BuddyPress Theme for WordPress

Jannah is a slick looking theme with loads of premade designs, all of them fully compatible with BuddyPress.

Jannah is a newspaper or magazine theme that also works great for setting up a BuddyPress website. Jannah is all about content marketing, it allows for a fast creation of a lightning quick blog or magazine website it support psycho authors plus, Gutenberg, Elementor Page builder and all of your favorite page building tools. There are a variety of sliders included, you can upload custom fonts and with all of the different pre-made demo’s, you’ll have a lot of great places to get your website going in the right direction. Thanks to you buddy press support, your website can have stunning level of interactivity and I can keep people coming back again and again to see what you’ve created.

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Kleo BuddyPress Ready WordPress Theme

Kleo is among the most popular BuddyPress themes because it’s as powerful as it is user-friendly.

Kleo is a professional community-focused and multi-purpose BuddyPress WordPress theme it’s one of the most popular on the market today. Kleo is actually the number one selling BuddyPress a theme once again, it allows you to create a professional blog or gorgeous portfolio. However, this theme is at its best as a community building tool. Kleo is highly adaptable, there are well over a dozen different pre-made designs and if you’re looking for the highest level of interaction possible, using this theme along with BuddyPress and bbPress is a real option.

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Newspaper, Popular and Well Respected Magazine Theme

Newspaper is the most popular magazine theme around and every one of the hundreds of designs supports BuddyPress.

Newspaper is one of the best news magazine or newspaper web templates available for WordPress.  If you’re looking to increase interaction on your website, BuddyPress is a smart way to go and Newspaper fully supports BuddyPress to make that interaction a reality.

If you want to create a newspaper website that has the maximum amount of interactivity, this template is exactly what you’ve been looking for. BuddyPress and bbPress forums are provided, WooCommerce support is there and with all of the best SEO practices firmly in mind, the developer has created an incredibly high performance, fast loading template that looks great on all devices. There are multiple pre-made demos, over three different ones included for free and since this is among the most lightweight newspaper themes available, your SEO is definitely going to benefit. Fast loading websites tend to rank higher in the search engines and newspaper based WordPress websites are no exception.

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Seeko, Community Building WordPress Theme

Building a community, no matter what it’s based around, is a pretty simple task thanks to Seeko.

Seeko is a classic community and membership WordPress theme with lots of pre-made designs and loads of customization options, thanks to the robust admin panel.  If you want to create any kind of online community, you’ll find Seeko is a strong pick.

Seeko has powerful and enhanced search options, it works great for dating websites thanks to the matchmaking system and the appealing design. If you want to build a dating website, this is definitely among the best choices, but it doesn’t have to be about dating. Of course, some of the included features make that what is theme is all about, however, is adaptable an adjustable enough to work for any purpose. Built using this powerful and user-friendly template.

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Gwangi, Multipurpose BuddyPress Theme

For dating websites or other sites where interaction is key, Gwangi provides a lovely solution.

Gwangi is a multipurpose WordPress theme that works hand in hand with BuddyPress to give you a powerful online community building tool.  No matter what kind of community you want to create, this theme can really increase the level of interactivity your website provides.  Fortunately, it’s super-simple to use.

There are features for subscriptions, you can charge a monthly, weekly or annual fee to your members using the paid memberships pro plugin. or, you can allow access to certain features only if members pay using the same plug-in. Some webmasters may choose to monetize their website strictly through the use of advertisements and sense of this theme works perfectly for AdSense ads, that’s a possibility as well. You get nine different beautiful starting demo’s, quick and easy setup, adaptable and adjustable to fit your needs.

Gwangi can also be used as a dating website.  If you want to see more, you should check out the collection of dating WordPress themes we put together.

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Soledad, Multipurpose Theme with Lots of Designs

Soledad has a staggering number of pre-made designs and each one supports BuddyPress. Aw yeah!

Soledad is among the most popular online magazine themes and with full BuddyPress support, as well as bbPress a lot of interaction on your website. Your users can create in-depth user profiles and interact with other readers. magazines and blogs that offer this functionality will generally have a lot more interaction and that can keep people coming back to your website again and again. Thanks to the WP Bakery page builder, you’ll have total and absolute control over your websites layout. Of course, with hundreds of different pre-made designs, you might not find it necessary to ever touch that plug in. limitless possibilities in terms of design and layout, style and features helps to set this theme apart from the rest.

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Lynk, Community Building WordPress Theme

Lynk is wide ranging theme that’s all about building communities and helping folks connect.

Lynk is a social networking and community building WordPress a theme that is responsive, user-friendly and it provides a complete package of awesome demos to get your social Network off the ground quickly. Buddypress and bbpress community, business directory, a clear-cut and attractive magazine website, and events calendar, a portal for social connection or as an online shop. Or, mix and match all of these features into a really outstanding platform where people can interact with others who enjoy the same topics. This is a powerful, user-friendly and capable theme that is also well-documented and well-supported to give you a real edge when crafting your website.

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PowerMag, Interactive Magazine Theme for WordPress

With plenty of features and a user-friendly style, PowerMag helps people connect like never before.

Powermag is a magazine theme the calls itself or the most muscular magazine and reviews being around. This tablet has a distinctive style, it might not be perfect for everyone, but it is appealing to a pretty wide range of audience. This thing is funny press ready and it typically handles all of the features BuddyPress is known for. That includes powerful user profiles, commenting systems, private messages and a whole lot more. If you want a magazine theme that people keep coming back to you to interact, I could see this template being really outstanding choice. It’s also woocommerce ready so you can sell products, the built-in reviews system make it perfect for content blogging and the flexibility is basically endless when it comes to customization possibilities.

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Aardvark, Community Building and Membership WordPress Theme

For carefully crafted websites featuring membership levels and all that Buddypress has to offer, Aardvark covers a lot of bases.

Aardvark is a community building WordPress template with membership profiles, membership levels, eLearning. You can build any sort of community you want, create private groups or public groups, communicate with public or private messages, even upload media. BuddyPress plug-in allows for all that interactivity and more. If you want to set up a paid membership site, he paid membership pro plugin is included. You can provide online courses and charge people for those courses using the Sensei plug-in. Of course, this is a theme handles general blocking and magazine duties equally well. The ultimate reviewer plug-in extension is also included to give you powerful ways to review products and services. This is a full-service BuddyPress theme that has everything you could want to set up a really great online community.

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Olympus, Multifaceted BuddyPress Capable Theme

Olympus is all about social networking and it’s one of the most powerful themes of its kind.

Olympus is certainly among the most powerful and wide-ranging BuddyPress ready WordPress themes available. It all starts with v super simple installation process. This can be accomplished with just one click. all of the plugins you need will be installed automatically, the unison framework, wpbakery Page builder, bbPress and BuddyPress , Arty media and more. This helps keep everything running smoothly and it gives you a fully kitted out BuddyPress website within minutes. after that, all of the BuddyPress features are supported. Friendships and private messages, notifications and likes, mentions and groups, forms and comments, yes, group directories and activities directories, just to name a few. This is a full-service BuddyPress the theme that it is as flexible as any on the market.

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BuddyApp, Mobile Friendly Social Networking Theme

BuddyApp has the sorts of features, not to mention the style, that can benefit any online community.

BuddyApp is a mobile-first community building WordPress theme that makes it incredibly simple to craft a strong by press community website quickly. all of the most popular BuddyPress features are supported and even expanded upon with this template. You get live notifications from team members and groups, a powerful life customizer, at Ajax search and a live chat feature to keep people interacting. There’s a built-in knowledge base and file management system and a whole lot more. Really, this theme is built for intranet and extranet websites, though it works just as well as a more traditional BuddyPress website. Thanks to the drag-and-drop page builder that is provided, you’ll have lots of different ways to get your website looking just like you wanted to look.

BuddyApp is also a part of the roundup we did on intranet and extranet WordPress themes.  Check it out if this is the kind of website you’re going for.







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