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October 16, 2019

Professionals who work in the logistics, trucking or transportation industries will appreciate the uniquely-targeted CargoPress WordPress theme that makes building an online presence simple. Although it has a specific industry focus, this theme is anything but rigid. Every person or company who uses it can use the intuitive backend to customize every page of the site to present exactly what graphical or textual information necessary.

The developers of this WP theme researched and studied the industries they wanted to support with a professional solution. They found speed, organization and efficient workflow permeate these types of occupations and companies and wanted to build a website option that matched. Clean code means quick load times. Neat structure means greater degrees of organization and a clean, minimalistic appearance. No space is wasted and no fussy graphics or features get in the way of content. People who seek out websites focused on transportation and logistics want to find the information they need and not have to weed through stylish accents first.

Administrators and website owners who use the CargoPress WP theme will appreciate the ability to add in multi-functional plugins if other site capabilities are needed. A drag and drop layout builder does not require any special knowledge or experience. The included preview feature makes sure no mistakes appear live online before you have a chance to fix them. For trucking, logistics and other transportation companies, the CargoPress WordPress theme offers the look and feel necessary to present the right face to an online audience.

For nearly any type of business, CargoPress is a stunning and powerful theme.

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