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Chromatic, Simple WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

October 16, 2019

Chromatic WordPress portfolio theme

So, we’re back to take another look at Chromatic, from Graph Paper Press.  This theme is ultra simple.  Honestly, it’s going to be too simple, to sparse for some people, but if all you want is to show your images with very little extra to get in the way, this theme does the job wonderfully.

They call Chromantic the ultimate photography WordPress theme for good reason, it’s a wonderful way to sell your images, get noticed by your next client and to showcase your work. The simple design and clear navigation mean it’s easy to focus the attention where it needs to be, on your incredible visual content. Chromatic, from GraphPaper Press, is a delightful choice if you truly believe that your content should come first.

Chromatic WordPress photo blog and portfolio

If you’re looking for a WordPress portfolio theme that will be eye-catching on every size or type of electronic device, then Chromatic has what you’re looking for, 100% responsive design.  This sort of feature is incredibly important these days, some would say it’s crucial, because responsive themes tend to out-rank the equivalent fixed width site, all things being equal.  And your users will appreciate the fact that it is responsive when they try to access your site on a device like an Android or iPhone.  That gives you confidence that you’re delivering the very best user experience you can to every visitor you get.

Chromatic Blog theme

Even though Chromatic is basically a WordPress portfolio theme, it can serve well as a blog too with a variety of post formats, like links, video or audio files, quotes, images and, of course, normal text posts.  Add galleries from one to five images wide, sell photos and prints, not to mention MP3 or eBook files, with the built in Sell Media plugin, made by GraphPaper Press.  All in all, Chromatic is a high powered portfolio theme that can really help give your website a nice, fresh look.

So, there it is, our review of Chromatic.  Solid, dependable, incredibly simple and possibly too simple for some tastes.  Still, worth a look because Graph Paper Press does such a great job coding their themes.

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