200 Words a Day

200 Words a Day?

Sure, why not? But is 200 words the destination, or just a place to start? Let’s take a deeper look at whether 200 words per day is enough when it comes to creating amazing, effective blog content. When it comes to writing blog articles, one of the biggest challenges is sitting down and actually starting. For … Read more

A Guide to Getting Started on the Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

A Guide to Getting Started on the Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

Currently the top-selling plugin at CodeCanyon, Visual Composer surpassed the 20,000 sales milestone just a few months ago. The plugin was created by WPBakery. The plugin is a plug and drop type of application that is bundled with over 300 premium ThemeForest themes. The product is currently installed in at least 65,000 websites the world … Read more

Best WordPress Alternatives

WordPress Alternatives

WordPress offers many benefits as a content management system. It is flexible, adaptable and compatible with hundreds of themes and plugins. The database is searchable and it is supported by a large community. WordPress is updated regularly, the most popular content management system, with 39% of all WordPress sites, and shows no signs of slowing … Read more

Create a Multi Vendor Marketplace Using Dokan

How to Create a Multi Vendor Marketplace for WordPress Using Dokan

We’ve all seen a multi-vendor marketplace, right?  Sites like Etsy or Envato are great examples of what a multi-vendor or multi-seller site is all about.  What they do is allow a single website to let many people sell their products in one place.  It’s like a mini-mall on the internet, but way cooler. The power … Read more

Why Many Online Businesses Fail to Attract Customers

Why Many Online Businesses Fail to Attract Customers

If you’re an entrepreneur, then you know how difficult it can be to grow a successful business. There are many factors that contribute to success including marketing, customer service, and quality products. However, one of the most significant contributors is your website’s design–specifically its usability and accessibility. This blog post will discuss why these two … Read more